Rep. Steve Stockman: If Obama Violates Constitution a Lot of People Will Call For His Impeachment (Video)

Rep. Steve Stockman (R TX) told Greta Van Susteren Wednesday that if Barack Obama violates the US Constitution tomorrow with his 19 proposed executive orders on gun control then several members of Congress will call for his impeachment.

Earlier this week Rep. Stockman made the news when he threatened impeachment if Obama uses executive orders on gun control.
TPM reported:

The conservative discord in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. massacre went up another octave on Monday when Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) threatened to file articles of impeachment if President Obama uses an executive order to try to reduce gun violence.

“The White House’s recent announcement they will use executive orders and executive actions to infringe on our constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms is an unconstitutional and unconscionable attack on the very founding principles of this republic,” Stockman said in a statement. “I will seek to thwart this action by any means necessary, including but not limited to eliminating funding for implementation, defunding the White House, and even filing articles of impeachment.”

Last week, Vice President Joe Biden reiterated the White House’s determination to see something done about gun violence following the Newtown shooting by confirming the White House is considering using executive orders. Obama also said he’s on board with the idea at his press conference Monday.

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  • saveus

    The USA must be saved from this tyrant.

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  • JenBee

    Doesn’t matter. Takes BOTH the House AND the Senate to pass impeachment charges against the POTUS. Obviously Harry Reid will never allow this to see the light of day. Obama knows he can get away with whatever he wants… behold all the ‘flexibility’ our Imperial King has now that he’s in his second term. Elections have consequences.

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  • Elizabeth

    Impeachment will probably go no where because of Harry Reid and the Democrat infested senate.

    If Obama in fact violates the 2nd Amendment with executive orders, lawsuits can be filed that can result in voiding the unconstitutional executive orders.

    These lawsuits would be taken to the Supreme Court.

    It should be noted that both Clinton and Bush were successfully sued for executive orders that exceeded Presidential authority on other issues. Other Presidents have been sued as well, but that did not result in their impeachment.

    Clinton of course was impeached for obstruction of justice and perjury, but obviously not forced from office.

  • MN Jim

    While we appreciate Rep Stockman’s effort, there have already been many reasons to bring impeachment charges against obama (Fast & Furious, Benghazi, ignoring judicial injunctions and subpoenas, to name a few), yet no one has done anything. As JenBee pointed out, nothing will get through the Senate. obama could be found in bed with a dead white boy and he would still be safe at this point. His worshippers and the media would still support him.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Being the (alleged) biological and adoptive son of two foreign nationals, who attended college as a foreign national, sponsored by foreign nationals, Obama was NEVER qualified to be President of the USA according to the US Constitution.

  • Sam Stone

    “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

  • Lim Lynn

    It’s taken ages for it to happen. How long will they impeach Traitor in Chief. Families who already mourned for death their love ones who worked for Traitor in Chief from Mafia style Mexican Drug Cartels.

  • Assault-laws must be banned

    The corruption is deep. They cannot advance their evil agenda as long as the People have the ability to fight back. Molon Labe!

  • Lim Lynn
    Everyone please stay tuned when he unveils his plans at 11:55 am.

  • Jerry C

    The Anti-Christ will not be impeached. he has yet to create the Abomination of Desolation, implement his Mark of the Beast and force everyone under his control to worship him as god. he has been given power to rule by his father, the devil, which explains the full support of the LSM. he will be alive all the way to the end of the Great Tribulation until Jesus Christ comes back at His 2nd Coming. Then, Jesus Christ will throw him alive into the Lake of Fire; reserved for the devil & his fallen angels. NDAA, Executive Orders, FEMA camps, Fast & Furious, … it just keeps coming & will continue until all is fulfilled.

  • twolaneflash

    The Constitution was violated when this unvetted Manchurian candidate was allowed on the ballot. Since then, violation is just a gentler term for the rape of the nation. The Constitution is now no more than a speed bump to our political elites.

  • Joseph

    Steve Stockman is a former homeless felon who thought Waco was a gun-grab in disguise. You gun nuts really are nuts. 90% of the commenters on this board probably couldn’t own a gun with a proper background check. God knows Steve Stockman couldn’t. Wow, what a guy to get behind.

  • Come and Take It

    Sure they will that douchebag Bohener is not more than a progressive liberal pretending to be a conservative. The fix is in unless a war breaks out and we win nothing’s going to change we’ll be dealing with Obama for decades he in control and he’s not giving it up anytime soon. Welcome to your new amerika it’s only going down hill from here. Ammo is scarce and they have more than enough. All this blustering on here isn’t going to do a damn thing just like the election we let them steal. The Republican Party is dead if you think otherwise your just a fool.

  • tcvorn

    He said he would take the correct approach that may end up leading to the impeachment route. I agree that he has already done several things worthy of impeachment, but they can’t just go and impeach the president. There are avenues the president and congress must take to get their wishes executed. I think Stockman is very wise, I just wish people wouldn’t jump to the most extreme thing said and hear the whole story. Stop being sheep people, investigate and know what you are saying before simply rolling out half truths. The media is out of line and hinders most of what We the People need right now….TRUTH. Good luck Rep Stockman, I hope you can follow the path if need be. We have 3 branches of government for a reason! President Obama, you are president, not King or Dictator!

  • CommieJuice

    I call for states rights on all issues. I am done with this federal government. The southern states that supply the oil and food should consider giving only 10% to the federal government and the rest stays in the state. We will govern and protect ourselves.

    It would be a good measure to see how fast California and New York would straighten up if the money from other states going into the federal government would start drying up and they would actually have to fend for themselves aka personal responsibility. No more welfare havens, no more illegal immigrant havens, no more retiring at age 45 with a public pension for life. Those union controlled states would be the first to die or to become right to work states.

    Nothing else is going to solve this problem unless states take theirs rights back and control their own fates. If the people have to take this into their own hands, it’s going to be a mass cleaning of the libs and state run media! Either way, I am ready to get this over with! I am sick of these people and I am not going to take much more! Each day that goes by without action is another day we get weaker, older, poorer and heard less. The longer we wait for action, the weaker we become. The libs know this is a game of attrition, with endless hordes that can be bribed with “free stuff” and given citizenship bought and paid for with our money, there is no winning! Either the states do something about it or we go in with force, NOW!

  • mg4us
  • saveus

    Time for Congress to act to stop the emperor.

  • MT Geoff

    Stupid is not an impeachable offense. Fast and Furious may yet be but it has to land a lot harder on Obama’s desk to be grounds to impeach.
    If Obama issues, for example, an executive order that requires a federal NCIS check to purchase ammunition, he has issued an unlawful order and that could be impeachable. It would also be grounds for a suit and an injunction, of course.
    #14, Joseph — your comment is as far afield as any you are sneering at.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Wow, the trolls are out in force this morning. They obviously think we might be swayed by their comments, haha!

    I’m calling for impeachment, and to #3 it does matter even if the senate is democrat controlled.

    They will have PUBLIC HEARINGS in the house that the MSM will HAVE to cover. All these issues will be raised that the MSM has been hiding from the public. These hearings, will expose all the issues, not eligible to be president, criminal actions in fast & furious and conspiracy to cover up crimes, criminal actions in Bengahzi and MORE CONSPIRACY to coverup CRIMES. Criminal actions by the EPA administrator and MORE CONSPIRACY to coverup crimes, using “green energy” to funnel money to democrat bundlers, accepting unlawful political contributions, from China and Russia, election/voter fraud in at least 5 swing states with the DOJ complicit and conspiring to assist this fraud, attempting to destroy our second amendment right by ceding our sovereignty to the U.N. on this matter, many unconstitutional actions bypassing congress, and now this direct and unconstitutional action against our constitution and natural rights he has SWORN to protect and defend.

    And if I was Boehnor, I would investigate EVERY charge fully and make sure this hearing was in the news 24/7 for at least a month or two, before sending to the senate.

    Then let Harry Reid and the democrats defend or attempt to nullify his actions. What do you think AMERICANS will think if these issues get fully exposed and the MSM will have to cover them, right? You don’t think they will be able to ignore this do you???

  • Joanne

    About bloody time, and while they are at it they can bring charges against all the traitors as well, including Reid, Hillary, and all of them. Obama has been throwing the Consitution in the gutter since he entered Office. These executive orders regarding gun control are the moment when American people are to stand up for the U.S. and her Constitution as free men. Think of all those men and women who have gone before you and have fought and died for the your country. Do not shame yourselves or those turning over in their graves.

  • ejazzyjeff

    Again, until it actually happens, I will not hold my breath.

  • shadow

    Impeachment will probably go no where because of Harry Reid and the Democrat infested senate.

    Well, that and the fact that he has not committed an impeachable offense.

  • shadow

    About bloody time, and while they are at it they can bring charges against all the traitors as well, including Reid, Hillary, and all of them.

    So I guess not agreeing with the far right is now considered treason. And yet, Obama is the fascist!

  • Lim Lynn

    @Come and Take It
    New Amerika isn’t suitable for Militia supported by Patriots. While illegal immigrant Chinese, Mexicans and Africans will be swarming in no time. I hope the next thing for instance nuclear bomb being targeted from Arab, Iran, China, Russia and North Korea won’t happen because they want revenge and vengeance isn’t for GOD. Since they didn’t believe in the Creator of the Universe.

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  • Liberal and Loving it!!

    Awww! You poor racist scumbags are all mad an stuff! Hee hee!!

  • Tyrone Jones

    Yes He need to what he has to do! The president should not be impeached! Those nasty redneck repugs practicing their deliberate obstructionism simply need to be removed so something can be done! What good is it be president when there’s is a group of idiots voting & vowing to stop every decision you make and then crying foul when you call them out?!

  • John E Foddrill sr

    Obama campaign co-chairman / Mayor Julian Castro, City Attorney Michael Bernard ( brother of White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard) and other city “leaders” follow in Obama’s footsteps………….. “It’s déjà vu all over again”- Yogi Berra

    Texas Public Radio / KSTX reports that San Antonio TX city “leaders” are at the center of a federal civil rights lawsuit being filed by the Texas Civil Rights Project of Austin TX.

    A second lawsuit – SA13CV0051XR- was filed on 1/17/2013 naming City defendants (Mayor Castro, CM Sculley, City Attorney Bernard, Council members (past and present), Chief McManus, etc) in their official AND individual capacities for Constitutional violations including the act of banning a law –abiding citizen from City Hall/Council meetings for reporting long-term, widespread public /police corruption, bond fraud, accounting fraud and the theft/misuse of tens of millions of tax/grant dollars.

  • Okay enough is enough already! You get ticked off if we don’t have strong enough gun control laws. We try and get stronger gun control laws passed and they do, then you gripe about the gun control laws are too strick! You twits can’t have it both ways, it has to be one way or another! You want to have a firearm to keep for protection then you better darnwell learn how to use it, learn how to keep it out of harms way of kids and teens! If you twits were in as president of the United States we would be way more screwed over than we are now!

  • Rebecca

    The Republicans is trying hard to find any little thing to get Obama out, because they don’t won’t a Negro to tell them what to do. But as I said before If GOD placed Obama in there then he won’t be going anywhere until he has done what the Lord wants for his world. The Republicans better be very careful because Vengenace is the Lord”s and they can fight against Obama, but the last word will be GOD’s and one by one he will remove them until he gets the one that will touch and agree with the one he put in charge. Believe me, Obama is not stupid or dume he has
    researched and he knows the law he will not do anything to jepordaize his position of office.

  • He will not be impeached, his work will stand the test of time.

  • Barbara Bushnell

    I hope you that voted for Obama are happy, we’re headed on a one way trip to hell as a country.
    This country was founded on religious freedoms and the constitution and he’s violating both. Socialism here we come!!!

  • Buddy

    The nig should have already been thrown out

  • woody

    If he don’t anything about gun control he is a pos! If he does do something abouty gun control, he is a pos! I would rather be a pos doing something, than being a pos for doing nothing. We hired (elected) him to do a job (twice) so you pos people, let him do his job and we need to accept it, if it don’t work, change it!!

  • Carolyn Davis


  • Enrique Spicy Weiner

    Under the Constitution, the President and the Senate share the power to make appointments to the highest-level politically appointed positions in the federal government. The Constitution also empowers the President unilaterally to make a temporary appointment to such a position if it is vacant and the Senate is in recess. Such an appointment, termed a recess appointment, expires at the end of the following session of the Senate. This report identifies recess appointments made by President George W. Bush from the time he took office on January 20, 2001, through October 31, 2008. Basic descriptive statistics regarding these appointments are also provided. As of October 31, 2008, President Bush had made 171 recess appointments. President William J. Clinton, in comparison, made a total of 139 recess appointments during the course of his presidency. Of President Bush’s 171 recess appointments, 99 were to full-time positions, and the remaining 72 were to part-time positions. Thirty were made during recesses between Congresses or between sessions of Congress (intersession recess appointments). The remaining 141 were made during recesses within sessions of Congress (intrasession recess appointments). The duration of the 24 recesses during which President Bush made recess appointments ranged from 10 to 47 days.

  • Alan Arnold

    Nothing has happen most likely nothing will happen without congress approval and if by chance Obama does a executive order it will be worded in just such a way that it won’t violate (a renewal of the past ban with all current owners grandfathered in) most of it is just a big bluff to get something done with a more thought out compromise than NY gun law

  • Karmah

    Impeach him!! Get him the hell out of office!!!

  • larry craig

    evidently there are only a handul of american people who are smart enough to deal with obama–the ones that know him for what he is–this country is run on stupidity and i am no longer proud to nor can i call it the greatest country on earth–if he violaTES OUR CONSTITUTION IMPEACH HIM and rid congress of all the deadbeats–start over fresh and regain the pride we once had to hold our heads high and say i am an american

  • Kara Moore

    If the Second Amendment can be overturned, then every other amendment in the Bill of Rights are in jeopardy. Does the DNC even consider the Bill of Rights as being the fundamental rights of every citizen? So freedom of speech, press and religious expression found within the Bill of Rights can also be overturned.

    They are called the Bill of Rights for a reason. They are guaranteed for every citizen. What the President needs to see is this, people abuse their rights. I never see the DNC questioning gun control when it comes to the thousands of deaths caused by drug-related violence in the ghettos. That is never an issue, only when white people kill is it called gun violence. When was the last time the POTUS said that we need to curb the violence in inner cities? I have not heard that debate from any of them. But then again, why would Obama bite the hand that feeds him?

    When I finally hear them admitting that gun violence is across the board and that blacks, Hispanics and Asians are also guilty, then I would say let’s discuss it. Until the POTUS examines the root cause, which is violence that is intrinsic in some people, then we will continue to have gun violence. And who does Obama want to protect his family from for the rest of their lives? White people with guns? I challenge the POTUS now, go undercover into any major city without his Secret Service and stop a drug transaction, he will see firsthand gun violence. But then again, it’s only a problem when white people are doing it, right? Not one single member of the DNC has said “we have a culture of violence stemming from every city, in every ghetto, across the border”. They will never say that because they still have the mentality that minorities have more right to be violent than anyone else because of history. That is very wrong and to still call them minorities is an insult to them.

    I am not going to listen to them until they start discussing gun violence within every group of people. I want the POTUS say there is gun violence in the ghettos and that should be stopped as well.

  • Love this Board. I bigger collection of paranoid trailer trash exists nowhere on the Web. My belly hurts from laughing at you fools. I love the tough talk about taking up arms against the government. You internet cowards would crap your pants and run at the first sign of trouble. Now go kiss your 400 pound wives and get your dumb asses to Wal-Mart for the 1/2 of sale on mosquito repellent.

  • Dee

    This is a person who swore an OATH to protect, defend and uphold the Constitution so Obummer has VIOLATED HIS OATH OF OFFICE as well! And not the first time. When are IMPEACHMENT proceedings finally going to begin?!!!!!