Wal-Mart Blows Off White House Gun Control Talks …Update: Wal-Mart Folds?

Wal-Mart declined to attend gun control talks at the White House this week. They were already booked and couldn’t get away.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

The White House extended an invitation to Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to participate in a meeting Thursday focused on curbing gun violence, but the retailer declined due to a scheduling conflict, a company spokesman said.

The meeting is part of a series of gatherings Vice President Joe Biden is holding this week with a wide range of organizations, including the National Rifle Association and victims’ groups, as he and other administration officials undertake a broad review of gun violence in the wake of the December shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. On Thursday, the vice president is scheduled to sit down with gun owners’ groups, including the NRA, as well as advocates for sportsmen and sportswomen…

This is more proof that Wal-Mart is a lot smarter than the Republican Party.

UPDATE: Maybe not. Twitchy says they’re going now. The threats must have been effective.

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  • Ella

    Go Walmart. Screw ’em all in Washington DC.

  • Paz

    Good for them!!

  • bobdog

    These aren’t “meetings” or “discussions”. This is the Obama administration telling them how things are going to be. There won’t be questions. They’ll be lucky to get donuts and coffee.

    Drudge is linking to a Weekly Standard story that Biden, one of the authors of the Brady Bill years ago, met today with Eric Holder to explore what Executive options are open to Obama – in other words, what he can get away with – without requiring the consent of congress. They’ve already decided that they’re going to jam this down our throats whether we like it or not, whether it’s constitutional or not, and whether Congress agrees to it or not.

    The Bill of Rights is about to be changed by executive fiat, without asking anybody’s permission. Obama knows, especially after the way they forced Obamacare on us, that it’s a lot easier to do something than it is to undo it. A fait accompli, and f*ck you all.

    It’s for your own safety, doncha know.

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  • Joe Blow

    Agree with #1. I’m beginning to think all of them are Communists.

  • Joe College

    They don’t have to confiscate them. Obama’s demands call for a national database of gun owners. That’s as good as confiscation. Remember, Custer would have won if he had convinced the Indians to come over this hill one at a time.

  • Ella

    If they are making a huge deal about this gun issue, we ought to make an ENORMOUS big stink about their abortion loving, unborn baby murdering ways.

    Think about it.

  • cavt

    Good for WalMart. Why would anyone want to waste their time at a dog and pony show.

  • Whew! Thank you WalMart. I’m so glad I don’t have to stop shopping there!

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  • They likely saw what was going down and were disgusted

  • Multitude

    Sounds like one of Hillary’s infamous and ever frequent “scheduling conflicts” when called to testify.

    Obama, we dare you to attack the Constitution with an extra-legal executive order. That’s instant impeachment grounds.

  • donh

    WELL THEN….!!!….HOW DARE WALMART REFUSE THE ALMIGHTY AND POWERFUL OBAMA ! …Lets see if any child of the Walmart Family has an unfortunate MYSTERIOUS ACCIDENT in the next few days…a drive by shooting perhaps ?

    and those Union thugs always trying to organize the Walmart floor help are sure to be making a fresh reading of the riot act in every Walmart store parking lot this coming week.

    and all the trash mouth comics on late night TV will be loading up their material full of Walmart Jokes….and lots of harassing journalists doing trash Walmart investigative reporting !

    and local fascist mayors with their marching orders from Der Fuhrer Obama will cancel any building permits for new stores and HIKE zoning assessments for existing stores…..ALL HAIL SATAN ! ( strike gong here )…> http://youtu.be/Uie4YqrhNHQ

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  • democraps suck

    Try going after the lunatics and gangs…you will never pry my guns from my hands unless I am dead…..screw you odumb$hit and biden loser….

  • Ed

    Update! WalMart already caved.

  • Freedm_Fighter

    Heh. Looks like I’m going to Wallmart this weekend to buy a gun (or two).

  • Tom Doniphon
  • The White House’s “OR ELSE” is next…

  • Elizabeth

    They ARE going.
    This article needs to be updated.
    Obama must have threatened them with something.
    Walmart is sending a representative.

  • Anono

    GWP’s story is from yesterday, the one from today shows Wal-Mart caving in.


  • Tom Doniphon

    Jim’s busy with the Rally in Texas!
    First things first!

  • Dillard Bard

    Obama, Biden, you don’t realize the can of worms you are about to open.

    You will cause massive resistnce and likely bloodshed………..that my be what you are wanting HU!.

  • bg


    January 9, 2013

    Ted Nugent unloads: Gun owners the next Rosa Parks

    [“There will come a time when the gun owners of America, the
    law-abiding gun owners of America, will be the Rosa Parks and
    we will sit down on the front seat of the bus, case closed.”]

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • Cathy S.

    Its not a meeting, its a LECTURE. WH not interested in xchange of ideas. They’re just spelling out the blackmail details: You do this OR Obama will do that to you.

  • aprilnovember811

    I would have just told them, NO.

  • rainmom

    #s 18 & 21
    Thanks for the link to the story. Wal-Mart’s statement from the article:
    “We underestimated the expectation to attend the meeting on Thursday in person, so we are sending an appropriate representative to participate.”

    Sounds like a bit of arm twisting!

  • Highlander

    Words of warning to Wal-Mart … know your customers, and don’t do anything to piss them off. I, for one, will never set foot in another Wal-Mart store if they cave in to pressure from the traitor-in-chief.

  • bg



    oh there is..

    and no one is counting the bodies, lest it be their own.. 🙁


  • Truth Teller

    How about we let the traitor politicians know that if they attack the 2nd Amendment, then we will attack the 16th Amendment.

    Also let them know we will hold them accountable for the revolution that ensues.

  • cavt

    Oh well–so Walmart caves. Hopefully nothing will come from this and they won’t change a thing. If they do, my family will never go there again.

  • Truth Teller

    By the way…anyone know where Militant Conservative went? Have not seen a post from him. Did Obama’s henchmen take him out?

  • rainmom

    #29 bg


  • I’m sorry to hear WalMart is going after all. But maybe they will tell the anti-gun group to go take a hike. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they will. I buy lots of stuff at Walmart and I would prefer not to have to stop shopping there. I’m going to email WalMart headquarters to let them know how I feel. I hope all of you here do the same.

  • The real Wow

    #16 January 9, 2013 at 4:21 pm
    Ed commented:

    Update! WalMart already caved.

    Yep and you all forget that the owners of WalMart gave copious amounts to The Won’s reelection campaign. They are only in this for themselves… nothing more. The good of the country be damned!

  • bigkahuna

    They ARE going.
    This article needs to be updated.
    Obama must have threatened them with something.
    Walmart is sending a representative.”

    I hope they Send Walter the greeter …Jeff Dunhams friend

  • Just got home from Wal-Mart, they now have signs posted on their ammo cabinets that say: “In order to serve all customers, we now have a limit of 6 boxes per day per customer” or something to that effect.

  • Highlander #28 … I second that. When a Constitutional shopper buys everything from them, food, clothing, supplies, household stuff, etc… they would be losing a LOT of money per week if that Constitutional shopper decided to go elsewhere.

  • Rhonda

    just when I thought I might go back to Walmart, they cave.

  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Dang! Nice of the Obamabots to point us to another good weapons dealer. For the first time, I am proud of Wal-Mart. Paraphrased from you-know-who…

  • bg


    Walmart Reps, like there’s a difference?? /s/

    flashback to 1986

    As a Director, Clinton Moved Wal-Mart Board, but Only So Far

    [Mrs. Clinton’s six-year tenure as a director of Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest
    company, remains a little known chapter in her closely scrutinized career.
    And it is little known for a reason. Mrs. Clinton rarely, if ever, discusses it,
    leaving her board membership out of her speeches and off her campaign
    Web site.


  • bg


    accidentally posted before editing:

    re: #41 January 9, 2013 at 7:13 pm bg

    Walmart, Dems, Reps, like there’s a difference?? /s/


  • Nosmo

    I stopped shopping at Walmart when they put Hillary on their board….

  • Walmart is suffering the same pressure Big Pharma did with Obamacare. One CEO stated openly after being questioned as to why they would even consider signing onto Obamacare, knowing the dangers involved.

    He said, “It’s simple. Either you are at the table for dinner or ON the table.” A President with no restraint is a dangerous person.

    As I said in my book “a bad person in the wrong pace can do great harm.” Obama is proving me right.

  • Tom Doniphon


    A renegade grandson of Mr. Sam gave to Demovcrats! He is an heir with inherited money to burn! Money that the greatest businessman in history made!


  • BJ Phillips

    Obuma’a puppet Biden trying to dictate in the name of Obuma. Obama is not an absolute monarch or dictator, and he has no right to override the Constitution of the United States of America like some spoiled brat who wants his way and cries and pouts if the world does cherish his every word.

    The rest of the populace has rights, too, — not just the gangsters who will have gun in spite of any law!n.

    If they break in to my house, they get shot!

  • BJ Phillips

    Obuma using a neanderthal as a surrogate to deliver dictatorial messages will not get it! Obuma had no right to use decrees to override the Constitution or go around Congress. As soon as Obuma and his gang take the guns from law-abiding citizens, the sooner the gangsters will have 100% of the guns which are not police or military.

    Interestingly enough, Obuma was not interested in using guns to protect US citizens at Bengazhi.

    Obuma should wake up to the fact that he is not an absolute monarch nor does he have the right to be a dictator.

  • Freddy

    What IDIOT could possibly think that Walmart is relevant to ANY discussion regarding the second ammendment?

    The second ammendment is NOT under review by anyone in any corporate office at Walmart.

    How stupid are the want to be dictators Obama and Biden?

  • Repousa

    They’re showing up because Obama has vowed to facilitate the union takeover of Walmart if it doesn’t muscle up the NRA by refusing to sell guns. If I were representing the NRA and Walmart started leaning hard I’d tell Walmart that the 4 million families represented by the NRA would be encouraged to boycott Walmart. Then the NRA should begin soliciting other retail chains for their interest in handling Walmart’s gun volume.

  • bg


    Freddy #48 January 9, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    perhaps the following will help explain??

    Wal-Mart is the largest seller of guns in the US


  • Patty

    Will they or won’t they? That is the question? OMG, what country our we now living in and Mr. Walton is turning over in his grave. They have voted in a mobster. Or is it monster.

    Again, there is a Constitution and people need to start reading it.

  • Jungle John

    This has all happened before. Smith and Wesson, caved to Clinton’s “Brady II” plan in 2000. They put all sorts of pre and post sales requirements on their Master Dealers and customers (even if not purchasing a S&W gun). As a result, Master Dealers stopped carrying S&W guns. The gun community stopped buying S&W guns and openly boycotted S&W. The owners of S&W (a British company) after a few years of losses, sold the division to Safe-T-Hammer, who dumped the Brady II policy agreement.

    S&W has since recovered.

    If Walmart knuckles to Obama, expect the same. Walmart can kiss its gun sale and ammo business goodby.

  • S. Hamel

    If Wal Mart goes along with the government push, they will lose ALL of my business so long as I have options in my area. And I come from a family with similar beliefs. 5-6 figure loss for the year. Do so at your own risk….. I am NOT kidding, nor are thousands of others. Have you learned NOTHING from the health care debacle and intimidation tactics that turned into lies. Don’t get played! If you do, get ready for a massive backlash and loss of support and business!

  • Brad

    Obama should work at Walmart.

  • Fried Chicken & Watermelon For All

    Somebody voted for this as*hole. Down the drain we go…

  • john graham

    AND SO IT BEGINS……. we live in a small town, and waited forever to have a walmart move in…..the whole time hearing “shop local at the mom and pop stores” I LOVE OUR WALMART, BUT……IF THEY CAVE ON THIS ISSUE….I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN THERE AGAIN….

  • Cathy S.

    Truth Teller: Great idea to attack 16 Amendment! Those of us who respect 2nd Amendment need to unite.

  • Ess Jay