Mark Levin Slams CBS Crank Bob Schieffer: He’s a ‘Phony Journalist,’ ‘Propagandist’ And Obama ‘Cheerleader’ (Video)

Good for Mark….
Conservative Mark Levin slammed CBS crank Bob Schieffer yesterday as a “phony journalist”, “propagandist” and an Obama “cheerleader.”
FOX Nation reported:

Mediaite has the transcript:

I want to explain something to this phony journalist, to this pretend dinosaur here. We can’t stop murder in federal prisons you idiot. We can’t in state prisons, in county jails, in city jails where people are behind bars, where the government controls their every movement, when they take a crap, when they take a shower, when they eat their meals, when they exercise. Everything is controlled, and we can’t control murder and rape and assaults in our prison system. And suddenly, it’s not the country he remembers if we can’t prevent these things in the future.

Yesterday, after Barack Obama’s gun control speech, Bob Schieffer likened Obama “taking on the gun lobby” to the hunt for Bin Laden and “defeating the Nazis.”

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  • Jeff

    If you buy this argument (that we “can’t” rather than simply don’t try) you’re not thinking critically. The state of prisons in this country is a joke and surprise, surprise- the worst of the bunch are actually run by PRIVATE COMPANIES that put profits before the safety of inmates.

    If you think someone with a predetermined position (That Conservative thought is good, full stop) is any less of a propagandist you’re fooling yourself. I wouldn’t trust Schieffer but I would never trust Levin.

    If you pride yourself on seeing through media bias I would hope you would see through the obvious bias of people paid to sell you resentment (Levin, Hoft, et al)
    They routinely engage in shortcuts, distortions and outright lies to keep you as their audience. Think. More. Critically.

  • cavt

    Having listened to the Schieffer clip and some of his past comments, it is obvious that he is a mouthpiece for the left. Don’t have a problem with this if you call it like it is. For some reason, these MSM newspeople can’t do that. They feel they have to lie and claim to be impartial. Not sure why this is so important to them.

  • bobdog

    I can’t stand listening to Levin’s bombastic screaming, but in this case, he’s absolutely right.

    He makes a lot more sense in print.

  • Sam Stone

    The debate over more infringements of our rights cannot proceed when people like that are calling law abiding family raising working class Americans Nazis.
    The debate stops. As it should.

  • DaMav

    What bobdog said…

  • Lim Lynn

    0:05 Took too long for radio show to start.
    0:07 Media is pathetic.
    0:12 Taking about 1st Amendment
    0:14 going nuts about Dictator.
    Alright truly it’s proven Socialist Democrat Commie propagandist and he’s super clueless about Bill of Rights American Constitution.

  • Robin

    At one time, Bob Schieffer was a great journalist and newsman. He was the one who located Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife and took her to the police. Dan Rather horned in and stole his story. Now he is just a dip.

  • Lim Lynn

    Mark Levin is already qualified for Traitor in Chief’s group similar to Hitler SS Brown Shirt Boys

  • Gregor

    You’re right #2 Jeff … we can. We could put everyone in a straightjacket, never let them leave their cells, and feed them intravenously for their entire sentence. Yeah, that ought to do it.

    You sir, are a moron and incapable of the critical thinking you suggest.

  • RightWing Conspirator

    Aren’t they all Obama cheerleaders at this point

  • Economan

    Yeah this isn’t the same country Bob because since you were a kid, the left has taken over our schools and have indocrinated kids to throw away their Judeo-Christian belief that life is sacred. The left has instead fed kids a diet of moral relativism and situational ethics and that there is no right or wrong. Yes Bob, go look in the mirror and see who threw God out of our schools and who has destroyed the family.


  • Jeff

    Childish insults, Gregor? Are you nine years old?

    Think about what the average prison is actually like (hint: it’s a nightmare) and then think about the extent of your ‘solutions.’ There’s a massive gap in-between for meaningful reform to improve safety and security. Instead of acting childish and irrational, just consider what I’m saying more thoroughly.

    Best of luck to you.

  • obama’s actions are a “victory” for nazis.

  • RedBeard

    Bob Schieffer is what passes for a journalist these days. Sad, isn’t it? There was a time, not long ago, that at least the majority of journalists were reasonably honest. Now? Calling Demosthenes – bring your lantern. This time, you’re not crazy.

  • Lim Lynn

    RightWing Conspirator
    Possible sometimes they cheer too loudly at Traitor in Chief before the Gun Control Executive Order.

  • jtb012u340

    And, he is right. You know who chooses your friends in jail? The federal government! You know who chooses your friends, who you can work with, who you can eat with, etc…NOW? The federal govt via the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Americans are so clueless its amazing to me. Go watch more of your idols and images and pictures on tv moonbats. America is an insane asylum run by the inmates.

  • Gregor

    Again, you’re right Jeff. Childish insults are the work of a nine-year-old, which is exactly why you, in both of your posts, suggest that pretty much everyone but you is incapable of critical thinking. How ironic, but I don’t expect you to recognize that.

    I’ve noticed something about both of your comments. While you suggest that everyone else is lacking critical thinking skills which, according to you, is all that’s needed to find the answers to all of the world’s problems, you conveniently fail to offer a single suggestion on what those solutions would be to, you know … prevent all future murders.

    Your comment also seems to suggest that you’re more concerned with the “safety of the inmates” rather than keeping innocent civilians safe from criminals. Is it possible you’re an ex-con?

  • RedStateGal

    Couldn’t agree more. Bob Schieffer hasn’t done any deep thinking for 40 years. In his mind, he is still gallantly protesting the Vietnam War.

  • Indiana

    Once again “the great one” is spot on!

  • B

    Is this idiot Schieffer even remotely AWARE that it was the NRA and American gun owners before and during WWII who donated pistols, rifles, shotguns…Hell, even BINOCULARS to the British government to try and help arm their Home Guard against a possible invasion by Hitler’s troops?

    The British citizenry by that time had already had gun control laws passed before WWII and the citizens didn’t have enough guns! The British were left publicly begging for guns. It’s a little hard to fight a guy armed with a K98 when all you’ve got (or allowed!) is a duck gun.

  • Schieffer? I thought he was dead.

  • oldtimer

    monday BO inaug day keep your television off all day
    Black Television Day

  • Mick

    @#18 Gregor – Spot on! Jeff is your typical pseudo intellectual lefty troll who pretends to stand above it all with his self proclaimed “critical thinking skills.” What he can’t see…indeed, what his puffed up condescending attitude shows him to be, is what you first noted…he’s a MORON! And his subsequent rant only shows how frail his ego is, confirming again….he’s a MORON!

    Note: It doesn’t take much skill in critical thinking to see this, but nevertheless beyond the learning curve of lefties.

  • Valerie

    #13 January 17, 2013 at 2:54 pm
    Jeff commented:

    Uh, Jeff, that’s our government running those prisons, state and local, regardless of to what extent they use contractors. And, it’s our government that is focusing taking guns away from law-abiding citizens INSTEAD of crazies and criminals, who commit the crimes.

    If you don’t like the way our government runs its prisons, why do you also want to give it more control of its law-abiding citizens?

    Look at the statistics, and look at what people who actually have put some time and effort into studying the situation have to recommend. Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens are used — frequently — to deter crimes, usually without ever being fired. This happens in our country about a million times a year.

  • JDR-Taq

    #23 oldtimer

    What television? Haven’t used that drug for 12 years.

    What then for those who would do this so-called “boycott”? 364 days of self-induced programming instead of 365?


  • Lim Lynn

    I rather not watch Traitor in Chief Zombies waving crazily at the TV reporters reporting for individual news stations with the help camera operators who operates the professional video recorders.

  • Highlander

    Spot on Gregor. The fact is, what you described would be the ONLY way to stop murders in our prisons. People get killed with tooth brushes, which Jeff would know if he would get out of his momma’s basement once in a while and educate himself.

    And yes Gregor, these leftists would have NO PROBLEM with seeing us all in straight jackets if it would allow them to achieve the panacea they dream of …

    This isn’t going end well for these people. They’re stepping on some pretty big toes lately, and they’re idiots of they think they can keep doing that to the American public without consequence …

  • Lim Lynn

    @ Gregor and Highlander
    Prisoners those who are serving prison sentence either for life or a few years. There always frequent fights happen around there. Though, they aren’t allowed to smuggle in knife, rifles and guns. They, improvise every single unimaginable way a new tool to injure people in the fights. You be surprise when you find those tools.

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  • Patty

    A basket full of them but thanks for calling out one. Mark Levin has a spine.

  • Mark Levin speaks for me. Thanks.

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