Obama Administration Shuts Down 100 Year Old Oyster Farm This Week

Another Obama success story…
The Drakes Bay Oyster Co. has been in business for 100 years.
Then came Barack Obama.
In November, the Obama Administration shut down the oyster farm. They said it was for environmental reasons.

The farm produced 40% of California oysters.

The business was ordered to close its doors this week after a federal judge denied the oyster farm’s request to overturn its eviction from Point Reyes National Seashore.
Kevin Lunny, owner of Drakes Bay Oyster Company, hugs longtime worker Lupe Guadalupe Arriago after learning the government will not renew his family’s lease in Inverness, Calif., Nov. 29, 2012 (Wall Street Journal)

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    I’ve gotten oysters from them. This is a crying shame. Wake up people….this won’t be the last.

    So sorry to the owners and workers of Drakes Bay Oyster Company. You deserve better.

  • Outrage Industries LLC.

    Rage-O-Meter gives this story a 3 out of 5:


  • Years ago, now think way back… let’s say, during the great depression. That photo would be on the front cover of every major ‘news paper/magazine’. But that was back when the ‘media’ did the job of reporting news, and the plight of the people… rather than spewing their political agendas and the ‘plight of politics’.

  • Nelda Mann

    I don’t like oysters but I’m outraged!

  • jharp

    You losers have nothing.

    Next thing you know Obama will ban hunting in Yosemite and Central Park. And everyone knows it’s our right to be able to harvest game animals from parks, right?

  • Arnonerik

    Between JHarp’s ears there is nothing. See no evil, hear no evil! What a monkey!

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  • jainphx

    Jharp, I must say I sure would like to meet you face to face to see what STUPID looks like. You are typical liberal, don’t read the facts of any case, just spin and conject that really shows just how ignorant you are! Does mommy know you use her computer?

  • Nosmo

    Another satisfied Obamba voter…NOT….

  • Flintstone F.

    #8 jainphx

    There is no reason to read or respond to trolls. Note, not a word of concern for the fact that this business was around for a hundred years and was certainly not a concern of theirs when they were harvesting oysters over that time. It’s only a concern of theirs because it’s on this blog and provides them an opportunity to hurl insults at people they don’t know. The issues are irrelevant, scroll past them.


    It also wasn’t the first. Many small businesses have gone under the last four years.

    Our “president” (voter fraud in OH, PA) has caused many hundred year old companies to go out of business.

  • Pat McKelvy

    Who was there first? The osyter company or the park?

  • jharp

    #13 February 8, 2013 at 10:34 am
    Pat McKelvy commented:

    “Who was there first? The osyter company or the park?”

    The oysters were there first. And now will remain there.

  • Oddly enough, in Salazar’s actual decision, he doesn’t say it’s for environmental reasons. Because the false narrative created by the Park Service to make that case has been blown out of the water too many times. The Park Service is pretending that they did a serious environmental review, and you can read the Final Environmental Impact Statement at their website, but that document has in fact been quietly shelved.

    So now they are saying it’s all about the law. Which they are also misrepresenting.

    See my story here: http://russianrivertimes.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/salazar-oyster-farm-decision-hides-from-history-and-abandons-science/

    Thanks for your coverage of this outrage.

  • jharp

    #12 February 8, 2013 at 10:31 am
    Flintstone F. commented:

    “Note, not a word of concern for the fact that this business was around for a hundred years and was certainly not a concern of theirs when they were harvesting oysters over that time. ”

    Why does it matter if the business was there for 300 years or one day? You can’t harvest game from a national park you fool.

    And it wasn’t a concern of mine because I did not know about it.

    But I’m glad the judge and Obama did the right thing.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Obama killed Osama! and the 16 year old mohammedan kid. Obama, our greatest of Christian Crusaders! And he’s got more muslims lined up.

  • muddywood

    In the real world, people like jharp speak much more politely. They are nothing more than useful idiots that have internet courage.

  • Radegunda

    Point Reyes is not a national park, you fool. For a long time, the government accepted the operation of the oyster farm there.

    Then the antihuman leftist enviromentalist agenda (get people off the coast, off the land, herd them into cramped cities) kicked in and the enviros set out to gin up phoney “science” about “endangered species.” There are some honest liberal environmentalist scientists who have said the “science” is fraudulent.

    But leftists don’t let facts get in the way of their agenda, and environmentalist radicals really don’t like people.

  • Radegunda

    “you fool” meant jharp, of course.

  • NoResolution

    JHarp are you auditioning to be an MSNBC host, or do you just enjoy bieng a, NY Times reading weirdo?

  • Radegunda

    “you fool” meaning jharp, of course.

  • BlueStateRepub

    The Capital is very upset with the behavior of The Districts and will now demand four tributes from each district.

  • bigL

    but these people never did anything to harm the area.It was beautiful.
    Now the taxpayers have to hire maintanence of the beds and marshes.
    Reminds me of Saddam running off the Mud Tribe (called something formal) who lived
    onthebanks of the Tigris. it was a tribe he hated. There livelihood and sustenance I read were to harvest the sea life in the sands. Ao Saddam flooded the marshes and drove them out, no food, nothing to sell. Evenually the Army Engineers with modern equipent fairly easily restored the beds, as directed by the tribes to get the right amt of water.

  • HeyRadegunda

    lol, as if there was any doubt who that was meant for!

  • Smokin Moma

    This moron JHarp isn’t even concerned about rights and freedom! He doesn’t even know anything about the story but thinks his “messiah” did the right thing! What a “useful idot!”

  • Finncrisp

    Another Marxist victory – no oysters, no peace! All together now…

  • Bigkahuna

    Jharp loves spewing garbage, debating nothing, and like all liberals doesn’t care who or what they hurt. Just say you care …like Obama cared about Americans in Benghazi .

  • chris

    West Marin has few employment opportunities. This is a devastating loss for struggling communities that are largely poplulated by the most environmentally concious residents around. It is viewed as outright betrayal by a disillusioned hippie haven. This ripples through schools, churches, volunteer organizations, restaurants, small retailers.

    I guess the Feds feel the locals can always grow more marijuana, distribute meth and line up for foodstamps, UI and their Obamaphones.

    The whole north coast – hundreds of miles – is parkland and semi wilderness. More war on our citizens and those who try to work legally for a living

  • David616

    Sad commentary: This all out attack and plight of free enterprise businesses in America today…..Truly Unbelieveable……. Whenever an established, viable, centenial , family US business is put out by legislation .

    I do believe an exception could have been made in this case – otherwise we wouldn’t have all those businesses that were supporting and wanting Obamacare shoved down our throats – but were first inline to get those waivers !!!!! (Unions, Political Donors GE, etc, etc)

    I bet if this business had hired some longshoreman union folks to unload said oysters all would be A OK….. you think?????

    So, If this business was doing 40% of all oyster harvested in California – who then owns the other 60% – how and where are they harvesting those oysters?

    Question: Doesn’t Pelosi husband own a big seafood operation in Samoa – maybe he wants to expand into oysters…..!!!!

  • Freddy

    Meanwhile, we got Gov Brown talking up how GREAT 10% unemployment is in California!

    ‘Come to California and see pictures of the seashore and coasts because we no longer allow the people to actually go there!’

  • Flintstone F.

    #15 Sarah Rolph

    Thanks for the link. Good info.

    Liberals do not understand dynamic processes. They hate oil, but could never live without the things in their lives, that have come into being from the byproducts of refining oil.

    They have a child’s mind when it comes to putting earth processes in proper perspective and have the heart of a fascist when it comes to destroying things they don’t like.

  • Nosmo

    The oyster farm helped to keep the bay clean…greenies always mucking things up…go figure…

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Bwahahaha California! Great for Louisiana oyster fishermen.

  • Jennifer

    Ever stop to think that environmentalists drive this force and The Obama administration is simply trying to appease

  • Mark

    I bet they believed the government 50 years ago when they were told the lease was a formality and they would never lose it. Yes, the oyster farm is twice the age of the park.

  • Larry1356

    This company has been harvesting oysters there for 100 years. If there were valid “environmental” concerns it seems that the area would be a toxic waste dump by now.

    No, this is for political reasons. Look for a more politically connected group to be harvesting oysters there soon. (it’s the Chicago way)

  • Oliver

    How does “jharp” even have electricity in her cave to bang away on a computer device made by Chinese slave labor in the first place? Show me one employee of Drakes Bay who isn’t sensitive to the environment.

  • Mr. K

    JHarp I saw you in the beginning of the movie “Idiocracy” didn’t I?

    It was a documentary about you and your offspring

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  • L.barney

    JHARP: The harvesters won’t be there though, you NiMROD!!

    Which means more jobs have been taken away by King O!

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  • lonestar

    What will the elites in Marin County have to eat? Poor babies!