Missouri state Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal wants parents to notify schools if they own a gun.

Chappelle-Nadal proposed bill SB124:

“This act requires a parent or guardian to notify a school district, or the governing body of a private or charter school, that he or she owns a firearm within 30 days of enrolling the child in school or becoming the owner of a firearm.”

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  1. This proposal like the doctors about firearms are all just back door ways to form a gun registry that can be used as a confiscation list.

    Look at Canada they spent years and billions of dollars trying to create a registry for long guns and finally they scrapped it since it had never once in over a decade helped solve or prevent a crime. The only problem was the leftists running it refused to destroy the records even after the government shut them down and closed the offices.

  2. How about we require you to notify ME if you’re going to violate your oath of office.

    As a side note…let me know if you’re a complete ignoramus…

  3. Should our doc ask if we have any guns, the answer to that will be NO. Deny, deny, deny.

  4. Oh yeah, that would be a smashing success with the criminals, they would be lining up to declare their illegal guns to the babysitting state. ROFLOL

  5. RE: Require parents to notify schools….

    Why? What is the school going to do about it? Refuse to enroll the child? Refuse the parent’s access to the school ? Re-educate the child against the parent, against guns?

  6. First nazi teachers will be rig trick test questions designed to probe children into revealing if mommy or daddy owns a gun……. math questions like …. ” if mommy buys 12 bullets and fires 3 per day at the range, how many time a week does she go to Walmart ? “…..If they child answers the question easily…. the nazi teachers know its a gun family…. and they begin to work that kid over more thoroughly…… Then the fascist nazi teachers will train your kids to spy on you if the guns have registration papers….and where the guns are kept…..and your kid will be asking you gun questions at the dinner table to report back your answers to the teacher…..Then a parole board officer gives a pack of food stamps to an ex con with a request to go break into your house telling the thug ” not to worry ” about the police….. ……..VORWARTS !

  7. I tell nothing to no one. Those of you who report for jury duty every year will do your duty and tell them everything, me no one orders me around and I never done jury duty and will never do jury duty on principal reasons alone. I also wont buy obamacare on principal reasons alone. The less the government knows about you the better. Why does the school want to know this? they can just check the newspaper.

  8. Turn the tables. Require the teachers to notify the parents every time they fantasize about sexually abusing the children or whenever they do drugs or buy a sex toy….the sky is the limit.

  9. Of course this doesn’t apply to the criminals and gang bangers who have no intention of notifying anyone they have a gun till they stick it in their face. This is just another moron liberal/socialist who needs to be voted out of office during the next election.

  10. Ridiculous … and of course COMPLETELY USELESS when it comes to preventing crimes. It WOULD however, be quite useful to a government that seeks to compile a more extensive list of gun owners. Is there no limit to the treachery and deceit these people will employ in order to advance their agenda?

  11. @ #10

    I could just see the outrage if teachers had to list all their sex toys they owned. I also suspect many parents would be terrified at the shear volume of them some teachers own. Of course as a teenager I remember when one teachers wife had divorced him and sent a letter to the paper talking about how he used to force her to go to swapping parties at another teachers house.

  12. So the Show Me state now wants to be the Tell Me state.

  13. What’s really interesting is what’s going to happen to this bill. Will it manage to make it through the legislative process? Or will it be rightfully, ahem, shot down?

  14. l be nice when liberals start acting like they own a brain.

  15. It will be…

  16. Another troublesome time for parents Conservative who have children going to school.

  17. Heh. My 12 year old daughter’s class already knows. She told them that one hobby is shooting, that she’s shot machine guns, and I seem to wear some sort of gun t-shirt to her school…well. often.

    My doctor wants me to take him shooting.

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