Reminder: Stalin’s Firearms Confiscation Was a Tremendous Success for Socialist State (Video)

Joseph Stalin’s firearms confiscation was a tremendous success for the Socialist state.
This is a shocking reminder on how Stalin was able to control, starve, punish and imprison a defenseless people.

Barack Obama wants to use executive order to confiscate guns.

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  • Mike

    You left out the fact that Stalin murdered tens of millions of his own people.

  • bobbi

    This foreigner needs yo be deported post haste.

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  • bg


    January 9, 2013

    This Is How a Secret Gun Provision
    Made its Way Into Obamacare Legislation

    [The Washington Post first reported on Dec. 30 about the presence of this controversial wording. Under a section with the headline “Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights,” the NRA-advocated wording is nestled deep within the law. The Post called the inclusion, “a largely overlooked but significant challenge to a movement in American medicine to treat firearms as a matter of public health.”]

    i recall knowledge of that provision at the time (and a few others), however, we still don’t know what else will be kicking in up the road to IslaMarxism under the auspices of the United Nations, because they obviously haven’t read the bill yet.. / 🙄 sarc/

    Secrets of Communism (by any other name)

    “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in
    the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes
    to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference
    between murder and suicide.” — Ayn Rand

    Murder by Communism (by any other name)

    [How can we understand all this killing by communists? It is the marriage of an absolutist ideology with the absolute power. Communists believed that they knew the truth, absolutely. They believed that they knew through Marxism what would bring about the greatest human welfare and happiness. And they believed that power, the dictatorship of the proletariat, must be used to tear down the old feudal or capitalist order and rebuild society and culture to realize this utopia. Nothing must stand in the way of its achievement. Government–the Communist Party–was thus above any law. All institutions, cultural norms, traditions, and sentiments were expendable. And the people were as though lumber and bricks, to be used in building the new world.]

    much more at link, and just for the heck of it:

    January 9, 2013

    Local TV Anchor Delivers Blistering Fact-
    Check of Piers Morgan’s Anti-Gun Claims

    [The stat-driven segment ended with Swann delivering a message that
    gun control advocates will undoubtedly dislike. Rather than blaming
    weapons, the anchor said that individuals are accountable for violent

    “While people like Morgan insist that the U.S. can learn from Great
    Britain — well maybe we can,” Swann concluded. “What we might
    learn is that violent crime is not the result of a gun or any tool —
    it is the result of the heart of men and women.”

    more, and depending on your view, or less.. *sigh*


  • efrench

    The first person who comes to my house to confiscate my guns will be shot.

  • Joanne

    My husband’s family knows first-hand Stalin’s death grip on the Ukrainian people. Fortunately, his grandfather escaped, but many did not. It is believed upwards of 10 million Ukrainians starved or were killed. It was a genocide of a people. Stalin felt nothing. Obama doesn’t even feel for babies meant for abortion that are born alive. Does anyone think he feels for the people he thinks of as scum who oppose him. Hah.

    It was also mentioned that those not belonging to Stalin’s party were not allowed to own guns. How many democrats do you think will be allowed to retain ownership of their guns, while everyone who opposes Obama will have their guns confiscated!

  • Ella

    Just because the SOB wants them doesn’t mean he’s going to get them.

  • Ella

    There have got to be quite a big number of Democrat gun owners. I would like for them to start speaking out.

  • This power-drunk neo-Bolshevik is WAY, way out of control- one shivers to think how it’s all gonna end

  • Kate

    Americans aren’t going to go down that easy.

  • neverends

    Unless decent Americans stand up for what is right, the video is the future of the US under Obama. If the people don’t stand up against this attempt at complete takeover, what will be our future. The onmibus government is already infringing on every aspect of our lives. If we let this become successful, there will be NO stopping them into turning this into a totalitarian dictatorship.

    It’s our choice!

  • bg


    via email:

    Investigative Project on Terrorism TV Alert

    Fox Business: Lou Dobbs Show
    Date: Wednesday, January 09, 2013
    Time: 7:10PM (EST) / 10:10PM (PST)
    Topic: About his new documentary exposing the Muslim
    Brotherhood in America – Jihad in America: the Grand Deception


  • dot

    the 2nd term of BO, he is retiring the 2nd string and bringing on board the pro 1st string ATeam!

    An ATeam in the expertise of evil!

    to go a little further out, God’s enemy is orchestrating with evil intent to take down America once and for all!

    humans on their own cannot put together all the evil actions that are going on right now at one time. they are being assisted by the supernatural evil!

    if all gateway visitors remember the movie “300”, “Spartans Prepare for Glory”
    Prepare for Glory (Tribute to the 300)
    The Last Samurai – Battle In The Fog

    i do not post this lightly. this is not to bring my liberty brethren down. this is to keep fixed in your minds what we will be up against and we need the true spirit of a warrior! be ready & prepare.

    Leonidas wife asked him “What would a free man do?”

  • democraps suck

    Hey obummer…come to my house personally and try to confiscate my weapons….that will be the best day for AMERICA…..

  • Look-Out

    Heard yesterday on the radio Beck saying his show this week (guess he means TV) will be all about his ideas for communities (think he said) would work toward INDEPENDENCE in supplying their needs.

    It’s something I wrote about on a thread some time ago. Tune in to see what his ideas/plans are — maybe it’s working with neighbors, family, friends to help one another in a time such as this or when any crisis hits.

    We all need to be prepared. Working together against a potential enemy, FULLY AWARE, we won’t panic and hopefully will help our communities survive. It’ll be a call to faith as well. Our God will be needed more than ever. Remember the 5 loaves/2 fish feeding 5,000…”all things are possible…”

  • bg


    January 9, 2013

    Ted Nugent unloads: Gun owners the next Rosa Parks

    [“There will come a time when the gun owners of America, the
    law-abiding gun owners of America, will be the Rosa Parks and
    we will sit down on the front seat of the bus, case closed.”]

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • Look-Out

    Meant to say THANKS to JIM for reminding us of history…these are lessons we need to learn from.

  • Sam Stone

    Serious open question. If Obama goes Executive Order, that in all reality I believe can only directly effect the government, not the entire population, that is the definition of dictator.
    ‘IF he does, what do you think the judiciary branch would do? Step in? Congress? Law enforcement? This could very well get serious.

  • volk

    I thought Stalin didn’t come into power until the forties?

  • bg


    Sam Stone #19 January 9, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Obama owns the Judiciary..

    or have you forgotten that President Transparent took his sworn (or
    affirmed) oath of office behind closed doors.. we are ever so screwed
    simply due to the fact that he is not alone..

    seriously not alone, fact is, we have been deceived beyond
    recognition, Obama is the catalyst into their brave New One
    World Order construct..


  • bg


    volk #20 January 9, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    Google Stalin..


  • bg


    …. development of an interdisciplinary program in the Columbia
    curriculum dealing with peace, disarmament, and ‘world order’.



  • joyo

    Let’s be honest–if Obama were a white man, he would have already been impeached by now. I believe he was handpicked by the Progressives/one world globalists solely because of the protection his race would provide. Americans have to get pass this fear of being called a racist when our President is violating our Constitution! It is time to start thinking about impeachment.

  • Lim Lynn
    America is going the wrong direction. Barack Hussein Obama is follower Marx Lenin Hitler Stalin.

  • bg


    re: #13 January 9, 2013 at 4:00 pm bg

    just a sampling:

    January 7, 2013

    Jihad in America – The Grand Deception (Documentary)

    the MB dismantling the US from within..

    more at link, in connecting links, and scroll threads for more..


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  • bg


    Lim Lynn #25 January 9, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    yes, as are his Islamist brethren..

    bit more of much more here & here, in connecting links & threads..


  • andre

    Cain killed Abel by his hands. Another translation (Wuest) says he cut his throat.

  • Joanne

    Obama wants American’s guns NOW, because he knows that the crap is going to hit the fan soon economically, and he doesn’t want the American people armed when the place goes down.

    As for these prisoners getting a whole lot of dough, it makes me think that Americans have truly gotten so soft that no one need fear them militarily.

  • Jungle John


  • joe says

    these communistcoksukers are in for a rude awakening when TSHTF,,,,,,,

    come get em jakoffs,,,,,,

  • Lim Lynn
  • Oliver

    And don’t forget this revealing expose: Behind Obama’s Green Agenda (yes, it ties in with gun control & overpopulation and NWO ‘sustainability’). Hair-raising.

  • Oliver

    #30 Joanne – yes, it’s no coincidence that Obama announced his budget proposal will be delayed this year. You can bet there are no plans to present a budget. Ever.

    Who needs a budget when there is no economy to speak of?

    March 2012. D-Day. Pay attention to everything the WH says.

  • Oliver

    #35 – oops, March 2013.

  • Lim Lynn
  • Lim Lynn
  • Lim Lynn
  • Lim Lynn!
    War On America Continues Latest Battleground in WI, NY, and IA

  • lizzy84

    Let the March to DC begin.

  • Get ready! That executive order is coming. Hell, it’s probably already been drafted.

  • lizzy84

    the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

    the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

    the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

    the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

  • lizzy84

    Just listened to Judge Napolitano 🙂 on Fox..he said that the president alone has no authority to limit the right to bear arms. He said most of us think that what he is going to try to do is use the EPA to tax ammo. This was tried in Chicago and failed. There was a furor over it and the plan was dropped. A $25 violence tax on firearms was levied instead.

  • Lim Lynn
  • Lim Lynn

    Andrew Cuomo ALBANY, N.Y
    “I say to you forget the extremists. It’s simple — no one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer and too many people have died already,” Cuomo said.

    “End the madness now. Pass safe, reasonable gun control in the State of New York. Make this state safer. Save lives. Set an example for the rest of the nation. Let them look at New York and say this is what you can do. This is what you should do,” Cuomo said.

    The governor proposed legislation to:
    * Tighten the assault weapons ban
    * Ban all large-capacity gun clips, some that hold 100 rounds
    * Increase penalties for those who illegally buys guns, use guns on school property and who use guns in violence and drug-related gang activity

    “This is New York, the progressive capital. You show them how we lead,” Cuomo said.

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, I am prepared to sign an Executive order to take your guns… and give them to Mexican gangs where they will do the most good! I am sure Eric Holder will agree.

    My enormous Jumbo Jet is spewing fumes and David Axelrod and a new scam to shake down gun owners. It’s a variation of Joseph Stalin’s power grab scam. I cannot go into details. My last scam was very unpopular!

    Further, Hillary and I will not be available to testify about the Benghazi massacre where my ban on automatic rifles against my Muslim Freedom Fighters was in full force. I cannot answer any more questions. I might look like a two faced hypocrite! Good day

  • lizzy84

    #46 January 10, 2013 at 7:21 am
    Lim Lynn commented:

    Somebody needs to explain to progressive/socialists once and for all that the 2nd amendment does not exist so we can hunt. It exists to protect us from idjuts like Andrew Cuomo.

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  • bg


    lizzy84 #48 January 10, 2013 at 7:39 am


    Cuomo is gearing up for a run in 2016.. 🙄

    not understanding the excessive hype pertaining to gun laws by former pro,
    now anti, gun politicians , as a distraction however, it’s an excellent ploy..
    what better way to appear to be doing something that has already been
    done in order to do more in order to acquire more fire power so to speak..

    seems to me everything is a dog and pony show, they keep US
    busy with one thing, while doing other things behind our back..

    Federal Assault Weapons Ban

    [The Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB), or Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, was a subtitle of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, a federal law in the United States that included a prohibition on the manufacture for civilian use of certain semi-automatic firearms, so called “assault weapons”. The 10-year ban was passed by Congress on September 13, 1994, and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton the same day. The ban only applied to weapons manufactured after the date of the ban’s enactment.

    The Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired on September 13, 2004, as
    part of the law’s sunset provision. There have been multiple attempts
    to renew the ban, but no bill has reached the House floor for a vote.

    a False Assault on Assault Weapons

    [Machine Guns Still Illegal

    Contrary to what the ad clearly implies, any weapon that can fire 300 rounds per minute remains illegal for civilians to own without specific clearance by the US Department of Justice.

    In fact, machine guns have been tightly regulated since the passage of the National Firearms Act in 1934, in the wake of the gangster era. Legal ownership of a machine gun requires an extensive federal background check, fingerprinting, signed clearance from the chief of local law enforcement (such as a county sheriff), a $200 excise tax, and weeks of paperwork. That was true before the assault-weapon ban was enacted in 1994, and it remains true with the expiration of the ban at midnight Sept. 13, 2004.

    That’s made clear in a question-and-answer document posted Sept.
    13 on the Web site of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
    Explosives (ATF), explaining the effect of the expiration of the assault
    -weapon ban:

    ATF: All provisions of the National Firearms Act (NFA) relating to registration and transfer of machine guns . . . still apply.

    The fully automatic version of the AK47 — pictured and described
    in the ad — remains just as illegal as it was before the ban expired.


    But it is also a fact that Bush was publicly committed to sign
    an extension if Congress passed it, and it was Congress that
    failed to do so.]

    January 10, 2013

    The Obamas of The World ‘Don’t Want to Save Lives’:
    The Ted Nugent Gun Interview You’ve Been Waiting For


  • gatorD

    I keep hearing the mumbling & complaining. We worked hard to get Obamass unelected. Now depression has sit in & we feel lost. I still hear the complaints. Our representatives do nothing about Obamass’ tyranny. We are unorganized, unable to defend, unable to do anything but complain.
    What is being done, more meetings? When will congress get rid of the one destroying our Constitutional Republic. It will be gone without anything being done or even started. No one is taking charge. We continue to decline & the govt allows it. Who will step up? Who will start the impeachment? Who? Who? Who?
    Obamass is NOT defending the Constitution.

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  • Realsarkazzy

    They want to stop the shootings? The shooters are confoosed because they are raised to obey? the laws—who do they look up to ? legally immune Politicians and judicial system?.
    Years ago there were many mental hospitals-the politicians closed them to use the budget
    funds for their special projects. Or the daily media fenzies? honoring the Tarpers and
    Wall streeters? Confoosed over judicial immunities, recent supreme court rulings allowing/
    supporting the Patriot act, no warrant wire tapes, no warrant no bail arrests, ability to arrest
    a citizen without due process by just calling that person a terrorist, confoosed- corporations
    are people, confoosed over being forced to waive constituional rights-by Forced arbitration
    contract/agreement clauses by Constitutional bullies. Congress has the power to repeal
    all the above if can find time in between campaign rasing/gifts. Confoosed?? over all the
    wars we enter–the Gulf of Tonkins -the WMD Iraq-self induced cold wars by the war profiteers that have costs thousands(not 10-26) of American lives. Confoosed? that the
    politicians pocket social security trust fund . Your road/street not maintained as budgets
    used for their special projects and want national toll roads—confoosed-didn’t the citizens
    pay for those??? confoosed at all the barking and no legal force by the People? to stop it.

    Above says-can they legally force confiscation of weapons? Countries with dictators
    started that way. And the majority of the people turned in their weapons at the Demand.
    Again-Jefferson said pupose of a armed nation is to protect themselves from us(both party politicians/confoosers)

  • anonymous

    I am always amused by people who like to ignore history. Take note all of you little sheepizens! Yes it can happen to you. Resist Resist all measures to control and steal your gunsl Where are the Jewish people? I am thinking it is because all of their children have grown soft and comfortable. Your grandparents know what can happen when their protection is confiscated. They will see this for the evil it is. And look at what happened under Stalin in Russia! This is not taught in schools anymore. We are too politically correct now. Criminals and nuts do whatever they want. They always have and they always will.