PRAVDA WARNED US: “Don’t Let Them Take Your Guns!”

Stalin did it.
Hitler did it.
Now, Obama wants to take your guns.

Drudge Goes There–

Pravda warned us about this…
Don’t let them take your guns.

Under the Tsar, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. (Zinnfigur)

Pravda just warned Americans last week, “Never give up your guns.”

These days, there are few few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bare arms and use deadly force to defend one’s self and possessions.

This will probably come as a total shock to most of my Western readers, but at one point, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. This was, of course, when we were free under the Tsar. Weapons, from swords and spears to pistols, rifles and shotguns were everywhere, common items. People carried them concealed, they carried them holstered. Fighting knives were a prominent part of many traditional attires and those little tubes criss crossing on the costumes of Cossacks and various Caucasian peoples? Well those are bullet holders for rifles.

Various armies, such as the Poles, during the Смута (Times of Troubles), or Napoleon, or the Germans even as the Tsarist state collapsed under the weight of WW1 and Wall Street monies, found that holding Russian lands was much much harder than taking them and taking was no easy walk in the park but a blood bath all its own. In holding, one faced an extremely well armed and aggressive population Hell bent on exterminating or driving out the aggressor.

This well armed population was what allowed the various White factions to rise up, no matter how disorganized politically and militarily they were in 1918 and wage a savage civil war against the Reds. It should be noted that many of these armies were armed peasants, villagers, farmers and merchants, protecting their own. If it had not been for Washington’s clandestine support of and for the Reds, history would have gone quite differently.

Moscow fell, for example, not from a lack of weapons to defend it, but from the lieing guile of the Reds. Ten thousand Reds took Moscow and were opposed only by some few hundreds of officer cadets and their instructors. Even then the battle was fierce and losses high. However, in the city alone, at that time, lived over 30,000 military officers (both active and retired), all with their own issued weapons and ammunition, plus tens of thousands of other citizens who were armed. The Soviets promised to leave them all alone if they did not intervene. They did not and for that were asked afterwards to come register themselves and their weapons: where they were promptly shot.

Of course being savages, murderers and liars does not mean being stupid and the Reds learned from their Civil War experience. One of the first things they did was to disarm the population. From that point, mass repression, mass arrests, mass deportations, mass murder, mass starvation were all a safe game for the powers that were. The worst they had to fear was a pitchfork in the guts or a knife in the back or the occasional hunting rifle. Not much for soldiers…

Read the whole thing here.

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  • Sam Stone

    If Obama takes the Executive Order action, will there be millions of Americans in civil disobedience or will there be a civil war to protect our Constitution?

    The ball is in Obama’s court.

  • bg


    GOP governor: Obama ‘minister of God’

    [Barack Obama is “an appointed minister of God to do what is
    good,” according to the prayer of Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell
    at the Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast held at the Richmond,
    Va., convention center.]

    [“While brave young Virginia men and women are risking their lives to fight
    terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, Connolly, Moran and Kaine are yucking it
    up with them and slapping each other on the back over at the Marriott,”
    charged VAST Chairman James Lafferty.

    He noted that the three politicians’ campaign war chests are
    heavily funded by radical Islamists who support the mosque.

    example 1:

    “The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will
    in fact become like the Ten Commandments”

    ~ Maurice Strong

    “Today, the responsibility, which used to be laid at
    the door of God, is fastened on the shoulders of man.”

    The Second Successor of the Promised Messiah

    example 2:


    “I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

    ‘We are God’s partners in matters of life and death’

    ‘my individual salvation is not gonna come about
    without a collective salvation for the country’ ….


    you’re SHOCKED!?

    hah, you’re kidding me..

    i mean, it’s not like i haven’t been outlining and the plan
    and filling in the script scenarios for several years now.. 🙄


  • bg


    re: #2 January 9, 2013 at 1:56 pm bg

    MB & US GOV

    He said neither Republicans nor Democrats want to protest
    too loudly over concerns of being branded intolerant.]

    BS, they’re laughing all the way to their Sharia Compliant Banks.. 😡

    PS: Biden: ‘Executive action’ can be taken on guns

    [Mi>“We’re here today to deal with a problem that requires immediate action, urgent action,” Biden said at the start of a meeting with leaders from gun control groups and several victims of gun violence.

    “The president is going to act. There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet, but we’re compiling it all … as well as legislative action, we believe, is required,” he said.]


  • wtd

    Former Navy Seal and author, Matt Bracken writes an open letter to all personnel involved in security titled, “Dear Mr. Security Agent”.

    Quotable quote from Mr. Bracken’s eloquent letter:

    “the average number of victims per incident when the shooter is stopped by an armed civilian: three. The average number of victims when the shooter is stopped by a policeman: fourteen.”

    Also, here are two links to videos which clearly illustrate the content of Mr. Bracken’s letter:

    First, the historic record
    1. Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control – FULL LENGTH

    followed by an illustration of how, here in the USA, weapon confiscation CAN AND HAS TAKEN PLACE RECENTLY:
    2. Video illustrating gun confiscation @ Katrina

  • Oliver


    – Where are the internet server records for Adam Lanza?
    – Why would someone who knew he was going to end up dead take the time to destroy his hard drive?

    Until we know what (or more likely WHO) planted the idea in Adam’s sick little head, any discussion of gun control / confiscation is premature at best, and completely suspect at worst.


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  • Smarty

    Tyranny anyone? And some folks thought voting for a black man, any black man, would be “good for race relations and the country”. We elected a man who wants to be the dictator of a third world country and he is half way there- taking over industry, control of a compliant media, attacks on the rich AND the middle class, rule by executive order and the stacking of regulatory commissions. Oh yeah, race relations are worse too…

  • O/T

    ‘*Graphic* The Conditions at This MI Abortion Clinic Were So ‘Dangerous’ & ‘Disgusting’ It Was Shut Down’

    Typical Abortion Mill

    Although not really off topic as Hitler killed the unborn as much as the born and leftists like Obama still do..

  • Joanne

    #4 – wtd – watched the second video of the confiscation of arms after Katrina, and what people need to do is have the back of other gun owners. When those government hired thugs confiscated gun with their assault weapons pointed at Americans, Americans should have come up behind them, and pointed their guns at them and made citizens’ arrests. There is no law to state Americans must give up their guns. An executive order or any order does not override Americans’ rights to possess arms. The people better start standing up to the dictator and his communist traitors. There is plenty of history showing what happens to a nation that gives up their arms. People should be holding meetings and preparing for the inevitable – even if it means using a smoke signal as a cry for help.

  • bobdog

    The bloody shame of it all is that it’s PRAVDA providing better journalism on this issue than we can expect from our own media.

    Think about that for a second.

    Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy. I have a feeling we ain’t in Kansas any more.

  • Oliver

    #4 and #9 – all good arguments, but seriously, you’re wasting your breath. Facts & stats mean nothing to bleeding hearts fueled by emotion and the vision of all those dead children.

    To be clear I should have said, all those dead children in Sandyhook, not all those dead children in Mexico killed by FF guns, or all those dead children in the Middle East killed by drones, or all those dead babies killed by Planned Parenthood.

    Team O, it appears, has a serious case of “selective outrage”.

  • wtd

    #9 Under normal circumstances there would have been backup, but in the situation during Katrina, communications were down, travel was difficult and in many cases, dangerous. Neighbors fled prior to the storm. Just one example of the circumstances under which the gun takers succeed.

    The point of posting the video was to illustrate that gun confiscation can and has happened recently here in the United States. It’s not an issue of “if” but “when” it will happen again.

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  • Sam Stone

    This is the best line form the great piece. It is the last line.

    “So, do not fall for the false promises and do not extinguish the light that is left to allow humanity a measure of self respect.”

    From a Russian. Ironic.

  • Sam Stone

    From the article “While President Putin pushes through reforms, the local authorities, especially in our vast hinterland, do not feel they need to act like they work for the people. They do as they please, a tyrannical class who knows they have absolutely nothing to fear from a relatively unarmed population. This in turn breeds not respect but absolute contempt and often enough, criminal abuse.”

    WE ALL see this and could apply it to our own local and state governments! No difference. CONTEMPT for the people.

  • bg


    January 9, 2013

    Ted Nugent unloads: Gun owners the next Rosa Parks

    [“There will come a time when the gun owners of America, the
    law-abiding gun owners of America, will be the Rosa Parks and
    we will sit down on the front seat of the bus, case closed.”]

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..



    Leaked documents indicate HOLDER plans forced sterilization of gun owners!!!!!!!

  • bg


    #17 January 9, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    good idea, always wondered if
    they made them tex sized.. 😉


  • Sam Stone

    JEHOVA, when Cuomo talks “confiscation” and Feinstein talks “registration”, and others lower on the totem pole are talking the same, and Gifford’s and her new group, Biden talking EO, why don’t you believe them? I do. I believe them and that’s the problem.
    It is about time those willing to violate others rights are honest about their intentions.
    They will not accept citizens, we must be subjects.

  • bg


    17 January 9, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    here ya go Joe..

    [But the dominant feature is a fierce hatred of anything capitalistic-
    individualistic profit seeking, large scale enterprise, banks, joint-stock
    companies, department stores, “international finance and loan capital,”
    the system of “interest slavery” in general; the abolition of these is
    described as the “basis of the programme, around which everything else
    turns.” It was to this programme that the masses of the German people,
    who were already completely under the influence of collectivist ideas,
    responded so enthusiastically.

    That this violent anti-capitalistic attack is genuine, and not a mere
    piece of propaganda, becomes as clear from the personal history of
    the intellectual leaders of the movement as from the general milieu
    from which it springs. It is not even denied that many of the young
    men who today play a prominent part in it have previously been
    communists or socialists.]

    bit more here, in connecting links & threads..

    “When the revolution comes…”

    [That take was quickly reinforced on Tuesday, when Obama, almost chastising his angry left-wing base for not understanding political realities, analogized Republicans to “hostage-takers,” holding Obama and America and its poor and proletariat ransom to tax cuts for the bloody rich. The president bemoaned his moral dilemma, forced as he was to “negotiate” with Republicans, who kneel before what Obama described as “their Holy Grail”: “tax cuts for the wealthy.” It was a stunning metaphor, and rather offensive: That cup overfloweth, apparently, with the real presence of the blood of the workers, which Republicans and their loyal factory bosses and greedy landlords slurp up from the fruits of the assembly line.]

    [Boss and Obama, however, had a starkly different view. They believed that the economic stresses of the Carter years meant revolution was still imminent. The election of Reagan was simply a minor set-back in terms of the coming revolution. As I recall, Obama repeatedly used the phrase “When the revolution comes….” In my mind, I remember thinking that Obama was blindly sticking to the simple Marxist theory that had characterized my own views while I was an undergraduate at Occidental College. “There’s going to be a revolution,” Obama said, “we need to be organized and grow the movement.” In Obama’s view, our role must be to educate others so that we might usher in more quickly this inevitable revolution.]

    bit more here & here, in connecting links & threads..

    you do believe Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama by
    any other factual, fictitious, or composite names, don’t you?? /s/


  • joyo

    Yesterday, the news reported that Planned Parenthood has killed almost 1 MILLION infants in the past three years. Why isn’t the President concerned about that?

  • bg


    joyo #21 January 9, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    you mean our Infanticidal, Euthanasia, and
    Genocide proponent President Obama?? /s/

    January 7, 2013

    Planned Parenthood’s New Annual Report:
    We Did 333,964 Abortions; 1 Every 94 Seconds


  • dwdude

    bring it…he’ll even divide his security personnel and obama won’t survive his term. crucial stand down by security at an inopportune moment is all it takes. molon labe, mf

  • john graham


  • feduptoo

    Here is something else from Pravda…something I have always believed:

    For years, the Elites of the West have cranked up the myth of Man Made Global Warming as a means first and foremost to control the lives and behaviors of their populations.

    Knowing full well that their produce in China and sell in the West model and its consequent spiral downward in wages and thus standards of living, was unsustainable, the elites moved to use this new “science” to guilt trip and scare monger their populations into smaller and more conservatives forms of living.

    In other words, they coasted them into the poverty that the greed and treason of those said same elites was already creating in their native lands.

    But I never believed it was for global warming…..I believe it was because the UN has always thought the USA was too rich, and therefore, our jobs and our money was shipped to foreign countries! Kudos to Pravda for bringing it up anyway!

  • AuntieMadder

    Screw Pravda. They’re still the propaganda arm of Communism, which, regardless of what you’ve been told, is still alive and well in Russia. After the fall of the USSR, the Commies went underground to regroup. They emerged with a shiny new gift for the Russians called Vladimir Putin.

    The Commies, led in Russia by Putin and in the US Demonrat Party by Putin’s b*tch, Kenya Boy, would love nothing more for America than a violent revolution, a second civil war, American patriots against American Commies. Pravda online is being used to help incite violence with stories and reports such as this one and those on Kenya Boy’s ineligibility.

    Pravda is not your friend. Don’t believe me? Then go read some of the other pieces at the site, the ones that make the US out to be the enemy and the instigator of other nations.

    Don’t let them take your guns, but not because Pravda said so.

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  • Rachell Towns

    There’s a great video ln youtube. Don’t Touch Our Guns!

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