Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) slammed Hillary Clinton today for missing so many red flags in Benghazi. Duncan accused Clinton of gross negligence.
“You let the consulate become a death trap.”




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  1. The Obama Administration armed al-Qaida – what did they think would happen? And this isn’t the first time Democrats have worked with al-Qaida – try Bosnia.

    Too bad this mental whore will not be doing jail time – and plenty of it.

  2. This whole administrative boorockcrazy is a daymare.

  3. Obama is working to islamicize Africa. And doing a tremendous job, too. She is helping him. i am sure he and Old Valerie are happy with this performance.

  4. Another point – these Democrat bootlickers are just absolutely reprehensible. If this was a Republican Administration they would be tearing the hind-quarters off the person giving testimony.

    There is no desire to get to the truth – only save Obama and forget that it was their incompetency that lead to these murders.

    Clinton said that Ambassadors would be asking for security – yet it was she, Obama, Panetta, that compromised the security and support for these people THEY placed in harms way.

    Don’t forget this was Obama’s War of Responsibility to Protect, with no congressional approval.

    Obama, Powers, Jarrett, Clinton and Boehner should be sent to the gallows.

  5. Tanks and F-16 s to Egypt under muslim bro leadership. Hannity pulling his hair out wondering why we are doing this. This is amazing how easy the commies have taken control. He is actually trying to rationalize why we would do this. Ah Ah because we have a communist racist anti American elected by fraud and idiots president who hates white America. Sean will you say that on your next show? No you won’t and that’s the problem. The illegal fraud has complete control. 90% of Americans have no clue what is happening.

  6. Pin Pon…Representative Duncan is 100% correct.

  7. Good for Duncan.
    Bottom-line–still looks like no key questions are being asked or answered. At the end of the day, the public will still not know the truth of what happened. Obamaites get away with their lies and the death of Americans. How can any non-kool-aid drinking dems, that call themselves patriotic Americans, accept this and not want to know the truth?

  8. She didn’t “let the consulate become a death trap” – it was a CIA safe house that this admin intentionally made into a battle zone by furnishing (aiding and abetting) the AQIM terrorists with weapons (F&F 2) in order to forever silence the ambassador witness so he could never testify. This was by design – she didn’t “let” anything happen or not happen; she is covering up for BHO and Jarrett who executed those 4 Americans.
    When will articles of impeachment come to the floor? You can spin the dern Wheel of BHO’s Fortune and pick from 35 high crimes and misdemeanors!

  9. @★FALCON★
    Secondly Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad had to sponsor tanks for Islam Bosnia troops to fight against Socialist Democrats Commie.

  10. TXGuitarMan
    It’s possible Ambassador knew something really important that will overthrow Traitor in Chief. Only if he was alive, we would know about the particular issue.

    I don’t know whether it’s at the right section thread Men In Black reply after Prime Minister Medvedev’s

  12. Professional Politicians spewing (to them) meaningless words so they can get face time on TV. Bet all of them (including HERSELF) went to the Congressional Bar to lift a few and laugh at the “masses” that lap this dirt up.

  13. Just another liberal “Gun Free” zone! Kind of makes Wayne LaPier’s statement of ” Having a good guy with a gun” have some credibility! Go Figure! They are making the same argument on guards in schools! Apparently having a guard could Work! While the Libs may be disgusted with the U.S. Military, they are DAMN FINE ALRIGHT BY ME! GOD BLESS YOU!

  14. #14 January 23, 2013 at 4:50 pm
    SeniorD commented:

    Professional Politicians spewing (to them) meaningless words so they can get face time on TV. Bet all of them (including HERSELF) went to the Congressional Bar to lift a few and laugh at the “masses” that lap this dirt up.

    … I agree with this comment 100%

  15. SO MUCH for answering that 3 AM phone call…>

  16. What really sickened me was that some people who were to question Hillary, praised her beforehand. How are those people to be considered impartial in an investigation. It is absolutely sickening. They were really saying, “Don’t worry Hillary, I won’t ask you anything that will incriminate you.”

  17. Someone in the Obama Administration allowed Benghazi to become a deathtrap I’m just not exactly sure who is responsible. I have never figured out what policies Hillary was responsible for in her four years as Secretary of State let alone what policies she was pursuing. I see she learned the fake crying jag from Bill though. Wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw the Brooklyn Bridge.

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