Algerian troops have surrounded the Islamist gunmen who kidnapped workers from the Amenas gas field in Algeria. (Reuters)

According to Mauritania’s ANI news agency, which has been in constant contact with the kidnappers, 34 of 41 hostaged were killed yesterday at a Algerian gas plant.
Reuters reported:

Many people were killed when Algerian forces opened fire on a vehicle at a remote gas plant where gunmen were holding dozens of Western hostages, a resident of the locality and Arab news reports said on Thursday.

The resident, who asked not to be identified, said there were many bodies at the scene. He did not give firm numbers of the dead or say whether they were kidnappers, hostages or both.

Mauritania’s ANI news agency, which has been in constant contact with the kidnappers, reported that 34 of the captives and 15 of the captors had been killed when government forces fired from helicopters while the kidnappers were trying to move some of their prisoners.

Qatar-based Al Jazeera television carried a similar report. Those details could not be immediately confirmed.

The Algerian government rejected a demand from the Islamist militants who seized Westerners at the plant for safe passage to nearby Libya.

Al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb emir Mokhtar Belmokhtar is said to be behind the terrorist attack.

UPDATE: ANI reported: A spokesman for the kidnappers told the agency those hostages were three Belgians, two Americans, a Japanese and a Briton.

UPDATE: FOX News reported that one American escaped from the complex sometime during the raid and was able to contact family members back in the US.

The official Algerian APS news agency said nearly 600 Algerian workers and four foreign hostages – two Britons, a Frenchman and a Kenyan – had been freed during the operation.




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  1. Life is a cheap commodity in the Islamic world.

  2. The Mad Mahdi from Khartoum strikes again…..Obama has a low budget Hollywood studio feverishly working overtime to produce a mock insult to Islam video he can blame it on and crack down on our free speech rights…Should be uploaded to youtube any minute now with back dated entry logs….>

  3. If they only had a national gun registry in Algeria and a 10-round limit on magazines. Damn you NRA! (sarc).

  4. @ Oliver –

    Did you post snippet last week about Adam Lanza’s mother being in the CIA DARPA program?

    If so – do you have a link to that story?

    If it wasn’t you, please forgive me.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. But…but …. I thought Al Qaeda was defunct? Obama told us so ….

  6. This can’t be happening. Zippy said Al Qaeda has been decimated. Therefore, events like this are…RACISTS!

  7. Send the inimitable “Shadow” after them. He clouds his own mind, and certainly can cloud the infantile minds of like minded pedophile followers…..

  8. No question Iranian born Valerie Jarrett told President WTF to sit on his arse and let someone else get our people killed. Serving our Government or working overseas under this President and his Islamic advisers and friends is suicidal.

  9. Meanwhile CNN and MSNBC hide the story and keep the narrative on sports celebrities.

  10. Rock,

    It’s suicidal unless you would be a belligerent Professor or a young guy that could be Obie’s son. Then you would see the Southern Boy Special Forces group unleashed to go save them.

  11. Multitude. That might just be the shortest comment you’ve ever made.

    Even so, pointed as ever.

    It’s true: Journalism is dead. There are no Woodwards and Bernsteins. There are no Jayna Davises. It’s all soviet-era PRAVDA now.

  12. Jayna Davis was the last one.

    The rest of you “reporters”?

    Yeah, go f&&k yourselves.

  13. #13taq…”woodwards and bernsteins?” if nixon was a democrat you never would have heard of watergate.

  14. Less than worthless. “Worthless” implies a quantity of zero.

    You spineless, willing slaves are less than worthless. A net negative.

  15. tommy,

    True. And it occurs to me that we really ought to dispense with the word “democrat”, and just say “communist”. Regarding both then and now.

    The Fabian Society, in the 1920s, had two rules that were just like those in “Fight Club”.

    1. You don’t talk about Fight Club.
    2. You don’t talk about Fight Club.

    The Fabians’ number one rule was to NEVER CALL IT BY ITS TRUE NAME.

    Always hem and haw and beat around the bush, call it anything else, just not Communism, Marxism, or Socialism. Always deflect and redefine those three words, as well. Constantly. Never allow ANYTHING to be called by those names by always insisting that the speaker or writer knows NOTHING about those three words.

    They do it to this day. You don’t talk about Fight Club.

  16. It’s exactly the same tactic used by Muslim practitioners of Taqiyya.

  17. Tom #12
    Would you be talking about the US REDNECK SPECIAL FORCES? If so rotflmao, while I suspect anything helping WTF would be low on the mission list.

  18. Another crisis for Zippy to manage….oh boy! I wonder who the next disposable employee in his administration we’ll see on the news shows on Sunday. There must be another video in the making this morning that can be blamed for the upset, because the Liar in Chief swore to us he finished off Al Qaeda. But, wait, wait…..Hillary’s developing a migraine from that blood clot.

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