Union Goons Accused of Torching Quaker Construction Project Causing $500,000 in Damages

The burned-out cab of a crane sits on the Chestnut Hill site where nonunion labor was… (INGA SAFFRON / Staff )

Union goons were accused of torching a Quaker construction site in Chestnut Hill after the Quakers decided to go with non-union workers.
Philly.com reported:

A NONUNION construction site at a planned Quaker meetinghouse in Chestnut Hill allegedly was vandalized late Thursday night, and the builder says union thugs may be responsible for the suspected arson that could cost an estimated $500,000.

“This is pure and simple bullying, and most likely it was the unions,” said Rob Reeves, who owns the nonunion or “open” shop E. Allen Reeves. “This is the usual bad behavior of bullies that have been tolerated in this city forever. The politicians don’t care, the police don’t care, the business community doesn’t care.”

Reeves said men have been standing outside the construction site of the planned $3.5 million Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting House, one of whom identified himself as a member of a steel union and asked the site superintendent if he would like to hire steelworkers. When the superintendent declined, the man said that “he’s got to do what he’s got to do,” according to Reeves.

Ed Sweeney, business manager for the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers, the union for private-sector steelworkers in Philadelphia, said he had not heard about the suspected arson but knows the site.

“I was up there last week and said, ‘Hello,’ to the guy and asked if he wanted to hire any ironworkers, and he didn’t even talk to me,” Sweeney said.

Police said a full report was not available Friday evening, but a preliminary police report said a crane had been lit on fire and that the damage was roughly $500,000. Police searched the site for explosive devices but found none.

Reeves said that whoever committed the alleged vandalism broke into the fenced-off site, brought an acetylene torch and “knew what they were doing.”

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  • RedBeard

    I guess tire slashing is just not as effective as it once was. What’s next for the thugs, after arson doesn’t stop construction?

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  • Luddite

    “This is pure and simple bullying….”

    No. It is terrorism and a hate crime. Prosecute it as such.

  • Downer

    Union pricks. They only do a job properly when conducting thuggery.

  • The Labor Relations Research think tank out of Washington reports there have been 4,400 incidents of union violence in the past 20 years and 11,600 acts of violence since 1975. And these are only the ones they know about.
    Union bosses effectively have an exemption from prosecution of their violence because of the provisions of the Hobbs Act that protects them. The Hobbs Act reads: “Whosoever in any way or degree obstructs, delays, or affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce, by robbery or extortion, or attempts or conspires to do so, or commits or threatens physical violence to any person or property in furtherance of a plan or purpose to do anything of this section, shall be fined not more than $100,000, imprisoned for a term of not more than 20 years, or both.”
    So far, so good, that is until the Democrats took a Gatling gun to the bill and shot the Hobbs Act full of holes. They exempted union conduct that is:
    “. . .incidental to otherwise peaceful picketing during the course of a labor dispute.”
    The exemption needs to be repealed, but don’t hold your breath with Democrats controlling 2/3 of the government.

  • Ray

    I heard the Amish don’t have unions either. Better go after them too.

  • BaconBits

    Rumor has it that Obama is really concerned about this. /sarc

  • the violent tea party at it again.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Reeves said that whoever committed the alleged vandalism broke into the fenced-off site, brought an acetylene torch and “knew what they were doing.”

    Armed non-union security guards.

  • You neocons are supporters of unions; get off our paleo wagon.

  • Ken Rihanek

    It’s a hate crime. The hate is rampant from the unions.

  • Time

    There is only one answer here to all that are not going to do future business with unions. Hire armed security at all entrances. Protect your property and your employees from these hoodlums. Do not let them bully you, destroy your property and force you into compliance. This is why we are in the position we are in. They bullied their way, straight to Washington. Stop the madness.

  • billntwrk

    ban all high capacity unions