The Union Is Complete – Like in All Past Tyrannies, the Media and Democrat Party Have Become One

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Speaking Truth to Power
Ace of Spades described the dark reality facing the country today. At no other time in history have we seen such an unabashed union of the media and Democrat Party.  They don’t even try to hide it anymore.  Reporters used fake names to buy Obama swag this election. They offered advice to the Obama campaign. They conspired in their attacks on Mitt Romney… We’ve never seen anything quite like it. And, it’s only getting worse.

This comment below comes from Ace’s post on the “full and seamless fusion of media power with government power.”

You’re not being alarmist. It’s the single most threatening development in my lifetime. It’s hard to believe it has actually happened — how did the graduates of the finest liberal schools in the world come to a shared conviction in the importance of their own professional corruption, to subvert the essential ethic of journalism and the First Amendment? Amazing, really — every cautionary tale of the 20th century is at our disposal, right there to see both in reality and in our literature — and all are ignored or sneered at in the name of ideology and power. What profound ignorance and arrogance.

The true source of Obama’s power is completely overlooked (or willfully ignored) by the GOP, perhaps because it is too terrifying to contemplate, too awesome to engage: that he has completely removed an investigative and anti-authoritarian media (in Mencken’s famous adage, one committed in part “to afflicting the comfortable”) from the political dynamic. Obama operates with the most massive propaganda arm ever been seen in modern history. He is essentially invulnerable. At no point did Romney/Ryan come close to addressing this sick truth so dangerous to our society and freedoms. Nor do any other Republicans. Breitbart alone found expression for his moral outrage and developed a plan of counter-attack. Since he died, however, the game has gone back to carping and chronicling “media bias.” We need a battle plan.

Indeed, Andrew Breitbart understood the Democrat-media complex like no one else.
“The New Media Is Taking Over”
Via Hating Breitbart:

The war is not over yet, my friends.

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  • bg


    you are sorely missed Mr. Breitbart..


  • Smarty

    Not only must conservatives take over pieces of the MSM, more conservative talking heads must do as Levin do and get their books translated into Spanish; moreover they must get them distributed at a loss to spanish outlets and get them into bilingual libraries and spanish audio-books, here and in Mexico. Someone has to bite the bullet and do some Spanish immersion and get on Fox Mundo (El Rushbo?, El Ingraham?) and give the Spanish speaking population some firebrand Libertarian-Conservative-Tea Party firebrand politics on construction sites and during drive time. This is an urgent need.

  • bg
  • bg
  • WildBill

    The rotten unionized schools produce leftists that infect all facets of society.

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  • WildBill

    The left has infected all parts of society, as D. Prager says ” leftism is the most dynamic religion today” .


    “10 Times Worse Than Watergate; Biggest Media Blackout In History” – 50 Year Law Enforcement Veteran, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 3/7/12.

    Obama Fraud Exhibit #128:


    Communist Goals for the USA, from 1963 –

  • Lim Lynn
    Don’t worry America China restaurant have robots occupy all free jobs.

  • Lim Lynn
    Westerners leaving Benghazi
    Russia NGO Traitor in Chief reset strain US relations

  • Patty
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  • Patty

    “The Obama administration and his government funded media have been promoting this idea for months. Everytime there is a shooting performed by a crazy person the media talks about it non-stop for weeks or months. But when there is an illegal or unlawful shooting by police that does not fit Obama’s agenda the story is barely mentioned.”

    Anonymous notes that not only do police shootings barely get any attention, but cases where slaying are committed without guns or where guns are used to save lives also fly under the radar.

    “Mr. Obama the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution does not talk about an army, that is covered elsewhere in the constitution. It does talk about a well regulated militia which is made of civilians with their own weapons. The second amendment of the US Constitution does not talk about protecting government or government resources, but it does talk about being necessary for the security of a free state. The second amendment of the US constitution does not say a single word about hunting or sport. But it does say ‘The peoples right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’.”

    “To the American people, as many laws have been banning firearms in cities such as Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C have been implemented and as the courts get them, they are now being overthrown as being unconstitutional. Even if they were not ruled on, they are an infringement to your second amendment rights and you have no obligation to obey it and the courts have no obligation to enforce it.”

    In a section directly addressing Obama, Anonymous warns there will be “no further tolerance” of any act to infringe on the Constitution, confiscate weapons or control gun ownership, or enter into any treaty that would do the same.

    “Any action taken by you to attempt to perform those acts or similar acts as interpreted by the American people or any attempt by you to skirt your responsibility to the true office of the presidency will be viewed by many people as your willfull act of insurrection and treason,” Anonymous continues. The group then goes on to detail how Obama could be removed, by military force if necessary.

    One wonders how Anonymous might use its hacking skills that have perpetually confounded the government and big business to step in on the side of gun-rights proponents.

    read more

  • maria

    Gun Owners Of America, This Is Not “URBAN LEGEND” But Reality Coming To America.

    These men admitted readily that they knew their German troops were now in America, including at Fort Bliss, TX, and Holloman AFB, NM, and that they had been informed that MARTIAL LAW WAS COMING TO AMERICA.
    American locals in Alamogordo, NM, admitted to me that the German Bundeswehr Luftwaffe (Air Force) stationed at Holloman AFB were boasting that they were there for martial law, and that they would not have a problem arresting or firing upon the American civilians under martial law. We are here to ARREST you, FIRE UPON you and SEIZE YOUR WEAPONS under martial law!”
    Read is all here:

  • Lim Lynn
    Don’t Indian women knew rapists are stronger than them reverse to bronze age knives are useless.

  • Whenever you have this union of media, educational institutes and government allied with labor unions and as odd as it may seem, some corporate interests, within a single political party you are are not dealing with pure socialism but more of a neo fascist type of socialism with a particular American flavor to it. It will collapse under its own weight when their policies can no longer slop the troughs of their adherents and that day isn’t too far off.

    The best tactic is to simply refuse to enforce their laws and not implement their policies.

  • Robert

    Two things I would like to point out;

    “he has completely removed an investigative and anti-authoritarian media (in Mencken’s famous adage, one committed in part “to afflicting the comfortable”) from the political dynamic.”

    1] Obama did not remove them, they removed themselves. This is bigger than, and predates, Obama.

    In my opinion, this is the single most important and dangerous development of this century.

    2] On every post by Gateway Pundit on this subject, readers and commenters spam off topic comments.

  • Cactus

    @#18 Robert
    2] On every post by Gateway Pundit on this subject, readers and commenters spam off topic comments.

    That occurred to me too. It’s hard to find the actual comments in the middle of all the links to OT stuff.

  • JenBee

    #9 Communist Goals, I distribute this to everyone I know. IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. And you look at those goals, and you recognize they are identical to the Left’s goals, and you realize the media is advancing their cause by celebrating these as ‘advances to diversity’ or whatever. Talk about complicit…

    #18 and #19… the OT stuff and linking to other, personal blogs kills me. I see it as a sort of hijacking of GWP. Couple names I see, I can’t scroll right past their posts fast enough. Just sayin’…

  • Tricky Dick

    If this country ever falls into another civil war I assure you we will hold the media accountable. They will tried and convicted and executed for their treason.

  • jtb012u340

    It is all done on purpose. God is allowing and even bringing together on purpose. You dont know this because you dont read and you dont pay attention and most importantly you dont believe what God says.

    God is in the process of Uniting all nations against Israel and the one country standing in the way has been the USA. God used Pharaoh, God used Saul, God used Judas Iscariot. You are NOT paying attention!

    What God is doing is putting a bit in the horse’s mouth to bridle it and He is stearing it WHERE He wants it. This is all about the Second Advent. That’s what the Book is about! The horse has now been bridled, they will be bundled (Matt 13) to be burned (matt 13, Matt 3, Hos 10, Zeph 3, Isa 9, Zech 12 and 14).

    “Gather ye together first the tares…..” This gathering is done with a reference to a future burning (Matt 13:40), but it takes place BEFORE the wheat goes up into the garner! One could study the verses I mentioned previously specifically Hos 10:10, Matt 3:12, Zeph 3:8, Isa 9:11, Zech 12:3; Zech 14:2. Those verses wil explain and make the student of scripture aware of the fact that the United Nations and the ecumenical movement of the Protestant and Catholic churches is the divine plan of God to prepare the world for damnation, not salvation, as is supposed.

    But, I digress, carry on with saving the devil’s domain (mother earth). Death and hell hath enlarged itself.

  • Kid Blue

    Why not just call the media the DMM — Democratic Media Machine? They are not mainstream, they are Democrats. While we’re at it let’s reposition the NYT as the NYTD – New York Times Democrat, ABC News Democrat,…. Brian Williams Democrat. It is really time that they were called out.

  • JDR-Taq

    #22 jtb

    You are spot-on. Many cannot or will not even try to figure out what you just said.

    What then?

    Philippians 4:8.

  • JDR-Taq

    Re: The Media:

    A response to aprilnovember811 in a page-2 thread:

    I still have yet to see a single, solitary shred of evidence that one drop of blood was shed at Sandy Hook. Then again, someone called “Osama” is being eaten by fishes in the Indian Ocean. And so are a few Deepwater Horizon workers in the Gulf of Mexico — which pleased Soros to no end, a week before when he sold all his BP stock and invested heavily in Petrobas, which is now, with a 2 billion dollar gift from the Obama Government, drilling in water twice as deep. NALCO, of good old Illinois, the Milky Way’s galactic center of corruption, sold the government tens of millions of gallons of it’s proprietary version of Dawn™ detergent to spray all over the gulf while the manufactured crisis deepened and the whole industry was forced to collapse.

    Then there was Corzine’s theft of ONE POINT FIVE BILLION F&&KING DOLLARS from segregated customer funds at MF Global. And he’s still not hanging from a gibbet in the town square.

    Then there was LIBOR. And none of the players in this hustle are smoking cigarettes, wearing blindfolds, and facing a lawfully-ordained firing squad.

    Then again, neither is John Freakin’ “plot with the Viet Kong in Paris” Kerry. No, he’s the Secretary of Almighty State.

    Yeah, I hear ya, aprilnovember. I even think the Wellstone family was killed to get the result that “happened”. Remember the Paul Wellstone funeral/anti-republican political rally? Wellstone’s plane went down when he was doing very poorly in the polls, just weeks before the election. His replacement won handily. Job well done, Party Faithful.

    I don’t put ANYTHING past this government. [and it’s slavish media]

    Then again, I know the history of totalitarianism.

  • Practical Jane

    Stop Feeding the Beast.

    Cancel Comcast, Dish, Direct, etc.

    If you don’t feed them they will die.


  • JDR-Taq

    What was the general public’s takeaway, after all the media coverage, of the Enron scandal?

    “Kenneth Lay deserves to go to jail for ever, and big businesses and such are all evil, and it’s all Bush’s and Republicans’ fault.”

    Enron was a trial balloon. It was a “green energy” company, with no product and nothing but paper and virtual dollars and manipulation and misrepresentation of data. And it became what it was because Democrats under CLINTON let Enron, by virtue of it’s Green status, get away with absolutely no accountability.

    And it was the Bush DoJ that took Ken Lay and Enron down.

    But even today, ask your co-workers what they remember about Enron.

    You’ll see, yet again, how much power the Media has right now. And Satan.

    But mostly Satan.

  • Highlander

    I agree JenBee … they just keep posting the same crap time and time again, and just like you, I keep ignoring it and scrolling past it, because I’m interested in the subject of the original post and I want to stay ON TOPIC. Prefacing it with OT doesn’t make it any less irrelevant to the discussion…

    It’s not that I don’t care about these other subjects … they may even be more important to me than the subject at hand, but these constant attempts to hijack the discussion are almost as irritating as the trolls who come here to rattle cages and spread left-wing propaganda.

    Anyone who has that much time to devote writing and linking should just launch their own blog. It’s not hard to do, and it isn’t expensive either …

  • JDR-Taq

    Practical Jane

    “If you don’t feed them they will die.”

    Oh, I don’t know if that’s true any more. Google “Hip Hop Album Cover” and then click “Images”. Better yet, go to a celebrity net worth website, of which there are many.

    I know many people who listen to Hip-Hop/R&B.

    R&B today, as today’s degenerate, Satanic culture calls this crap, is an emanation through time from the blight of Detroit itself. Motown. The Genesis of today’s Revelations, flash-mobs, Christian and Newsom, beatings, rapes, debauchery, hatred. How did it happen? The music industry, taken by Communists. Listen to Parliament’s “Chocolate City”, for a clue about the beginning of the end.

  • JDR-Taq

    And I mean, JenBee:

    Nobody I know who listens to Hip Hop/R&B…


    It’s all illegally downloaded, and proudly, and openly. I find it hard to believe that ANYBODY AT ALL besides radio stations are actually paying for their music any more. I do. I haven’t freely, if illegally, downloaded music since before Napster was under the gun. Then again I know musicians, and I like to support them.


    SO how can these “artists” make their oodles of ducets?

    I believe they are subsidized.

    Soros has a more than a few sacks of loot to throw around.

    Seriously. What the F does “Platinum” mean when nobody really “buys” your product, because they’re mostly Entitlement-mentality leeches?

    Hell, in the ’80s, Record and Tape stores in the malls had to LOCK UP THE HIP-HOP/R&B.

    Why is that? Why didn’t they have to lock up the Country or the Classic Rock?

  • Economan

    It’s no secret that the DNC and the media have been in bed together and it’s way worse than people can imagine. Soros is running around the world setting us up for a financial meltdown that will make Chernobyl look like firecracker. We’re gonna get screwed.

  • Exactly, exactly right. And Andrew knew who the real enemy was: #WAR meant against the liberal media, the mouthpiece of the liberal cause.
    RAGE AGAINST THE MEDIA is fighting back in a number of ways: with protests, with facebook “flashmobs” and various other means. If you want to join in the fight, please join us on Facebook:

    We are deeply engaged in the fight. We have 2 protests coming up in Los Angeles and are working on more nationwide.


  • JDR-Taq

    Oh, I would SO love for the MSM to send a raft of Forensic Accountants into the Hip-Hop world.

    I want a chocolate pony and a red ryder BB gun, and World Peace, too.

  • JDR-Taq


    If you know Facebook, you’ll realize that RageAgainstTheMedia will likely be deleted soon.

    The founder and CEO is BFF with Obama right now.

    Thousands of Jihadist sites are on Facebook, openly plotting and planning.

    Conservative sites are removed.

    They’ll have to find a different venue. Don’t bother telling them. They’ll see, soon enough. It’s inevitable.

  • Lim Lynn
  • JenBee

    #28 Highlander: ^five, Friend

  • Lim Lynn

    In actual fact I don’t trust Facebook and can’t help it when I see fresh news updating. That’s a reason I posting links.

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  • JDR-Taq

    #28, #36

    Guilty as charged, Your Honor.

    And I also do the same with whomever I desire to ignore.

    OT is not always a bad thing, still.

  • Limousine Barry

    What’s the problem?

    Let me be clear, I own the Main Stream Media’s collective arse like Barney Franks own’s his Husband’s arse! It’s there for the perverting!

    It takes a lot of Talking Heads to brainwash all the American pissants who sent in my pre-filled out Absentee ballots!

    I have an incestuous relationship with Jay Carney and his idiot wife Clair Shipman of “Good Greif American.”

    I have probably given wedgies to: George Soros, Ezra Klien of the metro-sexual Howard Dean flame, Anderson “cram it in” Cooper, Chris “tingles” Mathews, Eric Alterman, Paul Krugman, Jonathan Chait, Matthew Yglesias, Joe Klien, Mark “Mouth full” Moulitsas, Steve Perlstein, Keith Olberdturd, George Stephansyphilis, George Looney, and one-half of the staff of the CNN, NYT and MSNBC!

    Hillary has broom-sticked, Arianna Huffington, Clair Shipman, Annie Lowery, Rachel Maddow, Lazy Warren, Barney Franks Husband, and the other half of the Staff at CNN, NYT and MSNBC! That keeps then on the pad!

    I see nothing wrong with getting in to bed with the MSM – like Barney Frank porking arses in a Frisco Bath House! It may be a stinky, chocolate smeared, wart incubating and dirty task – but it keeps me in power!

    My Jumbo Jet is running out of expensive fuel and Davy Axelrod has another scam for my Hollywood Talking Heads. I cannot go into details because the scam has not been hatched. Why not take their money and time – then screw them?

    My Administration may stink like a sewer hole but once I screw my Hollywood Talking Heads it will stink like never before. I cannot answer any more questions. Go ask the Journolist! Good day.

  • Jaynie59

    There hasn’t been a day since the election that I haven’t cried for Andrew Breitbart. For myself and my country, really. I bought a bottle of champaigne and was going to make toast to Andrew when Obama lost. I honestly and truly thought he would lose in a landslide. As much as I hate people, as much as I KNOW how stupid the average person is, as cynical as I am, I really thought Obama and the Democrats would lose. By 8 o’clock, when it became obvious that Obama was going to win, I opened the bottle and took it outside on my patio by my pool and I sat there and started drinking it. And I cried. I’m sorry Andrew. That’s what kept going through my mind. I’m so sorry.
    Andrew Breitbart could be our Che. There should be rallies and demonstrations nationwide protesting what the Progressives are doing to this great country and Andrews’ face should be on every T-shirt and every sign. FU #WAR should be plastered all over this country. But we don’t do such things. We’re conservatives. We’re courteous and polite. We’re reasonable. We don’t make a fuss.
    There wasn’t even a public memorial service for him. Oh, some people got together in bars and toasted to him and posted the pictures on blogs. But there was no rally to remember him. Why?

  • Indy

    Allen West has started his own show next generation, check it out

    The Blaze has expanded, if you have not tried the 14 day free trial, give it a shot and watch Wilkow, Real News, Beck is at 5, even if you hate Beck, watch the other shows.

    Wilkow is taking on pop culture and explaing how conservatives must get in the game. You can find some clips at the link

  • Indy

    I forgot to mention in my comment above, you can find The Blaze on DISH, I am hoping cable sites will pick it up especially since Al Gore’s Current TV has gone to Middle East propaganda

  • Sam Stone

    Of all the enemies of America and American’s, I never before ever thought it would be other American’s in the press. I always worried about USSR as a child then Islamists as of late.
    Never thought it would be from withing.

  • Chris W.


    I agree with you, and I think it’s coming soon. Telemundo was not afraid to ask Obama some tough questions during the campaign. It seems the big players in Spanish-language media have decided there is an audience for honest reporting and a different viewpoint than the usual CNNMSNBCCBSABCNBCNYTNPR talking points.

    With the proliferation of Spanish-language radio (including news and talk radio) out there, it is inevitable that conservative talk will come alive on the airwaves at some point. It won’t be Rush or any of the existing commentators, it will be someone of Latino descent. And it will happen not because there is a “need”, it will happen for the same reasons English-speaking conservative radio exists – because the hard-working Latino population who disagree with leftist politcs will demand it and support it.

    How many Latinos have come to America over the last 4 decades because the country they came from stinks? Because they couldn’t earn a living in their native lands? Ignoring those who came here for handouts, there are still plenty who left oppressive or regressive countries for the USA. It’s been established that the “Latinos lean conservative” meme is a myth, but that doesn’t mean that a sizeable portion of them would reject conservative or libertarian values out-of-hand – it just means that there are few outlets delivering these ideas on a mass scale.

  • Sparky

    Barack Hussein Mussolini, the new Fascist President. The media is one of his propaganda tools, as are children, the unions, ACORN, Planned Parenthood etc.

    Americans have no clue as to the magnitude of what their Fascist President is doing right under their noses.

  • gastorgrab

    Of course the media is the real enemy!

    Why do you think the MPAA is so vicious at defending every action of the media? If i fail to properly secure my own property, if i leave my keys in the ignition of my car and someone steals it, the judge will laugh at me. The MPAA’s solution to it’s own failure to secure it’s products is to use government to limit the freedoms of individuals.

    Why do you think that only Democrats (now Chris Dodd) are chosen to lead the MPAA? The last one, Jack Valenti, was a close adviser to LBJ, and can be seen behind Johnson as he’s sworn in following the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

  • Mannie

    I’ve called them The Enemy Press for years. Goebbels would be proud. The Völkischer Beobachter was more balanced.

  • bg


    JDR-Taq #27 January 26, 2013 at 12:08 am

    re: Enron-Clinton-et al

    [It appears that very little of the implicit taxpayer subsidy to the GSEs
    is fulfilling that politically correct dream. This failure, compounded by an
    accounting scandal, should be red meat for story-driven TV journalists. As the analysis proves, that hasn’t been the case.]

    Pelosi Caught In Major Lie

    What Caused Our Economic Crisis?


  • bg


    JDR-Taq #39 January 26, 2013 at 1:52 am

    wow, the forces are atomizing against
    the few who dare try to keep it true..

    speaking of true, here i go again.. OT

    “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious
    people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any
    other.” –John Adams, 2nd US President

    to any and all posting ET, i mean OT links, thank you.. 🙂


  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    “Stalin’s Secret Agents”: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government by Evans and Romerstein and “Witness”:Whittaker Chambers. Go git yerself an edukation.
    If these don’t make it crystal clear, nothing will. McCarthy was right and the proof of that is right before everyone’s lying eyes. Good night Irene. “The finest liberal schools in the world…” LMAO! Oxymoron, the word “finest” in that line to which I retort, “The outcome could not have been any other way.”

  • bg


    Sam Stone #44 January 26, 2013 at 8:59 am

    January 9, 2009

    Young Obama Wrote Article Blaming
    America For ‘Growing Threat of War’

    [If Obama still has this sensibility, he could be poised to take American
    foreign policy sharply to the left, notwithstanding the centrist foreign
    policy team he has assembled. Moreover, since Obama didn’t recognize
    the Soviet menace during the Cold War and blamed the possibility of
    war entirely on the United States, there’s good reason to think that
    today he could lack the moral clarity needed to fight radical Islam.]

    more here and here.. 🙁


  • bg


    Whiskeytangofoxtrot #51 January 26, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    yes he was, and the prog-dem-lib-utopianists crucified
    McCarthy (as they did GWB) because he was spot on..

    “Enemies from Within”

    a wee bit more of much more here, and here, and
    here, at links, in connecting links, and threads..


  • gsrider

    The media is and has been the greatest threat to this country for a generation. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.
    WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot-exactamundo! American history and our future in three easy steps, as WTF already mentioned, Witness, W.Chambers,the Bible and Uncle Toms Cabin. You can learn much from these three fine books.

  • BrumaShave

    The old media did not just completely fail, they completely sold out, and sold out our nation in the process.

  • Cactus

    JDR-Taq #39 January 26, 2013 at 1:52 am

    wow, the forces are atomizing against
    the few who dare try to keep it true..

    Ooh I’m an evil, anti-truth force now! Good thing I didn’t scroll as fast as usual, or I never would have learned this. 😀

    Anyway, to stay ON topic, I have sometimes felt like an “alarmist,” as Ace puts it, for dwelling so much on the media’s bias. I’m 31, so sometimes I’ve thought that maybe it’s always been like this and I’m just overreacting. Apparently not… Even the newspaper comics are starting to feel biased– not just the obvious Doonesbury, but ones that I (naively) thought weren’t meant to be political. It feels like there’s no escape…

  • Beef

    “At no point did Romney/Ryan come close to addressing this sick truth so dangerous to our society and freedoms.”

    Not only did they not address it, they accommodated it by participating in debates “moderated” by democrat media apparatchiks!

    The Republicans are cannon fodder in a cultural war that they don’t even acknowledge exists.

    Such stupidity is absolutely amazing.

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  • bg


    Cactus #56 January 26, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    don’t watch or have cable news, don’t read
    doonsbury, never understood it anyways..

    but okay, if you say so.. 😀


  • Winston Wolfe

    Couple names I see, I can’t scroll right past their posts fast enough. – jenbee

    Yep. Patty and bg are – by far – the worst offenders.

    If it was my blog? I’d ban ’em.

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  • Steve Stout

    “… whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” – Thomas Jefferson.

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  • Pingback: Unreal… Barack Obama: “You People in the Press Are Incorrigible” (Video)Politifreak()

  • Patty

    #1 January 25, 2013 at 9:03 pm
    bg commented:

    second that