Obama Administration Repositioning Homeland Security Ammunition Containers

The Obama Administration repositioning their Homeland Security ammunition containers
ammo box
The containers (like those pictured) are usually painted olive drab and are unmarked except for indistinguishable numbers/letters probably for inventory, routing, etc.

Reader Don sent this in recently:

Jim – I passed a convoy of olive drab unmarked 40 foot tractor trailers each with four 10 yard ammo bunker boxes chained to them and unmarked armored Hum-Vee’s heading north on I-95 in Brevard County, Florida this past Thursday morning. The “govt” is positioning these ammo storage boxes, I have been told, in strategic places in population centers around the country. They are usually painted olive drab and are unmarked except for indistinguishable numbers/letters probably for inventory, routing, etc.

Obama’s Homeland Security Department has purchased 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition – that is not a typo — during the last six months.
atk ammo
ATK is one company that won a contract with the Department of Homeland Security to provide 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition in 2012.

Previously it was reported that people around the US have begun reporting the site of strange, new, heavily-armed FEMA fighting vehicles this past year.

fema truck

One set of images made available by Rense.com shows trailer after trailer carrying these new DHS and FEMA armored fighting vehicles, complete with machine gun slots. They’re labeled with the usual backward American flag and the title, ‘Homeland Security’. Below that and the DHS logo, it also reads, ‘Immigration & Customs Enforcement’. Joining those markings, the black vehicles with white lettering also display ‘POLICE/RESCUE’ on one side and ‘Special Response Team’ on the other.

Whiteout Press reported on the government ammunition purchases back in October 2012.

As we detailed in the August 28 Whiteout Press article ‘History of DHS Ammunition Purchases’, federal emergency management agencies are looking more and more like a military army every day.

The federal government’s procurement website actually lists DHS’ requests for bids to supply it with ammunition and military weaponry. All of the orders listed in the above article, including the orders for hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition, are publicly available at http://www.fbo.gov.

One look at a chart of DHS ammunition purchases over the past decade reveals a drastic spike in orders of bullets recently, totaling in the billions of rounds. Other charts available online show a similar drastic spike in the purchases of accompanying weaponry by the Department of Homeland Security.

What is the US federal government preparing for? And why does it feel it needs an army of brainwashed youth, millions of guns, thousands of armored fighting vehicles and literally billions of rounds of ammunition, just to provide relief to the American people during a natul disaster? Any historian will tell you it sounds more like the arming of the Hitler Youth than an army of first responders fighting forest fires and hurricanes.

Look for the Homeland Security ammunition containers coming soon to your community.

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  • shadow

    Happy Tin Foil Hat Monday!

  • Servo1969

    Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

  • political_proxy

    Don’t worry, you wont be the only shadow in the FEMA gulags.

    You must be to mornic to see the accelerated (obviously intentional) collapse of the US economy & US Dollar.

    First financial collapse.
    The food shortages.
    The riots.
    The marshal law.

    Your ignorant & moronic comments will not change the coming catastrophe.

  • Finncrisp

    President for life is making ambitous plans. With that many rounds available, one won’t even have to be a good shot…

  • Ember George

    This is so scary!

  • airon-later

    Majority of this ammo will end up at comprehensive training facilities in Georgia. But nice try on the hyper-conspiracy post

  • King

    If those containers are filled with ammunition I want to thank the Feds for such a gift. If Revolution 2 kicks off that ammo is ours. Guerrilla Warfare 101: Take the enemy’s stuff and sue it against them. Positioning it closer to us taxpayers makes it much easier for taxpayers to reclaim it.

  • gsrider

    Wow Shadow! What a great explanation of what’s going on. You’re awesome. I’m going to take my tin foil hat off long enough for you to expand on your analysis of why the government needs so much ammo and why military vehicles are being seen all around the country. I will look forward to your further analysis as you seem to have great inside knowledge the government is doing at all times but doesn’t cause the least bit of curiosity or alarm.

  • Practical Jane

    25 Rounds for every Republican…

  • Practical Jane

    King, I like the way you think!

  • JDR-Taq

    Jim is awakening.

    Thank God.

    Tin foil? Knowledge of history, and coupled with knowledge of exactly which famous people in world history are considered F&&KING HEROES to our current government Powers That Be, should have even you, shadow, quaking in your boots.

    You have no idea of, or you cannot f&&king wait, because you’re a psycho — one or the other — what is about to be visited upon this land and its (incorrect-thinking) people by your beloved Government.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    The Govt’ buys 1.4 billion rounds..(the media yawns)
    You or I buys a 1000 round box of ammo for practice,our personal info is in the papers

    Yeah,that sounds reasonable…in 1933 Germany

    That’s right ,I shoot lots things when I practice
    Guess what…It’s none of your damn business

  • JDR-Taq

    #6 airon

    Long time no see, troll!

    But nice try on the hyper-conspiracy post…

    OOOH!! “Hyper-“

    You go too far, sir. I demand a duel, for that prefix is the pinnacle of the -conservative evil-ness hierarchy!

    My God. Airon might just be the one that allows me, finally, to break through that Cynicism: SLvl 100 ceiling. Though I was at my cap, but oh, no.

  • W.A. Jones

    Look at the varied reactions — from yawns to outright fear. Here’s what I fear: they aren’t going to fire the first shot. They’ll let a really, really scared Alex Jones acolyte do something really stupid, then they’ll pounce. But you won’t be able to blame them — they’re doing reacting, you see.

  • JDR-Taq

    I honestly didn’t know that the skill level for Cynicism could go past 100.

    I am humbled.

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  • http://wieghler Kingslayor

    Don’t you know this is all for the round up and deportation of about 20 million illegal aliens. OH MY BAD, I mean law abiding citizens fire arm confiscation. It makes more sense to give rights to an illegal entity in the country than to continue the right of citizen that have commited no crimes. It called the liberal way!!

  • jtb012u340

    The Roman Catholic Nazis are coming for us…

  • JDR-Taq

    #14 W.A. Jones

    They’ll let a really, really scared Alex Jones acolyte do something really stupid, then they’ll pounce. But you won’t be able to blame them — they’re doing reacting, you see.

    Research Kent State, 1968, and realize that it was the Government who fired the first shot, with an undercover guy dressed as a hippie firing that shot.

    Don’t put anything past our government now. Almost five decades later. Nor our MSM.

    And that “Alex Jones acolyte” could very well be led by the nose like the OKC bombers were, by a combination of Government Looking the Other Way (While Still Watching) and Muslim Extremists with complete and utter invisibility to the complicit media.

    Happened in ’68. Happened in ’96.

  • Archy

    shadow: You think? So what are all these rounds for, partner? Share your insight with us.