Utah Businessman Fires Two Lib Employees After Obama Wins Reelection

Time to get rid of the dead weight.

A Utah businessman fired two lib employees after the election because Obama’s policies were costing his business money.
MSN.com reported, via Free Republic:

The head of a Utah forensics company says it’s only fair that two liberal employees were let go because liberal policies are costing his business.

A Utah business owner says he fired two employees in large part because they supported President Barack Obama.

“They were Obama supporters. We just knew they were,” Terry Lee, owner of Terry Lee Forensics, a Cedar City, Utah, digital forensics company, told The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday.

Lee first mentioned the firings in the comments section of another story in the Tribune about a Vernal, Utah, smoothie shop owner charging “liberals” a higher price than “conservatives” for drinks. That shop owner said “liberal programs” are costing his business more, so it’s only fair that left-leaning customers should pay more.

According to the Tribune, Lee showed his support for the tactic by writing:

“Love it. We had to let two employees go to cover new Obongocare [sic] costs and increased taxes. Found two Obongo supporters and gave them the news yesterday. They wanted the idiot in the Whitehouse [sic], they reap the benefits.”

The comment was later deleted by the author.

Federal and Utah law do not prevent private employers from firing employees on the basis of political affiliation.

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  • Mitchell Gold

    And no, of course not, it doesn’t sound like a case of sour grapes at all.

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  • BS61

    Hey Jim – A woman in Gilbert AZ ran over her husband with her car when she found out he didn’t vote against Obama!

  • SeniorD

    Works for me! Good on him to demonstrate businesses in Right to Work States work at the pleasure of the company. There are ZERO guarantees of continuing employment and ‘firings’ do not need reasons.

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  • RealMc

    Reap : Sow

  • twolaneflash

    How can this be? All the consequences were supposed to fall on the evil child-eating rich, Rethuglicans, and Tea Baggers? /s

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Hmm… Frankly, its terrible to not have employment. So it looks like the other shoe hasn’t dropped, yet.

    However, everything a has price. Especially our choices.

  • dittogirl

    I think we’re doing this the wrong way! We should make the O supporters work and pay those high taxes, while we reduce their pay and make them work more, for less. Give the raise to the ones that voted against the theft in chief..by giving the extra money to the ones that didnt vote for this crap, the “progressives” get to pay taxes for both!

  • Chas

    Obama has the mentality of a rapist. His followers should be treated accordingly. Libloons are all nice and kindhearted, until they use the government as a tool to rape other people’s rights. Turnaround is fair play.


    At first I was irate that someone would fire a person over personal belief, but then I began to think.

    If a person took personal action knowing that it would harm the company they worked for would it be wrong to fire them?

    Is it time libs fire conservatives and conservatives fire liberals? Very scary thought….but I guess academia has been doing this for decades….and now they simply don’t hire a known conservative..

  • Faye

    #9 dittogirl, I like your way of thinking. Why should that businessman now have to pay for those progressives’ almost two years worth of unemployment benefits. I know he is probably already paying the unemployment penalty if his payroll is over $20,000 a quarter, but still it is the thought.
    Make the socialists get a huge dock in pay, cut their work hours to less than 28 hours and put them in some menial work so if they do mischief it will be at minimal cost to the boss\owner.

  • airon-later

    Notice the racial animus displayed by the business owner. The two employees fired certainly deserve to work for a better employer. I think they will end up better off.

  • Highlander

    Leave it to airhead-loser to throw the race card. Tell us airhead … where did the employer mention race? Yea, that’s what I thought …

    Sorry, but your assumption that the employees were of any particular race, just because they were Obama supporters, makes YOU the racist …

  • Highlander

    However, we deserve some better trolls …. the ones they keep sending us are incredibly stupid.

  • Highlander

    #1 January 20, 2013 at 10:36 am
    Mitchell Gold commented:

    “And no, of course not, it doesn’t sound like a case of sour grapes at all.”

    Duh … I think that was the whole point of the story, wasn’t it Mitchell? The people who knew better than to vote for Obama have every right to be bitter. They know Obama’s reelection is going to have negative consequences, and that they’re going to get stuck dealing with them, so the LEAST they can do is identify who’s responsible and send as many of those negative consequences back where they came from as possible. I plan to do the very same thing. America’s low-information parasites thought they were going to get a free ride on the backs of their hard working neighbors for the next four years, bu they’re in a for a big surprise. We aren’t going to forget what was done to us, and the repercussions of this insulting pocket-picking they’ve foisted on us are going to last a lot longer than four years. Paybacks are a bitch ….

  • airon-later

    #14 If you would actually read my brief and accurate response, you would notice that I did NOT say that the employees were of any particular race. However, you should also read the business owner’s comments, which I have copied here:

    “Love it. We had to let two employees go to cover new Obongocare [sic] costs and increased taxes. Found two Obongo supporters and gave them the news yesterday. They wanted the idiot in the Whitehouse [sic], they reap the benefits.”

    The comment was later deleted by the author……………

    Now why exactly would the business owner delete this comment if there wasn’t the clear racial animus contained within. “Obongobare/Obongo”. Come on, you don’t have to be an astrophysicist to see what that is all about.

    Call me racist if it makes you feel better, if you think it will erase the fact that there is a deep seated thread of racial hatred within certain factions of the Modern American Right. It’s still there – deal with it.

  • JoeUES

    “Obongocare.” There it is. If he is so proud of his racism, why did he delete the comment?

  • Prosoldier

    The measures may be extreme but I understand the business owner’s frustration. That having been said, however, who should he be more upset with; the liberals whose policies are hurting his business or the lazy republicans who sat on their rears for the last four years and complained about the policies on blogs and comment sections but still couldn’t manage to get out and vote this administration out of office? Many people complained that they didn’t like Romney any better than Obama so they did nothing at all. I hate what is happening to this country but this what you get when you do NOTHING. Some people got out there but obviously not enough. I’d be willing to bet that close to 50% of the people commenting on these sites and blogs didn’t even darken the doorways of the poll booths last election, so they have very little right to complain about anything. If it applies, take it for what it’s worth; if not, let this comment slide off like water off a duck’s behind.

  • dmacleo


    what the hell does race have to do with it?
    tired argument that idiots use.

  • dunce

    Even though it is not against the law, they can file an unfair labor practice lawsuit that would go to obama’s NLRB that is packed with union supporters and he would get anything but a fair hearing.

  • airon-later

    #20 The business owner injected race into the story based on his description of the President and the ACA. I’m just going to hope that you aren’t that dim as to not see this. Then again, many people like you do see it but refuse to acknowledge that your socio-political bent fosters and all too often encourages such things.

  • Highlander

    #20 – Thank you. Airhead just doesn’t get it …. he mentions “racial animus” when there was NO mention of race in the story whatsoever, then denies that he’s the racist … LOL

    If these people weren’t so damn dangerous and destructive, they’d be funny …

  • Sasja

    Those who sat home and did not vote for Romney are as responsible for Barry’s re-election as those who voted for the little tyrant. Frankly, I am getting more than a little tired of the whiners on our side of the aisle who are so self-absorbed and petty that they would put our Republic in jeopardy rather than do what’s right. We have mid-terms on the horizon and it would behoove those whiners to get off their butts and make sure we at least keep the House.

  • cc

    Hey Air-on: So calling him an idiot is racist?? I know idiot whites. How about just saying it’s the white part of Obumma that is an idiot? Okay?

  • Sasja

    Airhead. You are losing the narrative. No longer are we going to tolerate the left’s deciding on what, or what is not, a racist comment. So stick it where the sun don’t shine, nitwit.

  • Highlander

    How is “Obongocare” racist airhead? Is “Obummer” rasist? Is “Obozo” racist? Face it. ANYONE who criticizes Obozo for anything is a racist to you dopes. Feel free to think that if you want, but as I said, it’s comments like yours that reveal just who the true racists are … people like YOU. You insist on making everything about race, when in reality, the majority of people who don’t like Obama don’t like him because he’s a traitor and a Marxist. Personally, I couldn’t care less what color he is. Anyone who attacks our Constitution and tries to impose the failed policies of Progressive Socialism on us is an enemy of America. Period.

  • Highlander

    JoeUES, he deleted his comment because he found out that he could get in trouble for firing people based on their political affiliation, and he didn’t want it in writing anywhere. Personally, I see no reason why he should be worried though. The left ROUTINELY discriminates against conservatives in their hiring practices. A day in court pointing that out might do us all some good …

  • Highlander

    Exactly Sasja …. these morons have been trying to convince everyone that simply calling Obama “Obama” is racist. They called George Bush “Bush”, and much worse, for YEARS, but that was fine. Now suddenly, if we don’t idolize Obama, and treat him like God’s gift to mankind, we’re all racists? Seriously?

    I’m sick and tired of their BS, and it’s time we cram it right back down their throats where it belongs …

  • HawaiiBob

    Guess who first coined the term “racist”…it was Obama’s communist mentor here in Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis. Ever since Obama was elected, that term “racist” has been in the forefront of most of the dialog coming from those on the left. Seems like Obama learned his lessons well from his mentor.

  • Smarty

    If Obama was demonstrably driven by anti-white racism, and he was demonstrably stupid, and he was surrounding himself by other dumb racist blacks, could we call him a dumb racist Mother*(^#R without being racist ourselves?

    Or would we have to go to re-education camps -err-diversity training?

  • Winston Wolfe

    Elections have consequences, b!tchez.

  • Patty

    outstanding!! God bless him.

  • john graham

    GOOD FOR THIS BUSINESS OWNER….IT IS HIS BUSINESS, HE BUILT THAT….HE CAN RUN IT ANY DAMN WAY HE CHOOSES……. I have many “friends” who were advocating for the clown in the white (sorry if this is racist) house, who didn’t realize they were advocating for the demise of my small business, through higher taxes and regulations,…..I got to thinking, “these are my friends”????? I wish nothing but success, and happiness, for my friends……WHY WOULD THEY WISH ME INTO POVERTY IF THEY WERE INDEED MY FRIENDS????? needless to say, I found new friends who share my beliefs…….

  • YourMaster

    the need to set new business policy rules that liberals have to pay 80% more for services, fee’s, food, consumer products, etc. …REALLY REALLY make it an extreme painful 4 yrs when businesses do job cuts… cut only liberals out of the employment opportunities first… and when wages need to be cut… cut only libs wages by 80%… and reward conservative employee’s with advancement in career, high positions, and huge salaries…

    then if they ask why this is being done to them just say it’s the fee’s for 0bamacare (that those dems in congress passed on to them… necessary for the business to survive the penalty fee’s and new taxes.

    wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the Democrats.

    set all liberals to part time employment indefinitely… and keep reducing their hrs… from 28 to 25, to 20 to 12 hrs a week …so they’ll have to get 2-3 other 12 hr a week jobs to pay all the new taxes and the bills. …libs won’t have enough money to either eat… buy coverage (so they have to pay a penalty) or even start a family, feed their kids…

    …eventually they may have to start canibalizing their own children to survive.

  • Ziggy

    Not only should they be the first ones fired, any “Blue” State should have to pay higher taxes/energy/food prices too.

  • JDR-Taq

    #9 dittogirl

    I couldn’t agree more. Fire liberals who voted for Obama? What, so they can then go on unemployment, and get all sorts of welfare entitlements and maybe even make more than they were making while working for you, while YOU and all the conservatives who work for you do so just to pay for the these new layabouts’ freebies?

    HELL NO! Give them a pay cut, and more work to do. Cleaning floor grout after hours, that sort of thing. Picking up every cigarette butt and piece of trash in the business parking lots in the bitter cold winter. That sort of thing. Make them WANT to quit. Then at least no unemployment for them. And the whole time, never fail to remind them why your small business is suffering, that it’s because of them, and their Chicago Jesus.

    Own a food-service joint? Tell your employees exactly why the cost of every single food item in stock has gone up drastically. Tell them how much you’ll have to pay for Obamacare, and how much their hours and even pay must be cut. Tell them every single ingredient, every single stockpot, sheetpan, ladle, and knife has gone up in price, that the very metals used to make them have gone up in price, that the BUSINESSES who make ALL these things ARE ALSO getting screwed, and passing on the cost to your BUSINESS.

    GAS has more than DOUBLED IN PRICE since 2008.

    Every single thing your business has on the property, down to the paint on the walls, was delivered by a gas-powered vehicle.

    The TV-watching, brainwashed, de-educated people you employ have ABSOLUTELY no clue about how the economy works.

    The sautee pans need replacing and are a pain in the rear to cook with? “How come the bossman won’t SIMPLY buy new sautee pans?”

    GAH!!! I’m no economist, but I’m at least semi-literate.

    Everybody in America with employees should sit them down and give them a course in basic economics as it relates to their particular business. And then TEST THEM.

  • Exsanguine

    airhead: I love how you lib trolls are always blatant in your own racism.

    I gather that since he called him “obongo” and a bongo is only played by “the blacks” that it must be a racist statement? according to you.

    you people really shouldn’t be let out of your cages without your medication.

    stop wasting my oxygen.

  • SeniorD

    Since other companies are charging libprogs more for things, why not pay them less per hour and give the surplus to those of us that have less money thanks to the libprogs.

  • SeniorD

    Air-on head,

    What would you say if I told you I have a PhD from Cornell University, a Masters Degree from George Mason and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland? What if I received the Navy Cross in actions similar to what John Kerry said he endured and I built a million-dollar business using nothing but Military Veterans as employees. What if I told you that I make my decisions based upon pragmatic, objective evidence, reading well researched documents and through prayer? Further, what if I told you I voted against increasing taxes and regulations that are sure to come in the second term? Would you have me rescind all that I accomplished and give it all to the State?

  • JDR-Taq

    #38 Exsanguine

    The bongo is a percussion instrument with north-central African birthplace.

    Obama is a….

    Agh, never mind.

  • Hy Feiber

    Oh speaking of racism, Obama belonged to a racist church, run by Jeremiah Wright, who uttered anti-white and anti-Jewish venom and lies for twenty years, and Obama never objected.

    Do you have a Problem with that??

  • Lim Lynn

    Great news Utah Businessman is saving his time, effort, energy, money and tears after terminate his 2 liberal workers since they didn’t know the cause and effect from their voting habits.

  • AuntieMadder

    #32 January 20, 2013 at 2:26 pm
    Winston Wolfe commented:

    Elections have consequences, b!tchez.

    Right on.

  • Valerie

    #17 January 20, 2013 at 12:10 pm
    airon-later commented:

    Yeah, any insult to BO is racist, according to you. That’s a conscious, and dishonest choice, and we all know it.

    Insulting the POTUS is an American right, and honorable pass-time. You are the racist because you keep accusing people of racism when all they are doing is insulting the POTUS.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The business owner injected race into the story based on his description of the President and the ACA.

    To call this weak tea would be an extreme overstatement. It’s more like water with just the slightest hint of tea flavoring to it.

  • The job creators should support those that support job creators.

  • We can either pursue Dr. King’s Dream or we can have a tribal war. One Tribe can get revenge for what the other tribe’s ancestors did, but it would be naive to not expect the other tribe to retaliate because of the revenge. Don’t start a fight expecting the other person not to fight back.

  • More Minty

    If you are making descisions based on prayer, you are mentally ill.

  • I noticed some braindead idiot saying there were racist connotations to firing people for supporting Obama.

    I’m betting at least one of those ignorant sops was white.

    They’re not firing you because you voted for a black man. This is Utah, right? I’m betting the businessman casted a vote to Mia Love…

  • Secret Squirrel

    #47, I am a student who is working my way up the degree ladder it is going to take about 4 years and 9 months for me to get my PhD in Business Administration. I tell you this much every time I hear some moron with a GED trying to explain why employers are greedy and selfish I can’t help but want to explode at these people. Businesses are not adult daycare centers they are there to employe people who will in turn make a profit for that business so that business can expand. That business is not and should never have been made to shoulder social programs for people who have no sense of personal responsibility now. I have constantly seen this in text books that companies would have in the employment contract that employees would save 10% of their wages so they would not become a burden on their family in later life. It was at one time a responsibility of responsible people to look out for their own god damn selves not the government fleecing the private sector to pay for lazy and the stupid. Now that the pot heads from woodstock in the 60’s and 70’s are running the show they are running more businesses out of this country at a breakneck speed. Expect more as the give me give mes expect more from businesses just because they grace the payrolls of these businesses.

  • Highlander

    #49 January 20, 2013 at 10:02 pm
    More Minty commented:

    “If you are making descisions based on prayer, you are mentally ill….”

    Leave it to a liberal troll to pick a tiny reference to religion out of someone’s comment and demean them for it. Minty, you’re not only bigoted, you’re pathetically ignorant, and you calling someone else mentally ill? Well frankly, that’s a real side splitter …

  • I wish liberals would just start their own businesses and become multi millionaires and run their businesses any way they want to and pay a lot of taxes. The way they talk about business people they KNOW how easy it would be to become part of the 1-5%

  • More Minty

    Highlander, are you suggesting that prayer is any more effective than tarot cards, tea leaves, or bird entrails?

  • Beef

    ‘Federal and Utah law do not prevent private employers from firing employees on the basis of political affiliation’

    Look for that to “Change”.

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