Pope Benedict XVI Tweets His Support for 40th Annual March for Life in Washington DC Today

The 40th March for Life is being held today in Washington DC.
Here’s the Facebook page.

Lifesite News has a schedule of today’s events.

Organizers say today’s rally in the nation’s capital may bring more anti-abortion activists to the streets than last year’s estimated 400,000.

Pope Benedict XVI tweeted out his support for the march early this morning.

The United States experienced its 55 millionth legal abortion at some point the past year.

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  • JDR-Taq

    “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

    Philippians 4:8 KJV

    It’s really hard to do this lately. Paul is telling the new church at Philippi, and us, to just be at peace, and think happy thoughts about true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and reputable things, while being marched to the trains and the showers, while witnessing blindness and apathy among even the people we know and love.

    Very hard to do, especially when you start your day with Drudge, Doug Ross’s “Larwyn’s Linx”, TGP, AoSHQ, the Treehouse, and more.

    So very hard. I guess just read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and realize that these bodies are just vessels, and that our “persons” will continue on, after the world disposes of us.

  • JDR-Taq

    “The United States experienced its 55 millionth legal abortion at some point the past year.”

    An example: “whatsoever is just” is that America’s being judged, and God is just. Whatever atrocious things the Former Republic called The United States of America is about to perform on its citizens, is our sentence.

    Happy thoughts!

  • lincoln’s widow

    Newt sez: “don’t worry be happy” to GOP.

    CHARLOTTE — Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich channeled his inner Bobby McFerrin and encouraged Republicans to “be a happy party”


  • JDR-Taq


    That might just be the first appropriate comment to a thread I’ve ever seen you post.

    Goes along nicely with Philippians 4:8, no?

    Us “Jews” will be singing while the increasingly-angry Nazis do what they do best to us.

    “There are other worlds than this.” — Stephen King, in a brief moment of clarity.

  • lincoln’s widow

    In other news: buybull exposed as a collection of fairytales written by wandering arabs two thousand years ago.

  • JDR-Taq


    I remember being incarcerated for an evening when I was 21. “Protective Custody”, they called it. Me and a buddy (he was driving) tried to outrun the cops late one 4th of July, after the cops broke up a house party, in a Dodge Colt. It was in the suburbs outside a big city. Took a left, left, right, left (something along those lines). Pulled into a driveway and ducked.

    My buddy left his foot on the brake.

    Drunk as I was, they took me in and I spent the night on a concrete slab.

    Also at the time, Bobby McFerrin was both mine and my buddy’s favorite singer — we were quite into his live performance. He’s still my favorite male vocalist, bar none, including even those who are long gone. I aspired (and still do) to do what he has done.

    I spent the night in jail singing and beat-boxing. In the morning, the shift changed and I heard the cop who had been on duty tell the other one, “Damn that dude in holding is a pretty rhythmic m’fer!”

    Because you know what? Might as well just sing.

  • JDR-Taq

    Amazing, isn’t it, l.w.?

    Folks like us will cheerfully allow ourselves to be murdered by folks like you.

    Burned at the stake. Made to fight in gladiatorial combat with wild animals. Drawn and quartered. Beheaded. Crucified.

    All actions, by both parties (me and you), because of a simple “fairy tale”.

  • JDR-Taq

    And even as you pull the knife out, my death-rattle will be “I love you still.”

  • JDR-Taq

    In other news:

    Then there’s εὐαγγέλιον. Some news is better than other news.

  • lincoln’s widow

    ::blows a kiss to JDR::

  • JDR-Taq

    Proverbs 27:6 KJV

    “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”

    Luke 22:47,48

    47 And while he yet spake, behold a multitude, and he that was called Judas, one of the twelve, went before them, and drew near unto Jesus to kiss him.

    48 But Jesus said unto him, Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?

  • susan d

    The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church is disgusting. 40 years of screaming against abortion-yet what church honors pro-abortion Democrats with PHDs, etc. more than the Catholic Church? The priests bang the average Catholic in the pew over the head with canon law which is never enforced for VICs-very important Catholics such as Pelosi, Biden, and Cuomo. Why is there Obamacare? Because 30 supposedly pro-life Democrats chose a new messiah over God. Why was he re-elected? Because 25% of the pro-life Catholic vote choose Democrats and abortion over life-that was the swing vote. Yet here, the Pope wrings his hands when there are actual consequences that he could take which he refuses to do.

    To every pro-life Catholic out there-we are here because your Church has been sabotaging the pro-life cause for 40 years. Your Church is not ministering to pro-abortion Catholic politicians-it is honoring them.


    Supporting the pro-life cause with Catholics is like depending on the fox to watch the henhouse.

    We are not allies anymore.

  • JDR-Taq

    Sorry for hogging the thread, but apparently I’m the only one here with a day off.

    Pope Benedict: The Virtual Is Real


    I wish I could be so bold in my real life. Composing a sentence takes time. Like Moses, I cannot speak. So I write. To people who, like me, hide behind nics like “lincoln’s widow” and “JDR-Taq”, who, for the most part — discounting bots and paid trolls — are actual people with real souls.

  • JDR-Taq

    Susan: find a diocese that hasn’t been infiltrated by marxist-homosexualists, that still practices the pre-1967 Latin mass. One that still understands what is true, holy, and sacred.

    It’s not the church itself, it’s the intentional infiltration that began in the late-60’s by the marxists and the homosexualists — and ultimately, by Satan — that led to what you describe.


    Read everything Ann Barnhardt wrote in the last few months on the Catholic church. Just scroll down, and read.

  • susan d

    JDR: it does not matter what diocese you go to-the Church refuses to do it’s job and actively honors pro-abortion Catholic Democrats.
    When the Church has a choice between Christ and Marx, it chooses Marx in the name of Christ.
    It has sabotaged the pro-life movement

  • Christopher Berthiaume

    Feminists, baby butchers, and sodomites are all satanic attacks on the God ordained institutions of marriage and the traditional family. These despicable miscreants are an abomination to good Christians and a stench in the nostrils of God, because they stink to high heaven. They should all be exterminated by the government tomorrow morning. Stoning is an execution method that works for me. However, I am not picky about it. Electrocution, hanging, and firing squads are also effective. See, we have many fine deals. Pick one.

  • Lou

    I am a Catholic and the priests in my parish are as pro-life as you can get and they are not afraid to share their beleifs with us!

  • Candy

    So what do you do Susan D? Are you waiting until they cull their percentages of ‘those who they deem unfit, unproductive, think differently’?

    Will you be one of the remaining citizens they force to the camps as witness to what went on under their noses… and did nothing?

    Will you be the one pointing at the Cathedral screaming, my priest didn’t say anything, he was busy with the Commies betraying our people, so I got used to the stench and ashes.

    Sister in Christ, no one has time for your rants. Tell people why they don’t have social security and their borders are run over (yep, the church has a lot to do with that too). Tell them why there are more non-men out there who don’t take care of their responsibilities (women too). Tell them they killed their social security net. Tell them when you kill babies don’t preach anti-war or killing another human being. This is why it’s easy to see porn using children, them raped, killed and thrown away like trash… because they are thrown away like trash before birth. This is why women and children are sold into sex-slavery. This is why the ‘survivors’ of abortion and our culture shoot up schools and their parents. It could’ve been them.

    If no one saw it when a non-terminal woman starved to death for 13 days, I don’t know what to tell them.

    We have someone wrecking the finances, censoring speech, taking guns and expanding abortion, euthanasia through a health bill. Does that conjure up any past history?

    If you support life, say it with your voice.

    If you are Catholic, what are you doing about it in your parish? Have you dressed you priests down? I have, and will do it again.

    We believe in Christ, not men.

    Note: There are more Baptist, Assembly of God, etc. participating in the March for Life these last years. There are also, as of last year, those who are attempting to co-op the March. Turn to EWTN’s channel or watch online (www.ewtn.com), you will see the two specific signs that give it away.

    One abortion every 94 seconds per Planned Parenthood’s last report.

    Gotta go, the Orthodox are chanting… divine.

  • L_Dave

    My parish in the Midwest has always had openly pro-life and conservative priests. We have grown in number every year that I’ve attended..

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Lou @11:26AM & L_Dave @12:12PM

    Y’all are so blessed. You can count on loud clanging when it comes to “Social Justice issues” in many of the parishes in my part of the country.

    HHS Mandate? Private property rights? The Lord loves cheerful givers? Abortion? Sin? Death? Judgement? Hell? What’s that all about?

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  • Fuquay Steve

    Susan – the Church only fails if you allow it to. We are part of the mystical body of Christ and we can not give up. Are there fellow members who needs conversion? Absolutely but Christ came not to preach to sycophants but to sinners. With the grace from God through our Blessed Mary, those in need of conversion can and will happen. Be a vital part of the mystical body and not separate, it does not help anyone, in the short term or for eternity.

  • susan d

    I am not on a rant. I have had a veil lifted from my face as to who is on the pro-life side-it is not the Catholic Church.

    We are now at a different time. The moment against stopping abortion is now past-brought to you by the pro-life Catholics who vote for Democrats and gave us Obamacare. We have to take legal abortion entirely off the political table and focus on maintaining our civil rights, which the Democrats are now in the process of eliminating-including our right to religion. Look at it historically-there was a point where it was impossible to stop the Holocaust politically-that did not stop people from saving others from it. Saving people could not be done legally. We have to take on the entire political structure and focus on defeating Marxists/Democrats. We also need to know who really undermining everything-at this point, it is the Catholic Church and their constant pasive/aggressive behavior towards Democrats.

    So you dress down your priests? So what? You have no control over them or the your bishops. As long as you stay a member, they really do not care.

    Speaking of rants, what effects have you had with those priests?

  • Jackson

    Susan D., don’t confuse the holy mother church with individual priests or local parishes. Or simply take a deep breath.

  • susan d

    Sure, Jackson, I’ll take a deep breath-as I watch the country I know and love go down the drain because of the duplicious behavior of so-called Christian people.

    Not too patronizing, are you?

  • Candy

    Susan d, who is it then? Is it you?

    Are you saying because it’s now legal, give up re: Nazi analogy (which was legal, according to their laws/see 1938 vs. laws now pushed by our president).

    So I guess, like you, instead of adding anything positive to change the situation, whether experience, ideas or a prayer, i’ll just sit here and not only do nothing, but spew about it.

    Sweetheart, I don’t aim to ‘control’ priests or anyone else, God’s job. But I do pray for them as well as pray up before I rail on them… in love. I let them know you can’t stand before the Lord on judgement and say you didn’t know. I also put a stop to the Marx alliance, busing re: illegals when some don’t have the gumption to get off their butts to do their duty at the nursing homes (Jesus didn’t have a day off). God forgive me scandal, but i’m not having it.

    On the priests:

    Three gone (one at CU looking after retired priest place; One left to teach and before he even started, pop died, mom got sick, had to take care of her; One is in Africa mulling his vocation; two converted, to the point of homilies (not just during October, January), youth groups, constant shelter donation of items, processions and helping collect for crisis pregnancy centers (crochet blankets, pennies in baby bottles, cake sales, etc., and I hit at least 16 parishes in a month. More important, i’m here for those who are and were teenagers with children (babysit, milk, diapers, onesies, day to day).

    Oh, and I am a regular at the Archdiocese and am infamous at stalling Cardinal Dolan after he says Mass at St. Pat’s. I call, write and have attended USCCB to rip not only the Pro Life Committee bishops, but all of them on CCHD and other issues.

    Didn’t want to go there, but you asked. The Lord knows what I do.

    Maybe it’s a convert thing.

    Okay, now what do you d?

    Would you like to do something relevant outside, through social media together? I’m in..

  • Marsh626

    How strange that you didn’t write a blog condemning his support for gun control in America. Being a Catholic isn’t an excuse to cover up his libtard views.

  • susan d

    I think all of your volunteer work is wonderful and very giving. I also appreciate your trying to get the priests on the proper pro-life path.
    I am a RN and was a hospice nurse for 6 years-needless to say, I do know something about suffering and the slippery slope we are going down.
    The conscience clause was lost by the passing of Obamacare with your pro-life Catholic Democrats and enforced by Sebelius. I can see a future where nurses like me will be forced to assist with abortions every so often to maintain our licenses-it can happen. The reality is that there are 2 courses-fight politically to change abortion laws and get defeated once again, allowing Democrats to take every single freedom we have (which they are in the process of doing) or take abortion off the table politically and fight to keep what rights we have-especially freedom of religion and the getting back conscience clause. The Holocaust was defeated because nazism was stopped, not because the Nuremberg laws were changed. I do not like giving up politically on abortion but no one can stop people from protesting and prayer outside abortion mills. Realistically, this fight has been going on for 40 years and we have won nothing and are now in a place where we could lose all of our freedoms. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We have to fight socialism/marxism the best way we can and with the weapons at hand.

    I have much enjoyed communicating with you and I think the social media stuff would be great although I am not very good at it…

  • OZZY

    Is it “just me”?Why is the sign…. totally in ENGLISH?????

  • JDR-Taq


    Firstly: I believe, given the eleven words and randomly placed punctuation you have provided, that you are, in fact, the REAL OZZY! Sweet! Ozzy Osborne Reads TGP!

    Secondly: It’s not a sign, man. It’s a tweet. The Pope is fluent in 6 languages. And is a proponent of using these technologies (like Twitter, for example) to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I’m diggin’ this Pope. Because he’s right.

  • JDR-Taq


    You should give Alice Cooper a ring. He’ll put you some knowledge.