Over 45 people have been killed in the past few days of protests and rioting in Egypt. President Mohammad Morst has declared a “state of emergency” in three cities.
Now this – Egyptian snipers are shooting people from rooftops.

The Iranian regime is also known to pull this dirty trick.




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  1. obama’s foreign policy in action…

  2. Is it just me? Or is the world really a much better place when members of the worldwide deathcult (dba “The Religion of Peace”) are busy dealing death to one another instead of the rest of us?

    Build a huge wall around them all and let them kill each other off. The last man standing gets a free exorcism.

  3. Can’t imagine what other possible choices they will do after Traitor in Chief gave them every single wants on Earth.

  4. Arab Spring, baby!

  5. ++

    what’s with the “shock” everything, are
    you trying to desensitize us or what??

    because i guarantee you we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.. :-(


  6. Are we sure they are Egyptian snipers?

    They wouldn’t be the first nation to host the Revolutionary guard.

  7. Good thing we’re about to give those people F-16s and Abrams tanks, huh?

  8. Jus t think that obama is sending them for free our best jet fighters and tanks
    so the muslim brotherhood can suppress and destroy all opposition and then attack Israel

  9. Maybe the jagoffs in the administration should listen to Levin and learn something about the civil society before they start pushing “free elections” in the filth known as the Islamic world.

  10. they voted this weirdo in, they deserve what they got. Mubarak doesn’t look so bad in hindsight. Yes he was a dictator but he wasn’t shooting people dead every day, maybe once a month he arrested someone.

  11. ++

    testing 123..


  12. Maybe if that idiot had a gun instead of a camera…

  13. Egypt needs more gun control!

  14. Bat azz crazy are who supplied these with arms to turn them on their own. They are eating their own because they stand in opposition against their agenda. We are privy of these events as shock therapy to be shocked no more. This will be our United Spring.

    You like the Internet ? It is your last bit of freedom to true press and this will soon be gone. They do not want the truth, info, intel to be out when the chit hits the fan, they do not want anyone to have access to organize only them. They will pull your only means of quick organization from you and only they will have the designed privy to it. We are in times of great trouble. Troubled waters are deep. The tide has turned and the shores are being manned. Scared that the only way to protect their game is to shut it down at the source, the main highway, the net will be coming soon, count on it.

  15. Ah, yes, SMART DIPLOMACY…brought to the world by the letters Hillary and Barrack.


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