The Union Is Complete – Like in All Past Tyrannies, the Media and Democrat Party Have Become One

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Ace of Spades described the dark reality facing the country today. At no other time in history have we seen such an unabashed union of the media and Democrat Party.  They don’t even try to hide it anymore.  Reporters used fake names to buy Obama swag this election. They offered advice to the Obama campaign. They conspired in their attacks on Mitt Romney… We’ve never seen anything quite like it. And, it’s only getting worse.

This comment below comes from Ace’s post on the “full and seamless fusion of media power with government power.”

You’re not being alarmist. It’s the single most threatening development in my lifetime. It’s hard to believe it has actually happened — how did the graduates of the finest liberal schools in the world come to a shared conviction in the importance of their own professional corruption, to subvert the essential ethic of journalism and the First Amendment? Amazing, really — every cautionary tale of the 20th century is at our disposal, right there to see both in reality and in our literature — and all are ignored or sneered at in the name of ideology and power. What profound ignorance and arrogance.

The true source of Obama’s power is completely overlooked (or willfully ignored) by the GOP, perhaps because it is too terrifying to contemplate, too awesome to engage: that he has completely removed an investigative and anti-authoritarian media (in Mencken’s famous adage, one committed in part “to afflicting the comfortable”) from the political dynamic. Obama operates with the most massive propaganda arm ever been seen in modern history. He is essentially invulnerable. At no point did Romney/Ryan come close to addressing this sick truth so dangerous to our society and freedoms. Nor do any other Republicans. Breitbart alone found expression for his moral outrage and developed a plan of counter-attack. Since he died, however, the game has gone back to carping and chronicling “media bias.” We need a battle plan.

Indeed, Andrew Breitbart understood the Democrat-media complex like no one else.
“The New Media Is Taking Over”
Via Hating Breitbart:

The war is not over yet, my friends.

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  • bg


    you are sorely missed Mr. Breitbart..


  • Smarty

    Not only must conservatives take over pieces of the MSM, more conservative talking heads must do as Levin do and get their books translated into Spanish; moreover they must get them distributed at a loss to spanish outlets and get them into bilingual libraries and spanish audio-books, here and in Mexico. Someone has to bite the bullet and do some Spanish immersion and get on Fox Mundo (El Rushbo?, El Ingraham?) and give the Spanish speaking population some firebrand Libertarian-Conservative-Tea Party firebrand politics on construction sites and during drive time. This is an urgent need.

  • bg
  • bg
  • WildBill

    The rotten unionized schools produce leftists that infect all facets of society.

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  • WildBill

    The left has infected all parts of society, as D. Prager says ” leftism is the most dynamic religion today” .


    “10 Times Worse Than Watergate; Biggest Media Blackout In History” – 50 Year Law Enforcement Veteran, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 3/7/12.

    Obama Fraud Exhibit #128:


    Communist Goals for the USA, from 1963 –

  • Lim Lynn
    Don’t worry America China restaurant have robots occupy all free jobs.

  • Lim Lynn
    Westerners leaving Benghazi
    Russia NGO Traitor in Chief reset strain US relations

  • Patty
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  • Patty

    “The Obama administration and his government funded media have been promoting this idea for months. Everytime there is a shooting performed by a crazy person the media talks about it non-stop for weeks or months. But when there is an illegal or unlawful shooting by police that does not fit Obama’s agenda the story is barely mentioned.”

    Anonymous notes that not only do police shootings barely get any attention, but cases where slaying are committed without guns or where guns are used to save lives also fly under the radar.

    “Mr. Obama the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution does not talk about an army, that is covered elsewhere in the constitution. It does talk about a well regulated militia which is made of civilians with their own weapons. The second amendment of the US Constitution does not talk about protecting government or government resources, but it does talk about being necessary for the security of a free state. The second amendment of the US constitution does not say a single word about hunting or sport. But it does say ‘The peoples right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’.”

    “To the American people, as many laws have been banning firearms in cities such as Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C have been implemented and as the courts get them, they are now being overthrown as being unconstitutional. Even if they were not ruled on, they are an infringement to your second amendment rights and you have no obligation to obey it and the courts have no obligation to enforce it.”

    In a section directly addressing Obama, Anonymous warns there will be “no further tolerance” of any act to infringe on the Constitution, confiscate weapons or control gun ownership, or enter into any treaty that would do the same.

    “Any action taken by you to attempt to perform those acts or similar acts as interpreted by the American people or any attempt by you to skirt your responsibility to the true office of the presidency will be viewed by many people as your willfull act of insurrection and treason,” Anonymous continues. The group then goes on to detail how Obama could be removed, by military force if necessary.

    One wonders how Anonymous might use its hacking skills that have perpetually confounded the government and big business to step in on the side of gun-rights proponents.

    read more

  • maria

    Gun Owners Of America, This Is Not “URBAN LEGEND” But Reality Coming To America.

    These men admitted readily that they knew their German troops were now in America, including at Fort Bliss, TX, and Holloman AFB, NM, and that they had been informed that MARTIAL LAW WAS COMING TO AMERICA.
    American locals in Alamogordo, NM, admitted to me that the German Bundeswehr Luftwaffe (Air Force) stationed at Holloman AFB were boasting that they were there for martial law, and that they would not have a problem arresting or firing upon the American civilians under martial law. We are here to ARREST you, FIRE UPON you and SEIZE YOUR WEAPONS under martial law!”
    Read is all here:

  • Lim Lynn
    Don’t Indian women knew rapists are stronger than them reverse to bronze age knives are useless.

  • IOpian

    Whenever you have this union of media, educational institutes and government allied with labor unions and as odd as it may seem, some corporate interests, within a single political party you are are not dealing with pure socialism but more of a neo fascist type of socialism with a particular American flavor to it. It will collapse under its own weight when their policies can no longer slop the troughs of their adherents and that day isn’t too far off.

    The best tactic is to simply refuse to enforce their laws and not implement their policies.

  • Robert

    Two things I would like to point out;

    “he has completely removed an investigative and anti-authoritarian media (in Mencken’s famous adage, one committed in part “to afflicting the comfortable”) from the political dynamic.”

    1] Obama did not remove them, they removed themselves. This is bigger than, and predates, Obama.

    In my opinion, this is the single most important and dangerous development of this century.

    2] On every post by Gateway Pundit on this subject, readers and commenters spam off topic comments.

  • Cactus

    @#18 Robert
    2] On every post by Gateway Pundit on this subject, readers and commenters spam off topic comments.

    That occurred to me too. It’s hard to find the actual comments in the middle of all the links to OT stuff.

  • JenBee

    #9 Communist Goals, I distribute this to everyone I know. IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. And you look at those goals, and you recognize they are identical to the Left’s goals, and you realize the media is advancing their cause by celebrating these as ‘advances to diversity’ or whatever. Talk about complicit…

    #18 and #19… the OT stuff and linking to other, personal blogs kills me. I see it as a sort of hijacking of GWP. Couple names I see, I can’t scroll right past their posts fast enough. Just sayin’…