Obama Calls on Americans to Stand Up to NRA! (Video)


Obama goes after the nation’s largest Second Amendment group.
Barack Obama called on All Americans to stand up to the NRA today during his press conference on gun control.

Transcript via Think Progress:

OBAMA: The only way we will be able to change is if their audience, their constituents, their membership says, this time must be different, that this time we must do something to protect our communities and our kids. I will put everything I’ve got into this, and so will Joe. I will put everything I’ve got into this, and so will Joe. But I tell you, the only way we can change is if the American people demand it.

And, like clockwork, the Obama-media falls in line…
Bob Schieffer Likens Obama ‘Taking on the Gun Lobby’ to Hunt for Bin Laden, ‘Defeating the Nazis’

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  • Ella

    Everone, make an effort to have friends and family join the NRA.

  • Marcy

    “But I tell you, the only way we can change is if the American people demand it.”


  • redc1c4

    i’m the NRA, Barry: bite me.

    you want to crack down on illegal trafficking in weapons, arrest Eric Holder, release the documents on your “Fast & Furious” program, then turn yourself in for murder, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, illegal exportation of weapons, and treason.

  • rolling thunder

    Ah yes! Go after the legal gun owners, not the gang members, go after the law-abiding hunters, not the drug dealers with guns. So typically Marxist.

  • TehAdmiral

    RULE 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.

  • george

    I stood up to the NRA…oh wait I mean I stood up for the NRA. I signed up for five more years and my wife too…

  • Lim Lynn

    History most valuable lesson. Insurrection, Revolution and Civil War.

  • Patty

    Oh, how I blame the voters so much for what they have done, also, to this nation. The ignorant and bleeding heart American Voters.

  • GotFreedom


    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA said. . .”And so what we should be thinking about is our responsibility to care for them and shield them from harm. And give them the tools they need to grow up and do everything that they are capable of doing, not only to pursue their own dreams, but to help build this country. This is our first task as a society, keeping our children safe”. . .http://foxnewsinsider.com/2013/01/16/transcript-read-president-obam

    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. . .you want to “shield them from harm”. . .stop supporting abortions!

    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. . .you want to “give them the tools they need to grow up and do everything that they are capable of doing”. . .then stop supporting abortions which kill children and never lets them grow up to “do everything that they are capable of doing”!

    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. . .if it is the country’s “first task” to keep our children safe. . .stop supporting abortions!

    “America’s Culture Of Death: We Need Abortion Control, Not Gun Control”

    “America does not have a gun problem; we have an apathy problem. Our consciences have been seared, and protecting the innocent is no longer a priority. We have become desensitized to evil, the very evil that has led to life being devalued in the United States. If polls show that the majority of American citizens do not approve of taxpayer funding of abortion, why do we continually pay for this brutal act? If the average American doesn’t speak up, at least Christians should”. . .

    . . .”Ninety-six. Remember this number. A baby is aborted at a Planned Parenthood facility somewhere in America every 96 seconds. In that same amount of time, Planned Parenthood receives about $1,056 taxpayer dollars. That equals eleven dollars a second and allows them to abort 910 lives every day. How did it get to the point in America where we kill our own and call it a choice? It sure did not happen overnight, but it does occur – Every 96 seconds”. . .

    Please contact any/all fed/state/local reps and tell them to stand for the 2nd amendment! They work for you!

  • Multitude

    “this time must be different, that this time we must do something to protect our communities and our kids”

    I agree Mr. President. That’s why I will stand with you in our demand to:

    1. Immediately arrest and deport Eric Holder for his war crimes against the people of Mexico, and his direct involvement and cover-up of the flood of illegal assault rifles that his program allowed to be dumped to narco-terrorists and crossed the border back into the United States.

    2. Immediately over-ride all state and local laws that prohibit law abiding citizens from carrying guns. Rahm Emmanuel should be put on notice that if he doesn’t suspend their illegal prohibitions in Chicago, he too will be apprehended by Federal law enforcement for interference with Constitutional rights.

    3. Provide an executive order to give a 100% tax credit, up to $1000 per person, for the responsible purchase and ownership of guns for the defense of our communities.

    We’re with the intent of your call to action, Mr. President, and know you agree with us. After all, if the life of a single child can be protected by our actions, even the life of a little Mexican girl at risk to your AG’s gun-running programs or unprotected and at risk in the violent Democratic party-machine Chicago, that’s worth these actions. To oppose them would be to want let the children die.

  • Everyone Gets a Trophy

    zippy provided guns to mexican drug cartels, and now he wants to go after the NRA? Interesting set of values there, zipster.

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  • ken

    Will be joining NRA before the sun goes down today.

  • Tom Doniphon

    He really needs to watch the news! The movement to toward supporting the NRA not the other way around! This Emperor truly is nekkid!

  • Patty

    Will the spineless jump on Board to this propaganda, darn sure the Bias Media will. And in this bill, Doctors, Lawyers, will be the snitches for Obama. Doesn’t matter how innocent a person is a legal gun owner, and for the word legal, it is like legal gun owner is the worse monster in the world. There will be more law suits and more of your personal information then ever before.

    Privacy, what privacy, where, your home, forget about, under Obama we are less protected as citizens, why? because when our rights are being stomped on there is NO MORE FREEDOM.

    What is worse in fast and furious, it is a joke when this government gets away with killing innocent people by allowing guns to walk over the border. Then Benghazi, this Government never protected the 4 Americans. Protecting Americans is job one. Do you think that Obama’s 23 Executive Orders will be read and followed by Criminals. Instead of calling out Hollywood and violent videos no, he doesn’t due much and for mentally disturbed and family help not to sure if this president recognizes the truth problem. FAMILIES AND PARENTAL GUIDANCE THEREIN.

    In fast and furious and Benghazi Obama and Holder walk. I find this such an embarrassment and hypocritical but who am I. A citizen who feels we are being blamed for nothing we had a thing to do with.

  • Repubtallygirl

    Hey Barry, I just renewed with a lifetime membership.

  • mg4us

    Guns don’t kill. . Abortions do. .

    Time to Add GOD, Prayer and Ten Commandments back to Schools. .


  • Patty

    Sex offenders keep right to privacy online
    A federal judge ruled that California’s new human-trafficking law imposes unconstitutional penalties on sex offenders

    Read more: http://www.700wlw.com/pages/nationalnews.html?feed=104668&article=10699974#ixzz2IAbL7dQP

    What about gun owners?

  • cavt

    Am a proud NRA member so here is yet another insulting attack from the dictator against me for doing a lawful action. This guy is hell bent on setting American against American even faster now than before.

  • How many legal guns are used in crimes? Anybody know?

  • JenBee

    I’m 42 years old, and only recently purchased my first firearm.

    Today, after reading Obama’s speech (I can’t listen to him speak; his cadence makes me feel like I’m about to stroke out) I went and bought myself a membership to the NRA.

    Went to Ruger’s website and filled out the ‘Take Action Now!’ form to send letters to my Representatives telling them to protect my Second Amendment rights.


    Sitting here feeling helpless as I continue to watch Obama destroy this great country from within. Wondering will there be anything left that I recognize after four more years of this sustained attack on everything I love about America.

    *heavy sigh*

  • A little bit of information about the use of guns in our society


    … In fact, guns are used to defend their owners more than a million times each year, according to Criminologist Gary Kleck. Unlike Kellerman’s study, Kleck examined all reported incidents involving guns instead of just those resulting in fatalities. What he found was that when guns are used defensively, the overwhelming majority of the time they are never fired. Because no one is killed, these incidents generally were never considered by researchers such as Kellerman. If they were, he would have found that a gun kept in the home is twenty-seven times more likely to stop an attacker than it is to harm anyone—including the attacker.

  • ejazzyjeff

    I wonder how much the NRA membership will increase? I am planning to join.

  • CommieJuice

    Americans must demand it huh. What I demand is an America without liberals, commies or a phony leader. What I demand is more action from the people who support the 2nd amendment, less talking about voting – how well did that work out for voters in 2012?

    We kicked his type out of the country once, why not go for round 2? The military and law enforcement will stand behind us, we are the good guys here, not the terrorist who use kids, the sick and minorities as props for their anti-American, anti-Constitutional agenda. We are taxed more, regulated more, oppressed just as much as before the first American revolution. How much weaker do we have to get as a country before we act on this?

  • http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrybell/2012/02/21/disarming-the-myths-promoted-by-the-gun-control-lobby/

    National violent crime rates that soared for 30 years from the early 1960s began to decrease markedly since 1993. Last December the FBI reported that murder and other violent crime rates fell again by 6.4% during the first half of 2011 compared with the same period in 2010.

    Defensive use of guns


    …if policymakers are truly interested in harm reduction, they must consider the number of crimes that are thwarted by gun owners. Each year gun owners prevent a great deal of criminal mayhem–murders, rapes, batteries, and robberies. Tough Targets gathers dozens and dozens of examples of ordinary people using guns to stop criminal attacks. The defensive use of guns happens much more often than most people realize.

  • Winston Wolfe

    I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again.

    The Left wants war. I say we give it to them.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    “Defeating the Nazis”?????

    You mean the government that confiscated its citizens’ guns?

    Sort of like Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac and his transplanted fascist Chicago thugs want to do?

    As opposed to the NRA — which if it existed back then and there would have attempted to STOP that dive down into the hellish pit that the REAL Nazis thrust humanity into?


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  • Highlander

    Whatever Mr. President … I just re-upped my NRA membership for FIVE years. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it you jerk …

  • Vicky Hernandez

    And it won’t be long befor the Emperor Preezy o’ the United Steezy begins to ask “Amerikans” to stand up to certain people.

    Over at TammyBruce.com, poster Otlset wrote that background checks will be used to except certain people from gun ownership because of disapproved affiliations.

    NOW, “it begins,” Jim.

  • Heroine and cocaine are illegal. We are prohibited by law to posses either. Therefore, neither of those is available, right?

  • All_IS_LOST

    I do stand up for the NRA…

    OH he meant oppose the NRA

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …and our kids.

    And the appeal to emotion that is the hallmark of the Democrat rears its ugly head yet again.

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  • Jungle John

    Obama, go to hell.

    Schieffer? ESAD.

  • Fred Beloit

    You will never stop our great President; he has surrounded himself with children shields.

  • Ok, that Nazi reference is a bit much, eh?

    Everyone legal gun owners or not, we must band together against this man. He basically wants to make his own laws and force them on the law abiding. We must remember when self-rialiance meant something, when civil disobedience was not interrupting the lives of everyday citizens (protestors laying on a basketball court before the start of a game during gulf war 1 comes to mind and or blocking traffic, threatening bystanders etc) we must truly understand that freedom is NOT free, nor something to be used as a political whim.
    There is a wonderful scene in Empire strikes back, where Yoda is teaching Luke how to use the force and believe in himself. I have always loved the original Starwars movies and I believed that the passion for freedom from tyrants was so passionately told, that the director truly must believe in such principles, we know better now, but imagine the scene..

    Luke is standing on swampy ground his hand out, the music is swelling, we all want to see if he can lift his z wing fighter out of the swamp, the water bubbles, and our hearts lurch. Will he do it, we wonder, will be prevail?
    After tension and more music, his head drops, we see the gleaming sweat on his skin, see his breath in the air. He can’t do it, he tells his master, because it is too big.
    Yoda, the ever wise, grins and mentions his small size and how insignificant it is, when you believe in the power of good and its ability to vanquish evil. Yoda’s hand goes up and as the music reaches a crescendo, the large fighter lands on right beside his incredulous pupil.
    “It’s impossible!” he protests, and then Yoda, that solemn look glinting in his eyes, remarks,
    “THAT, is why you failed.”
    This scene is on my mind now as I write. We must put our own thoughts and doubts aside, we are entering America, colony of the PRC and it frightens me greatly. We too must unite before it is too late. Too many people have given up, even my own family refuse to believe the things that King O has already done to further erode our freedoms.
    As for the O voters, forget them, they’re too far gone as it is. We must save our country,, we must realize that once upon a time 13 little colonies took on and defeated the greatest nation on earth. We didn’t want to live under the yoke of King George, and I do hope none of us want to live under the reign of some pitiful little man, who believes that since he is now “president”, the laws of the land are his alone to wield and shape.

    God save the United States of America

  • Meh

    Screw you and the donkey you rode in on. Join the NRA to send a message we will not give up our rights or country!

  • Adi

    Obama is a fascist. The community agitator is at it again.

  • pagar

    I urge every American who has not already done so to join the NRA. Also the Gun Owners of America does a good job of standing up for us.

  • Truth Teller

    I have been furiously writing Congress. Spend a few hours tonight doing everything you can to send the message.

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  • Economan

    Americans should be a war with enemies of the Constitution, and that includes an imposter President.

  • I call on Americans to stand up against the Muslim communist in the White House before we lose our country.

  • USMC Thomas

    I’m extremely disappointed SØBama didn’t find a way to blame this gun violence on the racist Tea Party.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Why would I join the NRA? I mean seriously?

    I agree that they support various gun-rights causes. But when Obama declares the group illegal and a threat to national security, and uses his “enhanced powers” to send in armed gov’t agents from the InJustice Department to sieze all the NRA membership records, those records will provide them with a road map to all you “rightwing wacko unstable gun-rights nutcases” who will thereafter be immediately arrested and shipped off to one of those FEMA re-education camps! Or you’ll just be dragged from your home and executed in the street. Either way…

    Frankly, I prefer anonymity.

  • Bigkahuna

    Screw you and the moochelle you rode in on.

    We stand behind the NRA @sswipe. Prezzi obigears. I am encouraging all children to write you a letter demanding you cut spending drastically and stop wasting money on green energy scams etc. we know this is now how things get done just ask the kids to write your lazy @ss. We know this can happen quick after dimwit joe does a quick survey and you declare it so with an executive order.

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  • i call for americans to stand up to barack obama!

  • Ryan

    The NRA represents 4.3 million members and they stand for the rights of 76 million more gun owners. Only 64 million people voted for Obama. Not very democratic of him to dismiss a huge swath of the American People.

  • Sandy

    I’m not a lover of guns but I am a lover of freedom and The Constitution. These poor dead children were used for a political agenda. They had the bill just looking for a crime to get it on the books.

    3 People died when they fell or were pushed onto the subway tracks in NYC — shall we ban Assault Subways? How bout car accidents which take the lives of more Americans than do guns? Shall we ban Cars? Children have died of drowning in family pools, shall we ban Swimming Pools?

    And when is it Hollywood’s turn to take the blame for violent films without which lunatics would have no frame of reference when looking for their 15 minutes of fame? Oh Yeah, Obama feels that its up to the parents to control what their kids watch– however a lot of these lunatics are not children and Hollywood pays big bucks to be left alone.

    So it seems to me that gun owners are the underdogs. I stand with the underdog. Learned that from being a Democrat most of my life.

  • dwdude

    we’re going to take on YOU! watch the red states barry…there going to hand you your a$$

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  • Highlander

    Thank you Sandy. You sound like one of the more rational Democrats ….

  • Lim Lynn

    @ Sandy
    If you ban subway nobody save their money and get to work earlier. Driving cars safety can be implemented by school teaches young adult who learning how to drive. For swimming pool, if children don’t know how to swim they should go to swimming lessons given by expert swimmers and normally there is life guard to watch over the children and save them if they had muscle cramp.

  • Lim Lynn

    Anyway, not only Traitor in Chief is double speaking before he was elected 2008 and after he’s elected the 2nd time 2012. Bill Clinton caught lie over Mass Shooting Fact. I found an interesting comment.


    It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s My Perspective
    Why does anyone need a 30 round clip for a gun? – to go hunting? I have a question, why does the government need 450 million rounds of ammo? Why do the police need to drive around in tanks and be arrayed in SWAT gear. Yes, it all kind of seems silly doesn’t it.

  • Lim Lynn

    Traitor in Chief Bullets Ricochet past NRA and 2nd Amendment.
    Think how to counterattack.
    Win the War can’t win all the battles.
    Plan on staying behind and bring food.
    Don’t give any admit to the AntiGun.
    Persist pursuit them.
    The President has conceded he may not have the votes to carry this through Congress. He will try anyway and may get lucky, especially if the media continue to lie and claim that the vast majority of Americans insist on an assault weapons ban.

    If he does not get what he wants, he will then make an appeal directly to the American people and try to stampede them over the Congress. Be prepared for a long and bitter political struggle in that event.

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