Chris Dorner, the mass murdering fugitive wanted in California, is motivated by racism. But, you won’t read that in the media reports. Dorner wrote a crazy manifesto where he focuses on racism and discusses his admiration for liberal politicians and reporters.

Of course, since he’s a black racist, you won’t hear much about it.

The Telegraph

A homicidal fugitive former police officer, who has declared “war” on his former colleagues, claimed he was the victim of racism while serving in the Los Angeles police department.

An unprecedented manhunt has been launched across California, Nevada, Arizona and northern Mexico, for Christopher Dorner, 33, a 19-stone former US Navy reserve lieutenant and American football college running back.

Dorner, a trained marksman, is already suspected of killing three people, including one police officer, in a series of shootings that began last weekend.

Swat teams with dogs and helicopters with infrared equipment fanned out across Big Bear Mountain, a heavily wooded skiing area 80 miles from Los Angeles, where his burned out Nissan Titan pick-up truck was found on Thursday….

… In a 20-page “manifesto” posted online Dorner said he was in favour of gun control and praised CNN’s British host Piers Morgan for his stance against guns.

He claimed his murderous actions were a “last resort” and “necessary evil” for “substantial change to occur within the LAPD”.

Dorner claimed he was racially abused, first at school, and then by two fellow LAPD officers. He claimed they were only given “slap on the wrist” 22-day suspensions.

He said the police force had “gotten worse” since the days of the Rodney King beating in 1991, and the Rampart scandal which involved widespread corruption in the anti-gang unit in the late 1990s.

The manifesto included a hit list of 40 people, including police officers, he may target.

Dorner is suspected of shooting Monica Quan, 28, and her partner Keith Lawrence, 27, a public safety officer in Irvine, south of Los Angeles last weekend.




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  1. his kind doesn’t read or listen to the news!
    they are out spending on their ebt cards and talking on their free cell phones or popping out illigit babies and collecting their fair share of our tax dollars!

    this ilk will always be.

  2. Oddly, he supported Huntsman and not Obama.

  3. his ilk will always be.

    the US allows it and perpetuates this kind of thinking!

    the dark side is taking over the US fast, thru our media, race baiters, churches preaching hate, class warfare, and finally a White House full of people that are pushing for all of this and rewarding this evil with handouts!

    good people are starting to boil and we all know what happens when the pot boils over!

    i pray for my country and the good people who love it!

  4. “they are out spending on their ebt cards and talking on their free cell phones or popping out illigit babies and collecting their fair share of our tax dollars!”

    Could you be any less articulate or anymore racist?

  5. ??????????

  6. Go figure!! He’s screaming race..if he survives he will get no punishment what-so-ever..

  7. Careful, folks, when discussing race. Chief of racism police and nag bg will show up to mount the high horse in 3, 2, 1…


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