She Feels Your Pain… Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Wear Cost More Than Half of Median US Income

When is too much, too much?…
Michelle Obama’s Thom Browne Inaugural dress came in at an estimated $10,000.

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama walk and wave after emerging from the presidential limousine during the inaugural parade from the Capitol to the White House in Washington, January 21, 2013. (Photo : Reuters)

Michelle Obama’s dress for the Inaugural Ball by Jason Wu cost an estimated $5,000.

First lady Michelle Obama takes the stage at the Commander in Chief’s Ball in Washington, January 21, 2013. Michelle Obama’s dress was designed by Jason Wu. (REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

The First Lady’s Inaugural wear yesterday cost much more than $15,000.

Meanwhile, in the real world, incomes are dropping.
In 2011 the annual median income was $26,364 in America.

That means Michelle Obama’s clothes for Inauguration day cost more than half as much as the median US income.
She feels your pain.

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  • Rightdawg

    Michelle Obama: “Liberalism for thee, not for me.”

  • Anyone remember she wore RED when the Chinese came calling? Somewhere the Communists are laughing-at O voters for foisting him on for ANOTHER FOUR YEARS!

    Red is the color of good luck in CHINA-for the rest of us, not so much!

  • Winston Wolfe

    Meanwhile, she sits with her arms on the table – shoveling food into her trap – while rolling her eyes at the Speaker of the House.

    I’d call her a Wookie, but Chewbacca has better table manners and better social skills.

  • Patty

    DON’T CARE, anymore about her. I realize she will continue to force the food police down our throats but just looking at her makes me sick.

    We have bigger fish to fry. Our nation is in a Battle for OUR RIGHTS, right to work, right to exist in a free nation under God, right to eat, drink and be ourselves, so long as it doesn’t harm others. We are good people and because of the Obama’s we are becoming a nation that is divided and feel we must stand up to a President who insist on taking more of our freedoms away. He is spending more than any other president and insist on bankrupting our nation and tax the wealthy out of of 2/3 of their income. There is no accountability for his actions, yet, being a dictator as he is he is counting on us to pay for his extravagance.

    Our nation is faltering economically as more entrepreneurs are hiring less and producing less. The real issues weren’t address yesterday and that would be spending, budgeting, debt, jobs and true recovery. So, for their personal spending on vacations, clothes, party and whatever we now can see that there is a complete dysfunction in the White House and no intentions on tackling the hardcore problems we are facing and the damage and debt we are laying at the feet of future generations. Obama again, has divided a nation in place of uniting one.

  • Rosebud

    If you spend that kind of tax payer money, you should look a lot better that she looks. What a total waste of money. just think how many house notes could have been paid or food shelters could have been stocked. What a bad day for our country.

  • Patty

    The days continue and years have past and I cannot think of anything the Obama’s have done to truly help Middle Americans feel like they have some dignity. They both are so depressing and so arrogant it is sickening and what does the media do, ADMIRATION, LETTERS OF LOVE, TICKLES UP THEIR LEGS.

    The disgraceful treatment of Bush and disgraceful way in which Benghazi was handled the arrogance and hate continues with no accountability whatsoever.

  • Sasja

    Who cares anymore? We have a republican congress who are content to stand idly by and watch as our once great country is destroyed from within and without. If I could get to DC, I would personally slap each one in the face after I spit on them and it would be worth the jail time, I am so incensed.

    I will comment that a price of $50 would have been too high for that ugly creation.

  • Patty

    #6 January 22, 2013 at 1:31 pm
    Rosebud commented:

    And they only have begun.

  • Patty


    Gallup: Obama average first-term approval ratings among lowest in modern history

    A Gallup poll released on the morning of Barack Obama’s second public presidential inauguration shows that his first term was marked by a level of public disapproval exceeded in the modern era only by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

    Obama “averaged 49.1% job approval during his first term in office, among the lowest for post-World War II presidents,” Gallup said Monday.

    “Obama’s first-term average is most similar to Bill Clinton’s. Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, and Dwight Eisenhower were the most popular first-term presidents.”

    The president’s job approval rating was highest — 57.2 percent — during his first year in office. His worst-performing year was his third, during which only 44.4 percent of Americans approved of his work in the White House.

    Obama’s 48.1 percent approval rating in the fourth year of his presidency also ranked third-worst among modern-era presidents who sought re-election after a four-year term. Presidents George H.W. Bush and Carter, the only two in that group to lose their re-elections, were also the only two to fare worse by that measurement.

    Read on


  • Patty

    And so does this:

    Gallup: Only 39 Percent Have Positive View of America

  • cavt

    Nothing is too good for the king and queen. Louis was known as the Sun King–maybe Barry should take that title.

  • I guess I count myself in the 38 percent. No one seems to see or care that thanks to Kig O we are now virtual slaves tot the whims of terrorists, that we have to have King O grovel to China for more money to keep us afloat. Yesterday Diane Sawyer even showed pictures of King O and and how gray his hair is now. Please, they all get gray! A family member agreed.
    Then there was the manage to their “growing girls”. I was so angry I snapped, “please when Bush’s daughters were mentioned they were described as “partying drunks!”
    Unfortunately I had to stop-people were becoming angry at my snide remarks and that I should respect the president. Hell, I don’t have to LIKE him!

    I feel like I am in an outer limits world. These people really believe King O cares for them and our country- but as I told a cousin: “What it he doesn’t give them what they want? What it they riot?”

    With the way King has been shooting his mouth off about the rich and such, my worries cannot be unfounded.

    God help us and save us!

  • saveus

    mho — “let them eat crumbs”

  • jim

    Lipstick on a pig !!!

  • S.Lynn

    Rosebud: you nailed it. Whatever she wears she’s still fugly.

  • Roger

    The Obama’s are good examples of what of what low intelligence people can achieve when they decide to lie and steal.

  • I get the fashion statement with accessorizing the outfit in black, but what the heck is with the purple gloves. Or is it just her hands are that color from all the blueberry pies and ice cream she scarfed down before the start of one of the party’s. I’ve heard 175 people did not get their dessert.

  • Robbie

    Who cares? Jesus Christ, you people are desperate if all you complain about is the price of a dress for the INAUGURATION. I’ll personally call her to see if she’ll pay for the procedure to help y’all grow testicles. Now THAT is ObamaCare.

  • Valerie

    #19 January 22, 2013 at 4:05 pm
    Robbie commented:

    And you were right out front to defend Sarah Palin, weren’t you, hmmm?

    Frankly, I could do without the mean comments about the First Lady’s looks from all sides, over the years. But it’s just a little damn late to get after these people, after what’s happened, before, so just STFU.

  • flyover

    Who cares? I do. I never did until I heard the harping about Ann Romney’s $900 blouse. NOW I care and I will continue to care AND comment! Don’t like it, don’t come here. Go to HuffPo where you can revel in the slobbering approval.

    I’ve seen comparable coats, suits, dresses, shoes and boots at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, etc. Don’t tell the American people to tighten their wallets if you can’t set the example Barry.

  • flyover

    And another thing, I’m with Valerie on this one. The obsessing over the clothing women in politics wear is ridiculous. I didn’t like the way people harped on Hillary’s pant suits either. Get over it, it’s just a distraction so nobody will listen to what they have to say.

    Was Barry’s tuxedo a rental? Does he own it? Did he buy it? Is it Armani? Does he wear the same one over and over or does he break out a new one for every occasion? How about his shoes? Designer? Italian? Parisian? Custom made? Will it all be put up for show in the Smithsonian?

  • RL

    At a certain point, I think these cretins have spent enough taxpayer money…

  • cn

    And with that wig hat, she looked like a skank

  • Chris f

    That’s $15k worth of resources she just denied a poor person.

  • cn

    And what’s up with the queenly purple on her and the kiddies? I would not comment about the cost except for all the static Ann ROmney got over a blouse while the queen on mean trots around in bugly dresses like those…although this red thang was better than the toilet tissue job of 4 years ago.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Every poll shows a negative for Obama. Approval rating under 50%. Country on right track less than 50%. Only 39% of Americans have positive view of their country. Knowing all this there is only one thing we can conclude with relative certainty. The November 2012 Presidential Election was rigged. BTW – Yahoo poll of who voters voted for ON election day showed 56% Romney – 44% Obama. Imagine my disbelief at 11:00 PM when Obama was declared winner. The re-election of Barack Obama is the biggest Fraud in the history of Mankind.

  • luckyone

    lipstick on a Marxist

  • raybojabo

    You gotta admit she’s held up alot better than Odumbo. In that first pick she looks like she could be his daughter. It’s good to be Queen.

  • Charles Bigelow

    I just hope I never have to meet her and her illustrious husband with the forked tongue.

  • Arnold Palmer

    Damn…she’s the new Nancy Reagan.

    Well, not quite. Nancy’s dress was $10,000 in 1981, which is about $25,000 in 2013 dollars.
    Nancy’s fully accessorised inaugural getup was worth about about $25,000….or about $63,000 in 2013 dollars.

    That was the same 1981 when unemployment was 7.5%, but not as bad as the 10.8% that was to come in 1983.

    Bottom line, they both paid with their own money. And?

    Just for the hell of it: Median U.S. household income was about $50,000 in 2011.

    It’s the median WAGE that was $26,000

  • neverends

    She believes – like Obozo – that they are our betters. Just like the Perons in Argentina, Chevez in Venezuela, and on and on. They could care less what anyone thinks about them because they are pure idealogues that were brought up, befriend, and associate with people who are either committed communists or hard-line socialists from the time they were toddlers until today. The sooner people realize this, the better. Will the USA survive another 4 years of “transformation”? I think NOT!

    By the time enough people wake up to the current and continued tyranny, it will be too late.

  • Monkey Wrench

    You folks all realize this dress will end up in the Smithsonian, right? I don’t know who paid for it, but whoever it was, they will end up donating it to the USA. We have the inagual ball dresses going back for many years. Fifty years from now, people will be curious to see the dress she wore. Americans will definitely get more than $20K worth of enjoyment out of this dress over the next hundred years.

  • Steve


  • JDR-Taq

    Beyonce’s earrings during her fake-a$$ performance:

    $900,000.00 each. $1.8 million for the pair.–theyre-worth-cool-1-8millon.html

    But rich people are bad, right progs?

    Oh, only productive, jobs-producing, America-loving, non-hedonistic, white rich people.

    I get it now.

    Do Rush Limbaugh, the Dread Brothers Koch, or “That m’fer name is Mitt” Mitt Romney drive five Bugatti Veyrons while wearing gold-and-diamond 6-inch dollar-sign pendants and drinking cases of Cristal out of high-priced bejeweled hookers’ navels at parties while bragging all day long about how much money they have while assuming a fake-a$$ name?

    No, they have something called humility.

    That is, something completely alien and foreign to you progressives.

    Kill all the humble rich folks!

    Jay Z or Oprah? They could BUY everything Mitt Romney and the Dread Brothers Koch own. They could buy MITT and the KOCH BROTHERS. These arrogant pricks make Mitt and the Koch Bros look like “The Little Match Girl” with their ostentatious wealth.

  • JDR-Taq

    #34 Monkey Wrench

    Personally, I hope someone, out of necessity, takes that dress out of the Smithsonian and burns it just for heat.

  • karma


  • JDR-Taq

    #38 karma

    I’d love to see your internet posting history.

    I’ll bet my last dollar it’s full of hate for Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, and whomever else your favorite television and music stars tell you “it’s cool” to hate.

    My last dollar.

    Save your concern for the leftists wishing for Dick Cheney’s death every other day.

  • Unique

    I can’t believe all the comments I’ve been reading–especially those from Roger, RL and Patty. For all of you so upset about the debt of our country, remember that G. Bush put us in this mess, before PRESIDENT OBAMA took office. For those of you calling Michelle a cretin:( —you need to be reminded that she is a Harvard trained LAWYER. And for all of you so upset about the cost of Michelle’s gown, Nancy Reagan’s gown was over $22,000 and that was back in 1981. HMMM probably could have purchased a small house back then, much less a few mortgage payments today. As far as those so concerned about out tax dollars, do a little research, you’d be shocked who is actually receiving public assistance–surprise surprise they’re not all the Blacks and Hispanics. The bottom line is this……… PRESIDENT OBAMA is back in office whether you like it or not and he deserves your respect as the United States president. Keep in mind that Romney didn’t care about 47% of the country, and I bet you or most of you fall into that category–I know I do. President Obama is not dividing the country, its people like you and your comments.

  • I’m the bad sister.

    She looks better than four years ago but still acts like a total clod. Money can buy looks but not class.

  • I’m the bad sister.

    Arnold, bite your tongue.
    Nancy Reagan would never have menaced the American public the way MOOCHelle has. She was ALWAYS proud of her country unlike this trashy traitor and she also had fabulous taste. You wouldn’t have caught her in fugly $900 sneakers or boob belts.

    Unique, you idiot. She’s a DISBARRED lawyer. I’m sure she’d rather you not bring it up. 😉

  • Liberty4Ever

    I feel pain every time I have to look at these two jerks running around smirking while they destroy the us

  • Arnold Palmer

    Bad sister. I didn’t realize this was a matter of questioning patriotism.
    I believe the false indignation was over the first lady wearing an
    expensive dress during bad economic times….which is exactly what Nancy
    Reagan did during the 1981 inauguration, and beyond.

    Secondly…..Michelle Obama was not “disbarred”, you dolt. Disbarring
    is a punishment. She had her license put on “inactive” status, and could
    quite easily have it re-activated. No disbarrement. No suspicios circumstances.
    Just your willingness to swallow conspiracy theories.

  • heshtesh

    Please try to keep in mind fabrics sell by the yard.

  • Get Mikey

    #40 “President Obama is not dividing the country” ?

    That’s funny. It seems he has already divided the country into those who take personal responsibility for their family’s safety and those who choose not to do more than depend on government to do so. (By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, he’s relying on government workers, but for some reason his government workers always manage to respond a little quicker than OUR government workers!)

    Before you say I’m crazy, just remember, dialing 9-1-1 is calling a government worker to protect you from the bad guys. Those so-called crazy gun-lovers, they don’t call 9-1-1 to ask a cop to come fight off the bad guys, they call the coroner’s or medical examiner’s office (not the emergency line in many cases!) to come and pick up the body after they have finished protecting their OWN families.

    Or, for something to think about, here’s one of my favorite lines about guns . . .

    “I carry a gun . . . because a cop is too heavy.”

  • she looked fine in that dress.

    #40…bush didn’t get us into the financial mess we find ourselves in. try bill clinton, janet reno, andrew cuomo, barney frank, chris dodd, franklin raines, acorn, the civil rights leaders and all the sub prime mortgage advocates including yourself if you were one. your wonderful president obama still is a sub prime advocate despite what it did to our economy. his objective is to continue the policies that are destroying this country.

  • shadow

    I make upwards of 30 grand a year, so I’m probably in the top 5% like the rest of you.

    Top 5%??? Only if you have 5 other people in your “household” earning the same. You might want to check this out to find where you Really stand.

    But I don’t condone spending half my salary on fancy clothes from the mall!

    I highly doubt ANYBODY paid them. Designers generally provide clothes free-of-charge in hope that their dress will be worn, thus giving their career a bump. That is why the dresses are donated after the balls are over, lest they be considered a personal gift.

  • Adi

    At least she didn’t look at Boehner the way she did with Carla Bruni.

  • shadow

    Every poll shows a negative for Obama. Approval rating under 50%.

    Ummm … no.

  • shadow
  • shadow

    At a certain point, I think these cretins have spent enough taxpayer money…

    I don’t know for sure who paid for the cloths, if they were even paid for, but I can tell you who DIDN’T pay for them … the taxpayers.

  • Linda

    His whole ideal is to divide an conquer. Whether it is to divide the blacks from the whites or the Dems from the Repubs, that what he wants, he wants tyranny.

  • Christie

    I think the First Lady looked just beautiful. So stylish, sleek and chic. As for the cost, she is constantly mixing high end & more affordable pieces, and recycles her wardrobe often. How can people talk about the cost of her outfits, when her husband is the President of the United States and she was attending his inauguration, what did people expect her to wear? Maybe spend $150 on a dress and $100 on shoes, because that’s what regular women do? She isn’t a regular woman, she is our First Lady. Michelle gives so much of her time & energy to helping so many people who need it, from children battling childhood obesity, to helping the troops and their loyal families, who are struggling. She is an intelligent & remarkable woman and an inspiration to all young women; someone to aspire to. And their two young daughters are also shining lights, and a great example to teens.

  • Kingslayor

    Is it me or does michelle have about five or six extra teeth!

  • Bob Higginbotham

    Isn’t it great that we paid for the complete ensemble. Between parties, vacations, overseas shopping sprees, golf and other incidentals the pretend first family wasted more than $2 billion of our tax money. They will probably exceed that amount during the second term.

  • Christie

    How are they pretend? Don’t be so childish and disrespectful.

  • Marc

    Ummmm. But they were donated. So the taxpayer didn’t pay for them.