Northern Hemisphere December snow extent was the greatest on record, with snow from Canada to Mexico and from Siberia to Iran.
It must be global warming climate change.

Steven Goddard

The record was 9 million square kilometers more than 32 years ago.
(But don’t tell the liberal media.)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted the exact opposite, because they have no idea what they are talking about.




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  1. We have climate change where I live. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Guess what else occurs during these times? The temperature changes with each passing season.

  2. Now that Al Gore is free from his media empire, he can focus on legal action against the sun for excessive radiation and warming the earth.

  3. That little 2-pixel-tall blank spot just south of Hudson Bay? That’s the 2 counties in MI which have gotten less than one inch of snow so far this winter.

    When I read the headline and article I was like “Wait.”

    Then I saw the graphic.

    I haven’t busted out the snow shovel more than twice in two years, let alone the snow-thrower. Should have put Sta-Bil in the thrower, because the Toro doesn’t start now.

  4. I’ve had climate change all day.

    At 6 am it was 9 degrees at my house. And by noon, the temp had increased all the way to 37 degrees. Boy was I worried !!

    But luckily for our planet, cooling set in and by 6pm the temp was back to 19 and dropping fast.

    Now, I’m worried about a new Ice Age. Or whatever else tomorrow brings !

    No thanks to Michael Mann and his dratted Nobel Prize.

  5. Jim wrote:

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted the exact opposite, because they have no idea what they are talking about.

    Actually, Jim, they know exactly what they’re talking about: whatever it is they can say to convince people, companies, and governments to make them FILTHY FREAKIN’ RICH, while at the same time, destroying per force of law alll American productivity and freedom.

    In a nutshell. Al Gore is LAUGHING, in his OCEANSIDE MANSION.

    He knows the seas won’t rise. That’s why he bought an oceanfront estate. Or two, or three. And probably a private island or two. Or three.

    Oh, they know exactly what they’re saying, and why. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  6. Green is Red. And it’s all about destroying the United States of America.

    And it did, and we just haven’t realized it yet.

    Earth Day isn’t Vladimir Lenin’s birthday for nothing, and it is no coincidence.

  7. Ole Algores sells his network to AlJazeera, which is Qatar, which is oil money. I thought we were supposed to hate big oil? Not when money’s involved obviously.

  8. Since the blizzard a couple of weeks before Christmas, it hasn’t gotten above freezing here in Iowa. The snow is still on the ground, and streets still aren’t completely clear of ice in towns. That’s pretty unusual. Most winters, our first couple of snows will melt off within days.

  9. Most folks don’t know this – but the last ice age occurred in only six months. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Miles thick ice all the way down to Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania. Two miles thick in New York and it all occurred with sudden changes that took place in six months.

    We’re more likely headed toward another ice age and not warming trend. A warming trend would feed the world. And an ice age would kill 60 percent of the global inhabitants.

    Greenland was called “Greenland” because it was once Green, now it’s an ice sheet. With the way things have been heading since 1998 – it’s getting colder. But that won’t let the communists deflect from their agenda.

    If there were no agenda – we would be preparing for global temperature drop not a blazing heat wave.

    I like it hot, but that’s not the trend.

  10. “…it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter…”

  11. soon the death penalty will be meted out for spreading this denialist propaganda.

    so says an esteemed college professor…..

  12. just as soon as they collect all our evil guns….

  13. Where does this 17 year old NYT article you linked to specifically mention Acrtic snow cover for 2012?

  14. ++

    too many captions available for this one..

    hell is freezing over :D


  15. Extent means coverage, not actually total snowfall. That would coordinate with low temperatures and not precipitation.

  16. God’s promise of no global warming. King James Bible: Genesis 8: 21-22. That’s all I need, God keeps all of his promises.

  17. Most folks don’t know this – but the last ice age occurred in only six months.
    Ah, the “Big Freeze” which wasn’t actually an “ice age,” but rather a brief (in geological terms) cold spell in the middle of a warmer interglacial period. But what IS interesting about it is the theory of what caused it … fresh water, like the kind you get from ice melting interrupting the ocean currents. Keep that in mind as the Earth warms and ice continues to melt.

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