Senate Democrats To Propose Legislation to Outlaw “Assault Weapons” Today …Update with Video

Senator Feinstein will propose a federal ban on “assault weapons” today.

Senate Democrats will propose legislation to outlaw “assault weapons” including handguns and shotguns.
CBS Local reported:

Connecticut’s two U.S. senators are joining forces with California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other key senators, proposing a retooled federal ban on assault weapons in the wake of the deadly Newtown school shooting.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the proposed legislation, to be unveiled Thursday in Washington, D.C., will more narrowly define what’s considered an assault weapon under a resurrected ban. The bill, he said, will also prohibit high-capacity magazines, limiting them to a capacity of up to nine rounds of ammunition.

Blumenthal said the legislation is “one of the most significant” bills to be introduced following the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It also marks the first bill that Blumenthal and Sen. Chris Murphy have worked on together as senators.

“This bill will be a signature moment in providing a profoundly significant step in the legislative strategy,” said Blumenthal, adding how final language of the bill was still being drafted on Wednesday. “But it is only a first step and we need to build on it with a comprehensive program” that includes expanded background checks and mental health care.

For the record… A report in 2005 claimed that Senators Feinstein and Schumer hold their own gun permits.

UPDATE: Here is video from the antigun show today.

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  • Lim Lynn

    Knew it would happen too late.

  • ★FALCON★

    Apparently the governmental – heavy on the mental – elites think they have the resources to disarm America.

    This is the heavyweight title fight we have all been waiting to see.

  • burt

    Obama can not even disarm Cabrini-Green.

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  • Ragspierre

    I think the moonbats should insist that their red state congresscritters be REAL courageous on gun control.

    Yep. I’d LOVE that…!!!

    I can see 2014 from my front porch…!!!

  • JTwig

    They had to go with 9-round capacity magazines because the market is already saturated with 10-rounds for virtually every type of firearms (thanks to CA, NJ, and NY among others). This way they can make all firearms illegal for at least as long as it takes the major manufactures to create 9-round magazines.

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  • Kissmygrits

    It will also be very unconstitutional, senator. ‘Due to the high price of ammo, we will no longer be firing warning shots’.

  • Robodog7

    Meanwhile, our government is giving F-16’s and Tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood. How many Coptic Christians and Israeli children will die at the hands of those terrorists? How many Americans?

  • http://Nah,he'llblameitonBush mountainwilliam

    I think of a quote attributed to Adolph Hitler. “To conquer a nation, you must first disarm it’s citizens.”

  • Sam Stone

    This is the equivalent to the shot on Ft Sumter.

    In the 30’s the government was far more attuned to the US Constitution and therefore realized they could not BAN the sale of full auto firearms and therefore only restricted their sale to certain license holders.

    The Government has been delegated powers FROM the people to protect and uphold the Constitution, not use their power to deny us the rights they are to protect.

    That is a perversion of government as as such we have the right to abolish it as we deem fit.

  • Remco Kimber

    Another brick in the wall known as “Why I Hate Democrats and Why Democrats Are Enemies of this Country.”

  • lliberty

    If my daughters can fight and die for this country on the front lines with an M16, they should be allowed to defend themselves at home with an AR15…that is, unless you want them defenseless. Who is the real woman hater?

  • Sam Stone

    I propose this new legislation.

    All persons running for elective office must be subjected to a criminal and MENTAL HEALTH background check. Any items that would disqualify a firearm purchaser form that purchase would also disqualify anyone for elected office.

    At no time should a sitting Congressman who has been confined to a mental ward for 6 months be re-elected from his mental ward bed. Jessie Jackson Jr.

    All campaign contributions will be taxed at 25% to the receiver of the contribution.
    Just as any income you and i receive is taxable. ALL taxes would be set aside for debt reduction.

    NO ELECTED official MAKING the laws should be subject to LESS of a background check than a firearm purchaser. The right to keep and bear is specific right, running or holding elective office is not.

  • Highlander

    I’m sure they DO plan to “build on it” … let’s make sure we don’t give them the foundation to do that. Call your representatives!

  • Spartan

    So am I to understand that the type of guns she will be holding up are indeed the same guns this administration has been arming the Cartels with, and the people in Libya and Syria and those guns that fell into the hands of the individuals that instigated the Benghazi and Algeria attacks?

    Are any of those guns tagged or have background checks on the individuals that now have possession of them?

    Here’s a bit of common sense for you, you old wasted airbag of a Senator. Start with the arming of those individuals you and your hypocritical dirtbags armed in other countries. And if your successful at getting those guns back. EVERY ONE of them, then I’ll consider that you are a serious individual!

    Otherwise, retire. You are doing nothing good for the country. All of it has been just for you and your little clique group crowd in Washington. You and those that spew this kind of stupidity are disgusting and should be thrown out on your backside! You have wasted the taxpayers money on crap that doesn’t work only to enrich your own damn pocketbook. Years we have endured your dumbass decisions and those around that don’t necessarily reflect the state you serve, but in turn, affects the entire nation. Your state is crumbling around you. There are people leaving in droves who no longer want to pay for your insane ideology and burdens you have placed on them.

    You have been chomping at the bit to have SOMETHING of which to finally call your own. It does nothing for the people of this nation but to bog them down further with regulations under the guise ‘for thee but not for we’. How dare you insist that I follow the law that does not pertain to you. How dare you and your crapweasel buddies create a system of retirement options that ONLY you can benefit from. How dare you create avenues of wealth that benefit ONLY you and your family, yet remain untouched by the burdens you place on the rest of Americans. You are not better than us. You are not more gifted than us. And you certainly are not more entitled to things than us. I’m disgusted with each and everyone of you who play games with the lives of the American people. Make friends and connections with those who wish to do us harm. And give them this nations wealth as a kind jesture. You are accountable for the misery you and your cronies have wrought on this great nation. And I can’t wait for karma to bite every one of you all in the ass!

  • Lim Lynn
    Totalitarian society Who Shapes Our Conscience
    and defines RIGHT or WRONG in today’s corrupt culture?
    Food for thought.

  • cavt

    Of course, the dem liars will claim they don’t want to take our guns and this is the only law they want to do and once passed, they will never bring up this subject again. Just like tax increases on the rich–that was done and we’ve never heard that subject discussed by a dem again–right?

  • fullthrottlegirlfan

    You know I was watching Tru TV Full Throttle and thought to myself. I would love to see the gov. try to take away the guns of those bikers..

    No way this is going to pass.

    I am more worried about the:Antibiotic-resistant diseases pose ‘apocalyptic’ threat, top expert says

    On the front page of Drudge….

    Don’t get me wrong I am concerned about Diane’s little gun fetish but I am more worried about Dr. Germ

  • Tony


    You can see from the names of sponsors–Feinstein and Blumenthal, that it is the Juice who are pushing for gun control (besides multiculturalism and the alien invasion). They brag about it in their magazine Forward.


    Forward period com slash articles/168063/after-newtown-jews-lead-renewed-push-on-guns/?p=all

    Jish criminals killed millions like this in the Ukraine under Stalin.

    Destroying America through immigration using the divide and conquer strategy to turn USA into a 3rd world toilet bowl to control it and turn it into a police state with Juice in charge also requires disarming the citizens.