Sarah Palin and FOX News Part Ways

After three years of providing commentary Sarah Palin and FOX News parted ways this week.
Reuters reported:

Republican former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has parted ways with Fox News Channel after working for three years as a paid commentator, the cable TV network said on Friday.

Palin, who went from being a little-known governor to a political sensation after Senator John McCain picked her as his running mate in the 2008 presidential election, was one of the channel’s biggest names despite appearing only occasionally.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin,” Bill Shine, Fox News Channel executive vice president of programming, said in a statement. “We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

Fox News Channel declined to give details of Palin’s departure, and a spokesperson said only that the two had “parted ways.”

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  • Uptown

    They must be looking for someone relevant.

  • Another Bob

    Fox needs another liberal.

  • Dien Cai Dau

    Yeah, like juan williams /s
    Fox is slowly going into the toilet anyway (juan williams,shepturd smith, Bob beckle etc etc)

  • Jeannie

    I’m thinking that with a Dubai millionaire an active part of owner of FOX this was a no brainer as an eventual result.
    Wonder if she and Gingrich and Beck will form something with Santorum’s group and Allen West’s. THere are a LOT of people who would be beneficial to politics who are wide open. I amend that to admit that politics is nothing but a bunch of privileged, isolated, self-aggrandizing and completely heartless dummies these days so looking for any answer there is retarded.

    I like saying that word because nobody has any question about what I mean.

  • Mad Hatter

    They part ways with Sarah, but hire Dennis “My favorite Martian” Kucinich? Fox News has been infiltrated by the left.

  • ★FALCON★

    Other than pissing off liberals – Palin doesn’t do much for me.


  • Ray

    Palin does something for me.
    Just not politically.

  • driguana

    Good…FOX has become as pathetic as all the other faux news agencies. Used watch quite a bit but O’Reilly and Beckel have pushed me over the edge. Palin will continue pushing the issues….I like that about her.

  • bg


    imho, it’s best move she’s made in three years..


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  • Bubba

    Meh…she lost her looks quite a bit this past year. She was a total MILF for the first part of her stay at FN, but like most women, when the looks start to go, she found out how much her “talent” meant to people.

    In all seriousness, though…she was pretty damn annoying on balance, and the tradeoff between what she gave FN vs what FN lost by being “that station with Palin on it” shifted big time. I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did. I used to turn Hannity and Greta off when her segment came on. Big Bill was smart enough to say…”uh…no. She won’t be a guest on my show.”

  • ★FALCON★

    Breitbart is the old Fox.

    Fox is now CBS lite.

    If I want to know who has a cameltoe – I go to Fox.

    If I want news – I go to a true Conservative outlet.

  • Marsh626

    Bye. She won’t be missed. Why so many conservatives worship her is beyond me.

  • Joscefi



    Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Now get rid of Beckel an I mignt start watching again.

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  • Ray

    She’s a quitter and an embarrassment.

  • cloey

    I love her but didn’t like her on FOX. She talks in riddles and the remotes are silly. Hope she finds a venue. She’d be great as a senator from AK, too bad she’s dropped out of everything.

  • Sarah2016

    Palin is hated by the Left/RINOs bc/ she is smart & incorruptible. Fox loses the only credible Constitutional common sense conservative still advocating for “we the people.” Still, now that Murdoch’s ultra-Lib son is taking-over Fox News, bringing his foreign, anti-America, anti-Israel lib agenda w/ him, it’s no surprise Fox was willing to sacrifice the very high ratings Palin brought the company rather than negotiate an extended non-exclusive contract that Palin could accept…allowing her to go on other networks w/o first getting Fox’s permission.

    Fox succeeded bc/ it was an alternative to the lamestream media…now, w/ Geraldo, Shep, Beckel, establishment Rino’s like Rove & Coulter etc…, it will just eat itself…no reason to watch w/o Palin when I can get timely news, relevant to conservatives, right here at GATEWAY.

  • Ray

    I supported her until she quit as governor.

  • Nosmo

    #20 Ray…BS

  • rolling thunder

    Quitting as governor made no sense to me. If she wanted to remain viable on the national stage politically, she needed a political venue. At first, I thought she quit as governor because she was going to run for senator from Alaska, then I thought she was going to run for the Republican presidential primaries in 2012, but she remained on the sidelines throughout. I think she may finally be finished with active politics for good.

  • driguana

    Why so many liberals worship Obama is beyond ME!!!

  • Palin out, Kucinich in.

    Fox was bad enough already.

    Next one to go is Hannity, after that they can compete with CNN and al Jizz.

  • Ray

    21-You are wrong. I have posted here a lot,and I think have been seen to be a consistent conservative. Palin,to me should not have quit. She let her enemies in the media defeat her and make her a caricature. Sorry,that’s my view.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    One of two possible things happened. Either fox decided that she was no longer making money for them or she decided they weren’t offering her enough. Either way, it’s about money and, either way, her 15 minutes are over.

  • PalinFor Prez

    From Breitbrt:

    Sarah Palin has decided not to renew her contract with FOX News.
    According to RealClearPolitics, FOX News offered to renew Palin’s contract as a contributor, and the former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee declined.

    “It’s my understanding that Gov. Palin was offered a contract by FOX, and she decided not to renew the arrangement,” a source close to Palin told RealClearPolitics’ Scott Conroy, one of the few reporters who has largely covered Palin fairly throughout the years. “She remains focused on broadening her message of common-sense conservatism across the country and will be expanding her voice in the national discussion.”

    A source close to Palin confirmed to Breitbart News that Palin declined FOX News’ offer to renew her contract, and the two parties seem to be parting amicably.

    Bill Shine, an executive vice president at FOX News, said in a statement, “We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

    Palin was a paid contributor for three years at FOX News after she resigned from Alaska’s governorship in 2009.

    During the 2012 primaries, those looking to see if Palin would run for the Republican nomination watched closely to see if she would resign from the network in order to pursue the presidential nomination. But FOX News and Palin never parted ways in 2012, and Palin ultimately decided not to run for president.

    She made her announcement that she was not going run for president, though, on Mark Levin’s show. She also made an impromptu appearance on CNN during the network’s Republican primary coverage. Like she did at the Iowa State Fair in 2011, Palin impressed reporters with her impromptu interviews. However, because of her FOX News contract, Palin could not go on other cable and mainstream media networks to discuss politics, policy, and cultural issues. Now, she will able to talk on other networks besides FOX News.

    Palin–since she now does not have a television contract–will also be free run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016 if she so chooses. —————————————————–
    #20, As, for quiting…Palin accomplished more For Alaska in her three years as Gov than most do in two terms. Frivolous lawsuits & personal bankruptcy added to that decision to resign. After, she left, she did not sit o her laurels but tirelessly campaigned for 2010 candidates that turned the House to Republicans. No other person can take similar credit for that revolutionary accomplishment.

  • MathMom

    Palin resigned as Governor because all the spurious ethics complaints and FOIA requests were taking 100% of the time needed to run the state. It was costing Alaska big bucks, and it was bankrupting her personally.

    She removed the target, by removing herself from office.

    All complaints against her have been thrown out. The ethics complaints were used to make her ineffective, and instead of allowing a jerk with Dem funding to grind the business of Alaska to a standstill, and destroy her family’s financial wellbeing, she quit.

    I own property in Wasilla. When I first started looking for property out in the Valley in 1989, it was an armpit. Palin came, put in infrastructure, police, hospital, ambulance service, water and sewer, and two years ago it was the fastest growing city in America. Increased in size 96% from 2000 to 2010. It’s cooking.

    When Palin decides it’s time to do something, stand back.

    I’d say, stand well back.


    They love Karl Rove and hate Sarah Pailin……

    The Fox News RINOs rule the day. I stopped getting any news from these RINO bastards a couple years ago.

  • bigL

    I like Sarah, just like my folks liked Ike! Heartbreaking to see how the GOP sandbagged her and undermined her, bunch of Crummy dastards.

  • -Ed.

    Palin resigned as Governor to save Alaskan taxpayers from having to pay (by law) all the legal bills being brought on by the spurious lawsuits coming at her from the left. In case you really care to know. Which I somehow doubt.

    As for Fox,… I haven’t had a TV in 5 years so I couldn’t care less who is jabbering on there.

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  • bitterclinger

    Yeah, Ray. She got Alaska its first AAA bond rating and accomplished more in her three years as governor than most do in a full term. And why wouldn’t a principled fan of Reagan stay on as governor (as you say – to keep visibility) when all the frivolous lawsuits from Obama’s yapping progressive ankle biters was costing the state millions in state-employee time and bankrupting her family?

    *rolls eyes*

    Get over yourself.

  • jimstlmo

    Perhaps she is going to run for senate in 2014. Boy, won’t Murkowski love that….

    I’ve long felt if she had any political future she had to get back in the game somewhere.

    Of course, perhaps she won’t and do more media with a more lucrative offer. Breitbart thought that she could be the new Oprah of the right.

  • Steve

    At FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS there’s something for everyone…

  • Patty

    Personally, wonderful decision on Palin’s part. She has been a real fighter and I like her.

    More than I can say for the spineless in and out of Washington these days. It is good to have the courage of your convictions without all the irrelevant noise of liberals who just can’t seem to get things right.

    We haven’t heard the last of her, can’t keep a great patriot down.

  • Patty

    Governor Palin: Forty Years Ago Today

    I must say today seeing the 200,000 and majority of youth marching for Life brought tears to my eyes. This to made many happy and Sarah especially. She chose to keep her little boy and the love she has for Trig is evidently clear to millions. She gives so many others hope. Can you imaging the feeling a person must have in knowing they have helped so many.

    And for all those who march for the unborn, God Bless them too.

  • Amjean

    Can’t wait to see what she does now after the Fox shackles have been removed.

    I hope that Palin, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and others give the leftie dems and rinos a “what for”!

  • Patty

    and Bobby Jindal

  • CommieJuice

    @ Ray

    Of course you are conservative, just like you aren’t a racist because some of your best friends are black, right? You are as conservative as David Brooks and Joe Scarborough, schmuck .

    #7 January 25, 2013 at 6:19 pm
    Ray commented:

    Palin does something for me.
    Just not politically.

  • Patty

    Five simple symbols that represent the values that we conservatives stand for. What’s ironic is that these same five symbols represent everything the humanistic, self-important, liberals are against.

    Faith in God
    Traditional family values
    The Sanctity of Life
    Love of Country
    The right to protect our freedoms and liberties

    You bet ya, Sarah is a Conservative and believes in these values.

  • Prosoldier

    @ #25 Ray

    Yes, it would have been much better for her to have the taxpayers of Alaska pay for legal teams and other people involved in dealing with the unending barrage of investigations the dems tried to throw at her in an effort to find that one tiny thing that would shame and silence her forever (which they never did). It would have been better for Alaska to suffer having an ineffective governor because all of her time, energy, and resources were tied up in all of those same bogus investigations. Finally, it would have been better for her to throw her family and friends to the wolves as the liberal left continued to scavenge around for some way or some thing they could find to bury her alive.

    Maybe when her resources were expended to the point where she was living in the ‘Governor’s Mobile Home’ and Alaska was broke, they could pounce on her for being fiscally irresponsible.

  • Renate

    Palin stepped down from her governorship of Alaska because of all the lawsuits that were being aimed at her and the state of Alaska HAD TO BY LAW take up and it cost Alaska lots of money and it was a distraction to getting things done. Palin, by quitting her governorship stopped all the frivolous law suits and saved Alaska a whole lot of money. Wow. people will just hate her for anything. She’s no quitter. She’s an honorable, honest woman, who I would vote for in a heartbeat. Can we leave her alone already.

  • nofreelunch

    Ray, you are repeating DNC talking points. You are docile and gullible like all the libs.

  • HawaiiBob

    Not going to explain here why Sarah “quit”, but if you really want to know…read her books and she explains it all. I imagine she won’t reveal her reasons on TV because the anti-Palin folks would attack her as a whiner. She had good reasons to step down as governor of Alaska so before you judge her on that find out before you mock her.

  • HawaiiBob

    I would like to mention that I posted the comment above before reading all the comments. Her reasons for “quitting” were addressed above. For that I apologize for my faux pas. I guess the first coupls of times I read the comments declaring her a quitter got to me and I failed to continue reading the remainder of the excellent comments.

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  • Gary Ogletree

    This liberates Palin. Fox has Karl Rove annd Dennis Kucinich. More reason to leave the sound off, like with CNBC. Sarah and Judge Andew, pearls before swine.

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  • dochunter

    Sarah Palin is a classic role model for women. She’s smart, strong and beautiful.

  • chas

    I don’t see the word Quit anywhere in the article.

  • Ray

    40-The reason I say politically is because she can’t be elected. Some point out reasons for her leaving,fine. But understand when she did that,she made herself unelectable.

  • Will

    So quitting to save her state a lot of money and protect her family from bankruptcy makes her unelectable, but explain to me this, Ray.
    The late Ted Kennedy- High Treason, uncharged 2nd Degree murder, sexual harassment. Got away with those because he was a Kennedy
    Frank Barney- knew that his former boyfriend ran a gay brothel in his own house
    Alcee Hastings- impeached judge but was elected Congressman
    Former mayor Richard Daley- covered up several CPD torture cases in the early 80s as a prosecutor but was mayor of Chicago for 20 years
    Maxime Waters- Corruption
    Charles Rangel – Tax evasion
    Barbara Boxer- corruption in regards to the Countrywide mortgage mess.

    If they were not Democrats and are ordinary people, all of them would spend time in prison but since their party affiliation starts with a D, they get elected over and over again when every reason and logic would suggest that they are (or were in the case of Daley and Kennedy) unelectable and cannot be trusted in a high elected position much less right laws or govern a city.

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  • BarbaraS

    “She let her enemies in the media defeat her and make her a caricature. Sorry,that’s my view.”

    What a crock. She didn’t let her enemies do anything. We let it happen because we did nothing. She fought back as hard as she could but had no back-up from the us or the GOP. On the contrary, the GOP sided with the dims in trashing her. She was as big a threat to them as she was to the dims.

    Don’t let the facts get in the way of your feelings. She quit because her state was being bilked of millions of dollars on frivilous ethics suits. She was going bankrupt herself which was the object of those suits. Essentially, there was nothing for her to do since the Alaskan legislature would not meet again for a year and the leutenent-governor could handle anything else. As long as she was governor both she and the state were targets for the dims’ ongoing policy of destruction of not only her but the state and the entire Palin family. She put herself into a position of “king-maker” and was wonderfully successful at it. She had the freedom to say what she wanted to that she would not have had as governor. If you want to go off on quitting you must admire the dims tremendously since they never quit at anything from looting the treasury to trashing their fellow citizens and destroying their reputations. Palin isn’t the only one they have gone after. They have gone after every star the republican party introduces. Seen anything negative lately about Rubio, Ryan, Rand, etc. If you feel Palin was of no account and a quitter you have drunk the kool aid the media has fed you and have not thought this thing through for all ramifications.

  • richwill

    All the nay-sayers have never read the facts about Sarah Palin. She is one of the true conservatives still around. She is a class act among a bunch of jerks claiming to be conservatives.

  • dunce

    She is still a really good person and a good conservative and i will always remember the unrelenting viciousness of the media attacking her with lies and the betrayal of many republicans in gratuitous snide uncalled for sniping. They destroyed her politically and almost financially but she turned their attacks into cash by writing books and is not likely to stop goading the liberals for the rest of her life.