Newt Gingrich: “If Gun Control Works, Chicago Ought to Be Safe” (Video)

Newt Gingrich has the best line of the day.
While being prodded by CBS This Morning on gun control, Newt dropped this bomb,
“If gun control works, Chicago ought to be safe.”

** Zing** The morning show hosts immediately ended the conversation.

Weekly Standard has the transcript:

“Well, I think it’s amazing that we’re having all this discussion about gun control: The president’s hometown, Chicago, is the murder capital of the United States. Over 500 people were killed there last year. Vice President Biden doesn’t seem to want to go there. I’m trying to get the House Republicans to hold hearings there. It’s illegal to have all the guns that are killing people in Chicago. If gun control works, Chicago ought to be safe.”

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  • http://! l.barney


  • Sandy

    If there is still an enormous amount of murders in Chicago this year we won’t hear a thing about it from the well trained media unless they can find a way to blame Republicans.

  • shadow

    And if a proliferation of guns kept us safe, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • Ghost

    Ohhhhh, I thought they were saying, “controlling gang violence” but they’ve been saying, “controlling gun violence” –
    dang, silly me, I thought they were serious about protecting the good folks.
    I get it now! it’s really about controlling citizens, ain’t it? I’m smart, I am.

    still the best witness testimony you’ll ever see:

  • ★FALCON★

    Obama took an oath to defend the Constitution.

    I think an impeachment is drawing near as the opposition finally mounts against this tyrant.

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  • Dave

    Good luck with that, Falcon. I adore how freaked out everyone is about the constitution. Ooo, this sacred text is being fooled around with – oh no, how will we survive?

  • shadow

    I think an impeachment is drawing near as the opposition finally mounts against this tyrant.

    Perhaps you should hold your breath.

  • Economan

    It’s the left who has blood on it’s hands. They’ve turned schools and cities into shooting galleries yet they continue to ignore the evidence and push for more dead bodies.

  • bear

    #3, shadow,

    A proliferation of guns in the hands of LEGAL owners has kept hundreds of millions of Americans safe.

    A proliferation of illegal guns in the hands of thugs has killed thousands of other thugs and others in gun-free zones.

  • General Martok

    But the bigger story is that the murders in Chicago actually take place in a few black and Latino neighborhoods see this chart from NYT:

    52.2% of homicides in America are committed by blacks; most by black males between the ages of 18 and 49 who comprise about 3% of the population.

    3% of the population is committing over 50% of the violent gun crime, put your minds around that

  • bear

    #8, shadow,

    Your support of tyranny speaks volumes re your lack of regard for OUR unalienable rights.

  • wtd

    Gingrich is correct but shouldn’t limit this theory to just one example.

    OT: Please note that blogger has removed the blog without explanation. See twitter feed for updates:

    “PLEASE RETWEET THIS 4 US: Gates of Vienna blog “has been removed”. We have rec’d no message why. If YOU spread this mayb someone can help??.

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  • Dave

    #10, Bear – wouldn’t you like to make it harder for there to be illegal guns on the streets, then? Where did these illegal guns come from – were they legally purchased at some point? According to former ATF Director Bradley Buckles, virtually every crime gun in the US starts off as a legal firearm.

    Also, we clearly can’t trust each other to keep legally purchased guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. We may have been given rights, but if we aren’t responsible with those rights, then we don’t deserve them. And I know, I know, Hitler will be coming for me, blah blah blah…

  • Lady Mondegreen

    And if Newt Gingrich were half as smart as he think himself to be, he would be president.

  • Joanne

    Democrat politicians do not care about blacks. Chicago has a large black population with a high black on black crime- just guessing….am I right….hah! Democrat politicians do not care if black people shoot each other dead or abort all their babies. Blacks are the largest population of useful idiots for the democrat party. Maybe one day black people in the U.S. will wake up and realize they’ve been used….I pray they do; it is horrible to witness.

    Gingrich is such a wealth of information and the brilliance to see and state the obvious.

    #11 – Wow. How many of those blacks do not have a father or even know who their father is. The family unit has completely broken down in these black families. They seriously need some real men as fathers to kick their son’s backsides.

  • BurmaShave

    ** Zing** The morning show hosts immediately ended the conversation.


    Well, at least Newt got the last word, something that does not always happen

    Actually Drudge and GatewayPundit have, by highlighting Chicago’s absolutely atrocious murder rate, been making the same point as Newt indirectly for weeks and months; but I guess one has to essentially whack these thoroughly biased beltway liberals “upside the head” to get their attention.

  • jtb012u340

    #11, General Martok – Yes, this country was ruined by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. America wanted to be run by Apartheid (minority ruling majority – the one black girl who wouldn’t get on the back of the bus) so God will oblige. Integration is the EXACT way Old Testament Israel was destroyed and run over by the likes of Nebuchadnezzar, Sennacherib, Titus and the rest. Take a guess what color and race all those enemies of Israel were? They were all North African Egyptian Hammites through the sons of Ham. God is so clear about this in the Bible it is mind blowing.

    Just remember, it was Jews crying for Civil Rights and Religious Liberties under Moses while they were being enslaved by Pharaoh (North African Egyptian Hamite). And, God intervened on their behalf. Its coming again. Guess who surrounds Israel (and us) again? The same old same old. It originally started with Nimrod.

  • BurmaShave

    @#3 Shadow:

    Actually, Shallow Shadow, it’s a safe bet that if enough good people in Chicago had guns, instead of just the criminal Democratic voters on the South Side, there would have been a lot more lives saved than just a mere 20 or so.

    And it’s another safe bet that the above comment is totally lost on you.