The Costa Rican source working with the FBI in the underage hooker investigation of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) wrote the FBI that he has further evidence about Senator Menendez’s sexual misconduct with minors.

The email was published at Feds Investigation of Senator Robert Menendez:
menendez hookers

From the November 6, 2012 email:

“The core of our investigation, which is the sexual which is the sexual relations of Senator Menendez with underage girls, is not part of the story yet.My friends actually have further evidence about Menendez’s misconduct with minors… I’m working on the new evidences and will send to you as soon as I can.”

At least four Dominican hookers confirmed they had attended sex parties with Salmon Melgen and Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).




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  1. They could provide a picture of him in bed with a ten year old and still the corrupt media will pretend there is not enough evidence to investigate.
    Remember how there was a photo of John Edwards holding his child and another one of him trapped in a men’s room and they still would not report on it until he actually confessed.

  2. I’ve wondered if someone somewhere has some photos or video.

  3. I suggest a deeper look at the actions of Menedez and his corrupt work via the Senate, and possibly others with ICSSI, seems the company is corrupt and has been at the core of a law suit for many years.

  4. ++

    guess they can’t stop the truth this time,
    ergo, the poor Chuck, yes you can plea..

    Chuck Hagel: I’m Not Qualified to Become the
    Secretary of Defense Even Though You Nominated Me

    sound familiar??


  5. Oh, but this never happened. It’s all made up. Just like everything was made up to make Anthony Weiner look bad, right jharp?

    You know, Weiner? The guy you blindly defended over at Stranahan’s blog for the better part of a week?

    And made a complete @ss of yourself in the process?

    Remember that, boy?

    So, this is all made up, too, isn’t it? Boy?

  6. This is the real reason Geraldo Rivera is dropping his name out into the news as a potential Senatorial Candidate for NJ….He knows a vacancy is about to break wide open, and Menendez won’t go unless Christie agrees to pick his brother to replace him.

  7. Filthy, disgusting, EVIL. Anybody, and I MEAN ANYBODY who defends an adult having sex with a CHILD has severe mental disorders.

  8. ++

    perhaps he secretly converted, or he’s a closeted Paul admirer.. /s/


  9. you’ve just been “weinered”

  10. No retaliation, no punishment will ever be handed out since he’s a Democrat Congresscritter.

  11. My question is who has more credibility here.
    A Democratic US senator or 4 dominican hookers.?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  12. Technically this is not part of a war on women. It’s more of a war on little girls.

  13. The criminal pathogen really did it for the children.

    “..further evidence…with misconduct with minors…” will never see the light of day with our vaunted “fourth Estate.”

  14. All he needs is a case of herpes. The gift that keeps on giving…..

  15. Who you going to believe a Democratic Senator from NJ. or several underage whores from the Dominican Republic. It’s not like he was drunk and drove them over a bridge and let them drown.

  16. My first glance at this story made me think Menendez was going to be a
    guest on Gold Rush….

  17. nothing is going to come of this. wrong party.


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