Ladies of the Democratic Party Pose For Photo on Capitol Steps

Yup. She’s a Democrat.

UNITED STATES – Jan 3 : Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-CT., wore her Sunday Best to the Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi sponsored photo opportunity with the Democratic women of the House to highlight the historic diversity of the House Democratic Caucus in the 113th Congress and celebrate the increased number of women joining the Democratic Caucus on January 3, 2013. (Photo By Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)
Hat Tip Marvin

Pelosi photoshopped four lib women into the group shot.
(Hint: They’re the four Amazon women in the top row.)

Hat Tip Mara

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  • Paul in N. AL

    Are you sure? Maybe the garbage truck just forgot the street.

  • onbe


  • Time

    No doubt a riches to rags photo op..

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  • cecile dildine

    Washington DC….Hollywood for ugly people!

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  • bad actor

    Rosa DeLauro – taking ugly to whole new scary level. This is the woman whose basement apartment Rahm Emmanuel rented while he was in DC – I guess Mrs. Emmanuel didn’t have to worry about any hanky-panky going on between them while Rahm was in DC. Holy cow!

  • bad actor

    How does this ‘woman’ get re-elected? Is her district made up of carny people?

  • OMG- Will someone tell that poor woman they aren’t making anymore Harry Potter movies, so the witch casting is cancelled??

    Here’s another thought. Can you see a doctor at a seminar with this photo telling his fellow urologists. “And as you can see, we’ve solved the problem of the rare but embarrassing side effect of Viagra. It seems when a man comes in with the four hour issue, we show him this and miraculously the problem goes away. Immediately I might add. Now of course, as it usually happens, this solution causes other side effects- like night terrors, insomnia and an irrational fear of hobgoblins and banshees. Weird huh…”

  • Sasja

    One of Rush’s truisms and I’ll have to paraphrase…

    Feminism was invented so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream. Yep. This pic pretty much proves that. Who votes for this creature? Ghouls?

    OT and a word of warning for those who want to stay in business the next four years at least. Do not let this man near your establishment.

  • joe bob

    Archer 52: You sir, Are hilarious.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • pb88

    Are you sure thats her and not a Vulcan

  • StandUpChuck

    Thats a woman?

  • Bitter Clinger

    @StandUpChuck: We’ll have to get Vice President (Mensa Society) Bite Me to have her spread her legs so she can be searched to answer your question.

  • Joe Blow

    Is this for real?

  • Deanna

    I think she’s trying to be some high end fashion model, this look is popular on the runways right now. That said, it looks bad on beautiful under 25 year old models but it looks just plain scarey weird on an over-the-hill model hippie wannabe. Why do so many older women keep trying to look 40 years younger? Even plastic surgery is only going to erase 10 years. And someone needs to tell her she’s old, deal with it…I can say that because she’s about my age and I wouldn’t be caught dead in those clothes.

  • jainphx

    The biggest ugly isn’t seen, it’s inside these freaks. I never will understand how some one that is very unattractive dresses like this, it only brings attention to them when they should want to stay in the background.

  • John

    Not even Crocodile Dundee would grab that crotch!

  • Time

    This picture should be posted everywhere. What excessive drinking could possibly expose you to. Beer goggles are not your friend…

  • cavt

    Looks like the wicked witch from Oz–in more ways than one.

  • NoResolution

    Is that Kieth Richards?

  • Or we could use her face for the PSA commercial.

    “Warning Meth kills, or worse makes you look like this.”


    “Somewhere out there is a train sitting on the dirt road with a confused and frightened engineer.”


    “I thought they were little gray people with no intention of harming us, just studying our species!”


    “This may explain the whole unreasonable drive by the Left to allow transvestites a normal place in society!”


    “Even transvestites are saying ‘Girlfriend you are ugggllllyy!! Wear a hood baby, where a hood!”

    “Even Duece Bigelow is going to pass on this one.”


    “Well as Sherlock Holmes has said, you can deduce facts from the evidence you observe. In this case, I can deduce from what I’m seeing her husband is blind. Maybe not initially, but much like in the of Al Bundy seeing Peg’s naked mother.

  • Bigkahuna

    Did they find the ugly stick they beat her with? Or is it still at nancy pelosi s house. They seem to pass it around the democratic women’s houses

  • dabbo

    Even the woman in the flourescent orange pants is saying to herself….”WTF?”

  • Freddy

    Is this why some countries have mandatory burka laws?

  • Dartmant180

    She is a handsome women…………………

  • Bigkahuna

    Just think the same woman that got up and said to herself… Hmmm I think I will put this outfit and these boots on is actually making decisions for her entire country !

  • marcus tullius cicero


  • Joe Blow

    Good one #21, it does resemble Keith Richards!

  • dirtydog1776

    Looks like a cross between a street walker, a homeless person and a drug addict. Someone should also tell this lady that Disco and Go-Go Dancing is deservedly dead.

  • donh

    Rosa is famous of late for sponsoring the FREE DIAPERS bill….When culture has fallen through the rabbit hole, it helps keep the fantasy world of make believe moving forward if you dress like a character from Alice in Wonderland……

  • Marsh-Mellow

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

    If you don’t got it, flaunt it even more.

  • gsrider

    Anybody get the licence plate of the truck that hit her?

  • Cee

    Money and job does not necessarily grant fashion sense. She needs to find a personal shopper.

  • dirtydog1776

    A liberal intellectual, if there is such a thing, Professor Deborah L. Rhodes has written a book studying discrimination based on appearance. She also discusses the need to pass laws to prevent such discrimination. (More bureaucracy.)

    But obviously this elected official would benefit greatly from such laws.

  • anti-bho

    As I live and breathe, it’s Mammy Yoakum!

  • shadow

    I generally don’t like to criticize people’s looks. You only get what God gives you. But she would do herself a big favor if she would get dressed, instead of upholstered.

  • Clp Mongo

    On her way to see the latest Peter Jackson flick. Hmmm? To tall to be a Hobbit. Not a Dwarf. Certainly not an Elf. That leaves . . . Troll? Goblin?


  • Hera

    Is Rosa DeLauro a transsexual?

  • Marcy

    That’s a woman?

  • #37 January 4, 2013 at 9:59 am
    shadow commented:

    I generally don’t like to criticize people’s looks. You only get what God gives you. But she would do herself a big favor if she would get dressed, instead of upholstered.

    Same here. However, age-inappropriate and/or bizarre taste in wearing apparel by a public figure is fair game, as in that ridiculous Black Widow Costume Michelle Obama chose that 2008 night to celebrate her husbands presidential win.

  • Ray

    18-That aint a shela.

  • Jonah Vark

    More photos of Miss DeLauro’s stylish attire (or is it Mrs?).

  • donh

    Fema NAZI complete with olive drab leggies and thug boots…for stomping on skulls of babies and kicking future generations down into the dark abyss of debt slavery….

    for the Devil offers a temptation with man to trade your soul for power and wealth

    Matthew 4 :8 ” Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

  • Maybe Scientology is right … Aliens live among us.

  • Sparky

    My “bad” hair day today suddenly looks great!

  • OMG! She’s looks like she’s entered some 60’s time warp!

  • doc

    Well, from the looks of her, the parking problem in DC should be eased a bit, brooms don’t take up that much space.

  • paul52

    Gun laws are strong in Connecticut, but obviously ‘ugly sticks’ must be totally unregulated.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • Lee

    It is said that as you grow older the kind of person you are begins to show on your face. I have noted that it is true. People who are happy and optimistic have a pleasant look as Father Time begins to leave his mark. People like de Lauro, Feinstein, Boxer, Barney Frank and Pelosi are examples of those who are bitter, angry and perpetually dissatisfied with life.

    As for that outfit, that I can’t think would look good on even the best looking female, makes this old witch a figure of pure ridicule. It shows what happens when taste and common sense begin to deteriorate. Or in her case, were never there to begin with.

  • Radegunda

    I’ve seen pictures of you, Jim. Let me start laughing again now ….

    No, I won’t, because ridiculing and denigrating people over the physical properties handed to them by genetics is vulgar and stupid.

    Would you ridicule someone born without legs? Probably not, because you’d think it was wrong to ridicule people over misfortunes they cannot change — unless it’s a woman with an unpretty face, or even a once-pretty woman who committed the sin of getting older. Then you pour out the bile and venom — even if you’re not much to look at yourself. Men think they ought to be immune from any judgments on their appearance, even while they’re judging women almost exclusively on appearance, in the crudest and cruelest ways.

    I’ll save my bile for ugly souls.

  • justyoubelieveit

    The article over at the Huffpo states that this hag is one of the dems best dressed, with flare! Huffpo actually has pictures of this hidi-odorous hag to back it up. She looks like a homeless mental case in everyone of them. Yep, living proof liberalism is a mental disorder!!!!

  • Sandy

    I thought this was a picture of a man in drag.

  • Nelle

    Severely distorted vision, a symptom of progressive liberalism in the late stages.

  • Mad Hatter

    That looks like an old man dressed as a woman.

  • Mad Hatter


    Awwwww, what’s wrong? Lighten up, it’s only comedy. After all, that’s what you people on the Alinsky left always say when you make fun of Conservatives.

  • dork lungfish

    Why is this “woman” wearing her living room couch?

  • dork lungfish


    Seriously “Radegunda,” did you offer similar protests over the hundreds of vile comments about Palin?

    No? Why not?

  • stuart

    Obviously the original owner of the ruby slippers.

  • Boot

    Can you imagine looking in the mirror and thinking – Yep, that’s the look I’m going for

  • Tee Dub

    What is that? A 100 year old hipster?

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  • Gail

    Does she have any relatives or friends that could gently take her aside and have a gentle conversation with her about “mirrors”. Or maybe suggest a good psychiatrist? It just almost puts a person in shock! I gotta admit tho, she’d be a real hit at Walmart!

  • dan

    looks like keith richards in drag…

  • What ugly stick, this poor woman fell out of the ugly tree, a big one, and she hit every branch on the way down…..

  • Gail

    #9…….You cracked me up! FUNNNNNNNYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • Rock

    Is that Piglosi mom, or do all flower children age that badly?

  • Lilbby

    C’mon… that’s a man.

  • Edd

    I could never get that drunk.

  • wth

    Term limits for Congress… and a dress code !!!

  • Rock

    Now breaking that Piglosi had the whole photo op altered by adding people who where not there.

    And they wonder why we distrust Democraps so?

  • Patty

    New York Times

    Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., Wears Awesome Outfit?




    Or THIS:

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  • ejazzyjeff

    If no one has stated it before:


  • Winston Wolfe

    because ridiculing and denigrating people over the physical properties handed to them by genetics is vulgar and stupid. – radegunda

    There is nothing genetic about it, so get off your phucking high horse.

    She chooses to look like that.

  • Joanne

    #21 – Bwhahaha!

    The women on the left are just uglier than the woman on the right, because their evil, rotten stinking insides ooze out their pores.

  • Paddy

    Wow, Rep DeLauro is coyote ugly.

  • el polacko

    that’s a MAN, baby !! btw, where’s the pic of the men in the dem caucus ? there isn’t one ? why not ?

  • RKflorida

    OK, all you perverts, no getting online to see naked photos of this “babe”. Don’t let me catch you guys doing that!

  • Marge Homer

    Is Wosa a Wesbian?

  • I didn’t know they held a Keith Richards look alike contest on the Capitol.

  • Rock

    More of genetic pool of the East Coast sleaze.

  • 18Delta

    To think that some twisted mind dreamed up that get-up, and to think that some even more twisted mind would actually think to wear it. Huh….. it is to laugh.

  • Mick Jagga

    Nah….. it’s Keith Richards

  • greenfairie

    Back in the ’90s I once saw Rosa DeLauro at a D.C. restaurant. She did not dress like that. However, she was unattractive even then.

  • Mike Hunt

    Keith Richards in drag.

  • Mike Hunt

    Is that Sheila Jackson Lee in the stupid looking cowboy hat? Also who’s the person in the yellow turban?

  • xiphos

    B.S. That’s either a gargoyle from the ramparts of Notre Dame or wayward buzzard that fell off a gut wagon.

  • eddie bauer

    This woman must share the same wardrobe designer as Michelle.

  • eddie bauer

    Same wardrobe designer as Michelles

  • Truth Teller

    I think that one is the lead singer from Jane’s Addiction!

    My, lib women are ugly! No wonder they are so angry.

    Now, compare those trolls to Dana Loesch!

  • dunce

    I now believe that there are real witches. If she does’nt scare children, they are blind.

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  • bad actor

    Winning comment, IMO: #21: Is that Keith Richards?
    I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!

  • bad actor

    Take another look – she’s Harry Reid’s body double!

  • These fashion photos suggest narcissistic personality disorder with elements of avoidant subtype. This diagnosis would explain DeLauro’s delusional belief that “abstract caring” allows her an elite seclusion and detachment behind her massive wealth. As long as she calls for “pay-your-fair-share” tax hikes, or for more deficit spending, or fake “green jobs”, or middle class tax hikes—disguised as federalized healthcare—or a temporary, taxpayer-funded “jobs bill”, or a need to fix an imaginary “gender wage inequity”, or to stop nonexistent “Big Oil subsidies”—thus oddly implying that we should pay more for gasoline & heating oil—then she can feel absolved from guilt over her isolated privilege and can enjoy it without lamentation. And if one has massive enough wealth not to worry about a few more taxes or fees, then a mind at peace is a pretty good deal. DeLauro’s pathetic repetition of the same talking points for over 22 years is an elite person’s psychological investment in enjoying guilt-free affluence, allowing her to disengage from both the private sector—where one either makes a profit or goes broke—and the grimy processes by which we live one more day. Thus DeLauro’s “elite liberalism” has become her psychological condition—not a serious blueprint on how to solve real problems in Connecticut and in our nation.

  • ElPasoPooch

    I was going to comment but after reading everyone else’s comments, I could stop laughing long enough to think of something witty. If they ever produce a sequel to WICKED, she’s the face.