Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, a world renowned neurosurgeon and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this week where he slammed political correctness, health care, and the national debt with President Obama seated right next to him.
Michelle Obama and Joe Biden were also sitting at the table.

Here is part of Dr. Carson’s speech from The Five:

And here is Dr. Carson’s entire speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.




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  1. before listing all this Great Man’s Magnificent Attributes,
    First is COURAGE

  2. ++


    his wind up story about the War of 1812 gave me
    goosebumps, and brought a few tears to my eyes..

    btw, one of his solutions sounded an awful lot like
    Bush’s, you know, the one the Dems applauded
    the successful failure of
    .. :roll:


  3. bah, he must be a racist.

  4. Damn bg your good!! I just read that same article through one of your post just a while ago..

  5. It sure looked like that freak in the White House didn’t enjoy hearing a bunch of what that brave man had to say.

  6. Hey Doc, Barry would like you to come to the White House. Somethkng about “getting your mind right”.

  7. Not only did the O-Team have to sit through a conservative evangelical lecturing them… but I wonder what they did (the Obama team) when they found out Dr. Carson is a Young Earth Creationist. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one!


  8. LOOK no teleprompter O……….

  9. Obama Thinks: “So that’s what a guy with balls looks like”
    Michelle Thinks: “So that’s what a guy with balls looks like”

  10. I’ve watched it twice – first in awe, then in amusement – because the second time I watched only Obama’s face.


  11. Well, Obama…how do YOU like having someone insult you to your face when you can’t respond? Like you did to the Supreme Court, and Paul Ryan, and, and, and…?

    I have a new hero. Dr. Benjamin S. Carson.

  12. Whoever that moron was that compared Dr. Carson to Sandra Fluke should be committed. Why are such people permitted to comment. Sandra’s life experience is debasing herself. Dr. Ben Carson’s is saving lives. He is a genius. she is an unpaid XXX.

  13. “Not only did the O-Team have to sit through a conservative evangelical lecturing them… but I wonder what they did (the Obama team) when they found out Dr. Carson is a Young Earth Creationist. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one!”

    Only an irrational fool would think this current earth has been here more than 150,000 years. Psst…God has re-created it twice already. One time before Adam and one time with Noah.

    And, this gentlemen’s reason he doesn’t believe in evolution? Mainly the fossil record and of course, plain ole common sense because evolution requires faith. The fossil record is absolute proof that evolution is a FARCE. Rock stratas have to be juggled. “Finds” have to be lied about. There are 2,000 missing links (which he alluded too) between any species. Species appear abruptly (which he alluded too) with no ancestors. Whole races have to be invented from a pile of bones that would not fill a garbage can.

    If man has been here 1,000,000 years, increasing only at 1/2% yearly with less than 3 children per family, the present population would be 10,000,000,000 per square inch of the world’s surface. Where is the fossil evidence of even ONE BILLIONTH of this number?

    Easy: they dont have it. They are liars. There is an educational conspiracy in this country to take away your brains.

  14. Just take a look at The Messiah’s head: He kept raising it, raising it to no avail because still remained at dwarf level. The Messiah got plunked and this clip is going to be played on global level and for a control freak like He is this not going to bode well.

    The Wohn got already plunked earlier by decreeing His awesome skeet shooting is not to be mocked or photoshopped, and now this: a whipped cream pie in the face by someone He can’t touch.

    Poir, poir Wohn. I bet the State Media is already scrambling for something.

  15. My new hero. I texted my best friend in Ohio and told her she had to watch this video by my new hero and she laughed and said she could not believe I didn’t know of him. She read his books to her girls when they were young and he is a much loved and respected member of my church denomination. Made me proud. I guess my butt better get back to Church.

  16. #14 that was Greg Gutfeld from the Five and Red Eye on Fox and he was KIDDING! one of Andrew Breitbart best friends.

  17. ++


    re:Kirstin Powers

    just posted about the SPLC,

    here you go..

    February 8, 2013

    Bloody hands: The Southern Poverty Law Center

    Motive to kill? Fomented. Who to kill? Provided. Where to kill? Pinpointed,
    with easy access to driving directions. The only thing the SPLC did not do
    was purchase Corkins’ gun and drive him to the crime scene.

    Here’s why, to my own aghast bewilderment, I’m left with little choice but
    to believe the SPLC may be intentionally inciting anti-Christian violence. As
    noted by the FRC, “Even after an attempted mass murder of the FRC staff,
    the ‘hate map’ is still prominently featured on the SPLC website today –
    which shocks most conservative pundits.”

    “Shocks” is an understatement.]


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