Jesse Jackson: Make Gun Manufacturers Responsible for Shootings (Video)

Jesse Jackson was on America’s Newsroom today to discuss gun control. Jackson said assault weapons are a threat to national security. Jackson also said gun manufacturers should be held responsible for shootings.

“These semi-automatic weapons, these assault weapon, can only kill people and in fact are threats to national security. The young man who did the killing in Aurora, Colorado with the arsenal he had. He was right near the airport, right near the runways near the airport in Denver. He could shoot down airplanes. so this is a matter of homeland securityWe need to make manufacturers more accountable for their product.

It would be a lawyer’s dream.

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  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Aw Jeez, Who opened his coffin?

    Oz Hull.

  • Joe Blow

    And Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should be held responsible for the ciaos in the black community and their races’ lack of taking responsibility.

  • mercador

    I believe that this person is a threat and could go off at any moment. He should be given a psychiatric evaluation and kept away from any kind of weapon.

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  • mercador

    #2 Amen and for all the killing of black on black gang members in the ghettos.

  • David Roberts

    Mr. Jackson, instead of blaming gun manufactures, why aren’t you out in your own black neighborhoods in Chicago working to stop the violence in your own city? What’s wrong Mr. Jackson, can’t you figure a way to race hustle your own people to make a buck?

    The problem in these violent predominately black neighborhoods are the lack of a two parent family, unemployment and a feeling of hopelessness. Why aren’t you helping your own people Jessie by making them take responsibility for their own choices in life?

  • Kissmygrits

    Ah, the corporate blackmailer has spoken. Was waiting for the race hustlers to show up for the party. Must have gotten an infusion of folding green. Maybe we could hold GM responsible for all the accidents, eh, Rev. No personal responsibility needed to live in Jesse’s world.

  • Tim McGuire

    Jackson, should car manufacturers be held accountable for drunk driving deaths or would that be the alcohol manufacturer? Couldn’t possibly be the driver! Idiot.

  • teamgreentim

    As Bugs used to say “What a maroon.” Jackson used to at least be worth a chuckle with his inane rhyming, but he’s not even good for that anymore. Imagine if you were eating breakfast and saw this man’s face appear on you screen. It would be enough to make one pitch one’s biscuits.

  • iamsaved

    I can’t understand why black folk can’t see how irrational Jackson and Sharpton are and why they would hold these buffoons up as spokesmen for the black community. What’s even more troubling are the so-called white geniuses who run large companies and how they would allow these two parasites to extort millions of dollars and untold concessions over the past several decades from them.

    BTW, Why don’t we hold the smart phone manufacturers responsible every time there is an automobile accident while texting?

  • mercador

    Is he asleep or drunk? Or both?

  • Paul

    Liberals are out of touch with reality. Americans want to be able to defend themselves. I will never vote for another democrat again.

  • Lim Lynn

    Jesse Jackson may have either a pea size brain or inactive brain function. Gun manufacturers shouldn’t be accountable for shooting. It’s the person who bought the gun especially criminals to accountable for their actions by serving prison sentence given by the Judge. Seems he wants to bankrupt every single business concerning gun manufacturing allowing Socialist Democrat Commie control Gun Owners can’t arm themselves against Arabs, Iranian, Chines, Russian, North Korea Gangsters, Mafia style Mexican Cartels.

  • Keyser

    No, it couldn’t be the FACT that Jesses Jackson’s people can’t control themselves, have the mentality of baboons and think nothing of killing someone over nothing at all. That’s right, blame the gun manufacturers because your people have zero compunction about killing another human being. Guess what, if they didn’t have a gun, they would knife their victims to death or just beat them to death with a piece of wood. F’ing liberal idiots.

  • Hawaiian Dave

    Yeah and let’s make bottle makers responsible for alcoholics and while we’re at it let’s make car manufacturers responsible for all the driving deaths in the US! What a total complete void of intelligence man this is!

  • steve sharkman

    who is jesse jackson?

  • RTC

    Of course it’s the “inanimate object” that gets the blame …. the only other option is to blame decades of liberal policies that have taken away any morality or sense of self responsibility from our society … Nah, that can’t be it!

  • Aggie95

    well once again the race baiters step up and refuse to hold their own people responsible for their behavior …. its someone else’s fault …. folks according to the B of J run by none other than eric holder from 1976 to 2005 59.3 % of ALL felony murders committed in the U.S. OVER THAT TIME FRAME WERE COMMITTED BY AFRICAN AMERICANS when you throw in other your at 61 % of all felony murders … a problem is that hispanic crime numbers are rolled into the white category but I would be willing to wager that if those numbers were able to be included you would discover that over 80 % of all felony murders committed on a year to year basis are committed by minorities

  • snouts

    Reverends are in charge of their “flock,” preaching how to live a moral/peaceful life. They have obviously failed and are thus responsible.

  • http://Fugues Chuck

    It’s your “brothers & sisters bro.”