Boom! Kirstin Powers on Obama & Hillary’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview: “Was Something You’d Expect From State-Run Media” (Video)

Daily Beast and New York Post columnist Kirstin Powers, a committed liberal, weighed in on the Obama-Hillary Clinton love-fest on “60 Minutes” this morning on America’s Newsroom:

It really was something you’d expect from the state-run media. It was that kind of level of propaganda… This was a joke. You look at it and just not challenging basic things…”

Agreed. Even Kirstin sees it… And she’s a liberal!

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  • cavt

    There are very few honest dems. I think Powers is one. She is one of the few I can watch on Fox–turn the channel when most of the others(except Caddell and Schoen) come on. Even though I don’t agree with her approach on most items, I have the feeling we could at least discuss them intelligently without having to sink to lies and name-calling.

  • Joel

    Powers is cute. Cute in this case is not so good, ’cause you forget she is just another liberal. She says one thing and does another like support Hussein.

  • Darth Chipmunk

    Welcome to the party, Kirstin.

  • BlueStateRepub

    KP needs to get a little sun on that pale self of hers. I know she’s from Alaska, but c’mon!

  • JDR-Taq

    Incredible. Even libs are using the phrase “state-run media”.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Didn’t I hear O’Reilly setting the table for this “hard hitting” interview on Friday evening? O’REALLY thinks that his former colleague and pal Steve Kroft is an actual journalist. Not one of those faux Journ-O-Lists……HA! Oh REALLY O’Reilly?

  • thescribbler

    I have noticed that for the past month or so that her take on Obama has turned. She’s not like Juan Williams who would stick up for Obama tearing the heads off of baby rabbits. Just saying…..

  • Practical Jane

    Powers is a cross over, like Beckle. Their purpose is to lull conservatives into thinking they’re just a nice or cute or jolly guy/gal so we’ll listen to their drivel. Always remember that just under the seemingly reasonable position they espouse lives a solid left lefty. One that voted for the communist in the White House.

  • archer52

    Powers is a smart liberal exposed to Krauthammer and Hume all week. Sooner or later, some of that has to rub off and make her question her assumptions. I’ve seen her “grow” in the conservative direction, BUT as a woman and a liberal she is wary of admitting she was “wrong” like Fonzi on Happy Days. You can see her wince when her own bull is gored by Charles who gazes upon her like a father looking at his rebellious hippie daughter.

  • GGMac

    To #6 Bitter Clinger

    Kroft wasn’t going to ask any hard questions, and O’Reilly knew that very well. The only reason O’Reilly “challenged” Kroft was to set himself up for “heroism” via tonight’s ‘talking points’ segment:

    “Kroft copped out. Kroft has no courage. I would have been tough on the president; I would have taken Obama to school – to the woodshed. I would have done the best interview ever. Kroft should have listened to my instructions – if he’d done what I suggested, Kroft might have dond a good interview…etc., etc., yadda, yadda.”

    O’Reilly’s narcissism is so huge, he almost out-Obamas Obama!

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  • microcosme

    The only interviewer who has the guts to challenge Obama is Bret Beier. He doesn’t care if Obama gets testy and irritated.

  • Bitter Clinger

    @GGMac: Yes, I know. It’s very difficult to stomach O’Reilly who tells us at least weekly that he’s rich and basically props up FNC. He has some interesting pieces on his program. That’s the only reason I can bear to watch. Too bad Judge Nap is off the air on FBN which competed w/ O’Reilly. I always wondered if his rating were creeping up on O’Reilly and O’Reilly threw a hissy fit and got his program thrown off the air.

  • shadow

    She’s a “Fox” liberal,” which I view in the same way as an “MSNBC conservative,” like Michael Steele.

  • shadow

    She’s a “Fox liberal,” which I view in the same way as an “MSNBC conservative,” like Michael Steele.

  • paul52

    If Kirstin can put down the ‘Kool Ade”, there may be a glimmer of hope. And she looks too good to be a lib for life.

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  • JT

    I watched it for a few minutes & nearly barfed. Kroft’s obseqious manner was truly nauseating, but what was much worse was Shillary’s smug condescending demeanor. She know the whole thing was a big joke & it showed.

  • LH

    Kroft was told what NOT not to ask beforehand or he simply would get no interview. He’s a disingenuous ratings-grabber and should be ashamed of himself.
    And GGMac above is correct about O’Reilly. He won’t ever get another interview with the “king” anyway. And… after the “king” is out in 2016. O’Reilly doesn’t have a hair if he then invites him back.

  • bg