VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Says Opponents of HHS Mandate “Must Be Willing to Go to Jail” (Video)

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli told a radio host today that the opponents to Obama’s HHS abortion mandate must be willing to go to jail in order for it to be overturned.

“I think you’re going to see more Hobby Lobby’s out there. People who are just not willing to take this. Plenty of people are suing. I think part of this is the attack on the Catholic Church. And my local bishop said, “Well I told a group I’m willing to go to jail.” And I said, “Bishop don’t take this personally. You need to go to jail.” And what I mean by that is people need to see this play out all the way to its logical conclusion. And, this guy is making them do it. God bless him.”

What a hero.
Via On The Record:

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  • aprilnovember811

    I pray he is my next Governor. Virginia’s next Governer.

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  • Highlander

    He’s right. Until the jails start filling up with regular citizens, the rest of America just isn’t going to get behind us. Of course, I predict these creeps will never allow that to happen. They’ll seize bank accounts or property to force compliance before they embarrass themselves by jailing grandma and grandpa ….

  • Ghost

    nothing is more effective than noble, righteous victimhood (as long as it is noble, righteous)
    Hey! it worked in Rome 18-centuries ago

    all these years after MLK’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” we may have,
    “Letter from Religion’s Dungeon”

    I can’t wait to see The Left explode when their propriety tactics are turned against them

  • Lim Lynn

    Even if the jail started to be filled with innocent America citizens; Barack Hussein Obama that the pleas innocent America citizens can’t go through his thick head and his thick skin.

  • Robert

    What is the point of going to jail so this lawyer can blab abouit how much he deplores it, and argue in front of judges who decide the opposite of what every sensible man knows is right? Why doesn’t he protect his citizens from the federal onslaught against their rights?

  • Sandy

    But is the media willing to cover those who go to jail for their beliefs or will they be ignored?

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  • joyo

    While I’m not a church member, I am strongly opposed to the HHS Mandate. It is clearly a violation of our first amendment. What is really scary is that this was really the first mandate resulting from the HHS. It frightens me when I think of what mandates may be coming in the future– especially with this Progressive/Socialist Administration!

    The Obama-Reid-Pelosi trio must have our Founding Fathers turning in their graves. The evil, unconstitutional things they have done ….

  • Highlander

    Sandy, even if the media tried to ignore it, eventually, when the jails were overflowing and there was no room for serious offenders, the story would HAVE to come out. It won’t get that far though. Like I said, they will seize property to force compliance, just as the IRS does. They almost NEVER jail anyone …

  • Patty

    Thanks Judge Roberts. What a mess you have made of things.

  • It’s the mark of a tyrant to put people in jail for not buying a product, be it insurance or bedsheets.

  • donh

    DON’T trust him….The Republican party is proving to be a PRO abortion eugenics party full of canaanites rewarded for stabbing righteousness in the back. …Go to jail…and No one will know you exist…the media won’t cover it…and the prison guard , some DHS homo sadist in training , will give you the flagellation of Christ treatment….Cuccinelli may be playing a role for the NWO…. luring you into the concentration camp that Obama has set aside for Abortion opponents.

  • Robert

    Fine, Cuccinelli says citizens should go to jail in defiance of the federal government.

    Then he should be willing to do the same, if the federal government performs actions in his state that are against his state’s Constitution.

    After all, we all know that all 3 branches of the federal government do not care about restrictions placed upon them by their own Constitution.

  • Patty
  • Harold

    donh-just go back to your Alex Jones website and settle down.

  • donh

    Typical republican…..CORZINE should go to jail. Harry Reid should go to jail…Bill Ayers should be in jail. Obama belongs in JAIL….and Cuccinelli wants to send a Catholic Bishop to jail.

  • Robert

    As far as I’m concerned, Chief Justice John Roberts should be impeached. He ruled that politics trumps the restrictions placed upon the federal government by the Constitution.

    A more blatant dereliction of duty could not be imagined, except for the fact that those who would impeach Roberts have even less regard for the Constitution.

  • More or less related.

    ‘President Barack Obama on Thursday signed into law H.R. 6620, the Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012, granting lifetime Secret Service protection to all former presidents, their wives (unless they remarry), and their children under the age of 16.

    “The measure Obama signed Thursday applies to presidents elected after Jan. 1, 1997, specifically Obama and former President George W. Bush,” the Associated Press explains.

    “It reverses a 1994 law that ended Secret Service protection 10 years after a president leaves office. Under that law, the Homeland Security secretary could extend such protection on a temporary basis,” the report adds.

    Citing increased terrorist threats and “the greater mobility and youth of former presidents,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), one of the bill’s chief sponsors, argued that a change in the 10-year limit was necessary.

    “Both men are young, enjoy good health, and have long lives ahead of them post-Presidency,” Gowdy said during a speech on the House floor. “This bill proposes to extend that security for the remainder of their lives.”’

    President Obama Will Have Secret Service Protection For the Rest of His Life

    It’s so considerate of Gowdy to want life long protection for the Islamarxist busily destroying America and making himself a dictator. Both Bush and Obama can easily afford their own protection especially a decade after leaving the WH. Both are young, healthy and rich, Obama has a $35 million estate in Hawaii to retire to in four years and it will be guarded by SS agents in perpetuity.

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  • Tabby

    This is why we need a tax strike in mass that will overflow the system & kill the HHS mandate in a snap.
    See Ann Barnhardt’s presentation;

  • Rose

    If you DO NOT oppose it, then ALL AMERICA is going to be ONE BIG JAIL ANYWAY – so what will be the Difference!

  • bigL

    never heard t he roman catholics ever say “vote for Romney this time, Vote GOP this time, It was dolan all over the tv news crying the blues., The Roman Catholics are emocrats and vote democrat.
    So they reap what they sew. The votes of the RCs put Obama in the Presidency. AB and contraceptives?Ehhh- we vote liberal, we vote for democrats- heck with matters of faith and doctrine…

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Great…except that Ken Cuccinelli has made such a reputation for himself as a blowhard and for having to walk back his positions that this may not be the spokesperson we need.

  • Dave

    Listen to Lady Mondegreen – I mean, when your own governor issues an Executive Order effectively negating the the legal opinion you’ve tried to ram down our throats? Nice try, pal, time to pack it up.

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  • averagemelon

    This is not about Republican or Democrat.
    This is Christian value against all other values. Our Constitution is CHRISTIAN. If this nation has decided to turn away from those values, these are the problems that will ensue as it does so. THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND ANYMORE. You must either FIRMLY stand with your personal values with conviction or live as a SLAVE to someone else’s.


  • Glenmore

    I don’t think jail will be a risk; more likely the government will just impose enormous daily fines for not complying, then confiscate the business.

  • victoria in san diego

    The Church needs to remove fake catholics from their roster. Starting with the Kennedys.

  • affenhauer

    #23 — not all of us…

  • sablegsd

    “Bloomberg: Restrict Painkillers in Hospitals…”

    I hope a military trained sniper with cancer blows his head off.

  • BurmaShave

    We’re not a fascist country because we do not have a Gestapo; err, wait a minute.

    What separates us from a fascist country is getting more and more trivial and insignificant.

  • Highlander

    #29 – BINGO! We have a winner!