How did this happen?
And why did only five Republican senators oppose this bill?
The fiscal deal that passed in the US Senate last night 89-8 will add $4 trillion to the national deficit.
The Hill reported:

The Senate deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff” will add roughly $4 trillion to the deficit when compared to current law, according to new numbers from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

The CBO determined Tuesday that the package, hammered out late Monday evening by Vice President Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) would — over the next decade — come with a $3.9 trillion price tag.

The agreement, which is pending before the House after passing in a 89-8 Senate vote early Tuesday, would extend lower tax rates on annual household income under $450,000 and postpone automatic spending cuts for two months.

The extension of lower tax rates for a bulk of the nation’s taxpayers and the addition of a permanent patch to the alternative minimum tax would add roughly $3.6 trillion to the deficit over the next decade, the CBO said. Other individual, business, and energy tax extenders would add another $76 billion. The extension of unemployment benefits would cost roughly $30 billion, and the so-called “doc fix” would tally another $25 billion through fiscal 2022.




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  1. If anyone can explain why, please do!!

  2. Patty, it must buy votes, I suppose. Me, I am buying a gun.

  3. My Senator will be hearing from me and several others tomorrow since it appears he did vote for this travesty. It is up to the House to put the kabosh on it. Man the phones and let them know we are not going to tolerate any more of these asinine bills. Cut spending and leave the previous tax rates alone. Good grief. These morons cannot cut even 5% from all the waste emininating from the alphabet soup we call government? And cut spending now, effective immediately. Not over five or ten years.

  4. #2 January 1, 2013 at 7:16 pm
    Ella commented:


    I like your comment. And so many of us feel so strongly about this nation and where it is going.

    They get enough of us mad and possibly that IS Obama’s plan, there will be a revolution. Because something they are forgetting, 1/2 of us didn’t vote for this.

  5. #3 January 1, 2013 at 7:20 pm
    Sasja commented:

    Go girl! Another great comment and I will contact my representatives.

  6. OT

    8 deadly agents ‘to bring U.S. to its knees’
    Millions of lives at stake as Iran develops biological arsenal


    This JUST ABOUT sums it up. Obama hates the GOP and had he been more Reaganess or even Clintonian possibly our nation could have recovered but with Obama at the helm, WE ARE DOOMED.

  8. The Senate deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff” will add roughly $4 trillion to the deficit when compared to current law, according to new numbers from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

    The increase in the debt is deplorable but it’s a sad state of affairs when the media can’t distinguish between deficit and debt.

  9. 7 Patty – what do you want to bet that Adolf Mohammed Obama arranges for this to happen in red states?

  10. y’knowww, at some point ya’ start to get the idea that they’re All trying to kill you
    does, “mysterious dark forces” sound too nebulous? or, as far as can be said here?

    when has it gone far enough for You to wonder what is behind the curtain?
    what would you be thinking if this was a movie? would You be More suspicious?

  11. complete sell out to the socialist in chief

  12. If anyone can explain why, please do!!

    Ummm … because tax cuts decrease revenue.

  13. because tax cuts decrease revenue.

    Typical liberal, confusing tax rates with revenue.


    With this plan, as there is no deficit reduction, there will be $4 trillion increase in the deficit in 10 years.

    So they did not avert any fiscal cliff. They only created a bigger one down the road.



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