Black Conservative Activists Lead Protest Against Pro-Abortion Toure’ at St. Louis University

We marched and chanted, “Shame on SLU… Stand for truth!!”
rubach stlu
St. Louis activist Stephanie Rubach leads a chant at a protest at St. Louis University Thursday night. (StLCyclist)

Pro-abortion crackpot Toure’ was invited to speak at St. Louis University, one of the nation’s leading Jesuit universities, last night. Nearly 70 conservative activists and members of Move On Up protested his speech at the Catholic university. Move On Up organizer Stephanie Rubach sent in this report:

Move On Up was there to bring attention to the University’s decision to have an ardent abortion supporter give Black history remarks at one of the leading Jesuit universities in the country. But most of all to bring attention to the larger issue of abortion and its devastating effects on the black community these last 40 years.

The rally was quite successful with about 60 -70 people marching outside and another group inside for audience participation.

I attended the last 30-40 minutes of the conference, and felt like I was in the twilight zone of liberal madness.

Perhaps I expected to hear a message that would uplift and inspire students to do their best and live the American dream, but instead I heard that racism is embedded in our culture, the gay rights movement is a civil rights issue, and Toure’ doesn’t like the Republican Party.

On the issue of gun control, he gave the same old liberal talking points to the students but met his match when my girlfriend who truly believes in the 2nd amendment challenged his positions, causing boos from the audience.

It was also interesting when another friend was thrown out of conference after it was reported to authorities he was overheard threatening to kill Toure’.

It was clear the students were drawn to Toures’ charisma and animated persona, but beyond that, his message was shallow at the lowest level.

It was uninspiring, victimizing, and defeatist, but yet the students held on to every word.

As the students exited the building, I noticed they were not upbeat or animated as they were when they entered. Instead their spirits looked defeated, they were not smiling and eyes were cast down as they walked by.

The tragedy is this was the message given to students in celebration of Black History month.

Great job, Stephanie!

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  • Outrage Industries LLC.

    Rage-O-Meter gives this story a 2 out of 5:


  • Mary

    Thank you for covering this meeting.
    It’s horrible that Catholic universities continue to promote abortion with speakers like this, and that these students are exposed to them. Hopefully more parents who pay tuition to these “Catholic” universities will begin to hear stories like this and stop payment on their tuition check!! And to think as taxpayers we are subsidizing student loans for this kind of “education” – how disgusting!

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  • Rosemary Costello

    So the Jesuits stand for abortion. Good stance for a catholic university.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Are you kidding me? Don’t that realize that standing in a group like that out under open skies and loudly protesting polices of our dictator “El Kenyan” puts you square in the sites of a drone flying 2 miles up?

    With Dear Leader’s callous eagerness to bypass constitutional guarantees of due process and a fair trial, and unilaterally order the murder of America citizens using drones, if I were any of these protesters, I’d be looking straight up through binoculars!

    Better yet… I’d be standing outside the blast radius of this entire protest.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    What’s new? Notre Dame’s Fr. John Jenkins bestows a honorary degree on pro-abortionist, fecal marriage proponent Obama; Cardinal Dolan dines, drinks and chuckles with preezy and ‘Catholic’ enablers of mass slaughter. Toure is a chump compared to Catholic ‘leaders’.

  • Flintstone F.

    60% of all black pregnancies in NYC are aborted. Can someone define genocide?

    The leftists claim to be the champions of the black “community.”

    The leftists claim to have children in mind when they push their agenda’s in the public schools yet the most liberal cities have the worst schools.

    With friends like that, who needs an enemy.

    Toure is a rich out of touch tool of the liberals. He’s black and he sells them out and he’s happy to do it.

    No troll will come in here and tell me when a person becomes a person. They would have to advocate for murder to be honest on the topic.

    Many liberals believe that a person is only a person when it can feed itself. So I suppose Stephen Hawking would never have been considered a person in their minds. His ability to function was dependent upon loving parents and modern technology. Thank God his parents understood the value of mere existence. Just even for a moment to feel the love from a mother.

    I knew a girl a while back that gave birth to a baby they knew had little chance to survive for very long. I can’t remember what the complications were but they decided to have the baby rather than to terminate the pregnancy. The child lived for six days. In that six days he was fed from mom’s breast, was held and loved by his parents, he was named and baptized. He died knowing nothing of life on earth beyond the loving caress of his mother and father. He never felt hunger or pain, only love. The poor soul was saved and lived the life of a king.

    True love is lost on liberals because they only love themselves.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    #7 good one. Margaret Sanger is so proud of the libs, especially her chosen lot, the black pastors, politicians and civil rights pimps.

  • lincolns widow

    Hey Flintstone if you someone who has murdered baby then you need to report it to the police. Otherwise…

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    #9 Otherwise STFU and let the black genocide continue!

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  • Flintstone F.

    lincoln’s widow

    Where in my post did I say I knew someone who committed murder? I simply restated the liberal mindset on moral equivocations and the extent they will go to win an argument.

    Don’t pretend that you don’t know people who think that way. Otherwise I’ll have to go all youtube on your ignorant self.

    Incidentally, the liberals I know who argue this way are good parents (except for the alcoholic one) for the most part, political leanings notwithstanding and after they had their first baby, they don’t argue too vigorously about abortion anymore. They change the subject.

    Troll behavior abounds yet again to put words to people they don’t belong to. Feeble minds.

  • Flintstone F.

    And one more quick point, one liberal mom I know got pregnant with an “unwanted baby.” It was her third child and the idea of having an abortion never crossed her mind. And if anyone were brave enough to even suggest it while she was pregnant, I suspect would have experienced her very convincing “death stare.”

    Some liberals do grow up.

  • i don’t think the jesuits are still part of the catholic church. i think around the time of the berrigan brothers they formed their own religion.

  • driguana

    Can’t imagine any institution paying any money at all to Toure for anything…what a waste of money. Why would this Jesuit college pay for his opinion on anything?

  • shadow

    Black Conservative Activists

    And the race of the “activists” is of what import?