They feel your pain.
Two Dutch television hosts Dennis Storm and Valerio Zena volunteered to experience simulated labor pains and birth for their show. They were joking and laughing for awhile… but only a short while. The two were given baby dolls at the end of their ordeal.
This was hilarious.

Younilife reported:

Dutch presenting duo Dennis Storm and Valerio Zena volunteered to experience labour pains for a skit on their TV show. Sounds like a pretty stupid idea, clearly is but it is also a very funny one. Both men were hooked up to electrodes that replicated the contractions women are forced to undergo while giving birth.

Just before the experiment started both guinea pigs asked the nurse if the pain would become unbearable – and it clearly did. Within minutes the pair were left doubled up in pain although trying to brave their way through the experiment with jokes and laughter. Soon the misery on their faces gave their game away.

After enduring pain and agony for two hours both Dennis and Valerio finally surrendered and were left shell-shocked by their experience.



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  1. ++

    i doubt it..


  2. Sorry – not even close. Not until they force a watermelon out their you know where. THEN we can talk.

  3. Not as painful as watching these two jackasses.

  4. Two hours? Seriously? That’s hysterical…. Leave it to the women guys, if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the labor room. lol

  5. When did this place aka the Earth become the haven of Girlie Men?

  6. ++

    Gloria Gilson #6 January 25, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    when the powers that be, i mean we the people selected, i mean
    elected, the second, i mean the first (bill clinton lied) black, muslim,
    i mean black liberation theologist, i mean christian, yeah, that’s the
    ticket, non-american, i mean dual citizen, i mean born with a hidden
    hawaiin bc, yep, that’s worked miracles so far, the 44th president of
    the ummah, i mean united nations, i mean united states of khaotic
    krisis kreationism, collective saviorism, or something like that.. /s/


  7. ………and ICR2P with the #HeilObama administration unveils yet another method of ‘re-education’ for those non-existent FEMA Camps about to open their doors.

  8. Hope both of them are total strangers if not it will be weird.

  9. Not even close.. I watched my wife go through three of them, 8hrs, 16hrs, & 10hrs…. It was no fun for me or her, lol… But what came after was truly a blessing!!!!

  10. And the point of this ridiculous PC exercise was… what? Oh, right. PC crap needs no point. Has no point. Can never have a friggin’ POINT.

    Good grief.

  11. I agree with NavySeal.

    I watched all three of my boys come into this world and I selfishly thanked God that I was the man and not the woman. The contractions are just part of it. For these imbeciles, they lasted 2 hours and then they just got up and walked away…which they knew they could do at anytime if it got too intense.

    But these guys did not go through 9 months of hell, or morning sickness, for that matter. Their taste for food did not change. For the sake of their unborn child, they did not have to give up alcohol or, most likely, smoking. They did not have to watch their bodies transform. They did not have to go through a hot summer and suffer through 90 degree weather in an extremely uncomfortable situation. They did not have to give up laying on their bellies when they slept at night. Their moods did not swing. They did not need to care for any other young offspring or work a job while feeling like crap. No extra weight for them, especially during the third trimester when the back starts to hurt and the legs feel worn out.

    But mostly, these guys did not have to have their lower abdomen cut open or have their private parts explode after a 12 hour labor as the child travels through the birth canal and makes its appearance into a cold, bright room with masked people and a screaming, worn out mother.

    Inexperienced, unappreciative idiots, they are. Think they have life figured out. As a man, I fully understand that if men had to go through what women go through to have a child, there would be a lot fewer people in this world, but there would probably be a lot more love.

  12. I think a man snagging himself in his fly zipper is worse. I see many women every day with 2,3, or more kids, but I have never heard of a man catching himself in his zipper more than once.

  13. That wasn’t the least bit funny. The emasculation of men is the “root cause”, for those who like that phrase, that is behind every rotten thing happening to Western society. Gloria Gibson above gets it. Girlie men. They’re everywhere.
    It’s sickening and it’s destroying our civilization. Man up, grow a spine and a pair, and be men. Don’t promote crap like this.

  14. I certainly didn’t need a foolish PC crapola “experiment” like this to be both compassionate and proud of my wife during her first childbirth, as she went through 21 hours of labor to give birth to a 9 pound 8 ounce boy.

    A few years back, when she saw a story about men going around with big weights strapped to their guts so they would “know what it’s like to be pregnant,” her response was something like, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.” ;-)

  15. Stupid asses, and the people who watch them are worse. Get a real job twinkies.

  16. will then have bill clinton and 0bama in there next? *lol*

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