Terrific. Barack Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary Jack Lew falsely claimed in 2011 that the Obama plan would not add to the US debt.

He was wrong.
Obama has added a trillion dollars a year to the national debt since he’s been in office.

Barack Obama has added nearly $6 trillion do the national debt since coming into office. (Heritage)

FOX News reported:

The top Republican lawmaker on the Senate Budget Committee fired a warning shot Thursday as President Obama prepared to tap Chief of Staff Jack Lew for Treasury secretary, vowing to oppose the nomination over a “false” statement Lew made about the national debt.

“Jack Lew must never be secretary of Treasury,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said, calling Lew’s comments nearly two years ago “so outrageous and false” as to disqualify him.

Sessions was referring to a bitter Senate hearing from February 2011, when Lew attempted to defend statements he and Obama had made claiming their budget blueprint would get the country to a point where “we’re not adding to the debt anymore.”

Those statements, at best, stretched the truth. The White House budget plan at the time showed the public debt (which isn’t the entire debt) soaring from $11 trillion that year to nearly $19 trillion by 2021, driven by year-after-year deficits.

Yet Lew, appearing at a Senate hearing, tried to justify the claim that the government was not adding to the debt. He said the administration was merely referring to “primary balance” — or federal spending that does not count interest payments.

He repeated the claim before the Senate. “Our spending will not add to the debt,” Lew said. “It’s an accurate statement.”

More… What Jack Lew lacks in financial experience he has in rankling congressional Republicans.



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  1. Any Obamaite lies when they open their mouth. We’ve seen this for 4 yrs now. It is like a congential condititon with them. Only problem is, it gets hard to remember which lie you said with which fact. So no one should be surprised by Lew and no one should have thought he was truthful at this original hearing.
    Understand that Sessions has to try, but it won’t change anything.

  2. Well, you didn’t think he’d pick someone honest, did you?

  3. Conservatives need to confront these liars straight on. Issa came close with Fast and Furious, but quit the fight when Obama fraudulently invoked executive privilege.

    Fight these worthless bastards and expose them for the charlatans and incompetents that they are!

  4. Lewi Lewi, oh no
    Me gotta go
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
    Lewi Lewi, oh baby
    Me pay go


  5. Without an actual budget, there is not a starting point for debt reduction. Sen. Reid has violated his sworn duty as leader of the Senate to produce an actual budget for years. Unprecedented. Any confirmation hearing on these dopes should include a focused line of questioning around actually having a budget. We need people who will not willfully violate their positions to support increased Marxism.

    It would be nice to see Reid impeached, but that would require more stones that all Republicans combined have.

  6. Have you seen this guys signature?? Looks like an illiterate who never learned how to write. Perfect for the dictators Tres Sec. Can’t wait to see this on our money–it is as worthless as our dollar is becoming.

  7. He was not wrong. There is no budget so a ‘budget’ cannot add to the debt. Now Obama’s spending is another issue.

  8. In 2006 Jack Lew was named chief operating officer of Citigroup’s Alternative Investments Unit. This group was eyeball deep in the entire derivative disaster. This is like hiring the fox to guard the entire chicken ranch.

  9. #10

    And of course the current Secretary of Treasury was also eyeball deep in the derivative disaster as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. His job was to oversee these Wall Street banks that ran wild with the derivatives!

    He also was the architect of the bailouts!

    I wonder what the Native American Senator from Massachusetts who frames herself as the great Populist will have to say about this fat cat banker as Treasury Secretary?

  10. Tim Geithner was the PRESIDENT of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York!

  11. Lew is a lieing SOB.

    Considering that Obama hired a TAX CHEAT as the previous Treasury secretary, is this an improvement?

  12. Just another example of the contempt that these Progressives have for the American people and their intelligence. Because of the traitorous cover provided them by a cheerleader media and a compliant opposition party, they feel they can tell the most bald-faced lies and get away with it.
    It deeply saddens me to think about what these evil people have planned for the people of this country and how their plans are bearing fruit.

  13. And the saddest part in all of this is, HOW MANY MORE LOONS ARE LIKE HIM IN WASHINGTON, I typed it but from what I have seen in the past few years, we are being fooled, broke, hoodwinked and lied to by a punch of crazy people in Washington D.C.

    NOW, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. Call Congress and tell them to stop? Well, it is puzzling that Congress has no spine and they have laid down in front of Obama like a bunch of Chickens. They have been made the fall guys by none other than Obama himself. Now, that is where I keep shaking my head. From a senator with ties to Rezko, Wright, Axelrod and so many others, it is no wonder Congress is being insulted every day. SPINELESS!

    Allowing Obama to walk all over them.

  14. the saddest thing in this for the united states is that every single democrat in congress will support this guy out of party loyality.

  15. Hey, Phil Donahue is in a time warp from 1975 and is currently impersonating a guy named Jack Lew. It’s him…I know it’s him!!!!

  16. Finncrisp is correct; Harry Reid’s answer to the “budget issue” has been very simple…

    He just doesn’t bother to pass the annual budget to the Senate floor to be voted on.

    Btw, Harry has been breaking the law by “paper weighting” the budget since April 2009.

    Some “leader” huh?

    Yep, as far as this Senate law breaker is concerned, no budget = no debt = no reason for Obama to halt his excessive spending spree that threatens the country with financial collapse (which is exactly what Obama and Congress want).

    Meanwhile, “Paper Weight” Harry continues to do what he’s always done best…nothing.

  17. I Owe Lew is being put in there as a pay off to CitiCorp ….to keep a lid on TARP corruption….From wikipedia entry on LEW…> In June 2006, Lew was named chief operating officer of Citigroup’s Alternative Investments unit, a proprietary trading group. The unit he oversaw invested in a hedge fund “that bet on the housing market to collapse.”[21]

    > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Lew

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