Thousands of Events Planned for National School Choice Week

National School Choice Week runs this week with thousands of events in all 50 states.

  • Kicks off in Phoenix on the 25th.
  • Whistle Stop Tour kicks off in LA and runs to NYC. All the events are listed at
  • There are over 3,500 events nationwide. They can be found here. Encourage people to go to their local events and cover them on Twitter.
  • Encourage people to host their own events. They can purchase School Choice Week Event packages
  • Promote the school choice week hashtag, #scw

Promote the school choice week hashtag, #scw
Check it out and attend an event in your area.
It’s for the kids.

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  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Homeschool if at all possible! Get your kids away from the brainwashers as soon as possible.

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  • Patty

    It is possible for every parent to take the initiative and please listen EVERY day to your child. PAY ATTENTION and when possible sit in on one of their classes or two. Home schooling is good but you must be very dedicated.

    And support a parents choice when seeking out a great school for your children. I did and now my son well doing great and conservatives. I did my part, hopefully other parents will too.

  • In Obie’s hometown Chicago the event will be how to avoid being shot, not if, but when you are confronted by one of the many automatic gun carrying gang bangers Chi-Town is so populated with…..And perhaps if there is time left maybe a course on how to avoid being run over by an illegal alien, in which all these Illinois political dopes decided could have a driver license now , even though they are illegal…… Oh whats that 5 more dead due to gang violence today, and yet they want to push gun control on us responsible citizens.
    Pardon me while I go bang my head against the wall yet again…..

  • Just wondering

    I’m not with you on this one Jim. This really isn’t school “choice”. The schools still have to operate under the Common Core mandates. The only “choice” is the location of the schools and the staff. The standards, assessments and curriculum have to be aligned to the common core standards. The same education will be delivered.

    I’m also curious. How does school “choice” reduce or eliminate federal control and spending? I’ve written school choice advocates and haven’t received an answer to that question. It’s probably because the answer to the question is….”it doesn’t reduce/eliminate federal control and spending”.

    Isn’t that really what we want in education instead of a false “choice”?

  • Cactus

    @#1 WTF… I’m not even married yet, so kids are a ways off… but I’ve already decided I want either to homeschool or to send them to a private Christian school (and have talked about it a little to my boyfriend, who is a GP reader… I’m pretty sure he agrees 🙂 ). As Patty said in #2, you have to be very dedicated to homeschool… and while I don’t doubt my dedication, I DO doubt my ability to adequately cover every subject and to provide enough socialization with other kids for them. For those reasons, sometimes I think a Christian school would be better for them…

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  • midwestmomma

    @#6 As a “newby” homeschooler, I must relate that the JOY is back in the kids! There is no apathy and no “boredom” we are learning together and it is obvious that if you actually like something you will accomplish more! You will retain more and they love to “smoke” me on questions. YOU are your child’s best teacher, genetics sees to that. “Like” is only used as appropriate in conversation, people are astounded at how the kids behave, they are engaging and participatory in conversation with any number and sort of people- it’s “miraculous” to those who were worried about “socialization”….. The dirty little secret is that kids aspire to meet goals you set, so shoot for the moon!

    I am learning more and more about common core and the realization that it’s all about the $ makes me physically ill. The methodology being sold as academic rigor is simply absurd. The education experts brought in to certify the curriculum REFUSED! This is WAR against the American people. After all an ignorant population is easier to control. The Pearson Group is the “Halliburton” of the edu-world (along with the Gates’ crowd the “only” people prepared for a National Curriculum- a politicians best friend) – throw in the teachers unions and we have the axis of evil.

  • Just Wonderin’ got it right. There really will be no choice. And if you think homeschooling or catholic school will be your easy way out, think again. I know of several catholic schools who feel pressured to mirror the public schools, so common core is creeping in. And home schoolers need to know that David Coleman, who wrote much of the core standards, is now head of the college board and has promised to align the SAT with Common Core. If you want your kids to take that test to get into college, you are going to have to cover the Common Core standards at home. The reformers are working hard to make sure you really have no choice.

  • KathyTheEngineer

    Here in the Detroit area it is also Catholic Schools Week. We have many friends who send their children to the public schools and we compare notes with them – even the most highly-rated schools can’t hold a candle to the curriculum in the private schools. There is still too much emphasis on global warming nonsense, but otherwise the education my children are receiving is much more comprehensive than if they were in public school. I think in order to be accredited the Catholic schools have to follow the minimal “common core standards”, but then they augment that program with additional material and subjects. We are so fortunate in this area to have many excellent Catholic schools from which to choose. They all have tuition assistance programs, so attendance is not limited to wealthy families. It is also not limited to Catholics – other faiths (or people with no faith tradition) are welcome.

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