Lib Media Owes Romney an Apology – Chrysler Sends Jeep Jobs to China

Remember this?
The liberal media went insane when Mitt Romney suggested that Chrysler was sending jobs to China.
4 Pinocchios

Despite the Obama Campaign’s lies about the Catholic Church and Mitt Romney not paying taxes, the left-wing Politifact made Romney’s Chrysler China ad their “Lie of the year.”

Today Chrysler announced they were building Jeeps in China.
USA Today reported:

Fiat and Chrysler Group have reached an agreement to expand passenger car manufacturing and sales in China, officials said Tuesday.

Under the agreement, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd. will build one Jeep model in China for Chrysler for sale in China. A specific model was not announced.

Zeng Qinghong, general manager and chief executive of Guangzhou Automobile Group, and Mike Manley, Jeep president and CEO and head of Chrysler’s international operations, signed the agreement at Chrysler headquarters here.

In September, Guangzhou began building the Fiat Viaggio in China.

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  • JenBee

    It feels good to be right, even if the MSM will never correct its mistake. Obama voters, you get what you deserve, elections have consequences.

    Let it all burn down to the em-effing ground.

  • cavt

    Shall we lay odds on any of the MSM using this story and referencing that Romney was right—

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  • BurmaShave

    Politifact made it their “Lie of the year.”

    Really? I wonder how many of Obama’s whoopers even made it to their playoffs.

  • Good try

    Except when you actually read the story you are citing to prove the MSM wrong, which happens to be published in the MSM, and realize that in doesn’t say what you’re trying to imply it say. Romney’s ad was criticized because it implied that Chrysler would “move” Jeep production to China, as in take American jobs and move them there. What Chrysler was actually doing is expanding its manufacturing in China, for Jeeps that will be sold in China. Just like Nissan/Honda/Toyota etc build cars in America for sale in America. Nice try.

  • shadow

    Except when you actually read the story you are citing to prove the MSM wrong, which happens to be published in the MSM, and realize that in doesn’t say what you’re trying to imply it say

    I was wondering if someone was going to point that out. Be prepared to be called a troll/libtard/Obama butt-kisser in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  • NavySeal

    You are a troll, libtard,obama butt LICKER… You really are a POS & you don’t even know it.. POS coward is all you are.. Keep on hiding behind that computer screen!!!!!

  • Stella Baskomb

    “Politifact made it their “Lie of the year.””

    Yeah. It’s linked above, here it is again:

    Politifact is a creature of the Tampa Bay Times.

    Both the paper and the political website are no doubt gospel for the low-information, gullible, left-leaning voter.

    Not much use for anyone else.

  • JenBee

    lol @ trolls…. you’re spinning so hard, you’re a blur. Amazing how ‘facts’ only seem to matter when applied to your Messiah, but are thrown to the wind when applied to anyone with (R) behind their name. Go spin somewhere else, don’t you realize you’re wasting your time and effort here? How ever will you get paid if you change no minds?!

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  • Robert E Lee

    You aren’t Christian or right so I’m guessing you are a fagg. Do you jack off to Oboma pics? Because your way up his ass?

  • shadow

    “shadow” You are a troll, libtard,obama butt LICKER… You really are a POS & you don’t even know it.. POS coward is all you are.. Keep on hiding behind that computer screen!!!!!

    NavySqueal, you are the reason some people want gun control. You don’t have the temperament for gun ownership. You go from zero to overwrought in a split second. You should seriously seek professional help.

  • Danny

    Dem lies won again. Press has lost its honor but still continues the Jihad against all things R and conservative.

  • NavySeal

    IDK… My temper & gun control are just fine… I haven’t shot any civilians YET!!

  • forest

    “#6 January 15, 2013 at 4:17 pm
    Good try commented:

    Except when you actually read the story you are citing to prove the MSM wrong, which happens to be published in the MSM, and realize that in doesn’t say what you’re trying to imply it say. Romney’s ad was criticized because it implied that Chrysler would “move” Jeep production to China, as in take American jobs and move them there. What Chrysler was actually doing is expanding its manufacturing in China, for Jeeps that will be sold in China. Just like Nissan/Honda/Toyota etc build cars in America for sale in America. Nice try.”

    So the ad “implied” something the State Run Media didn’t like, so it’s the ‘Lie of the Year”? Sounds more like some mild spin compared to the whoppers Obama’s stooges were uncorking.

    And one more thing. If someone in China buys a Jeep today, where would that vehicle have been made? Yes, in the North America. Once FIAT builds its plant in China, no more. The effect will be less production here to be replaced with production there. But remember, it’s the lie of the year to “imply”, not actually say, but “imply” that production is moving to China.

  • forest

    Hey, look at this, HuffPo was “lying” about this too. I guess they published this before the memo was circulated.

    “Jeep May Move Some Production To China”

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    You don’t have the temperament for gun ownership.

    You have obviously mistakenly assumed that someone telling the truth about a simpleton like you is somehow on a par as threats to do bodily harm.

  • Sasja

    Robert E Lee. Troll.

  • NavySeal

    Your exactly right!!!!!!

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    “I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

    My budget will cut the deficit by $4 Trillion over 10 years

    Because of Obamacare, “over the last two years, health care premiums have gone up — it’s true — but they’ve gone up slower than any time in the last 50 years.”

    In his 2012 State of the Union Address, President Obama said that American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight years.

    I’ve done more for Israel’s security than any President ever.

    The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.

    If you like the health care plan you have you can keep it

    The Health Care Package will pay for itself

    I am immediately instituting PayGo “Pay as you go”

    “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”

    We began by passing a Recovery Act that has already saved or created over 150,000 jobs.”

    Cut Deficit in Half by end of first term

    No Earmarks in the $787 Billion Stimulus

    Unemployment rate will be 8.5% without stimulus.

    I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage.

    Guantanamo bay to be closed within a year

    No more wiretapping of citizens

    Didn’t know Jeremiah Wright was Radical

    We will go through our federal budget – page by page, line by line – eliminating those programs we don’t need, and insisting that those we do operate in a sensible cost-effective way.

    When a bill lands on my Desk, The American people will have 5 days to review it before I sign it.

    We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.

  • Sasja

    These trolls need to be ignored. If you must address their absurd comments, I suggest you do it indirectly. Don’t feed their need to be noticed.

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  • #21…but they’re not “lies of the year.”

    you missed every bill will be on CSPAN for several days for the citizens to review before it is voted on. has any bill ever been posted on CSPAN before it was voted on?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …as in take American jobs and move them there. What Chrysler was actually doing is expanding its manufacturing in China, for Jeeps that will be sold in China.

    As far as I’ve been able to tell, Jeep production currently is confined to North America (Toledo, OH). If instead of ramping up production here to meet an increasing demand, Chrysler opens a production line in China, it seems to me that the same effect is achieved – jobs that would have been created here end up being created in China.


  • FurryGuy

    #25 January 15, 2013 at 6:15 pm
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    But that isn’t nuanced enough for the Progs/Libs/Leftists and American Pravda> propaganda complex to be able to spin; no ability to spin inconvenient truths makes it “a lie.”

  • @21 The Central Scrutinizer: Don’t forget to add “I’ll never take your guns away”

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  • shadow

    I haven’t shot any civilians YET!!

    Thank you for proving my point.

  • shadow

    So the ad “implied” something the State Run Media didn’t like,

    No. It implied something that wasn’t true. Whether they liked it or not is beside the point.

  • myohmy

    Media is too blame for all this debacle unfolding. We got 4 more years of nothingness and corruptions. God help us all.

  • shadow

    You have obviously mistakenly assumed that someone telling the truth about a simpleton like you is somehow on a par as threats to do bodily harm.

    I guess you missed the post where the nimrod suggested we meet up and “duke it out,” only to be talked down by a real Navy Seal.

  • shadow

    As far as I’ve been able to tell, Jeep production currently is confined to North America (Toledo, OH). If instead of ramping up production here to meet an increasing demand, Chrysler opens a production line in China, it seems to me that the same effect is achieved – jobs that would have been created here end up being created in China.


    No. Jobs that would have not been created at all, because consumers in China would not have been able to afford Jeeps built in the US, as opposed to Jeeps manufactured in China to supply the local market. Which is exactly what Jeep claimed back in 2012, yet Romney chose to distort the facts for political gain.

  • shadow

    “I’ll never take your guns away”

    Get back to me when your guns are taken away,

  • Mitt Romney won’t get an apology-the msm has no class!

  • NavySeal

    You really don’t know who your messing with… As long as you can hide behind your computer, then you will talk all the crap you want… I want you to get back with me on WHEN & WHERE we can meet, & bring your homeboys with you, it should make for a interesting day…. Lmfao!!!!!

  • lincoln’s widow

    NavySqueal appears to have mental problems as well as being a juvenile narcissist with a short fuse and delusions of grandeur and should be first in line for an in depth psychiatric evaluation to assess his emotional and intellectual suitability to own guns.

    He also appears to be a poster child for stricter gun control.

  • joyo

    Romney is a businessman. –he knew that when Chrysler decided to open a plant in China instead of the USA, the jobs at that plant would go to Chinese workers — not American workers. Politicfact said it was the biggest lie of the year. Now, we know that Politicfact told the biggest lie of the year!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …because consumers in China would not have been able to afford Jeeps built in the US,…

    That has nothing to do with the high production cost of American-made cars, as Chinese consumers were still buying them as of December of 2011, before their government applied a 25% tariff to them. There’s your unaffordability problem right there. A competent bunch in Washington might have negotiated some sort of balanced trade agreement, which might have obviated the need to build Jeeps in China for the Chinese. It’s worth mentioning that a beneficial side effect of having a balanced trade agreement that would allow American-made cars to be sold in China would have been the ability to protect manufacturers’ proprietary technology from being stolen, something that’s more likely to happen now.

  • shadow

    You really don’t know who your messing with…

    Perhaps not who, but surely what. Psycho comes to mind. Like I said, seek professional help. Modern medication can do wonders.

  • NavySeal

    “lincoln’s widow”
    No I just don’t care anything about troll’s like you & shadow… Y’all think y’all know everything about everything.. But when everything starts going downhill because of yall’s prez, what are you going to be able to do for yourself… Your going to starve to death because YOU are not prepared for what’s going to happen.. So we’ll see how much longer you are on the net talking sh!t!!!

  • shadow

    Mitt Romney won’t get an apology-the msm has no class!

    Mitt Romney won’t get an apology … Mitt Romney has no case.

  • shadow

    Your going to starve

    No more than “your” going to learn how to speak English.

  • Rock

    China was smart enough to insist that they build the vehicles to be sold in China, who wants to drive jeeps built by drunkards and pot smoking union scum.

  • shadow

    Hey, teabaggers, I gotta run for a minute … momma is yelling something about the awful smell coming up the basement steps, and I need to clean all the slobber off my keyboard before it shorts out. i’ll be back soon though …

  • shadow

    OK, I’m back. Now look all you teabaggers … let me explain something to you. I’m here to ram my warped point of view down your collective throats, and I’m not going to stop trying until I succeed. It’s my job … and I have a right to work and support myself don’t I? I’m just exercising my right to free speech. You people support the Constitution and the first amendment don’t you? My lies and propaganda don’t really hurt anybody, do they? So just shut up and let me spew …

    You know, this job is really great … I’m making tons of money doing what I do, and I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my momma’s basement to do it. All I have to do is download the talking points every day, and clean the slobber off my keyboard occasionally, and spray some disinfectant around when mom complains about the smell. Plus, the very BEST part is that, like it or not, you people are paying my salary!!

    Of course, you should know that I have the full support of the Obama administration too, so if I’m offending someone or insulting anyone’s intelligence, that’s just too damn bad. I wouldn’t recommend objecting, or saying anything mean to me either, especially if it sounds like an implied threat, because if you do, I might have to call my handler and have someone from the Justice Department pay you a little visit …

    So now, why don’t you all just relax, bend over, and just take what I’m serving up like good little teabaggers? Resistance is futile …

  • shadow

    Hey, teabaggers, I gotta run for a minute

    /sigh/ Boys will be boys. Some, apparently, for their entire life.

  • Glenn47

    We always have Obama standing there a few years back and telling the world how irresponsible it was to raise the debt ceiling. Or his lying about Benghazi, or Libya, or when he said Ryan was blocking drought relief, when he had signed the bill already. There is no limit to his lies.

  • Lim Lynn
    Probability getting into Harvard is better than finding a job in Target.

  • RedBeard

    Stella Baskomb made a good comment earlier, about the grossly misnamed “Politifact” organization. It is operated by the far-left Tampa Bay Times, which is in turn owned by the far-left Poynter Institute, a so-called “journalism” think tank and leftist indoctrination center for the proliferation of more left wing media operatives. Poynter is also the happy beneficiary of a barrel of George Soros’ tainted money. Lovely bunch. But, according to the left wing media’s own assessment, there is no left wing bias in media. Just ask them.

    By the way, I find it interesting that the St. Petersburg Times, long known as a leftist rag, decided to change its name to the Tampa Bay Times. It’s rather like the way liberals try to escape their well-earned bad reputation by renaming themselves “progressives.”

    I work in Tampa, and recently got a phone solicitation from the Tampa Bay Times, wanting me to order the paper for our office. I told the nice lady that we already had enough sources for biased left-wing reporting, and didn’t need another. She sighed, and almost under her breath said, “I understand. I hear that a lot.” I hope her masters weren’t “monitoring the call for quality purposes.” If they were, she’s probably unemployed now.

  • Gary

    We could fill a new set of encyclopedias with all the MSM’s lies and cover-ups leading up to the election.

    I just better not hear one person saying they regret voting for Obama (or that they regret staying home on election day).

    You voted for him, we all got him. Thanks for nothing.

  • Gary

    Haven’t seen you around much lately.
    Of course I haven’t been around much myself.

  • Dragon

    Seems that everyone is a fool. Romney referenced an article in Bloomberg. No one seemed to have an issue with the Bloomberg article at the time. The MSM just beat Romney up for it. Now this article is pointing out that what was said in the Bloomberg article has come to pass. Here in the comments we have right/left arguing over who lied. No one lied! The only issue at hand is interpretation of what it means to build Jeeps in China. If you believe that maintaining all Jeep production in the U.S. is keeping jobs in the U.S. then jobs have been shipped to China. If you prefer to believe that opening a plant in China to service the Chinese market is irrelevant to maintaining jobs in the U.S. then jobs have not been shipped to China.

    The real concern is why the media on either side has such trouble simply expressing what is going on rather than hiding the real story.

  • TXtopdawg

    Ironically enough, American Motors Corp. (AMC) began building the XJ Jeep (Cherokee) in Beijing on January 15, 1984. Chrysler bought out AMC shortly thereafter (1987), which became a division of DaimlerChrysler in 1998 and then became a spin-off as Chrysler LLC in 2007 ( Please go to, research the word “Jeep” and look at footnote #23. (Credit for Chrysler article dated November 02, 2007 is to Timothy Dunne in the BloombergBusinessWeek.) Conclusion: Chrysler has been building automobiles in China basically since 1987. But why let the facts get in the way of a good story. Once again, the lib media shows their deceitful articles against the Conservatives to be mostly LIES!!!

  • RedBeard

    Hi, Gary! I’ve been in hiding. I made a positive statement about FSU to a Florida Gators fan, and he put out a fatwa on me. 😉

  • Tammie

    It says EXPAND! It does NOT say they are taking all jobs from the U.S. and sending them to China as MANY manufacturing companies have n its entirety. But of course cannot comprehend that.

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  • Frank Bowman

    I believe some of the Liv’s on here need a wee bit of education. Yes, the factory is being built in China, but with what? American Capital, that’s what. Capital that could have been used to build or expand production in this country (which would equal more jobs, more supporting industry and even more pizza shops for hungry worker’s familys). Every dollar shipped over to China for establishment of that factory is a dollar lost for investment in a factory and the economy in the USA. There are three things required for expansion…, material and labor…The Capital has been shipped overseas…there’s no difference in Capital or Labor being shipped, the bottom line is the opportunity to expand the economy has been lost to China.

  • jimmiemeehan

    Lib media lies and cannot apologize for lying because it thinks people still believe them

  • Stud

    ~Right !~

  • Tee

    Who owns the controling intrest AMERICA or china?

  • William A. Kinder

    Romney “implied” the truth… Fiat is moving jobs to China. He didn’t actually say that but was awarded “lie of the year” nevertheless. The means justifies the ends… calling the truth a lie works.

  • Finncrisp

    Can’t move production to China until there is a production facility. After that capacity is in place, who knows?

    The new GM also has the goal of being the number one manufacturer in China of vehicles. Bail out allowed them to fund expansion outside of US. We don’t hear much about that. Have not heard Barry calling for punishment of GM for this action.

    Track UAW employment going back to around 1985. Hundreds of thousands of UAW jobs are gone. If the union was so good for the auto industry, why are most plants built by foreign mfrs. of vehicles in right to work states?

  • Sam

    Sorry, I was pro-Romney, but what he said was they would MOVE production to China. They didn’t do that, they ADDED production in China and KEPT the jobs at home. The media was 100% correct on calling him out on this. Sorry, fighting for jobs has nothing to do with expanding production and bringing more money home. Its an American design, so we make much more on royalties than exporting a few hundred jeeps a year with no factory in China. Get your head out your asses dumb redneck scum who knows nothing about international business. The import tax in China is 100%, so building a factory makes sense to sell WAY WAY more units. Really, this is pathetic you stupid ignorant fools believe this.

  • Politicians and media.

    Doesn’t it seem like the media is fast to point fingers? It has done a horrible job at manipulating. The key point that the automobile company is selling the vehicle in China doesn’t seem to stick out many. Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and many other Japanese automobile companies are doing the same in the U.S..

  • As it is now most Chryslers/Dodge are just assembled here. Have a Challenger R/t. Engine made in Mexico and chassis made in Canada. Thinking before Obama gave all those billions to the auto makers some guarantees should have been made.

  • lainer51

    Am anxiously waiting for Matt and the TODAY SHOW to report this in-depth – yeah right, like I would EVER watch that stupid show!

  • shadow

    That has nothing to do with the high production cost of American-made cars,
    You mean that those evil unions are NOT to blame for this? I’m shocked!

    as Chinese consumers were still buying them as of December of 2011, before their government applied a 25% tariff to them.
    And continued at a greater rate in 2012, seeing how sales more than doubled from the year before. However, Chrysler is hoping to increase their market share, which is quite small compared to GM, by building them in China for that market.

    But we digress. Romney’s add, which implied that Jeep is moving its US production to China, is still wrong, as is the claim the he has been vindicated.

  • shadow

    Fiat is moving jobs to China.

    That’s the problem. By definition, when you move something, it no longer occupies its original location. Since Jeeps will still be manufactured in the US (Detroit, Toledo, Belvidere, Ill) the jobs did not “move” to accomplish this.

  • Dennis

    liberals never let fact get in their way.

  • Dank

    The article is incorrect. Romney was wrong. They are expanding, not moving to, China. Jeep and Chryslers will still be made and sold here. Nice try republicans.

  • shadow

    Yes, the factory is being built in China, but with what? American Capital, that’s what.

    This is a joint venture with an existing Chinese auto manufcturer that already produces cars for Fiat. Do you know, for a fact, who is doing the financing?

  • Michael Cordero

    This is the way I see it. Most major companies manufactor in other countries. Mitt knew that Jeep was going to do this and said so and was jumped on for saying the truth. When that plant opens in China and they are only making Fiats, it won’t be long until they make parts and send them to America. There is where we lost futures U.S. jobs.

  • RT

    Help me with this now. And the American taxpayer money bailed out WHO? To expand production WHERE?

  • Hreodbeorht Willcomo

    If Chrysler was not owned by the people and purely a private corporation they could do what they please. However, since they were bailed out by the American tax payer, those jobs to manufacture cars to be sold in China should be made by US workers. Bottom line, jobs are being taken away from American workers that can still be shipped to China, just like all the goods we buy from China made by Chinese workers.

  • FORD & GM have been making cars in UK , Europe & Australia for 80 yrs to sell in those countries .Like Toyota, Honda, Nissen ,VW etc have made cars here to sell here.
    So if you think its wrong for Jeep to build cars in China for the Chinese market .Then maybe we should stop Honda Toyota etc from building cars in the USA .What is sauce for the goose is cauce for the gander,

  • Heh Rober E lee .They say it takes a fagg to know one .Look in ya mirror buddy.

  • Rick

    OMG! Such drama queens! Move on! The election is over, nothing is changing, nobody is apologizing! Stop acting like 5 year olds! If everyone apologized for every wrong or scewed media story that’s all that would be on TV! Get over it and stop the crying! Just an FYI in this story as it is not fully accurate, they are also going to Russia, not just China….I think I should expect an apology for the innacuracy of this article!

  • Lim Lynn

    @shadow and lincoln’s widow
    Psychology and Psychiatric done during Hitler great experimentation time. Placebo is fake science where 3 group of people you used to research. 1st group given fake medication, 2nd group given real medication and 3rd group didn’t give anything. Result 1st group did heal from their so call illness because their will power wanting to heal, 2nd group did heal because it’s the real medication and 3rd still suffering so call illness. I already knew the result of 2nd Amendment trampled and abolished by Traitor in Chief who wants Psychology and Psychiatric to do the job to prevent those people from being free from bondage.

  • TycheSD

    Nothing new here. Same story as before the election. Jeeps will be built in China for the Chinese market. Jeeps will still be built in Toledo and Detroit for the American market.

  • Lance Corporal

    Chrysler is increasing production of the Jeep in China and expanding the line there. My guess is it will be a matter of time before they decide it is cheaper to build the Jeep in China and move ALL production of the Jeep to China.

  • Tammy L Braswell


  • lfawn

    Apologize? The libs don’t know the meaning of the word. They are probably still trying to figure out how to blame it on the Republicans.

  • The story says they are going to build Jeeps in China. It doesn’t say they will be exported to the USA. They probably are just being sold in China

  • Ray Butler

    Meanwhile, the numberous treasonous acts committed by the fraud, Barry Soerto and his communists lynchmen are being brushed aside. Not to mention the FACT that Barry is a pathological liar, a communist, anti-American and personally responsible for the deaths of GOOD Americans.
    ANYONE who can’t see that Obama is a pathological liar is quite obviously blind & stupid, and deserve the control they too are about to be under.
    No mention of the prices of gas, food & health insurance more than DOUBLING and median incomes DROPPING under Obama. Or the increase in taxes he promised wouldn’t happen. Or the deficit being increased by more than all previous Presidents combined. Or our credit rating dropping. And people have all forgotten how his democrats started this whole mess by allowing Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae to go unchecked (But since Bush of POTUS, it’s all HIS fault, eh liberal retards?).
    The average Obama supporter has no clue what’s goin on or who really caused it, and they don’t care. They preach tolerance, yet are the least tolerant. They preach against hate, but demonstrate the most hatred. They have destroyed every economy they’ve had control of (look at Detroit), then say “we shouldn’t point fingers”.
    They boo’d and heckled Bush many times, then claim we should show “respect” to the lying fraud in office now.
    The only way to defeat an enemy is to know who the enemy is. The enemy of a free republic is liberalism and democrats. Democrats = communists. All liberals are America’s mortal enemy, and have said so themselves by declaring war on conservative Patriots. They have labled EVERYTHING “war”: “War on women”, “War on the elderly” etc… all lies – THEY are the ones hurting the women, minorities, elderly, military etc… But they do love to use that word “war” – don’t they? THAT tells me what they really are – they WANT a war, because they WON’T fight – they’ll run crying to their dear furer to protect them.
    They are crybaby cowards with NO guts, no morals and no common sense. SHEEPLE. Pathetic sheeple.

  • Kathleen

    Comments like these, with put downs and slurs are what destroy the credibility and turn away people actually looking to see the issue from both sides. If you do not have anything intelligent or appropriate to say – don’t say anything at all.

  • RJ Mack

    where would yo want them to build vehicles that will be sold/used in China? the USA? fools!

    global sourcing with assembly in the region of consumption/deployment is smart business

    and knuckling under to the government mandate by China is par for the course if you want be in business with what is destined to become the largest consumer group/nation in the world

  • Canelia Dyer

    Idiots, Jeep SAID they were going to build Jeeps in China for THE CHINESE!!!!! Why build them here and ship them over there????? Even Japan sends the parts here and assembles the vehicles in the states! Quit relying on nothing but Fox News!!!

  • Tommy

    It’s only a matter of time and the China made Jeep for China will flood our market. That’s how this mess started in the 1st place. It’ll be made with our steel not like ours with their plastic.

  • Monz

    They never said that they weren’t going to build jeeps in China. They said that they weren’t going to build jeeps EXCLUSIVELY in China. How stupid can you people be. Oh that’s right, forgot who I was commenting to.

  • DontTreadOnMe

    Just when you think the libtards(lol) can’t do or say anything else to prove their ignorance, some post on here that they agree with the MSM report about Romney’s ad on Chrysler moving to China. And the very next sentence say that Chrysler was moving manufacturing to China to sell in China not jobs?????? BWAHAHAHAHA. Heres a quick lesson in economics( although only the non-idiots will understand it) . If even you nut ,screw , bolt etc, is produced in China for Chrysler that is taking away from it being produced here in the US and that DOES affect American jobs !

  • There is nothing wrong with Chrysler building Jeep’s here and shipping to China. The truth is that it want be long that those Jeeps built in China will make their way to our shores. I will give it 4 years.


    Both the USA and Australia got a bad hand when they got Obama and Gillard ,these two have nearly #ucked their respective country ,that GOD Gillard will be out this year the People in the USA will have to suffer with this medicine man Obama for another 4 years.

  • TheFacts

    The Ad is accurate, this is about outsourcing.

    Outsourcing was what Mr obama brought into question regarding Bain Capitol.

    We fund mr. obama’s pocketbook, he bailed out Chrysler and now Chrysler is building cars, expanding, opening a production line, establishing a facility for the creation of Jeeps that will be made by Chinese employees, whatever you want to call it, in China, not exported to China. These are jobs that could and should be in America in addition to any conciliatory jobs Chrysler is creating, adding 1100 jobs here and there in the U.S., to take the edge off their controversial decision. Chrysler is outsourcing these “expanding market” jobs as an agreement worked out with the Chinese Govt which allows Chrysler to circumvent their import taxes and tariffs.

    No mention of totally moving to China, just opening a production line, and whether an expansion or not, it still equates to jobs overseas and not hear, outsourcing. The unpalatable part is that we helped them with our money when they were in dire straits and they are not returning the favor.

    The interesting point is why Chrysler feels the need to circumvent China’s import tariffs at the expense of all the jobs here instead of just some? Perhaps it is because they foresee the current administration not having the capacity or willingness to create a fair trade environment with China. Maybe Chrysler wants to have a broader international base that isn’t predominantly rooted in a shaky US economy and retail market, having to then be funneled through abusive and costly import restrictions. They essentially are trying to make good business decisions, not moral decisions, however in their choices the root of the problem is exposed.

  • Ingrid King

    All of you have NEVER be in a social country I HAVE laugh now because Obama is taken everything away from you wait and see

  • MGB

    For those of you that don’t believe this is taking American jobs, consider the following: Currently ALL Jeeps are made in America, including the (over 10,000) Jeeps sold in China. So yes this move is taking American jobs, right off the bat. My bet is, once Jeep realizes the cost to build a Jeep in China, it will take many more American jobs in the future.

  • MGB

    Monz, Romney didn’t claim all Jeeps production would move to China. He said that he read, Jeep would be moving production to China. Looks like Romney was correct.

  • tony3434

    I’m not an Obama fan, either, but am a fan of honesty in conversation. As to the spirit of this article : nice try. It would be nice to have all of the car jobs here in America, for sure. They are not. As to the content of the story: Yes, Chrysler expanded production in China, just like they said the would when the subject first came up. But they did NOT “send American jobs to China.” Read the article. Chrysler EXPANDED business in China, and did not take any jobs away from America that were already there. Read the freakin’ article without your hate blinders on:

    People blowing up over misquoted and out-of-context half-truths and sometimes downright lies is not getting us anywhere. Please, folks, base your opinions on facts and try to do a little unbiased research before forming your political views.

  • dg right out of romneys mouth!!

  • peterr

    Sorry, we always knew that Jeeps were once again going to be built in China, for the CHINESE market!

    They are still built here for North American sales, idiots!

  • shadowsucks

    I’ve read through your posts. It’s obviously futile to argue with you, but I would like to point something out. You said “Romney’s add” in one of your previous posts. You have also appeared to be the grammar police with your comment about your vs. you’re. If you are going to be the grammar police, get your own grammar together. It should be Romney’s ad, not add. Ad is used as an abbreviation for advertisement. Add is a term used in mathematics.

  • ScottinTX

    I’m willing to bet that Chinese jeep parts will slowly migrate into the US assembled vehicles. Say “Thank You, President Obama…” you UAW pukes still in Detroit. Used to live on Wildemere St.

  • tiredofrhetoric

    Romney was not right. Romney said that Chrysler was MOVING production of ALL Jeeps to China. Chrysler stated that they planned on expanding production in China for sales only in China and that US production would remain unaffected. Why is that people can’t read what’s written???

  • ronaldbearden

    doesnt anyone really know ,even long before bail out ,in199? and i dont know how long before has been building chry in other countries and selling them in america ,i am a car dealer,,,,every pt cruiser i ever opened the DRIVERS SIDE DOOR ON AND CHECKED MANIF. STICKER,, SAYS ,,,,MADE IN MEXICO ,,,EVERY ONE I CHECKED,,,MY 01 DODGE P.U. SAYS MADE IN MEXICO,,,,MOST VOYAGERS, AND CARAVANS SAY MADE IN CANADA,,,,,so since they build allthese out of america why not jeep? obama ,with our tax money bailed out a company that have been building vehicles for yearrrrrs out of america and selling them in america ,,and didnt ,after bail out chry sell partialy at least to a foreign country manifactory co.? WANT TO KNOW IF ROMNIE IS A LIAR OR NOT?WANT TO KNOW IF OBAMA BAILED OUT CHRY ALTHOUGH THEY AAAALLLREADY BUILT CARS OTHER COUNTRIES AND SOLD THEM IN AMERICA ,,,,,OOOPPPEEN A PT CRUISER ,DODGE PU ,VOYAGER,CARAVAN CHECK DRIVERS SIDE DOOR STICKER MADE WHERE????????????PROOF IS IN THE PUDDIN……..AND IN A YEAR OR SO CHECK A JEEP DOOR ,,,IT IS TO LATE ELECTION IS OVER ,BUT ROMNIE SHOULD HAVE PROVED ALL THIS SURLYY SOMEONE KNOWS BESIDES ME THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRY OUT OF AMERICA BUILDING VEHICLES,,,,,AT LEAST I DIDNT HEAR ROMNIES OUT OF AMERICA WAS BAILED OUT ,INSTEAD I HEARD HE WAS RICH ,SOOUNDS LIKE HES SMARTER THAN OBAMA OR CHRY,,,,ITS SAD SO MANY AMERICANS DONT KNOW THE TRUTH

  • SH%&ONshadow

    shadow has the predictable comments of the liberal/left. his “people” will betray him soon in typical fashion

  • Johnc

    You are correct Romney they did not move production from here YET however he did not lie Jeep has expanded production of them In china along with Fiat, But what eventually will happen is the gradual phase out of production here. It will not be fast but very gradual so that the Liberals can claim it did not happen. The Frog in water analogy. Then one day the Jeeps will be coming exclusively from China just like so many of other products that are made there now. On the Bright side you can get one at Walmart

  • hendershot

    Low information prevails. Its just ‘not trooooue’!

  • hendershot

    What pres obama said while commenting on Romney’s remarks about Jeep moving jobs to China.

  • Living in the real world

    Wow reading the comments here is very scary! Just seeing that people believe some of these political persons are telling the truth, wake up they are all lying POS and are nearly always telling the people what they want to hear for the advancement of their own agenda! I also love some of the names, calling yourself “Navyseal” does not make you a navy seal and so what if you are? All you’ve proven is that you’re just as gullible as anyone else. If we the people would stop fighting among ourselves for just a minute we might find the real bad guys here are ALL of the political representatives ! The entire system is beyond broke and we have way too few representatives , we need to go back to part-time politicians with small pay and no benefits and have 50 times more of them ! FYI the biggest threat to this country is taking away guns from the people this right is there because the threat of revolution is supposed to keep the politicians in order ……the way things are going it just might come to that!

  • Living in the real world

    A comment about Jeep, shouldn’t our objective be to build as much product for the world market here in the USA ? Why is it ok if Jeeps sold in china are built in china don’t we buy boatloads of product make in china here in the US, what do you think they would say if we told them we will only buy the stuff if it’s made here ? Being politically correct is only reasonable if everyone does it and china is sure as heck not playing that way. We are the largest consumers in the world and everyone wants to export to the US …….that gives us control and we need to use it for all it’s worth.

  • shane

    “Fiat and Chrysler Group have reached an agreement to expand passenger car manufacturing and sales in China, officials said Tuesday.”

    Shipping jobs to China means having Chinese workers build cars for sale in America.

  • john conley

    lets talk about the invest ment groups LLCS who milked every bit of money out of gdx automotive sent all the jobs to mexico same group who owned CHRYSLER at the time2007 CEREBRUS ring a bell! who was in charge of overseas ops DAN QUAYLE ring abell!

  • Chris

    I don’t see how expanding into the growing market of China is exporting jobs. All the major car companies are manufacturing in China, so to not do so would be anti-competitive. That is especially true given the wage differences between the two countries, the lower raw material costs of China, lower distribution costs and ease of operations there. If the dollars continues to tank, then maybe the cost difference to manufacture could improve, but Chrysler cannot wait nor build a global strategy on dollar fluctuations. Now, if they start importing those cars back to the USA, then Romney’s claim would have standing.

  • They owe Mitt more than that. Obama has lied and deceived again…and the people were so brainwashed…they fell for it!

  • dennis

    What specific Chrysler plants will lose jobs in the USas a result of this?

  • Politifact is notorious for
    Non facts and eschewing right wing propaganda
    Please you’re a pundit at least quote a credible site for facts
    And by the by
    Mitt Romney doesn’t need any apologies
    He has the entire mormon church behind him
    And a house with a garage elevator in la Jolla ca.

  • brains

    “In 2010, it was the claim that the federal health care law was a government takeover of health care. In 2009, it was the claim that the same health law included “death panels.””

    It seems politifact has quite the track record.

  • Rick Rothermel

    Sorry to quell the panic, folks, but if you READ THE ARTICLE it says the Jeeps will be MADE in China FOR SALE IN CHINA. Got that? If anytging it’ll expand the job opportunities for American engineers during the construction phase.

    SOme of you folks oughta learn how stuff works, AFTER you learn to READ.

  • rec395

    I’m with you NavySeal, some people are nuts, they think an unarmed public is the way to go, when they need help, hope thier cell phone works! I have been acussed of the same things you are speaking of! Just for speaking my mind, to a bunch of Idiots! We care about our rights, and mabey get outspoken for them, We are not nuts, they are!

  • Michael Guy

    There are five forces in a pentagram of power that seem to dictate American polcies, agendas, economic decisions and strategiesin trade, politics and even military action. Our President and Congress seem to act in behest of and for the benefit of 1)the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street financiers, 2) The Sunni sheiks of Saudi Arabia and their Alumet-style Caliphate, 3) The United Nations 4) non-elected and un Constitutional bureaucracies and agencies like the EPA and 5) the Socialist International and the Chinese Communist Party elite. Every decision made by Congrees, the President or any agency of the US government, excluding the military, always seems to benefit one or more of these five concerns to the detriment in prosperity and freedom of American citizens. That is why we advocate free trade, Cap n Trade and money and arms for the Sunni terrorists in the Muslim brotherhood.

  • You’re all crazy

    Expanding operations in China and sending jobs to China are too different things.

    Quit sucking off the fake new tit and come back to reality. You’re killing our party with the lie machine that anyone with a 6th grade education can see through.


    NavySeal – Get a life buddy. YOU are the reason for gun control. SMH

  • Patriot1951

    One thing for sure and I find it hard anyone could argue this fact. Obama has created such a deep division in this country that is probably not repairable. I have never seen so much damage inflicted over a 48 month period of time, but it is exactly what I predicted. Now, lets get through this miserable innauguration on the 21st and the next 48 months of hell and assess the damage in 2017. It makes me sick to think what he is going to do to us. Novemeber 6, 2012 = the mistake of a lifetime.

  • Karaoke Jerry

    …as in take American jobs and move them there. What Chrysler was actually doing is expanding its manufacturing in China, for Jeeps that will be sold in China.

    As far as I’ve been able to tell, Jeep production currently is confined to North America (Toledo, OH). If instead of ramping up production here to meet an increasing demand, Chrysler opens a production line in China, it seems to me that the same effect is achieved – jobs that would have been created here end up being created in China.


    There’s too much logic in your answer for the libs to understand.

  • Okie

    Manley said Chrysler and Jeep are not moving any U.S. jobs or production to China. Instead, by next fall, Jeep will have added 4,000 at its U.S. factories in a period of 18 months. That includes 1,800 workers in Belvidere, Ill. to assemble the Dodge Dart, Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot; 1,100 workers in Detroit to make the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and 1,105 in Toledo, Ohio, by fall to build the replacement for the Jeep Liberty.

    “We have been very clear on this point that we will not be moving jobs from the U.S. to China,” Manley said. “Without local production, the volume we will get is not available to us.”

    Manley and Guangzhou’s CEO said Jeep is building vehicles to sell to Chinese customers, unlike electronics manufacturers and others who build products in China for export to the U.S.

    “I am not entirely sure what is causing the confusion on this point,” Manley said.

  • Arnie

    Where are all the good GOONS from Chrysler…..Do not hear one word from them….All the unions care about are THEMSELVES and their lousy job!

  • Brendan

    Obama lied, what a surprise. People are so gullible these days.

  • HT

    When a US company EXPANDS to another country using bailout money to create jobs in another country, that is MOVING. You can’t spin that. The American taxpayer loses. Romney invests in other countries to create wealth for US citizens. Nobody can say that about Obama. Liberals do not want to create wealth, only to transfer them.

  • Todd

    No Jeep jobs are being sent to China, and Romney suggsted, so it’s still a lie. When will you apologize to the MSM for willfully manipulating this data?

  • zinger

    Even in October Chrysler openly stated that they planned to build jeeps in China for sale in China. So yes, Romney was technically “correct” in his statement that Chrysler will build jeeps in China. What is the new information here? Can someone please explain that to me?

  • bohica46

    So whats the big deal with this. Not too long ago I saw the CEO of GM giving a speech wherein he said that 7 out of 10 GM cars are built in China. AND, they are getting set to move the entire Research and Development department to China. And guess where one of the latest new car plants was built before this announcement? Mexico. And I’m told that it is visible from the border. Where is the frickn outrage over this from MSM and the United Auto Workers? Yep, Mitt would outsource jobs and kill the economy. Damn, same reaction as always when I yak about this stuff—-gotta run in and puke!!!

  • James

    NO FLYING FRICK. The storm of lies against Mr. Romney and the fanatical zeal in favor of Barack wouldn’t be so maddening if it weren’t for how clear-cut and obvious it really is!

    Taxes increased across the board and jobs are being outsourced! Exactly what a sane, righteous, patriotic, successful man said! Oh no, let’s believe the socialist quivering flip-flop without a leg to stand on as he walks around chanting “It’s not true!”. He’s black so if we don’t support him we’re racist!

  • Tom Littleton

    this was precisely what Chrysler confirmed when denying Romney’s goofy lie. The did have plans to create an Asian production site, for Asian market models. They did not plan, as Romney inferred, to move American current production, or any North American product lines to those facilities. So, once again, a lot of bluff and bluster from the right about the ‘evil media’, but bottom line is still: Romney lied, blatantly, and this new ‘story’ is old news that no one denied back in October. Move along, nothing to see here!

  • Stephana
  • Jay Cee

    LMAO – you people are funny…hahahaha. You LOST get over it and move on….