Shocker. The FBI suspected far left ’60 Minutes’ host Mike Wallace of being a communist sympathizer.

Not overlooked: The FBI revealed that it had kept records on late ’60 Minutes’ correspondent Mike Wallace, center, and looked into a trip he took to Cuba. (Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail reported:

The U.S. Federal Investigation Bureau released records it was keeping on celebrated journalist and late ‘60 Minutes’ correspondent Mike Wallace, who died on April 7, 2012, at the age of 93.

The files include a look into whether Wallace was involved in communist activities as well as an investigation of a threatening letter sent to him by an emotionally disturbed World War II veteran titled ‘Communist Control of the Press.’

Wallace, late ’60 Minutes’ creator Don Hewitt and three others took a trip to Cuba in the summer of 1970 to document the country, according to the files.

The group departed from Mexico with 22 pieces of luggage weighing about 770 pounds and returned with 26 pieces of luggage weighing about 904 pounds. An educated guess would be Cuban cigars, other souvenirs or additional camera tape from the embargoed island.

Wallace, who was 52 at the time, was not discovered to be a communist member or sympathizer.

A separate investigation into a bizarre and threatening letter from April 4, 1977, identified the sender as Donald P. Hale — a disabled World War II veteran and a former prisoner of war.

‘I have solid proof that you are a pro-communist anti-American traitor,’ the letter reads. ‘We will expose you, convict you, and hang you.’

Hale’s letter also includes references to his dog puking on the rug and ‘piddling’ in Wallace’s eye through the television screen.

They should have expanded their investigation to include the rest of the media.




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  1. Why, I’m shocked to hear there’s gambling going on here. Shocked I tell you.

  2. Smoke and mirrors.

    Time to stop worrying about the dead ones and concentrate on the live ones still in our country.

  3. The limp-wristed fools we have running our government today wouldn’t have the stones to execute a known traitor, much less a communist sympathizer. Hell, we have openly declared Communists in our government as we speak. It’s a sad day in America …

  4. Did the FBI come to any conclusion or is just the fact that there was an investigation all we need to know?

  5. Being an American, I have no problem with communist or their sympathizers. We have the right to believe and think what we want. Communism is a failed ideology that deserves scorn, not fear. As long as you don’t advocate the violent overthrow of the Constitution, believe what you want.
    I spent 17 years as a Military Intelligence officer in the Army and I never once asked or cared about another person’s political belief. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution and believing what you want is part of that. If you think otherwise then you are the enemy to our freedom. Chew on that for a little while and think about it.

  6. Robin, I understand your point, but where do BELIEFS end, and ACTIONS begin? How can someone who subscribes to Socialist or Communist ideologies, which are the antithesis of Democracy and Capitalism, live their lives or work in our government without allowing their ideology to impact this country negatively? If I thought that was possible, I’d be willing to let bygones be bygones too, but from what I’ve seen, that just isn’t possible. I suppose if someone who favors those ideologies wants to live in America, and they don’t try to impose their beliefs on others or subvert our society in any way, I can cut them some slack, but in my opinion, they have no place working in our media, and certainly not in our government …

  7. Wallace is a dead old commie, how about the live & kicking ones, starting at the top. Oh, thats right, communism is no longer a threat since it has been mainstreamed in our culture.

    Good G-d!

  8. #7 January 6, 2013 at 9:54 am
    Robin commented:

    Being an American… I have no problem with communist[s] or their sympathizers.

    You will fit in nicely in North Korea. I do not oppose the opposing of a political ideology with a totalitarian violent world history of misery and death in the guise of “worker fairness.”

    But then, I don’t have leftist friends I feel the need to impress. *rolleyes*

  9. Don’t know if Mike Wallace was a communist, but do know that he was so far to the left that if the world was flat he would have fallen off the left edge. According to the Constitution you can believe anything you want, but some teachers, professors, and damned near all the media spout their socialist propaganda on a daily bases and there are enough mush heads out there to absorb it. For those that don’t believe this is bad for the country, they need to look at what all those socialist politicians in Washington DC are doing to our country. Today they call themselves progressives but in reality they are regressives, under their tutelage the country is going backward into the dark ages.

  10. Voting Female, you are clearly not a thinking female. The fact that it is perfectly legal to be a communist or socialist (wrongheaded though those ideologies are) is what makes the USA different from North Korea…and Iran, etc. It’s called the First Amendment to the constitution. Is suggest you read it…if you can.

  11. Stunner. FBI Admits Investigating Far Left 60 Minutes Host Accused of Being a Communist

    What’s so stunning about this?

  12. “Mike Wallace, Peter Jennings Admit They Would Help Enemy”….

  13. #7
    Robin commented:

    Being an American, I have no problem with communist or their sympathizers. We have the right to believe and think what we want. Communism is a failed ideology that deserves scorn, not fear. As long as you don’t advocate the violent overthrow of the Constitution, believe what you want.

    They don’t need to advocate the violent overthrow of the Constitution, they’ve been doing just as much damage by undermining the Constitution. That’s even more dangerous than a violent overthrow, since the people will reject a violent overthrow, but they will get eased into the undermining of the Constitution through a lie and smear campaign.

  14. remember this:

    Most-hated senator was right

  15. Well, the thing is that J. Edgar Hoover investigated EVERYONE for possible communist sympathies

  16. robin and greenworld…would you say the same things about nazis? because the difference between the communists and the nazis is the communists are worse.

    nazis are bad, communists are good. the biggest lie in the history of american education.

  17. I wonder why they aren’t investigating 0bama for his spread the wealth comments?
    nor the fact, that he both his mentor and father were communists and spouted avid anti-americanism and anti-capitalism

    spread the wealth ideology has basically become the mantra of the democrat party
    (they never would of went that far as to spout that 60 or more yrs ago… if they did they would of been called on it and cast out.

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