Mullah Omar Says Fighting Will Not Stop Until Afghanistan Is Once Again a Real Islamic State

Mullah Omar, the one-eyed jihadi bandit, condemned an upcoming conference on suicide attacks. The spiritual leader of the Taliban added that his fighters will not lay down weapons until they achieve establishment of a real Islamic state.
The Long War Journal reported:

Mullah Omar, the emir of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has come out squarely against the conference, which is sponsored by the Afghan High Peace Council and is supposed to take place in Kabul later this month. In a statement to the media on Jan. 9, Mullah Omar warned that clerics who participate in the conference will be “answerable to God” and will be discredited by the believers, TOLOnewsreports.

The conference, which was agreed upon in December by representatives of the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan, plans to consider the morality of suicide attacks as well as discuss the progress of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban and allied insurgent groups. As a regional Ulema gathering attended by Islamic scholars from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, it will have the authority to issue a fatwa condemning suicide attacks as haram (forbidden).

According to The News, the four-page statement released by Mullah Omar on Jan. 9 urged clerics associated with Darul Aloom Deoband and Jamia Al Azhar to shun the conference, condemned the conference as a desperate ploy by the United States, and reiterated the Taliban’s insistence that “they will not lay down weapons until achievement of their goals and establishment of a real Islamic state.”

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  • Spartan

    So as an example of this ridiculous attempt by the US, will the one-eyed wonder blow himself up to show his resistance to Western interventions?

    Here’s my message to ya Popeye. Be a leader. Give them something to strive for. Afterall, you got 72 ‘ladies’ waitin on ya!

  • Ella

    Hey Mullah we have a muslim “president” we will ship to you for free. He loves you guys and will do a good job for you. We promise.

  • Indiana

    Isn’t there a drone in his vacinity?

  • I’ll immediately grab your rss feed as I can’t to find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me recognise so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  • jtb012u340

    Zech 11:17: “Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his RIGHT EYE: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his RIGHT EYE shall be utterly darkened.”

    Of course, this verse is a reference to the coming anti-Christ. He will be the IDOL shephard. Take a guess which church uses IDOLS as an aid to worship and did it in the Old Testament too…where there were “priests” who were called “father” and this “father” takes care of IDOLS and uses them as an aid to worship. They worship the sun god on “Sunday” and these black robed priests called “fathers” mutilate themselves and do penance for their sins. These “fathers” also wear long robes called vestments and they have vestries and vestrymen for the vestments. These “fathers” who worship Baal, the sun god, on Sunday worship him with a tree cut out of the forest by the hands of an axeman. Finally, they bake cakes to “the queen of heaven”. And they do this on Sunday from 10 or 11am to 12 noon. These references in scripture would be Judges 18, 1 Kings 16; 1 Kings 18, 2 Kings 10, Jeremiah 10 and 44. Look them up unless you are too scared of WORDS in the Book.

  • Edmond


    In this conference, about suicide bombings, they should read aloud the following about the root statements in the Koran which encourages jihad, and killing infidels, and the promises of heaven.

    Muslims are brainwashed into suicidal violence by the booze-and-porn heaven promised in the Koran as a reward for killing infidels which they are conned into believing is the “word of Allah”. However many reputed Islamic scholars discovered that Koran, a disorganized text replete with grammatical errors, childish inconsistencies and obvious falsehoods was actually fabricated 200-300 years after Mohammad’s death by “multiple hands”, and is pulp fiction and obviously not the word of God:

    For more details on Koran’s authorship, including names of the various writers and poets involved in writing the Koran, see:

    These authors of the Koran copied and plagiarized ideas (such as monotheism, circumcision, hatred of idol-worship, prophets, day of judgment) and many other myths, customs (black robes for Rabbi/Mullah, beards, headdress), legends and fables from Jewish mythology (e.g. Torah/Talmud), and from the Christian Bible which were the prevalent religions of the region, and then claimed a heavenly source (“revelation”) to cover up their plagiarism. Books by authors such as Gieger (“Judaism and Islam”), Tisdall (“Original Source of Koran”), Goldsack (“Origins of the Koran”) and by Charles Cutler Torrey (“The Jewish Foundation of Islam”) are available online and show the exact verses which are copied from their Jewish/Christian sources.

    A noted Islamic scholar, who compared the modern Koran to the older versions, found many inconsistencies between versions. For e.g., the 72 alleged virgins (hoori) promised to terrorists in heaven is a mistranslation of 72 raisins (hoor) from older versions, due to misplaced diatrical marks on these similar sounding words, as reported in the New York Times. See:

    Thus, committing suicide and killing others for a few raisins in Heaven (if there is one), is not worth it, as we can buy raisins in the store instead.

  • bigL

    Boring…already said.we know yr a dick, a brave “man”picking on wome na kids and old lions and other zoo animals.

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  • Gee, and they owe it all to that Muslim appeaser himself, King O!

  • Chippy

    Yea,,,,,, Mulla Omar where gonna find you and smoke your butt out…..uhhhhhh wait um,,,,oh yea we are pulling our assets out and leaving you to do whatever you want. sorry to bother you!

    America is a paper tiger. So is its president.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Question for Obie: So is this guy next? Or was offing just ONE lousy terror master sufficient?

  • YourMaster

    0bama wants to make the USA into islamic states too…
    you can see why he loves the taliban now. Maybe they’ll give
    mullah omar a nobel peace prize for his dedication to death, destruction, and islamic dominance over all infidels.

  • bold man

    To begin with Mullah omar died in 2011 so these islamophobes who degrade Islam are funny and lame. quran clearly states anyone who commit suicide will stay in hell indefinitely so i wonder how come such misinformed lunatics get to print such material.

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