It’s an Obama World… CBS Show “The Job” Will Shine a Light on the 20 Million Unemployed Americans

It’s an Obama world…
CBS is going to air “The Job” this season. The show will focus on the 20 million Americans who are looking for a job, any job, in this dismal economy.

Unfortunately, only a few jobs will be filled during the season but that’s still more than Barack Obama’s shovel ready projects ever did.

From the video: The Job gives candidates from around the country a chance to win positions at top companies. Hosted by Lisa Ling, each episode will feature five candidates participating in several rounds of elimination challenges before a panel of executives as they compete for their dream job. In addition to the episode’s featured company, representatives from three guest companies from related industries will have the opportunity to make an on-the-spot offer to one of the candidates, who must decide if they will accept the offer or remain in the running for the featured job.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …each episode will feature five candidates participating in several rounds of elimination challenges before a panel of executives as…

    In other words, it’s “Survivor” with a job search theme.

    Just when it seems that programming can’t get any lower…

  • walknot

    What a horrible idea.

  • 20 million my @$$. There are going on 89 MILLION who have left the labor force and are basically no longer counted.

  • Road Runner

    When I had any input into hiring decisions, I did not want a candidate who appeared desperate.

    This wreaks of desperation.

  • Mitch Rapp

    And we still don’t have a pipeline to Canada in the works – And we are still killing off Coal mining and usage ! But we praise windmills and solar panels from china – Obama has to be the most incompetent president ever

  • wth

    “Did you vote for Obama? Yes? Next.”

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  • cavt

    The dictators deceased Job’s Council members should be in the show. Would give them something to do.

  • Muddywood

    This is pathetic.
    There use to be plenty of decent jobs to go around.
    But Barry has eff’d that all up.

  • Chippy

    The people that came up with this show will be looking for a new job.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Look at everything has done for the economy:

    1. Gun sales are at historic highs.
    2. Obama lip sync specialist, Beyoncee, helped hired more than 30 strip club dancers for her no-talent, Super Bowl “performance.”
    3. High-priced tax examiners are at high demand.
    4. Obama-phones are everywhere.
    5. Funeral homes in Chicago are running two-for-one specials on children’s coffins.
    6. Rug-cleaning sales spike every time Obama appears on 60 Minutes due to the mass vomitting.

  • WillofLa

    Why don’t they just hold a lottery for jobs instead of every American being free to look for work on their own?
    But first we either need to duplicate all the manufacturing and industrial jobs that have been shut down or forced out of the country, or begin new manufacturing and industrial jobs to replace all the one’s who won’t come back from China because they don’t want to pay all the excessive expence of hiring an American, the attack of the unions, and the war between private insurance and ObamaCare.
    I tell every young person who are about to either graduate from high school or college to start their own business. Who knows they may turn out to be the next multimillion dollar company. That’s how America was built and that’s what it will take to rebuild it.
    The liberals have been embarked on “deconstructing” this nation so that there is no middle income citizens. Look at modern history and it clearly shows that any nation that produced a middle income people became strong and prosperous. Of course in history we were the most dominant in that area to become the strongest and most prosperous of them all. But Great Britain did it, and several of the countries in Europe did it, like Germany. But because of meddling from the Communists in the governments of those countries, the effort of those countries to duplicate America’s prosperity never was allowed to flourish. Now, it’s our turn. See, America was never taken over by the petty Communists because we were just to powerful of a people due to being FREE to be as powerful as we could be. It’s taken this long to bring our country to a halt.

    Obama and all the rest are the Great Destroyer and he has multible layers of protection so that he can do all that his handlers want him to do. And he will because we are being prevented from saving our own nation by the very politician’s we voted into office.

  • Hugh

    We are getting into the realm of sci fi here . . . what a freak show.

  • chas

    I don’t watch CBS.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    So reality TV has “jumped the shark”…again

    brb…..mmm,Feb 04….you sure today’s not April 1st

    Will there be a gong after each elimination?
    Maybe they’ll get dropped through a trap door
    Catapulted off of Lala Island…back to their village”Obamaville”

    And the winner gets a fake(of course) gold plated spatula

    This is why I gave up network TV years ago..not missing a thing

    btw,not to put down cooks(spatula)..Dems started the “burger flipper” thing during Bush..just a little payback

    And now,back to our regular programing..”Do You Want to be a Star for 15 min.”…click off

  • if 20 million people are out of work and unemployment is 8% that means 250 million people are working. do you still believe those government unemployment figures?

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  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Yet one more opportunity to endlessly hear them harp that it is all Bush’s fault.