Obama Heaps Praise on Hillary Clinton in “60 Minutes” Interview (Video)

President Obama Heaped Praise on Hillary Clinton in first-ever joint interview on ’60 Minutes’
Barack Obama said, “Hillary Clinton will go down as one of the finest Secretary of States we’ve had.”
Rand Paul disagrees.

The full interview, including all of the softball questions, will be aired tomorrow night.

Obama also said that Hillary deserves to rest “for a little bit.”
You can read into that what you want.

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  • K

    Do you think Hillary Clinton would be unbeatable if she ran in 2016 no matter who the republican nominee is?

  • midusdew

    both should be rotting in jail…

  • stuart

    K#2 You’re assuming that there will be a Republican nominee, or an election for that matter.
    OK I take back the comment on the 2016 election. There will be one held after all. Got to keep up appearances. After all they even had elections of a sort in the old Soviet Union.

  • USMC Thomas

    “One of the finest”… jumped the shark SØBama superlative.

  • Stella Baskomb

    “Barack Obama said, “Hillary Clinton will go down as one of the finest Secretary of States we’ve had.”

    Really Mr Adjunct Perfesser of Constitutional Misreading?


    I can think of 17 former Secretaries of State- including 4 who subsequently because President – that are far superior to Hillary in terms of their actual, you know, accomplishments. It is grossly unfair to Hillary that she be compared to any of these 17. I’m confident there are more than a dozen others who are her equal if not her better.

    So Hillary likely ranks no higher than 18th and most likely below 30th place.

    btw, here’s my list of 17:

    John Jay
    Thomas Jefferson
    John Marshall
    James Madison
    James Monroe
    John Quincy Adams
    Daniel Webster
    Elihu Root
    Wm Jennings Bryan
    Henry Stimson
    Cordell Hull
    George Marshall
    Dean Acheson
    John Foster Dulles
    Henry Kissinger
    James Baker
    Colin Powell

    It occurs to me that our sly wordsmith President means Hillary is one of the best Secretaries of State HE has had. Well, I guess that’s arguable and is a far superior proposition than claiming she is one of the best America ever had.

  • donh

    ” Obama also said that Hillary deserves to rest “for a little bit.” ….You can read into that what you want. ”

    …> http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/images/rip-tombstone.jpg

    She has 6 months to live.

  • Lim Lynn

    Traitor in Chief delighted Hillary acted the right way to protect his vulnerable side. Sigh bad days ahead.

  • BarbaraS

    Well, she was a good little soldier who did what she was told to do. I guess in his eyes that makes her the best. One wonders what obama has on the clintons to make them toe the mark like they have. OTOH, dims stick together and praise each other even when they hate each other’s guts or preceive them as being a competiter. After all, they have the same goal… to destroy the US as we know it. Ideologically, they are soul mates…both communists.

  • Highlander

    A nastier, more evil woman would be hard to imagine. If she even comes close to the White House, I’ll puke …

  • eatmelickmebiteme

    The exchange of body fluids happened off camera.

  • Lim Lynn

    If Hillary Clinton and Traitor in Chief lies we have a major problem
    11 Projects Biometrics.

  • Amash

    Look at the woman. I can’t see 20 something’s running in droves to vote their grandmother into office. I know. She’ll promise free birth control, gay marriage, Julia, etc. Jugears was hip to them. Shrilary has the hips in this case. Stranger things have happened, but we’d have an old lady in the WH. And Biden. Come on! He has to campaign, which means talk all he time. Flubs can’t help himself. He’ll screw up.
    By the way, I appreciate the heads-up on 60 Minutes. I made a pledge to never hear Jugear’s voice again, even when flipping channels. You helped me avoid that crucial error.

  • Mary

    She protected his backside re Benghazi. He’s grateful. Yada Yada.

  • Sasja

    One thing she is good at and that’s going out and lying for the men in her life. They found a useful tool in this faux feminist.

  • rolling thunder

    The Muslim Brotherhood never had a better friend in America than Hillary. Americans were shortchanged, the Muslim Brotherhood wasn’t.

  • jony101

    if the whitehouse legalizes the 20 million illegals it will be the end of the republican party. Mexicans always vote democrat for there free foodstamps. Hilary might end up the next president by default since the republicans will never win again.

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  • donh

    Exactly #16…and I doubt they can risk allowing this woman to live on once out of power…. seeing what she has seen…knowing what she knows ….Even if Hillary is a fully proven and trusted grand high witch in sworn allegiance to Satan …Even if she has raised the blood of aborted babies in a chalice to graven images of the devil and drunk it down with fiendish laughter….they just can’t risk what she might slip by mistake….Surely someone like Huma Abadeen has been slowly mixing the the anti freeze into her coffee for months now , and it won’t be long for her to get her ” little bit of rest “

  • Crazy

    Rest, you bet he says she needs rest. He wants her as far away as possible from any questions that any one could ask after her sham of a congressional hearing. She made herself look like the crazy bat she is. Her outburst was the link that conclusively defined her bat azz crazy mind. She was in no frame of mind to lead the thousands she did. H, overwhelmed that she could not read the pleas from the embassy in Bengaszi, from Stevens, begging for his life, security. She ignored his emails. Said so herself, she never read them, hmm where was she that she did not read them. Why not, is she bat azz crazy not to ? Your over some one in an area, country as violitle as Bengazi and your not reading telegraphs, intel, emails.. Your crazy, not incompetent. You sat in congressional hearing, laughing, some points hysterically, while others did not, while questions, remarks did not call for outbursts of laughter, no jokes were told. This was a very serious hearing. One where lives were brutally taken by terrorist because of crazy people like you. You decided to ignore their danger and decided doing nothing to help them was the better policy and watching their death in live time was your midnight at the theatre, family night showing. Your gathering around to watch the greatest show on earth in live time was a thrill only crazy, demented people as you and others you protect could ever believe to be normal. You are not normal, none of you are, your bat azz crazy, and you need to be checked immediately, medically, for brain dysfunction. Because any patriotic citizen, person would never stand by and watch the death of others on a TV monitor and be sane. One flew over the cooko’s nest..in real time..