The Wisconsin Capitol was evacuated today after a bomb threat was posted on Facebook.
Capitol Police learned of a video posted to Kvon Smith’s Facebook page where he shows a counter full of bottles of alcohol, claiming they were Molotov cocktails, or homemade bottle bombs.

Kvon Smith has a history of violence. Smith was arrested in the rotunda with a backpack that he told police was full of Molotov cocktails.

A 20 year-old man was arrested Tuesday after bringing explosives into the Wisconsin State Capitol for Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State speech.
KSTP reported:

A man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly threatening the Wisconsin Capitol on his Facebook page and then telling police he had a homemade bomb in his backpack when he entered the building just hours before the governor’s State of the State speech.

Authorities had distributed the 20-year-old man’s photo to Capitol police after learning about the online threat, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration said in a statement. Police spotted him as he entered the Capitol, where he allegedly told officers he had a molotov cocktail in his backpack.

Police evacuated part of the building, and a bomb squad investigated the backpack outside. Authorities haven’t said what was inside the backpack, though no injuries were reported.

Charges are pending, the statement said. Walker’s spokesman declined comment.

It’s unclear whether the man had political motivations. Police said his Facebook threat wasn’t made against a specific individual.

Probably a disgruntled Tea Partier.




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  1. Another one of Obama’s son’s? If he had one..

  2. Yeah, a tea party member … LOL!

  3. If Sandy Hook is to bullets then this is going to be the next thing they get rid of: good whiskey.
    what a shame.

  4. That’s a picture of Moochie on her makeover crews day off…..

  5. Ah the fruits of a union education, how in-lighting. Tell me again how its about the children, SEIU.

  6. I wrote the mayor of Newtown yesterday and asked her instead of supporting the Communist agenda of Obama’s violation of millions of American’s 2nd Amendment rights as punishment for the actions of one crazy guy they knew was a problem, when was the ground breaking of their new mental hospital going to be? And I told her that she would be more of a hero for her town if she was to authorize the building of this hospital because it would provide jobs and permanent employment for medical professionals in the removal of sick family members that would give everyone in Newtown more of a feeling of safety than taking guns away from some American’s two thousand miles away from Conn.. What good would that do when showing some balls and standing up against the ACLU and the looney leftist in her town when taking guns away from her fellow citizens isn’t going to stop any crazy guy who is determined to hurt someone.

    I told her that beginning the ground breaking for that new mental hospital would go much further to show Obama that destroying the rights of millions of American’s is not the way to treat people who’ve never hurt anyone with their guns. And that Mr. Lanza’s mother lamented on her social network page a year before her crazy son killed her, that he was dangerous and that three days before her death she said on her site that he had gotten worse, which means that he had gotten much more dangerous. Wouldn’t it had been much better to limit his rights and have him under the care of a doctor than to have him thinking that since it’s against the law to lock him up against his will makes him even crazier and feeling like he can’t be stopped, puts us all in much more danger than all our guns put together would have made the Newtowns folk by having Mr. Lanza loose to kill at random?

    I think that Gov. Walker needs to be thinking the same thing and that is going against the ACLU and the looney leftist, and that Communist Obama and begin building a large mental hospital for all those like this crazy *ss f**ker!!

  7. And just think, building mental hospitals again would garner support from the animal rights advocates in that the truely criminally insane would be good guinne pigs for new psycho drugs than giving them to some monkey that can’t tell you if they’re tripping or hurting or what. Who knows if we tell the damn animal rights freak jobs to put their money where their mouths are, that is if we can tell which end is which since they talk out of their butts so much, yuk, yuk, they might pay for all of the mental hospitals all over the country and we will have a place to put Biden and Obama. Obama can play king and Biden can be the village idiot. Except in the case of Biden he really is a village idiot.

  8. I bet he’ll be using his Obamaphone to make his one phone call from jail.

  9. That’s the effect done by Traitors in Chief to drive everyone who supports Socialist Democrat Commie to anarchism mode.

  10. Boy, isn’t HE a pretty guy? I wonder if he’s a Democrat?

  11. He looks nasty, wants to riot against Walker and is seen with the Dem Senator Tammy Baldwin: he is an Obama voter.

  12. But I thought the Tea Party was only white people? Dang I am sooooo confused.

  13. Bombs? What, he couldn’t find his gun.

  14. Probably a big misunderstanding, he just stopped by on his way to the board meeting at *** Bank.

  15. Interesting Facebook page. Mentions Allah a couple of times. Must be a Hot Air reading Tea Party Member …

  16. If this guy was a white Tea Partier his would be all over our TV’s for a whole week but it will hardly be a blip with the Obama media.
    With the exception of him being a possible Obama voter this is the perfect leftie cliche of who they say the Tea Party is.

  17. Ain’t he purty?

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