The New Republic pushed a photo of Barack Obama shooting on Twitter to prove that he really does shoot skeets.
Via Weekly Standard:

@tnr: PHOTO: Obama shooting skeet at Camp David. … (from )

Here’s the photo:
fake obama

There’s only one problem.
It’s an old golf photo.
obama golf real
Nice try, libs.




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  1. Wow, these people will stoop to any level.

    I feel like I am looking at something from the pally’s, aka faking the same guy being killed over and over by the evil JUICE.


  2. Photoshop shotgun eh…Traitor in Chief you better play NES Hunting Duck game.

  3. The more lies he tells the more lies his minions tell to give him “credibility”. If that’s what you want to call it. Low info losers eat it up…

  4. I been wondering if Socialist Democrat Liberals don’t have Photoshop Adobe how they going to fake pictures, documents and other kind of paperwork.

  5. ++

    what’s sad is that so many still think
    they can “get something” on Obama..

    my bottom line:

    the who, what, where, when, why, or how of Obama is totally
    irrelevant, what is extremely relevant is what this person has
    done, is still doing, and will continue to do to America, period..

    Obama this, Obama that, always Obama etc, when what everyone
    should be focused on is just about EVERYTHING & ANYTHING else..

    we will never learn, ergo, i fully expect history to repeat
    itself, only this time i believe it’s going to be our turn to
    learn a great late lesson, that is, if we survive.. *sigh*


  6. Holy crap. These guys would make Joseph Goebbels blush.

  7. ++

    “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to
    Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them
    small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they
    have Communism.”
    ~ Nikita Khrushchev


  8. About as truthful as his birth certificate……… He and the other libs would rather climb a tree to tell a lie, than stand on the ground to tell the truth.

  9. Amazing … and he brews beer too .. what a man … NOT!

  10. Only idiot to skeet shoot with offing glove in his pocket. As soon as I saw this picture, I knew I’d seen it before. I just place where it was. Golf shot it was. Libs will lie every chance hey get. Who’ll challenge them? Steve Kroft?

  11. That is effing pathetic, and doesn’t deserve even a fail..

  12. I haven’t seen a more obnoxious and disgusting group of morons in all my life. There is no credibility, honest and factual reporting. Who taught these children morals or character? Or should I say who didn’t teach them morals. Shame we have to live in a nation where trash is the news of the day and not actual facts.

  13. Bwahahahahhaha

  14. Photoshop forgery just like his vital records.

  15. Boy, you people on this site are total idiots. That shot of Obama was a parody. Not only are your readers idiots, but so is whoever edits this crap.

  16. The only thing Obama shoots is his mouth off. Thats dangerous and should be banned.

  17. OT

    Report: Carville, Matalin, Bennett Out at CNN; Erickson to Fox

    UPDATE: The morning show pairing of Cuomo and Burnett is confirmed, per DHD. No word yet on what that means for O’Brien.

    But-but -but if CNN dumps Soledad O’Brien, who will tell me who’s black in America?

    The story spreading like wildfire today is that ABC’s Chris Cuomo is moving over to CNN to co-host a morning show with Erin Burnett, who currently anchors a CNN primetime hour. This wouldn’t leave a whole lot of room for CNN’s current morning host, Soledad O’Brien, whose only claim to fame has been delivering record ratings — record LOW ratings — and slow-motion train wrecks like this.

    O’Brien did not make an appearance on her own show this morning, and via Twitter, told those who inquired why, that she was off to a Martin Luther King celebration:

  18. Rush Limbaugh interviews Senator Marco Rubio on immigration reform:

  19. @ryan t
    So now you saying everything Traitor in Chief says and New York Times Journalist Helene Cooper is lies. Opps.

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