Radical Leftists Trash Pro-Life Display at DePaul University

Conservative students at DePaul University marked the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade with a flag display by the campus library.

But when the conservatives came back at 5 PM to take down the display they found that radical activists had destroyed it and dumped it in trash cans. Three women were seen on camera trashing the display.

DePaul is the largest Catholic university in the US.
Todd Starnes at FOX News reported:

As many as 20 vandals destroyed an elaborate pro-life display at DePaul University, the nation’s largest Catholic university.

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter received permission to erect 500 blue and pink flags to mark the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. The flags represented the number of unborn children aborted every day.

YAF spokesperson Kate Edwards told Fox News that surveillance video shows as many as 20 people ripping up the flags and stuffing them into trash cans.

“They had been thrown and stuffed into various trash cans outside the library,” Edwards said. “If this happens on the largest Catholic university campus in our nation – it can happen anywhere.”

University spokesperson Cindy Lawson told Fox News they are investigating the vandalism and are attempting to find out who is responsible. She could not confirm the exact number of flags that were destroyed.

“DePaul has a very clear free speech policy,” Lawson said. “And although we don’t expect all of our students to be of the same mind on issues, we do stress the importance of respecting others’ right to freely express their opinions on issues.”

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  • mg4us

    Find these women. .if students. .expel them and bring vandalism charges as well as theft.

    Prosecute them to the full extent of the law. .and find out who funds them. . . and their lifestyle.

  • bg


    January 23, 2013

    “Reproductive Rights”


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  • Ghost

    Freedom for me, not for Thee

  • ‘leftists’, ‘libs’, ‘progressives’ WHATEVER they label themselves, are the most vicious hypocrites… scream and yell for everyone to accept their position (no matter what it is on) and if some others are in disagreement to them, they lash out physically (usually against the law, which of course, makes them criminals), as well as verbally with hatred. I have no idea why anyone would take them serious… they are clowns, evil, evil clowns.

  • Typical non-tolerant Leftist behavior. So little respect for other’s freedom of speech they think nothing of putting a stop to it through behavior ranging from downright violence, to death threats, to vandalism. They are no better than Communist thugs.

  • Jphat

    Like the rest of Catholicism in America, Catholic higher education has been run into the ground be leftist educators. Only 18% of Catholics attend mass weekly. Divorce rates of Catholics are equal to non-religious rates. Atheist George Soros funds Catholic groups with a leftist agenda. Clergy fear discussing the evil in politics for fear of losing tax exempt status. Democrat politicians openly attack Catholic church teachings and are not excommunicated. A majority of Catholics have voted for pro-abortion president Obama in ’08 and in ’12.

    My fellow Catholics have become just another dysfunctional family of a dysfunctional country.

  • Suprsvc01

    The leftists gave the pro-life display flags the same level of respect they give the aborted fetuses – they ripped them out and threw them into the garbage. Does this really surprise anyone?

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  • RKflorida

    If you leave a pro-life display and expect it to be there when you return, you are living on a pink, puffy la-la cloud. Why didn’t someone remain to watch the display, with a really nice camera? Or better 2 people with cameras, one to record the other in case of violence. Take this as an opportunity to catch and get a criminal record started or extended for some liberal nut jobs.

  • Mad Hatter

    The Alinsky left always talks about being open minded, but they can’t bring themselves to practice what they lecture.

  • JDR-Taq

    Wow! I said this in the new thread, too!

    Ain’t abject fascism grand?

    It’s like the perfect question lately, with the Progs’ behavior *lately.

    *And by “lately” I mean at least since their heroes, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao were alive… and having their devoted followers doing the same exact things.

  • dwdude

    bring back the old days when you would personally hunt down the perpetrators and beat the daylights out of them…the college will never punish them

  • Fuquay Steve

    If you listen really carefully I think you can here the sharpening of the guillotine.

  • Fuquay Steve

    15 , the anti- catholic site and article are not appreciated. Yes there are leftists in some diocese in the US, but they are not representative of the Catholic Church, only of secularized Catholics, that America so wanted so much and got. These are noy the whole and starting to die off. Lay off with your nonsense, it is tiresome.

  • donh

    CHUCK the Pro Life message into the GARBAGE CAN….Right on top of the warm dead fetus ripped out of the womb. ….HEIL OBAMA !

  • Milwaukee

    Franco was leading to lead Spain in civil war against the Socialist, as the Socialist were murdering nuns and priests. When the priests are socialist, will they be expecting us to protect them?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “…we do stress the importance of respecting others’ right to freely express their opinions on issues.”

    Apparently, not everyone near the university is quite on board with that…

  • Texas_Treeroach

    It’s a shame that DePaul University is located in a City that is one of the major liberal sphincters in the United States, but that’s how it is. My advise: Get out Chicago before it’s too late.

  • http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/boston-college-among-several-catholic-schools-with-pro-abortion-campus-group………including Depaul……16# not bashing any religious institution or promoting any anti-Catholic sites, just trying to understand how and why we have aloud our religious institutions to be hi-jacked by marxists

  • Fuquay Steve

    #21 Look in the mirror, Vatican II and the secular drift of the culture moved the Church in the wrong direction. Now that’s settled, let’s fix it by becoming what the church has traditionally been – the moral leader of the world. You can help by supporting the faithful parishes and priests that are working hard for the cause.

  • WillofLa

    And in the 60’s the violence of the left is why most conservative and especially Christian people just shut their mouths and minded their own business in order to keep from having confrontations with these young radicals. And the reason why is we knew they wouldn’t think twice about destroying our private property or attacking us in public, like find us eating out, they walk in and come over to the table and dump our food all over us and scream “racist” at us. Not only would it be embarrassing, but humiliating on top of it. So to avoid any situation where there might be some confrontation with these radical kids we just stayed in our homes and didn’t try to stop them. And the reason why is, we knew if we fought back by giving them tit for tat we’d be the ones arrested. And in that case if they attacked us without warning, and we paid them back to see how they liked it, they’d call a cop and we would be the one’s who got arrested. And the reason why is, the left was paying these kids to be trouble makers, and they didn’t have anything to loose by being in jail. They knew they’d only be in jail for a few days and their handlers would pay any fines or damages. If we did the same to them like find them singing their little stuid songs in the park, we’d walk up, grab the guitar out of their hands and bust that thing against a tree, when they’d call the cops we’d end up loosing our reputations, our jobs, our homes, our families, and friends and our whole lives were turned upside down. Nothing happened to the Hippies, radicals, youth. Just look at the Occupy Wall Streeter’s, hardly nothing would ever happen to any of them. If we had attacked their camps at night, they would have thrown us under the jail.

    And the same thing is going on all across the country. If the conservatives find something that these “peacenic’s” are doing and then go in a tear their stuff up, our kids would be not only tossed out of school, but face charges. If you try to get these kids thrown out of school, the school heads would find out some of their parents are big in town or up high with the state and are hard core leftists. No body wants to mess with these people because when they retaliate no one cares. When we retaliate then the leftists make a huge deal out of it and we end up loosing everything.

    See, we don’t have any radicals we can hire to do stuff to the other side. We are to law abiding and lawful. We have homes and jobs and reputations. The other side has nothing to loose. That’s how they get the best of us everytime, and have since 1963.

  • WillofLa

    Maybe it would be best if everything was “equal”. That way we wouldn’t have anything to loose just like them. Or let me restate that. When everything is turned upside down and they loose their support systems and have to suffer anything that happens to them just like we had happen to us when we HAD something to loose, then, and only then will we be able to go after them full force and not have to worry about anything they might do to us, because they won’t be able to do anything to us anymore. Then they will pay, and pay big time for what they have done to this country.

    And the reason why is, their handler’s aren’t going to take these radicals with them when they haul ass out of the way. Just like Communists and Nazi’s have done in the past, their useful idiots are left behind to suffer the wrath of those these little cowards pestered and got away with it. They won’t get away then and they will get what’s coming to them!!

  • WillofLa

    The school won’t be able to do anything about these little bastards because the left will see to it they are lawyered up before anyone can lift a finger. Isn’t that the way they always do? I’m not being overly pessimistic, I’m being realistic based on what is going on in our government. Obama isn’t qualified to be a candidate based on the Constitutional qualifications of both parents have to be citizen’s. Only one was. And now Hillary Clinton is bad mouthing the Senate investigation committee in order to intimidate them when she should be in a orange jump suit, and Obama. They’re not. And the FBI acts like they have no idea what they can do. Really?

  • liberals don’t believe in freedom they believe in government control. you only have the right to believe what liberals tell you can believe. thats liberation!

  • Lim Lynn

    Radical Leftists Trash Pro-Life Display at DePaul University
    Opps that happens when Socialist Democrat Commie sees any Pro Life anywhere they go.

  • its a “woman’s right” to tear down anti-abortion displays.

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  • burt

    The last time I checked, it’s been awhile, there were 27 members of the House and Senate of the United States that claimed to be Catholics. All 27 were Pro-choice!

  • umm, duh?

    “The flags represented the number of unborn children aborted every day.” What else would you expect libtards, the defenders of the children and all things holy, to do other than snap them in half and throw in the garbage?? That’s what they do with real unborn children so why not also inanimate objects representing them.