After Shunning Tea Party… GOP Launches “Grassroots” Website

The Republican Party had their grassroots army.
tea party gp stl
But, they shunned the Tea Party.

Now this…
The Republican Party is launching a “grassroots” website to serve as an activist forum.
Policy Mic reported:

Last week, the Republican National Committee announced that it will be launching the next phase of its Growth and Opportunity project, a website that will “serve as a forum for grassroots supporters to share ideas and recommendations about the way forward for the Republican Party. As Chairman Priebus and the co-chairs of the Growth and Opportunity project travel the country seeking input that will influence the Party’s long term plan, the listening website will be another tool to help facilitate conversation across the country.”

But will these grassroots measures really do much to fix the GOP’s problems?

In his re-election speech last Friday, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus called for a transformation that would propel the GOP away from its image as the 2-percenter party, which cost them the presidential race as well as seats in the House and Senate. His solution: Expand the GOP’s appeal to minority voters.

“We have to build better relationships in minority communities, urban centers,” said Priebus in his RNC Winter address. “We need a permanent, growing presence.”

Republicans are riding the demographic shift bandwagon like there’s no tomorrow — and they should. Republicans have realized that Obama’s victory was largely attributed to the democratic minority vote, and are now finally hurdling over Rovian delusions. Even Rush Limbaugh gave a shout-out (with tangible trepidation) to Marco Rubio’s call for immigration reform, and conceded that with stricter border restrictions, he could agree to a beefed-up version of Reagan’s 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli-type amnesty.

Related… Karl Rove’s group, American Crossroads, is also creating a new Super PAC to crush conservatives, destroy the tea party, and put a bunch of squishes in Republican leadership positions.

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  • REGinger

    This is really sad. They think they can create a grass roots org that would be passionate and involved?

    so out of touch
    unless they will pay them to pretend to care, like the Dems do their ‘ grass roots orgainzations

    Neither the GOp now the Dems can EVER recreate the Tea Party

  • Dennis

    No one left to vote for. There is no political solution to our troubled evolution. Start praying and keep your head down.

  • The People are becoming more and more independent… so, yeah, good luck with that rinos.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    How about this, GOP, massive gun control, tax payer funded abortion on demand, unemployment for 10 years and outreach centers in Mexico City?

  • SeniorD

    Such ‘Grassroots’ efforts simply mean the Party Mandarins will still maintain control to keep the hoi poloi out of the leadership.

  • PP206

    If you had beautiful natural grass growing in your front yard, why would you rip it out and replace it with astroturf?

  • Jim, you and other pundits could help, by informing the public about “Back to Basics for the Republican Party” – – my pro-GOP history of the GOP. Republicans make a big mistake by accepting Democrat lies about the Republican Party as the starting point for political debate.

  • Oh, how I hate the GOP. First, they swiftly co-opt and crush the energetic Tea Party. Now they try to rebirth some neutered, bored version of it from scratch?

  • cavt

    Don’t think this will go anywhere. If the GOP really wanted a grassroot inspiration, they would put Rand Paul and Ted Cruz at the forefront and maybe Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the placid GOP losers could learn something. If they stood up and confronted Obamaite dems boldly, I think they would be surprised at the grassroots response.

    ps–forget Rove. His effectiveness(lack of) is already proven. Notice that Morris has disappeared.

  • StandUpChuck

    Go tell them how bad they suck on their own survey.

  • JaaZee1

    It was only a little over two years ago, that patriotic Americans got
    off the couch, left their families and stormed “Town Hall” meeting to
    give their “democrat” representatives a piece of their mind.
    In November 2010, the democrat party was demolished,losing the House
    and their super majority in the Senate. Even more dramatic results were
    seen on the local level with the GOP winning Governorships and State
    Legislatures across the country.

    NONE of this was done with Wall Street money, with highly paid “consultants”
    like Karl Rove. It was a spontaneous “Grass Roots Movement” made up of
    Americans who believe in the Constitution, in rights guaranteed by a higher
    authority than government.

    Who can forget the new Speaker crying as Nancy Pelosi handed the gavel over
    to him.

    The establishment was confused. The establishment did not understand what had
    just happened. After all, as Pelosi said, “those people are astroturf”, whatever that

    Media and professional politicians could not attack a movement that had not offices,
    no leadership, and no money. So it had been called “T-Party, named after cinnents
    made by a great American and trader in Chicago.

    And so it began. Conservative Americans who stood up to the socialist President
    sitting on Air Force One campaigning still, were attacked as “extremist clowns, as
    Joe Scarborough delights in calling fellow citizens, and the liberal media went to
    town with all sorts of names and vile descriptions of the right.

    Now, I am a registered GOP voter, but an independent and conservative in my
    voting. I have no idea what the T-Party is locally, and don’t care. However, I agree with
    most everything that is said by T-Party members who probably represent 5%-10% of
    people like me.

    I could care less about the New York Times, the crazies on MSNBC, the #uppers or
    #nerdland teenage pundits. I do care, however, that Karl Rove came out officially
    and attacked the T-Party movement. Rather than working with the strongest base
    the GOP has had in decades, rather than try to help avoid the mistakes that were
    made in candidate choices, Rove would rather fight the democrats on the left, and
    conservatives on his right.

    2010 and 2012 proved conservatives do not need the GOP to win on the local level.
    Conservative Governors in previously “blue” States are showing the way it should be
    done. It may be time for a third party movement for 2014 that would lead the way
    towards a 2016 victory for conservatives.

    The next two years should be spent “vetting” everthing about Barack Obama, a man millions voted for and hardly know who he is.

    We have a major ace in the hole. Obamacare has been read. People know what is in
    the Bill, as Nancy said. And even strong union supporters are shocked at the huge
    increase in healthcare costs and taxes everyone, Democrat, GOP, conservative, liberal,
    will forced to pay. The IRS estimates a $20,000 cost for a family of four in 2016 for the
    cheapest “Bronze” level Obama plan.

    The fraud, waste and corruption of our government has to be exposed. The anti-business agenda of this Administration has to be stopped cold. I recognize this is Obama’s first real job. However, he has to learn that he was elected President to “serve” the people, not a King to “rule” the people.

    I see an opportunity for conservatives to “take back our country”, revive our strong and positive American culture, and show once again that yes, Mr. President, Americans are an
    exceptional people, and “We the People” did build this great nation, not corrupt politicans.

  • gentlevoice

    man, I never comment but the VERY first thing they want is your information.. they don’t care about the survey…just the email list. screw’em

  • Neo

    How can you know this way not that?
    You choose the door, you choose the path
    Perhaps you should be coming back
    Another day, another day
    And nothing is quite what is seems
    You’re dreaming! Are you dreaming?

  • American Woman

    Oh dear, this means they will be calling and calling often.

    They are in for a surprise. They will not get one cent. We saw how well they handled the fake 2012 Presidential election.

    They can prance and pretend all they want, but when push comes to shove they are part of the Progressive evil cabal.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    They never seem to miss an opportunity to prove that their moniker, The Stupid Party, is well-deserved.

  • Nan

    There were several reasons I switched my registration to Independent, and one of them was Karl Rove.

    I loathe the Republican Establishment.

  • mg4us

    Reince And Rove need to realize that THAY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. . .They are RINOs

    As long as these two elitist ignoramuses guide the GOP, the GOP will be out flanked and out maneuvered. .

    I am a Conservative first. .committed to the US Constitution, Limited Government and individual Liberty. . As well as fiscally conservative spending. . . and as part of this liberty, I am all for people being free to live their own way without fear as long as it is respectful and does not impinge on my liberties. . .

    So yeah. .I am a TEA PARTY PATRIOT. . . and will continue to vote for those who represent my beliefs!

  • BetseyRoss

    This is comical. The Republicans starting a grass roots wing of the party. Ha ha. They already have one, they just don’t want to admit it. Tea party is laughing at them even as we speak. They have always been afraid of us. A few of them get it, but most are worried to death about their so-called power. They are such wimps. Man up, you pansies. That means you, too, Rove.

  • MonkeyWrench

    Speaking of Republican squishes. Gov. Kasich of Ohio has now accepted the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion for Ohio! They will all cave soon.

  • oldguy

    Kill the Tea Party? Why, the Tea Party just killed you in the last election. Didn’t you RINOs get that? Who needs who here?

  • serfer62

    The contempt by mitts & boner at the GOP convention towards the Tea Party convinced me that are doomed!

    Why attack your Base?

    Crispy Cream as lead speaker & Palin shunned? Is The Establishment Kommiecrats?

  • American Woman


    Establishment Forms Anti-Conservative Super PAC

    Pollster Scott Rasmussen recently rebuked party bosses for these heavy handed tactics in a nationally syndicated column. Rasmussen said, “The Republican establishment has two choices. They can act as mature party leaders of a national political party, or they can protect their own self-interest. Mature party leaders would spend a lot more time listening to Republican voters rather than further insulating themselves from those voters.”

    “This is a continuation of the establishment’s effort to avoid blame for their horrible performance in the 2012 elections,” said Hoskins. “They blew a ton of races up and down the ticket because they recruited moderate Republicans who didn’t stand for anything. Now they want to use this new PAC to trick donors into giving them more money so they can lose more races.”

    In 2012, there were 27 Republican challengers yet only three were elected. All three were SCF-backed, anti-establishment conservatives: U.S. Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Deb Fischer (R-NE). The other 24 Republican challengers were defeated. A few of these candidates were conservatives, but most of the losers were moderates. Notable examples include the candidates in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Maine, Michigan, Connecticut, North Dakota, Montana, and Hawaii.

    Read the rest at:

  • Stop Obama the communist

    Pathetic hacks. I most likely won’t vote ever again anyhow (no point once 11 million new Democrat voters become available) but even if I did it ain’t gonna be Republican. You POS’s couldn’t beat the communist destroyer Obama then screw you, you SUCK!

  • Steven Dreier

    I’m not worried. The adults will be back in charge by the mid-terms and these Tea Party types won’t even be a footnote in history.

  • I hate it when I read misnomers on a Conservative site. Rush did not back Rubio on the immigration plan. It is bad for the country. They water everything down, put Napolitano in charge and claim it fixes. NO Amnesty until we fix the problem, the borders. I like Eisenhowers plan the best, round them up state by state and deport them back. This
    was done to create jobs for veterans. Thes RINOS are looking at a last gasp, before a
    third party develops. Who would follow these weak leaders?

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  • Stop Obama the communist

    29-please explain what you dislike about the Tea Party? Their desire for low-as-possible taxes? Small-as-possible, constitutional government? Right to bear arms? Yeah that stuff sounds crazy doesn’t it?

  • Monkey Wrench


    You are correct. The BIG money Republicans are socially liberal for the most part. They live and work in large cities like New York, L.A., and Dallas. All they care about is lower taxes. They could care less about abortion or gun rights or gays. They will tolerate anti-abortion and anti-gay talk as long as it helps get Republicans elected and their taxes lowered.

    But now the big money guys feel like they are wasting their investments. The message for 2016 will be to shut up about social issues or you’re not going to get funding.

    Btw, all that nonsense last election about skewed polling and Romney was really winning was to keep the big money from pulling out. It worked in 2012. It won’t work going forward.

  • Jeannie

    Never liked Rove. Even think that Carville was better than him. Both love pure campaigning but Carville at least can see when government has gone too far. Rove is actually more like OBama. If he could live in campaign mode, and not be bothered with having to check in with the citizens he’d be in pig heaven.

  • billsv

    This is so dumb. Obama won because he had a taken advantage of the the Inetrenet, Facebook and Twitter contacing and energizing each with a unified message. He did not use the GOP consultant approach. We will lose the House and not progress in the Senate with this approach. They are trinh what has failed in the last elections. The definition of a crazy person …… That is them

  • Multitude

    What pretty astroturf the RINOs have installed. Why, I’m sure it will impress all the illegals they’re courting. Then agsin, when the Democrats are giving out free cash and ObamaPhones, a listening website probably won’t do it.

    But it did remind me to get down to the courthouse and change my registration to independent. Since Karl Rove has marked our Rep King for elimination, conservative Iowans are ready to move on to a new party.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    I thought they’d be a divorce after the election (T-Party-GOP)

    Wasn’t sure it would be this fast,oh well

    Rove,GOP…don’t let the door hit you in the ***….buh by

  • GotFreedom

    Nothing more than wolves in sheeples clothing. . .too little too late. . .you didn’t listen to us in the past after we gave you the House in 2010 and again in 2012 so tough tomatoes to the GOP!

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  • FurryGuy

    A “Grassroots” website, started by GOP Elites who consistently find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Yeah, that’ll scare the Dems/Libs into thinking they might lose future elections. :rolleyes:

  • Stop Obama the communist

    So essentially what we now have, is on the one hand 11 million soon-to-be Democrats (thereby making it impossible to have anything BUT a commiecrat president forever and a day), and on the other hand the Republican establishment elites said “What the hell, let’s double down on our disastrous position!” and decided to bash and alienate the Tea Party-who gave them numerous successes. Never thought I’d say it because I’m not a loony Ron Paul supporter, but we’ve no choice but a third party, yet a third party will still likely not win because we’ll lose clueless Republicans (low info Repubs) to Karl Rove and his idiots. Pack it up, America is D O N E.

  • King

    I predicted this after we lost in the last election. During the Progressive Era the Republicans stood for nothing and promised the same things the Democrats did – free stuff. But since the Democrats were always willing to offer more the Republicans would consistently lose elections. Here we are a hundred years later with a GOP controlled by big government progressives who hate the common man. Who hate limited government. And are gearing their party to offer free stuff. That’s what this grassroots is. It has nothing to do with reaching the conservative base. It’s a way to blame every loss on not offering a enough free stuff to enough minorities. The GOP will push themselves into an “also ran” for decades because of their stupidity and socialist leanings. There are a handful of great Republicans but the party on the whole is big government. Thus the enemy.

  • katy

    PLease forward this to Roves new BS web site.

    We will not be fooled again by the “establishment” RINO invention in sheep’s clothing.

    You set up listening web sites, invite conversation and then continue to push your progressive lite agenda like you have for decades.

    We were force fed McCain, Then bullied into Romney. What next…? Lindsey Graham for President.

    How dare you co-opt the label grassroots. The establishment GOP is as grassroots as Nancy Pelosi’s face!

    I’m sending this email as viral as it will go.

    Keep trying ladies and gentlemen. You will never beat the real grassroots. We’re too pissed off to lay down and buy your crapola ever again!



  • john graham

    I sure hope rove and his gang call me for campaign donations…..I would not want to be on the other end of the line……bye bye republican elites…..we cannot take our country back with elites in charge…..

  • bear

    Just spent the last half-hour taking the rino survey and typing a (long) list of non-negotiable demands, which must be accomplished prior to my recognition that an actual republican party still exists.

    Rinos pay attention! No money, no votes, no support until mccain/graham/boehner/rove (and all who act like them) are locked away in a small room to rot.

    You don’t own me. I am an American!

  • Flintstone F.

    “Republicans have realized that Obama’s victory was largely attributed to the democratic minority vote, and are now finally hurdling over Rovian delusions.”

    Is the above bold a typo? This is precisely why it’s wrong to call the Democrat party the Democratic party. Just because you put a capital letter in the front doesn’t make it a correct use of the term. When I read or listen to someone and they use that word, I now have to pause and make sure I know what they’re talking about.

    My symposium: Democratic Perspectives, is next week. I’m still accepting papers as long as they are on topic.

    Not a jab at Jim. Just a peeve I have with accepting the narrative/lexicon of the socialists.

    The Tea Party movement should remain broad and simple. Pet politics from one issue voters is the fodder for the left. It’s allowed the GOP establishment and the socialists to easily define the movement as too exclusive, with “a hint of racism.”

    What attracted me to the Tea Party movement was a demand of principled, constitutional governing. That’s all I care about.

  • rainmom

    flintstone #51

  • Mad Hatter

    Karl Rove and the open border RINO’s want to replace the Tea Party Conservatives with uneducated, poorly skilled border busters. Rove has a delusion that the border busters are Conservative, and they will have a sudden allegiance to the Constitution if/when the RINO’s help grant them a shortcut to citizenship.

    I knew the GOP good ole boy system hated the true Conservatives, but now they’re making their plans well known, and right out in the open. If Rove had his way, there would be no Ted Cruz in the Senate.

  • karl rove is as responsible as anyone in america for obama ever getting into the white house. his handling of the second bush term was a disaster.


  • Monkey Wrench


    Bush’s second term was a disaster, literally. The entire economy was on the brink of total collapse! I don’t think Rove caused the disaster.

  • CommieJuice

    The GOP is over for me. We can’t win wars when we fight liberals in our party and the other. John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell and John McCain types don’t represent me nor do they represent Conservatives. With Karl Rove types we will never win anything, we will never get the credit we deserve, we will never hold the positions needed to show there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats. With Repubics like Colon Powell, David Frum, David Brooks and Scott Brown, who needs Democrats?

    I was against a third party in 2012 more than anyone I knew. I had faith we would win by standing together, but the reality is we won’t win in 2016-2020 either if we have a liberal Repubic again, everyone will just sit out like they did the last one. Now is the time to have a more pure party with like minded individuals who stand for something, who have principles, who have morals, who show a difference between themselves and the liberals we are fighting against. That is not the GOP! This is only going to get worse for Conservatives in the GOP. The time is now so we can regroup and rebuild.

  • Highlander

    True Conservatives already HAVE a grass roots movement. It’s called the Tea Party. Meanwhile, the GOP, rather than clean up their own house and join us in restoring this country to a Constitutional Republic, decided to suck up to us just long enough to rake in a bunch of our money and then nominate a loser. Now, after losing the election for us, they’ve decided to back-stab us and start courting the minority and moderate voters for the next election cycle. ENOUGH!

    I realize that a third party will probably insure at least two more Democrat Presidents, but if a third party is what it’s going to take to restore the Constitution to its rightful place in our society, then so be it. Maybe after a few more progressive Presidents have had their way with this country, and liberals realize that their candidates are just as corrupt and greedy as the Republicans were, they’ll reject the establishment candidates of BOTH parties and shift their support to a true Conservative …

  • Anonymouse

    StandUpChuck @ #10
    Took the survey with an outdated email.

    I let them have when they asked about how GOP candidates are picked, the party infrastructure, and how poorly they present the party’s platform. In the comments section I told ’em that party leadership should stop hiding and appear on the “edgier” talk radio shows instead of the “safe” ones.

    Also told ’em to put up young tech-say talent instead of those old barnacles running the party. It’s the 21st century, for goodness sakes!

  • Jeffery

    A moderate Republican (Romney) who mouthed some far-right platitudes trounced all his Tea Party supported opponents (Santorum, Perry, Bachmann etc). Romney was then trounced by an African-American during the worst economy since the Great Depression.

    The GOP would just like a chance to win a national election again. According to Gallup 26% of registered voters support the Tea Party ideology.

    It is easy to understand why you are frustrated.

  • Lilbby

    Considering I switched to independent until the GOP can get its head out of its ass, I”ll stick with the Tea Party.