“There Is No Such Thing As An Assault Weapon No More Than There’s Such A Thing As An Assault Unicorn”

Dana Loesch
January 16, 2013
Piers Morgan Show

Conservative radio talk show host, blogger, activist Dana Loesch and Scottie Hughes, the news director for Tea Party News Network were guests on CNN tonight on the Piers Morgan Show. This was another blowout. Piers kept wanting to talk about tanks. That was weird.
Dana and Scottie did great, so good that Piers’ last line was “You people make me sick!”

For the record…
I can vouch for the fact that Dana knows her firearms.
I’ve been with her and husband Chris to the gun range.

UPDATE: Here’s a bit of information for Piers Morgan. You can buy a tank, too… back home in Great Britain.

Hat Tip Ed




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  1. Piers..every automoble is a potential lethal weapon…should we have background checks on all drivers. Go home this country will be fine without you!

  2. He’s such a melodramatic phony

    Do you want to own a tank?

    Do you want to own a tank?

    Do you want to own a tank?

  3. Now that was laughable. What a theater queen that Piers is! No wonder Dana couldn’t stop smiling! They were in the land of the absurd. Have guests on presumably for meaningful discussion and don’t let them get a word in edgewise. What a joke. No wonder no one takes him seriously.

  4. Good Piers, Be sick back in Great Britain you freaking @sswipe

  5. I wish they would tell that prick we need an AR15 to protect ourself from Illegally armed Mexican drug lords….The ones Obama armed in Fast n Furious and tell him to attack Obama and investigate it.

  6. I could only make it about 2/3 of the way through that mess. I just want to reach through the screen and slap his stupid, bloated face. What a complete tool!

  7. Piers if one other person had a handgiun they may have stopped him with one shot before he killed anyone

  8. I’ll say it…If I’m an American in good standing, I should be able to acquire, own, use whatever I want for peaceable or defensive purposes.

    Tanks, cannon, rockets, rifles, handguns, swords, whatever.

  9. What is it with this lying Limey, he keeps getting arse handed to him then he gets stuck like a broken record repeating the same punch line over and over. Just a sad little man kicked out of his home country and craving attention here.

  10. I agree… I cant be the only one longing for the Days of John Wayne where you just reach over and punch the pricks in the mouth.

  11. I keep wondering how many new @ssholes this guy can can ripped ! Every conservative cleans his clock

  12. His effort to change the subject by the rhetorical device of reductio ad absurbdum failed. Atom bombs and tanks are not fire arms under any definition, but they are weapons of war.

  13. Piers forgets that along with the constitution the American people also have the Pledge Of Allegiance. We use the tools we need to move forward in our daily lives and respect our fellow Americans for doing the same.

    We use the appropriate tool and the appropriate force because we are a nation of laws and of people who respect the law.

    The founders were specific when they needed to be (the distinction between provide and promote) and broad when they needed to be. The right to bear arms means anything necessary to dispel an unwanted and unlawful advance, specifically in regard to the federal government.

    Piers: Why should somebody own an AR-15?

    Flintstone: Because it’s a tool I want to have in case I need it.

  14. How did I miss this angel named Scottie Hughes? I thought I knew all the hotties on the right (and I gotta say we got some hotties on the right), but I missed Scottie Hughes! She is a pistol! Pun very much intended! Pistol Packing Mama!


    Who did I leave ou?

  15. every automoble is a potential lethal weapon…should we have background checks on all drivers.

    Wow! With something that dangerous, maybe they should consider testing people before allowing them to drive, and perhaps issuing those who successful complete that test a plastic card that they have to carry around whenever they do drive. Something like a license … a driver’s license. Yeah. I like it.


    VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh: Time For Background Check On Obama; Media Never Vetted Obama

  17. shadow

    There are background checks when you buy a gun. There are state issued permits for concealed carry. So yes, it’s a great idea and one that had been implemented long before you pretended to be witty.

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