OUTSTANDING! Republican Paul McKinley Slams Chicago Machine at Rev. Wright’s Church (Video)

The Chickens Come Home to Roost–
Republican ripped the Chicago Machine during a candidate’s forum at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity Church last week.
Rebel Pundit reported on the event at Big Government:

Last week, at the infamous Trinity United Church of Christ where President Obama used to listen to Rev. Jeremiah Wright blast the United States of America, Republican candidate Paul McKinley slammed the Chicago Machine during a candidate forum for the special election to fill Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s congressional seat.

McKinley was the only Republican to participate in the forum, along with 14 Democrats and one Green Party candidate. While the democrats repeated the typical talking points of the left, weaving their usual promises in and out of their remarks, McKinley gained the crowd’s attention by speaking about issues none of the other candidates would address.

He talked about the circle of corruption in their community, such as the unholy alliance between elected officials and labor union leadership, that keeps residents of the community unemployed. He railed against the “machine politics” that they (the voters of the 2nd district) continue to vote for but never result in anything different than the same old political games.

Here’s Paul McKinley’s closiing remarks.

Read more here.

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  • myohmy

    Chicagoans just want their free stuff,

  • bg


    [“They spoke contrary to the system,” community organizer Meghan
    Kyle, 24, said of McKinley and Jones after the panel. Kyle said for her,
    the race isn’t just about issues that matter to Democrats or Republicans,
    but “Chicago” issues, such as the number of people killed by city violence.

    “We’ve got a Democratic mayor, a Democratic governor and
    a Democratic president, and we’re still jacked up,” Kyle said.]

    now all they have to do it WAKE UP!!


  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    Why isn’t the RNC bringing this guy in to teach backbone to our federal republican candidates?

  • Patty

    Yes, it is like the mayor (deadfish) wants the children to keep being shot up, as he puts it.

    Because of the No Snitch that seems to be a code among the Gangs more kids are getting killed to no avail. Yes, systemically they are reducing the black population because I guarantee you put a Former Mayor like Rudy in there and things would be cleaned up with a few months.

    So, you can see, these killings are numerous and have been going on more and more and have gotten worse in the past few years. This is Obama’s hometown and nearly a word.

    And those in power, like Deadfish, have blood on their hands. And this must be stop and McKinley is the one to do it. He will need help but our children are dying and this must stop here and now.

  • bg
  • kay

    the only good thing for this guy? it was a small forum and nobody will advertise the youtube video except on already “right” forums. Otherwise? If the left got ahold of it and started playing it? He’d be with Hoffa at the end zone of Bears stadium.

    What was he thinking?????????? actually talking truth to POWER in Chicago? *smh*

  • Patty

    You want to stop crime and murder in Chicago? For every arrest, drag the parents in too.

    For every truant child, drag the parent in too. Police and truant Officers work hand and hand.

    When the parents have the fear of God forced on them there may be some changes and it would be a great idea to reduce welfare payments not food stamps and do exactly what the Tennessee Senator is suggesting in his state.

    Keep adult supervision and schools opened after school hours for latch key and any child who needs and after school place to be.

    Surely if BO can get on this the maybe MO can. This is their city and an real embarrassment is weighing heavier and heavier on their shoulders, too.

  • BruceC

    I listened to the guy and his speaking style reminded me of a young Muhammed Ali. I half expected him to say the phrase, “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

  • Patty

    Questions surround $55 million program to cut violence in Chicago

    Yes, pouring money in but where is it really going.

    Another convoluted tale comes our way which could be straight out of the pages of a script for a grainy, film noir classic. It involves millions of taxpayer dollars wasted or worse. A definite odor of corruption permeates the air. Money is handed out in unaccountable ways to dubious destinations and bureaucratic waste is on display. This story comes to us from the thriving city of Dallas, and…

    Oh, okay… okay… I was kidding. It’s Chicago again.

    On a chilly afternoon this fall, teenagers across Chicago’s South Side were busy at work, earning $8.75 an hour to hand out fliers with a message of non-violence…

    A four-month CNN investigation found that not only did the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative (NRI) pay teens to hand out fliers promoting inner peace, it also paid these at-risk teens to take field trips to museums, march in a parade with the governor, and even attend a yoga class to learn how to handle stress.

    Earlier this year, state legislators passed a resolution demanding the state conduct an audit on the program. That audit is under way.

    What they’re talking about is a $55M program to curb the rising tide of gang violence, murder and mayhem in the streets of the Windy City. So what could be so terrible about that? The city does have a massive problem with violent crime, and reaching out to troubled, economically disadvantaged youths might be a good place to start. Unless, of course, the cash was somehow coming out with questionable funding sources, little to no tracking and, shall we say, politically convenient timing for somebody.

    Just days before [Illinois Governor] Quinn publicly unveiled the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, the state agency that would oversee the program expressed concern about how it would be funded.

    “There was discussion regarding the payment for this initiative, as the state is already late on payment of existing bills to community-based agencies with state contracts,” according to the minutes of the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority’s September 30, 2010, meeting, which were obtained by CNN…

    “The governor’s office is committed to allocating some of the funds for this initiative immediately and will allocate the rest after the election,” the official said, according to the meeting’s minutes. READ ON.



  • Patty

    You want to see thuggery, investigate yourself in your own hometown. Since journalists don’t want to report it, you can.

    We need to find out where all our taxes are going because as I see it, it ain’t being channeled into the places it was suppose to go.

    The waste alone, can you imagine what all the waste if counted up, could be a few trillion. I am no joking.

  • Patty

    #9 February 5, 2013 at 7:55 pm
    BruceC commented:

    Yes, he does, come to think of it.

  • FurryGuy

    #4 February 5, 2013 at 7:20 pm
    Where’s the MF money Jon? commented:

    Why isn’t the RNC bringing this guy in to teach backbone to our federal republican candidates?

    Priebus and Rove won’t let that happen. The two made it clear they are the true rulers of the GOP and won’t let ANYTHING upset their goal of running destroying the party and being Dem Lite.

  • Steve
  • bg


    FurryGuy #13 February 5, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    uhg, Rove (puke be upon him), can’t stomach him, he’s
    on par with Kerry (Kennedy & Murtha) in my book.. 😈


  • Patty

    MASSACHUSETTS EMULATES CHICAGO: 1998 Gun-Ban Laws Made It Safe For Criminals, Spiking Murders and Violent Crime

    Democrats like to say “If we can only save one life.” In that case, they should support concealed carry everywhere.

    Massachusetts’ murder rate has risen much faster than that of its neighbors or the US rate since the 1998 firearms licensing bill

    Massachusetts has a national reputation as a bastion of gun control, but crimes and injuries related to firearms have risen — sometimes dramatically — since the state passed a comprehensive package of gun laws in 1998.

    Murders committed with firearms have increased significantly, aggravated assaults and robberies involving guns have risen, and gunshot injuries are up, according to FBI and state data. [……………………..]


  • Patty

    #14 February 5, 2013 at 8:11 pm
    Steve commented:

    His face is next to the word JUDGE, if not should be. JUSTICE WAS SERVED UP ON A SILVER PLATTER. the little druggie says , WHAT’S UP.

    No respect is taught to kids these days. They are neglected blobs ask their parents. They are the real offenders.

  • Flintstone F.

    That’s what I like to hear. A man with a spine.


  • Ghost

    it worked for Ali…

  • jtb012u340

    they would kill him before he wins…

  • Joanne

    Love it. Sixty years took a vibrant city into a wasteland of death and mayhem. You’d think people would get a brain and figure this out – what is consistent over that time in Chicago – the democrats and unions.

  • Ember George

    Hat’s off to Paul McKinley. It can’t be easy to be the only courageous, morally righteous man in a town full of idiots.

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  • Mad Hatter

    He shouldn’t be running for the 2nd Congressional District, he should prepare to run for the Illinois Senate seat against Dick Turbin.