Defense Secretary Panetta Admits Information from Waterboarding Led US to Bin Laden (Video)

Yes, waterboarding worked.
Today on Meet the Press Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta admitted that information gleaned from waterboarded detainees was used to track down al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and kill him.

“The real story was that in order to put the puzzle of intelligence together that led us to Bin Laden, there were a lot of pieces out there that were a part of that puzzle. Yes, some of it came from some of the tactics that were used at that time, interrogation tactics that were used. But the fact is we put together most of that intelligence without having to resort to that.”

Panetta then went on to speculate that the US might have been able to kill Bin Laden without enhanced interrogation techniques.

This was not the first time Panetta admitted that enhanced interrogation techniques led the US to Bin Laden. He made similar comments back in May 2011.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, this is why am against water boarding!

    It may seem like I swing with the political breeze – and you are right. But, that is how I got reelected! …along with a huge amount of absentee ballots!

    My Limousine is guzzling gas and I have a Frisco Bath House meeting with Bob Menendez’s under-age escort service. Sure my policies reek of butt stabbing. I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • L.barney

    So much for artists who want to win without war
    tim robbins Susan Sarandon and the rest of you nimrods!

  • Hilariously Deranged Old Lady

    What difference, at this point, does it make?

  • Steve

    Is Penetta a high priest or other type of religious figure? Should we believe his arbitrary pronouncements? Should we ask for evidence to support what he says?

    Cheney used the same tactic of arguing the arbitrary when he said ‘waterboarding saved lives’.

    SHOW THE INTERROGATION TRANSCRIPTS that show what information came from who at which time that lead to OBL or shut up!

  • brace_for_impact

    Surprise ! Surprise! Another White Hose Lie Uncovered! Think of all the slobbering drones that have used this for a liberal/socialist talking point over the last two years.

  • EBL
  • Liberal Dogma

    OK – now the world knows that waterboarding gets good intel.

    And it’s not “torture”.

    And Bush was right to use it all along…..

  • Clifton

    People such as “steve” or the “…old lady”, would now like us to forget or believe what Panetta has to say is relevent as it does not support their ideology.
    What is good for the goose is goid for the gander, unless of course you are liberal and you suffer from that mental disorder.

  • Mikey

    Lies, deceit and corruption does not hope and change make!! Filthy politicians. Any more, when I hear them talking I pretty much assume that the opposite of what they’re saying is closer to the truth. Transparency my azs! Everything has to come to a head before the truth finally comes out of these Democrats. And the libs wonder why conservatives are so skeptical of the party. Tell the truth for once, maybe it will help!

  • RM

    Panetta is demonstrating his unconscionable capacity for being a congenital liar – like most all in the Political class. Bin Laden was NOT found as a result of water boarding. That is an unmitigated LIE and Panetta knows it. Its being reported so as to further the American public’s acceptance of using methods of torture. Disgusting. When or if the history is written on this fraudulent enterprise known as the war on terror, many will discover just how far and wide the lies are and why…and it has very little at all to do with the excuses made for the destruction of our rule of law and the constitution supporting it.

  • dr bugsy

    This is NOT news. Panetta admitted that water-boarding led to UBL as far back as May 2011.

  • cd

    Do you think the drudge PIC is Hillary telling LEON he going to get “lucky” TONITE”!

  • Harold Randall

    Why did they leave out his last statement where he says they would have gotten Bin Laden without torture? Glad I watched the interview myself to see how low right wingers will stoop to promote a falsehood.

  • BobStrebs

    To Liberal Dogma: Hahahahahahahahahaha. You make funny joke. You a very funny man. Hahahahahahahaha.

  • doug wagner

    Waterboarding led to the capture of Bin Laden?

    The already long-dead bin Laden, the one that needed Kidney Dialysis since 1999? (Kidney Dialysis twice a week in the mountains of Afghanistan, for over 12 years??? Yeah, that could happen)

    Maybe they waterboarded SEAL Team Six to force them into making believe they captured him, at least until they sabotaged their helicopter resulting in the greatest loss of Special Forces lives in a single incident (dead men tell no tales?) And what in hell were 25 of the most highly trained covert military experts doing crammed all together in a single helicopter? This “all your eggs in one basket” operation would NEVER be allowed, unless…

  • doug wagner

    “Kidney Disease”

    “Likely False”

    “Despite the fact that we have all been hearing about his kidney problems and the need for dialysis, according to the intelligence people I’ve talked to in Washington, there was no evidence of a dialysis machine in the compound where he was found,” said Mary Anne Weaver, author of “Pakistan: Deep Inside the World’s Most Frightening State.”

    Of course they found no Dialysis machine in the Pakistan compound. There was no patient living there that had kidney disease – Duh!

  • apetra

    of course obama retroactively found evidence through other means. after the bush era waterboarding produced actionable intelligence, obama’s crew found other evidence after they ate the fruit of the poisonous tree, as they say in cases of police misconduct. it was the bush effort that made it possible to catch bin laden. his team was cold, calculating, patient, and when it needed to be ruthless. the best of america.

  • Kathleen in FL

    So.. we should listen to anything that Obama and crew have to say? They are ALL either LIARS or Damn LIARS. The truth only slips out now and then. Then it’s a mispoken moment.

    Waterboarding worked now… will work in the future. Waterboarding only targets very specific and few suspects. Missiles from drones kill. The left has no problem with killing. Targets and innocents. Hard to get much intel from the pieces.

  • xkaydet65

    Harold, Panett says they would have gotten him without waterboarding. That’s like saying Romney would have won if he didn’t make the 47% comment. You can’t argue a what if. They waterboarded 3 guys, got intel, and that intel was useful in finding UBL. saying we didn’t need it is simply CYA stuff. As for the waterboarding itself, have we lost both our minds and knowledge of history. Do we compare waterboarding to the bombing and submarine campaign we waged against Japan in 44 and 45? Do we compare waterboarding with the RAF’s nightime area terror bombing of Germany? There were established state policies and thought necessary to the survival of the nation and the defeat of its enemies. And I didn’t mention Fat Man and Little Boy.

  • vrytix

    I didn’t see the Panetta interview, so I won’t comment on it. But, it’s ridiculous to attack one political party when the other is guilty of mistreating detainees too.

    Just one example: Who started the renditions that moved detainees from comfortable places where they wouldn’t talk to less comfortable places where their lives were endangered.

    The answer is President Bill Clinton. During his administration, an Egyptian terrorist suspect was secretly flown back to Egypt. He was tortured there and died.

    So, how many people have died because of renditions? How many have died because of water-boarding or other “enhanced interrogation techniques” at Gitmo or in U.S. territory?