Speaker Boehner Promises to Pass Sandy Bill Without Senate Pork

Speaker Boehner promised Wednesday to pass emergency spending bill to help pay for damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The House bill will not include the millions of dollars in pork that were included in the Senate bill.

Earlier in the day Governor Chris Christie lashed out at Boehner for not holding a vote on the pork-laden senate bill.

The Hill reported:

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), under fire from Northeast lawmakers in his own party, is promising to pass an emergency spending bill to help pay for damage from Hurricane Sandy in the next Congress, which starts Thursday.

“The Speaker is committed to getting this bill passed this month,” Boehner spokesman Kevin Smith said Wednesday.

Boehner scrapped plans to bring a $27 billion Sandy relief package, without spending-cut offsets, to the floor late Tuesday night. The move means that the Senate’s $60.4 billion Sandy bill will die, and the notoriously slow body will have to start from scratch on a new bill.

Lawmakers from New York and New Jersey reacted with fury to the decision. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said the Speaker had shown a “dismissive attitude” to Sandy’s victims. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D.N.Y.) called it a “disgrace.”

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  • Rock

    Hey Christie, maybe if your new found friends on the Left had not loaded up the Sandy Bill with pork for their friends, you would have gotten the aid your people deserve. I for one, have no desire to line the pockets of some hill critter with money meant for the people who have been dealt so much tragedy. Or have they not been screwed enough already?

  • David Lentz

    Keep talking Chris, and hope you like being governor of New Jersey. Because you will never win national office.

  • WhoCaresAnyMore.
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  • Mad Hatter

    Does this idiot not understand that you just don’t pick a dollar amount, ram the bill through Congress, and then have King George, I mean Obama, sign it?

    Christie is showing he’s another Big Government RINO that thinks ramming a bill through with no examination of it is the way to Govern.

    Hey Christie, the Union Thug IBEW chased away non Union Power Crews that came in from other states to help out, and you said nothing.


    When are you going to denounce the IBEW Mafia tactics towards other Americans?

  • Joe Blow

    Is there something wrong with just putting forth a bill for the recovery and not everything else the government jerks want to throw money at? Cut the fat or don’t pass it at all.

  • Objective Analysis

    This is completely dumb. Reid & McConnell created this piece of crap legislation. At 2 a.m. on 1/1/13 it was passed by the Senate. Now, dumb a-s-s Crispy Creme Christie wants to blame Bohener (who did not create this piece of crap) for not giving Sandy aid.

    Is it me or is fat a-s-s Christie part of the “gimmie, gimmie entitlement generation.” How about NJ partner with the private sector to give tax benefits for them to rebuild and give folks jobs in your home state? Why are you running to the broke federal govt for aid?


  • donh

    Chris Christie’s HUG of Obama gets him a KISS ME FAT BOY….> http://youtu.be/bOUMIXbTM5U

    The 10 minute loop version…> http://youtu.be/gQoE2wU2zLM

  • Winston Wolfe

    You know, I’m about tired of paying for everybody else’s ‘disasters’ in the first place.

    Get insurance, or make your state pay for it.

    Stop demanding I pay for the choices you made on where you live.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Christie was just upset with Boehner for holding up the bill because he thought all the pork in the bill was McRib Sandwiches. Christie has lost all credibility after fellating Obama right before the election. Go Fuk yourself and your sewer of a state you fat slob.

  • myohmy

    60 billion dollars is one hell of a BIG money. Time to make the shore a federal land and let ALL taxpayers enjoy the beach. No more taxpayers’ money for the uber-rich of NJ.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Earlier in the day Governor Chris Christie lashed out at Boehner for not holding a vote on the pork-laden senate bill.

    This is Exhibit A in the don’t-even-think-about-running-Christie-in-2016 effort.

  • Multitude

    Boehner broke the Hastert Rule yesterday and also broke the House pledge that citizens have three days to review, read and weigh in. He did all this in order to give Barack Obama a bill to sign maybe in the next few days (no rush for Barry as he was eager to get back to golfing in Hawaii).

    Tonight we learn that Boehner is willing to embrace progressive bipartisanship by allowing illegal amnesty and gun control to also be voted on in violation of the Hastert Rule. It all sets up for the annihilation of Republicans in 2014 (which RINOs apparently believe they will withstand from promises from the Left to not campaign hard against them and only run weak candidates) while both the RNC and the Left conducts Tea Party cleansing.

    The war is on the Middle Class; we just need to know it has been enjoined by both political parties.

  • bg
  • Big Al

    Hey Christie, you fat disgusting slob, I used to live in NJ so maybe you’ll understand this…F#ck you!

  • Christie should ask his buddy O cut a billion from his family’s personal entertainment and vacations and goft trips to help his voters……

  • Ray

    When the floods hit Nashville,the people got to work and rebuilt. Didn’t bitch and moan.

  • Patty

    Two Nanny States – New Jersey and New York Beg Fed For (Sandy) Bailout – Question: Since When Should Feds Mitigate Risk?
    Posted on January 2, 2013 by sundance

    updateI am tempted, VERY tempted, to take a trip down to DC and challenge New Jersey, New York Republicans on this issue on camera….. weighing logistics and timing, but the vote is Friday…..

    Chris Christie is not, repeat NOT, a conservative – He is a progressive. He just wailed, screamed, protested, begged, belittled and held out his tin cup on TV for federal money to bail out New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy. He continually used the term New Jersey “innocent victims”… well, exactly what other kind of victim is there?

    You.Must.Watch.This.Video….. Please.

    First, there is a big difference between feeling empathy and sympathy for those in the affected areas, and seeing lives impacted by the overwhelming force of mother nature. I feel sorry for them to have felt the brunt of such a storm, and now for so many to have to rebuild their lives. But to watch people begging the federal government to “make them whole” is the ultimate in-your-face nanny statist expectation.

    Since when does the federal government have a role in mitigating risk and underwriting personal decisions? Continue reading → http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/01/02/two-nanny-states-new-jersey-and-new-york-beg-fed-for-sandy-bailout-question-since-when-should-feds-mitigate-risk/#more-55484

  • Patty

    And where is all the money Celebrities supposedly raise for Sandy victims.

  • Patty

    Chris Christie is not, repeat NOT, a conservative – He is a progressive. He just wailed, screamed, protested, begged, belittled and held out his tin cup on TV for federal money to bail out New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy. He continually used the term New Jersey “innocent victims”… well, exactly what other kind of victim is there?


    Remember this!!

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  • bigL

    All these NJ ers are Obama voters too. Well How is soap-and-dope working out for you, you free-loading efkayahs.
    I pay a bundle for ins and have a 9 yr old truck. Glad to do it, in a way…but these people have got to step up.

  • Well, let’s see. A billion is a thousand million. If all the combined damage to homes, streets, sewage, water, electricity, businesses, inventory, people’s belongings, cars, commercial trucks and other vehicles, and all the other stuff insurance will take care of alot of that. No, people probably didn’t have hurricane insurance, but they probably did have some kind of insurance that covered weather because of where all that is located. You know they have snow storms up there from time to time that damages homes and businesses so at least that much is covered unless the insurance companies try and screw all of the people out of their claims.

    Christie is such a jerk he hasn’t a clue what anyone in New Jersy needs as far as that goes, he’s just waiting around on whatever Obama told him he was going to get. Maybe Obama promised he’d get some campaign money or something, who knows.

    But if the damage was three or four hundred million that would be a hell of alot. Even if it was five or ten billion that would be more than all the costal cost after Katrina. But 60 billion?

    I’ll tell you what that sounds like to me. That sounds like Obama is funding New Jersy’s state budget to me, giving Christie enough money to pay salaries and union pensions for a year or more. New Jersy isn’t nowhere as big as Louisiana and our state budget is 28 billion a year and that is ten billion to much, ten billion worth of pork. So you can imagine how much pork is in this bill.

    I’ll bet Obama is funding New Jersy’s state budget if he’ll go along with Obama’s proposals.

  • Christie is a total jerk. He should shut up. Boehner did the right thing, conservatives do not want more pork.

  • bg


    via The Foundry
    by Patrick Louis Knudsen

    December 20, 2012

    Amendment Cuts Pork from Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill

    An example of fiscal responsibility turned up yesterday in an unexpected place: the U.S. Senate. Senator Dan Coats (R–IN) offered an amendment to President Obama’s $60.4 billion Hurricane Sandy relief bill that would be far less costly and much better focused on the storm’s victims.

    Maybe common sense in budgeting still has a pulse.

    Senator Coats noted that about two-thirds of Obama’s proposal, as packaged by the Appropriations Committee, is extraneous to the immediate needs of hurricane victims. The Senator’s $23.8 billion measure would strip out $13 billion in funding to mitigate the next potential storm, and also strikes all but $2 billion of an outrageous $17 billion Community Development Block Grant slush fund.

    The amendment also eliminates funding for fisheries in Alaska, museum roof repairs in Washington, D.C., tree planting, and other non-Sandy “investments” in the Obama bill. These items can be considered in the regular budget process. That assumes, of course, that the Senate—which has not passed a budget resolution in more than three-and-a-half years—can remember how the “regular budget process” works.

    The Obama bill is excessive in many ways. What is equally frustrating is how it employs the all-too-typical practice of disregarding budget discipline. The President and his Senate allies are exploiting the “disaster” and “emergency” loopholes they placed in the Budget Control Act (BCA) to slide their deficit-increasing bill through.

    The timing is curious, too. Sandy struck in late October; the President’s request came on December 7, more than a month later. The “emergency” designation is supposed to be for urgently needed assistance. (Remember New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s early November pleas to the President?) With the year quickly drawing to a close, and the fiscal cliff still unresolved, rushing the Sandy relief bill now only ensures inadequate deliberation.

    It is regrettable that even Senator Coats does not offset his $23.8 billion with reductions elsewhere. The federal government is still drowning in trillion-dollar deficits, and every dollar spent adds to the government’s growing debt. Nevertheless, his attempt to trim down Obama’s extravagant request points in a sensible direction—a refreshing change from the flagrant spend-as-you-go practices that have flourished in Washington for far too long.


  • bg


    January 2, 2013

    Compromise – a poor excuse for lack of leadership

    By RoseAnn Salanitri

    [While on the campaign trail last year with a friend, his opponent made it clear that he was a man that could reach across the aisle and compromise. Thereafter, a tea party leader in the room commented: “You mean like John McCain?” The tea party leader meant it facetiously and sadly the candidate was obviously befuddled by the remark – believing his propensity to compromise was a badge of honor. My friend humorously remarked: “The only time I’ll reach across the aisle is to drag liberals over to our side.” While his remark earned him a chuckle or two, the philosophical contrast is startling.

    In this case, the opposition – a man I’ll call “the Compromiser” – had a 20 plus year career in New Jersey’s statehouse. And he was absolutely right. His career was filled with compromise after compromise – to the point where his Republican Party affiliation was indistinguishable from most state Democrats. In the topsy-turvey Alice in Wonderland-type of world we live in today, compromise has become a peculiar virtue. With the debt crisis along with its exorbitant tax increases looming over our heads, I can almost hear the Mad Hatter scampering through the halls of Congress singing a Very Unhappy New Year to you – to you. While learning to work with those of opposing views is necessary in a country as divided as ours, compromise has become a convenient excuse for lack of leadership. Its “easy way out” approach often represents cowardice and not nobility. In the Compromiser’s case, the fruition of his 20-year practice of compromise left him with only one distinguishing political attribute – he is a good friend of Governor Christie. If this is the best a 20-year political career produced, then the people who elected and re-elected the Compromiser for over two decades bear more of the blame than he does.]

    more at link..



    Christie has always been a loud mouth blow-hard. If there was any doubt, it should have been settled by his prolonged ass kissing of hussein.
    In fact, if he’ll throw his support to hussein the week prior to the election, knowing it would impact his “friend” Mitt, in order to obtain Fed $$$, then explain the moral difference between him and the harlots working the red light district?
    Given the fact that Christie got elected in a hard left state, coupled with his left-of-center stances on many issues, why is it supposed conservatives loved the guy so much?

  • FMB42

    Meanwhile, our government has absolutely no problem handing out foreign aid to the tune of tens of billions of dollars annually. In just 2010 alone, our government handed out a total of $52.7 billion to some 25 different foreign countries ($15.0 billion in military aid; $37.7 billion in economic aid).

    Here’s a list of the 25 foreign countries that received military and economic aid from the US in the year 2010:

    West Bank/Gaza
    South Africa
    Congo (Kinshasa)

    Now you might ask yourself why our government would handout tens of billions of our dollars to such foreign countries without even giving it a second thought. No special vote. No publicized debate. No nothing. Just hand it out and be done with it (until the next year).

    Also keep in mind that there is little or no accountability attached to this US foreign aid (makes you wonder how much of this money makes its way back into the pockets of certain politicians…).

    You might also ask yourself why our government would find it so easy to give so much of our money to so many of the vile and reprehensible countries featured in the above list.

  • Lefty13

    Instead of attacking Republican house leadership for delaying this pork-filled bill…why Governor Christie, aren’t you outraged at Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell for NOT putting forth a CLEAN bill? Run your big mouth in the right direction and maybe, just maybe, you will get quicker results. Oh…and while you’re at it…WHY DON’T YOU HOLD YOUR BUDDY O ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS LACK OF LEADERSHIP IN INSISTING HARRY REID STOP-STOP-STOP HIS SHENANIGANS IN THE SENATE!!! PORK, PORK, PORK…YOU FIT THE BILL GOVERNOR! When are you switching your party affiliation–because you SURELY aren’t a Republican? I bet you could use a hug from your new best friend Obama…oh, wait HE’S GOLFING IN HAWAII…TOO BAD!

  • Finncrisp

    Seems that pork is the “cause and the solution” of all of life’s problems, to paraphrase Homer.

    Simpson, not the greek guy…