Jesse Jackson: Make Gun Manufacturers Responsible for Shootings (Video)

Jesse Jackson was on America’s Newsroom today to discuss gun control. Jackson said assault weapons are a threat to national security. Jackson also said gun manufacturers should be held responsible for shootings.

“These semi-automatic weapons, these assault weapon, can only kill people and in fact are threats to national security. The young man who did the killing in Aurora, Colorado with the arsenal he had. He was right near the airport, right near the runways near the airport in Denver. He could shoot down airplanes. so this is a matter of homeland securityWe need to make manufacturers more accountable for their product.

It would be a lawyer’s dream.

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  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Aw Jeez, Who opened his coffin?

    Oz Hull.

  • Joe Blow

    And Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should be held responsible for the ciaos in the black community and their races’ lack of taking responsibility.

  • mercador

    I believe that this person is a threat and could go off at any moment. He should be given a psychiatric evaluation and kept away from any kind of weapon.

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  • mercador

    #2 Amen and for all the killing of black on black gang members in the ghettos.

  • David Roberts

    Mr. Jackson, instead of blaming gun manufactures, why aren’t you out in your own black neighborhoods in Chicago working to stop the violence in your own city? What’s wrong Mr. Jackson, can’t you figure a way to race hustle your own people to make a buck?

    The problem in these violent predominately black neighborhoods are the lack of a two parent family, unemployment and a feeling of hopelessness. Why aren’t you helping your own people Jessie by making them take responsibility for their own choices in life?

  • Kissmygrits

    Ah, the corporate blackmailer has spoken. Was waiting for the race hustlers to show up for the party. Must have gotten an infusion of folding green. Maybe we could hold GM responsible for all the accidents, eh, Rev. No personal responsibility needed to live in Jesse’s world.

  • Tim McGuire

    Jackson, should car manufacturers be held accountable for drunk driving deaths or would that be the alcohol manufacturer? Couldn’t possibly be the driver! Idiot.

  • teamgreentim

    As Bugs used to say “What a maroon.” Jackson used to at least be worth a chuckle with his inane rhyming, but he’s not even good for that anymore. Imagine if you were eating breakfast and saw this man’s face appear on you screen. It would be enough to make one pitch one’s biscuits.

  • iamsaved

    I can’t understand why black folk can’t see how irrational Jackson and Sharpton are and why they would hold these buffoons up as spokesmen for the black community. What’s even more troubling are the so-called white geniuses who run large companies and how they would allow these two parasites to extort millions of dollars and untold concessions over the past several decades from them.

    BTW, Why don’t we hold the smart phone manufacturers responsible every time there is an automobile accident while texting?

  • mercador

    Is he asleep or drunk? Or both?

  • Paul

    Liberals are out of touch with reality. Americans want to be able to defend themselves. I will never vote for another democrat again.

  • Lim Lynn

    Jesse Jackson may have either a pea size brain or inactive brain function. Gun manufacturers shouldn’t be accountable for shooting. It’s the person who bought the gun especially criminals to accountable for their actions by serving prison sentence given by the Judge. Seems he wants to bankrupt every single business concerning gun manufacturing allowing Socialist Democrat Commie control Gun Owners can’t arm themselves against Arabs, Iranian, Chines, Russian, North Korea Gangsters, Mafia style Mexican Cartels.

  • Keyser

    No, it couldn’t be the FACT that Jesses Jackson’s people can’t control themselves, have the mentality of baboons and think nothing of killing someone over nothing at all. That’s right, blame the gun manufacturers because your people have zero compunction about killing another human being. Guess what, if they didn’t have a gun, they would knife their victims to death or just beat them to death with a piece of wood. F’ing liberal idiots.

  • Yeah and let’s make bottle makers responsible for alcoholics and while we’re at it let’s make car manufacturers responsible for all the driving deaths in the US! What a total complete void of intelligence man this is!

  • steve sharkman

    who is jesse jackson?

  • RTC

    Of course it’s the “inanimate object” that gets the blame …. the only other option is to blame decades of liberal policies that have taken away any morality or sense of self responsibility from our society … Nah, that can’t be it!

  • well once again the race baiters step up and refuse to hold their own people responsible for their behavior …. its someone else’s fault …. folks according to the B of J run by none other than eric holder from 1976 to 2005 59.3 % of ALL felony murders committed in the U.S. OVER THAT TIME FRAME WERE COMMITTED BY AFRICAN AMERICANS when you throw in other your at 61 % of all felony murders … a problem is that hispanic crime numbers are rolled into the white category but I would be willing to wager that if those numbers were able to be included you would discover that over 80 % of all felony murders committed on a year to year basis are committed by minorities

  • snouts

    Reverends are in charge of their “flock,” preaching how to live a moral/peaceful life. They have obviously failed and are thus responsible.

  • It’s your “brothers & sisters bro.”

  • Helen

    I live in Denver and the airport runways are no where near where the tragedy occurred. Jesse Jackson, making up crap again.

  • No, Jesse, its your “brothers & sisters bro.”

  • Ken

    I hold blacks responsible for black on black crime

  • Maud St James

    No, Mr. Jackson, the gun manufacturers are NOT responsible. The people responsible are those who take guns and use them to commit crimes. The vast majority of gun owners use their firearms solely for sport or for self-defense, not crime. A gun is an inanimate object; the person who uses it decides if it is used for good or evil.

  • Martin

    Thanks Mr. Jackson for giving an already unbalanced person the idea to shoot at an aircraft. I predict we can expect such an incident in the near future now that you have made the suggestion. Such an unbalanced person will surely want to be the first to try this. Way to go. Those deaths are on your hands.

  • Danny

    Jackson is a racist idiot who knows nothing about gun control. He’s doing nothing but giving himself “camera time” again.

  • Hamburger_Hurter

    Oh, big surprise, look who has his paw held out for another shakedown. STFU and tend to your booty call bastard, fish-eyed “Revrin”

  • Silly Liberals

    Jesse and Al of cut from the same cloth as the freed slaves who became slave traders. They would seel their won children to make a buck. I think it is safe to add Gen Powell to that list as well.
    Democrats fought to keep slavery and they found a way to do it. Keep them stupid and dependent and there will be the Jesses and the Als and the Powells who will sellout for profit.

    Color before country, it is a black thang!

  • Everyone Gets a Trophy

    This isn’t a new idea, and it’s just as ignorant when it was expressed for the first time. Mayor for life Doomberg suggested this nonsense as well.

  • It’s the fork and spoon that’s responsible for my obesity! LOL

  • Doober

    Well, Aggie95, if weren’t for minorities, 100% of all murders would be committed by whites. We’re demonized enough as it is.

  • AtlasOjectivist

    The man is such a fool and an embarrassment to critical thinking.

  •……death squads for anyone who stands in way of marxists complete take-over…..

  • John

    While your at it ban spoons so people don’t get fat. Guns are not the problem.

  • Yeah Jesse…those mean ole gun manufacturers! It’s all their Fault! They make those bad guns and then take them into the ghetto/hoods all over the country and give’em away to your young teen age gang “bangers” then? Or…maybe your th ugs break into gun stores and steal’em?
    It’s the Lib/Prog/Soc./Commie mindset to NEVER let it be said that THEY TAKE Responsibility for any of their CRIMES! Waiting for Jesse and AL to start the lawsuits. Never let a good crisis go to waste!

  • Death to liberals

    Hi son is a no good son of a bitch as well. jackson is a parasite, pimp of his own race. do us all a favor and take a gun and blow your brains out.

  • Gone to Far

    Jackson’s an idiot racist pig. The reason the Arora shooter didn’t go to the airport was because of the armed guards you flipping idiot.

  • Doober …. HUH ?

  • Luke duke

    Fine… Just as soon as we make beer distributors liable for all alcohol-related mayhem.

  • BICK

    I’m not going to waste my time watching this video, but the comment in the article regarding James Holmes being able to shoot a plane out of the sky with an AR, are you f’n kidding me? .223 does not pack the power to consistently take a plane, dummy.

  • dr_bugsy

    That P.O.S. needs to do the world a favor and voluntarily abort himself.

  • A. Levy

    Well, leave it to old Je$$ie Jackass to say something stupid. He’s built a career on saying things that make no sense. He’s also exposing something that’s become a habit in the black community. Don’t blame those responsible. Instead, blame whomever we can shake-down for the biggest payday. For anyone else, this is called, extortion.

  • Egghead

    Great idea Jesse! Using your logic, let’s make you more responsible for your product. When you incite people with your views and they do something stupid, you should be held responsible for your product. Isn’t that precisely what you are asking for?

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  • hermie

    #39. Then that would make his sons liable since he extorted a Budweiser distributorship in exchange for calling off a ‘boycott’ of A-B products. A-B gave in and JJ’s sons ‘miracululously’ received a ‘minority business’ Budweiser distributorship in Chicago.

  • Brad

    He could shoot down airplanes.

    With an AR-15? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Oh you stupid monkey. How does he even have enough electricity in his brain to run his body?

  • The real Wow

    How does one spell “IDIOT” — I know, Jesse Jackson! He spouts drivel, just to squeeze into the limelight, somewhat. I wish these people who do not know their arses from their elbows would just shut up and go away.

  • ManOnPoint

    And we’ll keep buying more of them until they are possibly outlawed…There are plenty of these weapons for sale. Thank you Mr. President for mentioning they could be banned because there will be double the amount out there!!! And screw you Jackson and Sharpton for your racial pandering and lack of responsibility for the black community.

  • Marsha Frey

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the worst thing that has happened to the Black community!!! Until they “clean up the ghetto and address fatherless babies” they need to leave the gun issue alone. They USE their own people to pay their way. When will the Blacks wake up and take back their lives. For that matter, why don’t they can “Obama” and what he is doing to them also. I’m sick of this divisiveness, anger and pitting one against another for “gain”. That is the mantra of these two slease bags!

  • AZ Kid

    Isn’t Jesse Jackson’s son a drug user in the worst city in the US? Why don’t you go help him out…? We have had a couple mentally ill boys and they were boys…go on a shooting spree and now everyone that owns a gun is a killer…Wake-up America they are trying to un-arm you to gain control dont let them do this…

  • Steve S

    The next race riot or any major demonstration that involves any type of damage to the black community should be attributed to Jackson, and he should be being held responsible….same principle.

  • The real Wow

    #43 January 14, 2013 at 9:46 am
    Egghead commented:

    You have something there. We should push this to see how he reacts.

  • RedBeard

    Jesse Jackson is a real assault weapon. He needs to be banned.

  • Indy Pendant

    Based on Jesse’s logic, he is responsible for his son and daughter-in-law’s illegal activities and should go to jail for them.

  • Brad

    I’m surprised he didn’t call AR-15s “racist”.

  • Clafoutis

    The King of the Shakedown Artists tries to strike again.

  • MichMike

    Reduce the out of wedlock births and you will reduce gun crime. Instead, the government is an enabler to out of wedlock birth. It is child abuse and the government funds and encourages it.

  • Captain Spaulding

    How about this. Let’s hold car makers responsible for any high speed deaths that occur. Why are cars allowed to be made that can go faster than the legal speed limit in the U.S. Think about it… with the exception of a small area in Texas, where can you legally drive in excess of 80 mph? Yet they make cars that can travel twice that speed.

  • Fred

    Every time Jesse opens his mouth I want to barf. Once again – he’s talking out his arse when he says let’s hold gun manufacturers liable….. Jesse – answer the following – which kills more each year – cars or guns? The answer is cars…. so should we hold every car manufacturer liable for the actions of drivers? Let’s try again – which kills more each year – mistakes made by doctors or guns? The answer is mistakes made by doctors! – so should we outlaw doctors?

    Regardless of the weapons – a reasonable individual has to understand that in a free world like we desire – drivers are the ones who kill – not the car, doctors make mistakes and kill more people than guns, and a gun by itself never killed anybody – it always takes a shooter. And realistically, if there were no guns – a delusional individual would merely find another way to inflict bodily harm. Think Oaklahoma City – over 100 killed by fertilizer and diesel fuel – but did we outlaw those? No – let’s be reasonable in this debate – but remember – GUNS DO NOT KILL!!! PEOPLE DO!!!!

  • mrsuggs

    Jessie-Time for your Black Community,to stop its immoral 75% illegimate birth rate. This all leads to low education,more generational welfare,no jobs and depending on hand outs to be feed and housed. What a sad picture ,that you try and blame on everyone else in America. Look within Jessie.

  • Highlander

    Dave, it’s my opinion that unemployment and a feeling of hopelessness are behind a LOT of the gun violence we see today. Not all of it mind you, but certainly some. Many of the stories we read about these senseless family killings and suicides start out with “recently lost his job” …. and most of the rest of the gun deaths we’re seeing involve younger inner city folks who’ve become involved in drugs and street crime as a profession, rather than getting an education and getting a real job. It’s ridiculous to focus on the statistically MINISCULE number of “Sandy Hook” type killings just because they happen to involve children, or because they involve large numbers of victims at one time.

    Blaming a particular gun or guns in general for these acts would be like blaming the lawn mower when you get drunk and run over the neighbor’s child with it. It makes NO SENSE. Firearms are probably one of the most functionally reliable and defect free pieces of equipment we own, and to even THINK of suing their manufacturers for the deaths they cause, unless due to a defect, is OUTRAGEOUS. It’s an idea that only freedom grabbers and ambulance chasers could possibly could come up with…

  • Fog

    Gang members could dive onto runways, and RUN INTO AIRPLANES.

    Ban gangs.

  • LexNTerry

    Gun Control of the 20th Century:

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929-1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1935, China established gun control. From 1948-1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1938, Germany established gun control. From 1939-1945, 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1956, Cambodia established gun control. From 1975-1977, 1 million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1964, Guatemala established gun control. From 1964-1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1970, Uganda established gun control. From 1971-1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    The number of people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th century because of gun control: ——– 56 million ———

    Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and gun-control laws adversely affect only law-abiding citizens. With guns, we are citizens, without them, we are subjects.

    You’re not imagining it. History shows that governments always manipulate tragedies to attempt to disarm the people. What we do not learn from history, WE WILL REPEAT

  • Igetitheydon’t

    I wonder how many of the 500+ young black males killed in Chicago were gunned down by AR15’s? Let me answer the question for you…none. I wonder how many were killed by crazed white males in need of prescription meds? Hmmm…I may be wrong here, but I would guess less than 5.

    I agree with all the posters questioning why this idiot ever leaves Chicago. There is so much he could be doing in his own city. The truth is he has a history of doing nothing. He shows up to a tragedy and makes it worse by his presence.

  • James Robinson

    In my home town of Detroit I have a 1,000 to 1 chance of being shot by one of your bro’s Mr. Jackson, than a gun manufaturer, legal gun holder, or . The handgun they have (not an assault weapon) will probably have been stolen when they broke into someones home and damn well isn’t legally registered. And why will they rob me? Bwcause they’re too friggin lazy to get a job! I am sick and tired of this charlatan and his butt buddy Sharpton blaming everybody and everything for culture that rewards thuggery, lak of education, responsibility, and values. Instead of holding manufacturers responsible, why don’t we hold idiots like Jackson responsible for perpetuating this crap!

  • Dave

    Ironically, it is kneegrows like Jackson who stoke up racial hatred within blacks to kill whites.
    We need all of our weapons for defense from thsi incredibly violent group of subhumans.

  • Melissa

    JJ is quite possibility one of the dumbers mo**erfuc*ers on the face of the earth, second only to Sheila Jackson Lee, the SheJackLe. Gun mfrs are in no way responsible for the acts of people who buy them and use them….I wonder what manufactured product made Jesse so fuc*ing stupid…can se sue that product mfr? I wonder what manufactured product made this race baiter and reparations hustler so fuc*ing greedy? Think is was money? Can we strip him of it and blame it on the Federal Reserve? Really, the fact that this bas*ard among many others cannot bear to thing the only, sole responsibility for acts of violence commited with guns of any kind is the bas*ard behind the trigger means he thinks you are all so stupid, you will believe him and go along with him. Now I ask you, are you all that stupid? Really? I didn’t think so.

  • Jeff Shaffer

    Of all the people who should be bring up mental illness it should be Jackson. What a fraud

  • Bill

    For Mr. Jackson, the individual is never responsible. Those that adhere to the idea that the individual is not responsible are destined to base level existence.

  • tymtrvlr

    jack$0n is not a religious reverend, his gods are money, power and hate. Have you ever heard this piece of human debris mutter any religious verses, or the Lord Jesus’ name? He is a sham and extortionist.

  • Bronson

    Nobody is more responsible for the current state of the shattered black family than Jesse Jackson Jr

    What a scumbag

  • Arche

    Well then we should make both liqueur, wine and beer manufactures responsible for all the murders, violent crime, and crimes related to someone being drunk on their products.

    We should hold auto manufactures for the deadly car crashes.

    We should hold abortion doctors responsible for murder to babies.

    We should hold rope manufactures responsible for those who hang themselves.

    Do you see how ridculous Jackson’s remarks are.

    Guns don’t kill in an of themselves.

    People kill take away their guns and they will use something else.

    Teach the masses they are just animals and life is survival of the fittest and this is what you reap.

  • RightStuff

    Jackson is the perfect example of the poop smooching left. It is a shame that he is breathing up some good air.

  • OrlandoRican

    The Extortionist-in-Chief is back. He saw television cameras and a chance to extort someone. Go for it Jesse, you SOB!

  • Robbie Byrd

    Outlaw Jackson’s race! That will stop a whole lot of crime.

  • Dave New Underwood

    There is a simple easy and cost effective fix in Chicago and New York. The government should block off a twelve square block area with a heavily armed perimeter. Issue all of the “gang members” free gun with plenty of ammunition and let the games begin. A real life virtual video game for crazy people. This wouldn’t cost the taxpayers any money because they could give the guns and ammunition that have been confiscated by law enforcement. If they don’t care if they die, why should we. After about three weeks the problem will take care of itself. The surviving members we put in jail and the city could clean up the area and let new tax paying people live there. Then go to a different part of town and repeat. In six months Chicago would be the safest city in the U.S. This idea will have huge economic implications. Less people using Obamacare, fewer people to use Unemployment Insurance, Food stamps, Free Cell phones, SSI, and Medicare/Medicaid in the future. The city would save on future law enforcement expense and the City would be safer. It would also be nice if some of the liberal Democrats would participate.

  • Tom

    I watched this clown on the interview. As usual, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about (again). The Aurora shooter didn’t live anywhere near the airport. I lived in Aurora for years and know exactly where he lived. In fact, he lived in an apartment building where a friend of my wife lived years ago. The apartment building is between 1 and 2 miles from the old Stapleton airport, an airport that no longer exists. Buildings torn down, runways torn up and condos built on the land. The new Denver airport is a looonnnnngggg way from where the shooter lived and he wouldn’t have been able to shoot down any planes from his apartment if he had owned an anti-aircraft gun.

    This race pimp needs to crawl back under a rock.

  • Jules

    Why does anyone even listens to Rev. Jackson, he is scum and a disgrace to religion and his race. It be better if he would spend his time on the South Side of Chicago and try to resolve the problems that part of the city has instead of going on TV to blame everybody else except the his own community. Tougher laws will not do it because the thugs will always find guns, never mind how stringent the laws. One suggestion would be to start enforcing the laws we have and that includes the penalty phase.

  • Tyrone

    Why is this guy still quoted as news. He is nothing more than a back street shakedown artist who rode the coat tails of Dr. King, until he had to establish his race baiting extortion gig, following Dr. King’s death.

  • Robert

    Sorry, but you would be hard pressed to bring down an airliner with a modern rifle. Perhaps Holder will provide a Stinger so they can claim a rifle was used.

  • Dawn

    An AR-15 could shoot down a plane? Hahahahaha!
    Wow, I wonder how many morons heard him say that and believed it was true?

  • RightStuff

    The only trouble with this country is that we politely decline to guffaw when someone like Jackson says something so stupid. What we need to do is to point out stupidity, and lampoon it thoroughly for days. Nope, we are more humane than that, I suppose.

  • Guppy One

    I think Budweiser distributorships (Rev Jackson I think you own one that you blackmailed from Augie Busch) should be held responsible for drunk drivers who injure or kill others

  • Rushisright

    And I suppose Jackson also wants to blame birth control pill manufacturers for all his’illigitimate children.

  • retired militaryq

    Make the UAW responsible for auto deaths. That will shut up Jackson.

  • ObamaIsAGayCokeHead

    NO! “Reverend” Jackson, gun manufactures are not to blame! Crawl back under your rock and never come out! You racist b*stard!

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    Jesse, Go tend to your son, he’s packin’ a stink bomb in his diaper..

  • doomsday_survivor

    lets hold all blacks responsible for the ghettos

  • Dave Tincher

    Sounds llike Jesse wants a large claim for money.

  • Doober

    Aggie95…just pointing out that, in your statistics, you note that 80% of all murders are committed by minorities. So that infers that 20% of all murders are committed by whites. I took that to mean that you are inferring that minorities are a problem and should be dealt with. If that assessment is correct, I’m just saying that, according to your stats, if all minorities were removed, whites would be responsible for 100% of all murders. It was snark making light of your statistics, or “mathematical and race-baiting sarcarsm”; that the bright side is we have a minority population to make stats look better for whites. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, democrats, our own local race pimp Quannell X in Houston, et al, do a fair enough job at demonizing whites. Now that I explained it, I feel kind of bad that I had to.

  • Bryan


  • Tim Lucas

    Jesse could star in the reality show “All my babies momma’s” as he has one in the woodpile. Preach about that. Guns that lay on a table kill no one but when picked up by a individual can kill. Just like SUV’s that kill no one until driven by someone. News papers always read SUV kills family of four. Liberal democrats made this happen by taking God out of schools, spreading condoms and displaying extremism on all fronts. Having no morale compass or principles. Teaching and singing “Obammmmma” worship and providing the “gay” snake to children that haven’t a real clue to the brain washing that is going on. Yet this preacher from hypocritical background has the audacity to blame gun manufacturers that sell a legal product while fathering babies out of wed lock.

  • Mister Natural

    it surely could not be the african americans who do the shooting who are responsible because as we know they are as a group the most completely irresponsilbe demographic on the face of the earth

  • bonehead

    poster boy for loser usa! what a moron!

  • Mister Natural

    being black means never having to say you’re sorry….
    for your stupidity

  • Mister Natural

    Since we’re playing the “some Bill of Rights amendments are better than others” game let us try this out, it’s guaranteed to make the anti-gun zealots (more) crazy.
    Step 1= Pick a city with strict gun laws and a high rate of gun violence. How about Chicago?
    Step 2= Select the section of the city that has the highest numbers of shootings and/or the section in which the largest # of convicted shooters lived prior to conviction. How about the Chicago Housing Authority “projects”?
    Step 3= Do house to house/apartment to apartment searches of every residence in that section to seize illegal weapons.
    Step 4= Warrants? We ain’t got no warrants. We don’t need no stinking warrants! (We do have these badges, though.)
    To hell with the 4th amendment if it’s for the good of the community or it just saves ONE life. What’s so unreasonable about that kind of search and seizure?
    Step 5= sit back and enjoy the spectacle emanating from the lib universe

  • TheTruth

    LOL, I nearly spit my drink out while laughing hysterically. I didn’t realize that an AR-15 rifle was capable of SAM action, hahaha. If that’s the case, then I guess my .45-70 is an ICBM.

  • mackinac3

    And why do I care what your opinion is? You and your buddy Al Sharpton need to be looking back at your own constituents and get them off Welfare and mooching off everyone else’s hard work not to mention what they add to the criminal factor. I am so sick and tired of these high and mighty righteous men, who claim they are men of God, passing judgment on everyone else when they themselves have enough issues to go from here to the moon. There’s only one person who can pass judgment on others and it’s not the guy sitting in the WH. Stop adding to the problem of intentionally misleading the public and stop stomping on business and citizens who happen to follow the 2nd Ammendment because Lord knows know one in this administration is protecting it. If you ever earned an honest days work you might be able to relate to some of the people in this country because you certainly have no clue now.

  • xsnake

    Our thanks should go to ourselves and the incompetent repulsican party, for allowing the leftist subversives to take over the nation.

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  • Gilligan

    Just another source of money for JJ to shake down. Don’t you all see this scammer’s pattern. He will continue hold down blacks as long as he can profit by it.

  • Ming-Ching Mang

    Whatever happened to personal accountibility and responsibility?

  • LTCB

    He doesn’t get it that there are gangs because THEY BROKE THE HOME AND THE FAMILY AND THE CHURCH. DUH folks. There’s no morality and they wonder why? And the incompetent boobs still want to try to control THE LAWABIDING citizens and do NOTHING to stop criminals.

  • Bill Redd

    I guess the gun manufactures simply haven’t paid the race baiting philander his payoffs lately so he is going after them. If this guy is a hero to the black community what a sorry commentary. What a s**m b*g.

  • Hotchick

    And automakers, particularly ObamaMotors (GM, Chrysler) are to blame for auto deaths. It’s NEVER the driver, or in this case, the shooter.

  • Mike in MN

    Of course its everyone elses fault. The gun jumped from its box and into the hands of unsuspecting and obviously innocent POS gang members. Who as I’m sure, were out doing some community service or collecting for charity. Yes Jesse, I’m so sure. Why can’t this guy just have a heart attack and get it over with?

  • George Johnson

    So, if I use my car and have an accident, maybe kill somebody because I was driving drunk, the car manufacturers are responsible for that? Yeah, works for me.

  • Brian Astby

    If they really wanted to reduce crime, they would make it illegal to breed Africans.

  • 75# sooner or later they will abort or kill each other out of existence……

  • Crosscut

    Jesse reveals his ignorance and stupidity every time he opens his mouth. He best concentrate on keeping his son and daughter-in-law out of prison.

  • I Blame Jesse

    Who’s Jesse Jackson? And why does his opinion matter?

  • Miguel Orltiz

    What’s he yammering about? We’ve gone several days without a mass shooting.

  • Chuck

    If Jesse is right, then we must hold Jesse Sr. responsible for the actions of Jesse Jr. Turn yourself in Jesse Sr.

  • xxkingxx

    Americans aren’t stupid. They see the characterizations equating gun owners with mental cretins and then quietly turn to their spouse and say, “Honey, it’s time we learned to shoot.” We vote with our feet and our wallets and avoid confrontation while preparing for it. This is not the first time that good, honest, law-abiding citizens have had to choose between subject and citizen. Not the first time people with backbone and resolve have been forced to consider how they may be forced to oppose a tyrannical govenment. The 2nd Amendment isn’t about “need” anymore than the 1st Amendment is about ‘porn’ or the ‘internet’, but it protects both need and right in America as America must now protect the need of people in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Libya as they fight to the death to reclaim their inalienable rights. And we learned from those places: There are 545 of them and 300m of us and they know it.

    Aim well my firends.

  • Does Mr. Jackson carry or own a weapon? Does his team that gaurd him carry weapons? Are they legal? What a hipotwit!

  • Bigkahuna

    Anyone ever noticed these so-called reverends never seems to ever be in a church? They do however seem to be follow around every crime or every public event like Parasite.

    Go preach to a flock in church and be sure your love child is with you. Your son is a nutty scumbag. Like father like son. So flick off

  • JerryinTampa

    Hey Jesse,
    STOP you race bating long enough the read the Second Amendment. It’s only 28 words so you should be able to knock that out in several minutes. While you are at it read it again. Now do what you want to do among your “bros” but leave the rest of us law abiding US Citizens alone and let us enjoy our freedom. Your ultra liberal (Socialist) logic about holding manufacturers accountable would have put our own Automobile industry out of business when you were still a bitty bitty baby. Don’t lecture us on how to enjoy our CONSTITUTIONAL Freedom.

  • Richard_Iowa

    Hey Jesse,

    You need to spend more time with your out-of-wedlock child. That and your shake downs of large corporations. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Brilliant idea Jesse. Maybe next we can blame GM for car wrecks or distillers for DUI’s. This idea did not fly with the courts and won’t fly now. Why don’t you put blaqme where it belongs on the criminals, gangbangers, and other street trash that causes the violence. But you’ll never do that, they’re your supporters!

  • sooo….

    We can then hold him responsible for all of teh stoopid in the world right?

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Jackson’s just trying to cash in on somebody else’s misery again.

    Whenever there’s a tragedy, he’ll be there to feed his enormous ego off of the death and destruction.

  • Alex

    No Jessy, black people are responsible for the majority of murders in this country, so lets just say that your responsible along with that little fat man Sharpton.

  • Pastor Carmine

    Hey Jackson it is the Person that is Killing the other that is responsible you have it backwards like always Liberals Yet you never say anything about druggies that kill all the young blacks in the ghetto are when innocent young black babies dead from the same people Lib-tarts it is the Person killing the other if you have the death Penalty and hang them for their crime and not wait 20 years to appeal the thing they all should be killed if they use a weapon in any crime.

  • NWFL Conservative

    I was waiting for this idiot to open his piehole on this. Once again he wants to put the blame on others for the own morally and socially corrupt race of people. Don’t take responsibilty for your own actions, but always look to blame it on others

    His stupid ass analogy is akin to holding SILVERWARE manufactureres responsible for fat people.

  • DeadbeatDads Racebaiting PovertyPimps

    Ashley Stanford Jackson

    Google it…

  • Clete Torres

    Using his own logic:

    Jesse Jackson Sr is responsible for the crimes that his son Jesse Jackson Jr has committed, and should share cell space with him once convicted.

  • bobdog

    I hate to bring race into it, Revund, but you brought the subject up.

    The problem we have is not guns. The problem is black teenagers with illegal guns. I know it’s an ugly thing to say, and I’m absolutely certain that it’s the last thing you want discussed in public, but disagree with me if you think you can. Bring statistics and be prepared to support your claims. Be prepared to show how taking guns away from non-blacks is going to change anything at all. You want to stop the murders? Disarm and prosecute the 150,000 gang members in Chicago, that murderin’ town. I live here and can plainly see where these murders are occurring: on the south and west sides. And the problem underneath it all is the “we bein’ picked on” racism that you have been fomenting for the past 40 years.

    The problem, Revund Jackson, is you.

  • Meaty

    Jesse Jackson should be held responsible for Jesse Jackson Jr.

  • Tex

    car makers should be held accountable for car wrecks. what a stupid blow hard

  • dmacleo

    as long as I can blame black people for slavery and demand reparations.

  • J Alan

    No Mr. Jackson….Black Culture, a lot of which YOU cultivated over the last 40 years, is responsible! If all these thugs didn’t use guns they would use knives, sharpened sticks, bats, spears or anything else They could get as a weapon to murder .

  • Me

    Its all a hoaxes — I never believed on this stuff until I saw Emily parker on Obamas lap after the so called shooting. She was wearing the same dress as the family photo that was released to the public — her farther laughing before statement – Soto had a rip face book paged prior to 12 14 2013

    The sextons — why are they working so hard to get rid of second amendment – they are up to something

  • dano

    This is the way extortionists like Jesse Jackass and his buddy Al Sheister make their money. They take a tragedy, find a way to make the victims black, and then blackmail the corporations loosely associated with their make believe BS. If there are still black people alive that believe Jackass and Shester are “civil rights” activists acting on their behalf, they might want to ask to see the bank accounts of these A$$holes.

  • James

    I would say in Chicago specifically women who have children without a father in the home are more threats to national security with the cost of welfare, food stamps, cost of prosecution and jail. Responsible for a large portion of the deaths in Chicago either by gun, knife or beating.

  • Skip

    No Jesse Jackass, your party and the progressive agenda are to blame.

  • Skandia Recluse

    Make manufacturers responsible…..
    ……..only if auto manufacturers are held responsible for the collisions their vehicles are involved in. . . . .we wouldn’t need auto insurance……think of the money you could save.

  • S Gibson

    Put your pecker back in your pants and talk about something were you have personal experience, fathering children out of wedlock. You call yourself a preacher but you violated your oath to God and your wife when you began humping women outside of your marriage. Just shut the f— up!

  • swampsniper

    A lock on Jesse’s mouth would save more lives than a trigger lock on every gun in America. The RAP culture KILLS!

  • Sean Woods

    So, let’s just try a little thought experiment here…Jackson says that the violence (against blacks) is the fault of gun manufacturers, by which of course he means because they sold the guns that were used (by blacks) in homicides. So, clearly what he wants is for guns to not be sold. If outlawing guns is such a great idea for everyone involved (you know…”you’re more likely to be killed by your own gun”), can we just ban blacks from owning guns, or would that be unfair to blacks? I think he’d say it would be discrimination…a bad thing…so, if it’s bad for just blacks, why isn’t it bad to ban them for everyone? If it’s not bad for everyone, I want to see Jesse put his money where his mouth is and prove it’s a good thing by advocating for a blacks-only ban on guns.

  • Tristan

    That’s rich coming from Jesse Jackson. Why doesn’t he blame condom makers for his infidelity while he’s at it?

  • Rank

    Jesse Jackson must smell a new opportunity to get more in “collections”…. if you get my drift!

  • You had better listen to this guy. He is not crazy………………
    Wait a minute………..yes he is crazy……………..
    Never mind…………

  • Pat Bass

    do you know why Jesse wears a neck-tie? To keep his foreskin from rolling up and over his head!!

  • JoeHoliday

    I think the reverend or whatever he calls himself should keep guns away from his son. That depressed brother might want to make the thanksgiving table in Novmber a little easier to get a chair at by removing some kinder. Jesse, my man, the NRA ain’t gonna let you ax them fo mo money…………..

  • Tristan

    Oh now that is rich coming from Jesse Jackson. Why doesn’t he blame the condom manufacturers for his infidelity to his wife while he’s at it?

  • kunzy

    I hope they can set this precedence so I can go after the auto manufactures for all the speeding tickets and the cell phone companies for a texting and driving accident.

  • Iza Koon

    This Ni^^ER needs to talk to his MONKEY PEOPLE and TELL THEM to SHOOT STRAIGHT when they SHOOT at ANOTHER APE!!!!

    NI6^ERS and SPICCKS are the PROBLEM and MY GUN the CURE for NI6^ERITUS!!!!!


  • Thomas Houck

    Comment to #6 – Probably the same reason POTUS is not helping.

  • JoeHoliday

    Jesse, you forgot white people, assalt weapons and white people are the root cause of violence in the community, can I get an amen………

  • He and other black leaders are responsible for not teaching responsibility to the minority races. They teach “It’s always somebody else’s fault” that your poor, sick, helpless, no job, lazy or what ever. These people are the ones to blame. Black on Black crime undermines ol’ Jesse’s lie.

  • Hazmat77

    Jesse has glommed hundreds of millions of dollars from the US taxpayers through phony government welfare programs and extortion from major corporations with threats of economic boycotts …his acolyte Al Sharpton has done much the same.

  • DJH

    Yes, because some manufactured CLOWN of a man, known more for shaking down business and creating racial tensions where they didn’t previously exist – at best making tensions that did exist FAR WORSE, this unethical, integrity challenged loser hardly has an opinion respected by anyone of relevance.
    Self absorbed, corrupt morons are a threat to national security – what shall we do with you and al??

  • TeaRunner

    What is it with black people and their refusal to take responsibility for the messes they create?

  • VeryOld Coot

    Reverend Hymietown is like Count Dracula. The only way to make him go away with certainty is to catch him while he’s resting in his coffin and put a wooden stake in his heart.

  • DannyBoy

    Funny, coming from the “Reverend” who wouldn’t take responsibility for his own illegitimate child!

  • Weasler

    I wish that someone would get rid of this big-mouthed schvartze away already. He’s nothing but trouble. He has done not one bit of good for this country, absolutely NOTHING. Someone should post his address, and hopefully some thieves from his own element will do away with him. Good riddance, POS.

  • Mannie

    Yes, Poverty Pimp and Shakedown Artist Jackson, the gun manufacturers are responsible for the lives saved by firearms. Thanks for giving us the credit.

    Meanwhile you anti gun criminals are personally responsible for the rapes and murders in the US, because you encourage them by disarming potential victims. Remember, your anti gun friends are rape enablers.

    How many rapes are you responsible for today, Jesse?

  • Hoot4RE

    The Rev is RIGHT! But lets also make Rap Stars accountable for THEIR products, too!

    Oh, and Rev? How’s “Junior” doing these days?

  • Ric

    Without a race war, Jesse and Al would be penniless. Stoke the fires and they keep living large. Jesse was highly invested in corporate extortion and that seems to be drying up so on with a race war that reverand Al never gave up on. Oh and King Louis Farakahn can never give up his ride on the smiling hate wagon. Simply put, it’s the inner city urban community that is killing each other with illigal guns. Legal guns are not the issue. It’s the easiest libral fix to take away legal guns to put libral stats for the world to see but the illigal guns will still kill the inner city urban communities……stupid!

  • Ken Mcclelan

    does this man ever stop looking for someone to shake down? the fact that this piece of slime calls himself a reverend has me wondering what it will be like during his trial when he stands before the Righteous Judge.

  • CSMOccupiedNorthernVA

    What a stupid @$$. This guy makes Biden look intelligent.

  • BadKosh

    Jesse seems to have even WORSE mental issues than his wack job lying son. By Jesse’s stupid ideas, the tool, NOT THE WACK JOB, CRIMINAL OR GANG MEMBER is responsible???? REALLY?

    Does that sound like an idea an adult would have?
    I guess he’s for the Gun Bans too since they have proven to be ineffective. Chicago, Detroit, Maryland, DC. All have gun bans and all have high crime. See the multiple connections? Jesse doesn’t, because his head is elsewhere.

  • mikeoutlaughingatthosewhovoteDNC

    We now know the source of his son’s depression.

  • ADC

    What a stupid comment that a 223 caliber bullet could bring down a commercial airliner. Why aren’t these idiots like Jackson challenged when making such false statements? Yet the low informed citizens who listen to this dribble believe it. Will this bozo ever go away for good.

  • bacadog

    Ok, Jessee.

    Just as soon as you support holding beer producers and distributors responsible for DUI’s, alcoholism, and other alcohol related problems.

    You know, like those Busch distributorships you extorted from Anhauser Busch for your family.

  • ross

    Leave it to Jesse Jackson to come up with another way to shakedown a business. How about if Jesse works out a way for a “small fee” for these manufacturers to avoid litigation?

  • garylee123

    And just what type of weapons does Jessies bodyguards carry?

  • dman

    I would feel safer if Jesse would stop having illegitimate thugs and start preaching family values!

  • FusterCluck

    That’s like saying automobile manufacturers should be held accountable for drunk driving fatalities, or swimming pool companies should be held accountable for drownings. It’s just more stupidity from the left and an increasingly insignificant Jesse Jackson…

  • Sheldon

    Who allowed Jackson to crawl out of his crypt?

  • Stan H.

    By this same logic Absolut and Bacardi should be held responsible every time a drunk driver kills an innocent and Pfizer should be sued every time someone dies from meth cooked up with Sudafed.

    This is stupidity and fear mongering at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

  • andre

    A vicious case of moral degeneration.

  • aberdeenvet

    Sorry, Jesse. You and all your Black activist friends and Democrats are the responsible parties. Nothing you have done over your life time has done one iota of good for the Black community. In fact they are worse off now than ever. You have destroyed the Black race in your work to stay in power and live the good life with their monetary support. It is a shame what you and your friends have done. Dr. Martin Luther King must be turning over in his grave. You have destroyed a good honest man’s work.

  • Arlin Robinson

    Wow! A.D.N.!

  • Thinking Clearly

    Goodie – following this logic we can now, without question, blame Jackson’s mom for every stupid thought that this man verbalizes publicly.

  • MikeC711

    Interesting that last statistics I saw were that 85% of all homicides were African American male killing African American male. This is called the drug war and it can use guns, bombs, or whatever weapon is necessary. JJ is not concerned about this … only the 5% of African males killed by nonAfrican Americans. The gun does not do the killing … the shooter does the killing. Look how well the drug war is working at keeping drugs off the streets. Outlawing guns or ammo will create HUGE new markets for organized crime. I guarantee that organized crime from Bogata to Sicily to Beijing is drueling over the possibility of having a massive new market handed to them. JJ is, as always, pushing for more gov’t and less freedom. Please go back to your convalescent home JJ.

  • really??

    kind of like spoons are responsible for people getting fat. come on…

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Can we sue CBS Television, which features a murder show EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK?

    They have made hundreds of millions of dollars off “murder” themes, and then are surprised when there are murders in the country.

    Couple CBS programming with with NBC, HBO, ABC, and the other cable networks (with Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, the Walking Dead), you can watch 10 people a night being murdered.

    But then they point their fingers at law abiding gun owners when someone is murdered.

  • ADC

    good one. LOL.

  • trigger

    and Louisville Slugger is responsible for all murders by bats. Jackson culture of corruption which his fosters is to blame.

  • Paul K

    Guns don’t kill people… BLACKS kill people! And not just in this country. Go to Africa for some REAL good ole fashioned genocide!

  • Troy Burton

    I only have 1 question for Jesse Jackson, the man of God, Christian preacher and possesor of high moral fiber and rectitude: who was better in bed, the woman you married and vowed in church to be faithful to or that woman you dumped your garbage in? Which one slaked your lust more?

    I guess it’s hard to see which is right with your eyes so far apart.

  • Liz

    Alrighty then, big PHARMA, doctors that prescribe zoloft Paxil well- butrin etc. should be jailed first. For any child suicide or school shooting. There’s your culprit. Total ” but/ for” relationship with those amphetamine/ cocaine derivatives.

  • Garrett

    Jesse Jackson is a thug and a racist. He hates white people.

  • James

    I’ve had it with that G-D race pimp Jesse Jackson. Somebody needs to punch that nappy headed lying thief right in the mouth.

  • Ernie

    Jesse who?

  • Dave

    you are a F**** moron, you ,Obuma Sharp the jerk should all be in jail, an the rest of you AH
    this is our country an we will take it back.
    the free loaders can go with you.

  • James

    Better idea — why don’t we make POLITICIANS accountable for stupid policies and for their corruption??

  • Tom Wright

    I’m in my late 60’s and formally lived in Chicago and have witness this clown for decades. Like Obama, he is a bad actor who uses the happenstance of his race as currency. He is a disgrace and has singlehandedly done more to damage the so called “black community” than anyone else…despite slick Al’s best efforts. Shame on him. America is a worse place because of him. Period.

  • Bob G

    Yes Jesse, the manufacturers are responsible for gun violence. And I suppose it was your parents that were ultimately responsible for your “rainbow child?” Your dick but they were the manufacturers.

  • Porter Browning

    Whatever, n!gger… The real problem is the evil, violently savage nature of your degenerate kin.

  • billy

    What an idiot. Crawl back into your hole…tool.

  • Richard Maddock

    Absolutely. Gun manufacturers cause crazy people to kill. Got to stop them. Also, book publishers
    make people who can’t read stupid. Get rid of those books. Wheat farmers make a product that is turned into bread, which is used, along with cheese, hamburger, etc to make people fat. Got to stop that. And opportunism makes the Jessie Jackson’s of the world say anything to be in front of a camera. Please, someone stop him.

  • Concerned Mom of 5

    Hey Jesse… Your children are to blame. You should be so proud.

  • Ed

    That’s the same as saying that we should hold the car manufacturers responsible for “killing” 40,000 people every year on our highways! Let’s ban all cars next. Where does this guy (and most liberals) get his brains and reasoning from?

  • msnbcblows

    Good old Jesse… God forbid he point the finger where it belongs…
    In this instance, I’m surprised he did not call for the outlawing of white people.


    Hundreds of black people are murdered every year within a short limousine ride of the Reverand Jackson’s Chicago Mansion, and Jesse does nothing: i guess he can’t make a buck off of Black on Black crimet. Better to blame the gun manufacturers ( probably white folks) . Why doesn’t he announce a boycott(shake-down) of the gun manufacturers ? He could stop the boycott if they pay him off. Nobody cares what this goof thinks anymore; he is just the house negro of the white liberal establishment. Hey Jesse, shuffle on back to your limousines and mansions and stable of mistresses.

  • I truly suggest that anyone that believes this fool see the video “No Guns for Negros” available on Youtube.

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  • Norm R.

    Using Jackson’s thinking, a lot of lynchings could have been prevented if rope manfactures would have ceased making their product.

  • JCW

    Airport is more like 15 miles away. Just an idiot.

  • usamopatriot

    May you be eaten by worms, like the Roman Caesar…..

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  • Liquidity

    FBI crime statistics show about 1% of gun homicides are with assault weapons so banning them makes no sense at all. However, the young black male demographic (~4% of the population) according to the same report are responsible for 53% of homicides using a gun. So how come its the guns fault if it goes off and kills somebody so much more readily when in African American hands? Maybe Jess Jackson (and the other Reverands) ought to be speaking to and shaming his (their) own community rather than blaming guns.

  • J. Moore

    Good God, Jesse. WHERE have you been? At the bank trying to find a way to launder m ore money to cover more of your Rev. Baby-daddy tracks? The local AME Pentecostal stirring fears of racist guns and keeping your ‘people’ on the big D plantation while fleecing their pockets of my tax dollars? Crawl back in your hole, hypocrite. Your presence spawns a yearning to vomit. Twice. We’ll give you play once you admit you are responsible for your penis’s actions.

  • stephen

    Shoot down an airplane with a AR-15 what a FRACKING MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a disgrace to his race. Shut the F#$k UP!!!!!

  • Buffmuffin

    If that’s the case, Jesse, you are responsible for all reverse racism deaths…

  • Steve

    This guy is just an idiot. These shootings are all a result of a severe breakdown in family, parenting, medications, and BAD people with a breakdown of our justice system. Hold public hangings and I GUARANTEE crime rates will go down! If you kill someone you get hung and loose your life, if you steal your hand gets amputated…oh wait…that is inhumane isn’t it?!…then why don’t we hold those who committ these crimes to the same criteria? We are giving tax payer funded sex changes to criminals in prisons now…..simply mind boggling….and they wondeer why we are having problems in society???? DUHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Mark

    Every time a big enough tragedy unfolds, all the usual suspects crawl out from their cesspool and throw in their two cents.
    Once again this self ordained lower life form is desperately trying to exploit the suffering of others in a vain attempt to be relevant.
    Pretty despicable!

  • dan

    with that logic….let’s hold auto manufacturers responsible for all auto accidents with their PRODUCTS….if you believe this man’s arguments then there are many manufactures of products that should be held responsible for injuries,etc….can’t have it both ways some are and some aren’t…but a liberal like JJ only agrees to his or her opinion…and will never consider the truth or facts……IMHO

  • Steve

    And WASHINGTON and ALL the political people (both sides) are responsible for our countries debt…you think THEY are going to pay for it then? are washed up like Madonna!!! Lots of Dumb people today that are incapable of level headed thinking!

  • Hedge

    James Earl Ray shot the wrong one on April 4, 1968, on the second-floor balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Jarhead

    Well, Jesse, blacks comprise less than 13% of the total population of the U.S. – yet commit 52% of all homicides (according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice.) So *who* should we hold accountable?

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  • Jayne

    Twisted logic of a psychopath.
    Rhetorical question of the day: What sort of ignoramus would even suggest that a manufacturer of any inanimate object in the hands of a lunatic should be held responsible for the actions of the lunatic?
    Answer: Any of a number of leftist that society has raised. Leftist ideology is a pathological condition for which the cure is currently beyond the ability to identify.

  • JohnF

    Want an ignorant person. My Ruger SR22 is good for putting holes into targets. My wife, son, and daughter have a great time at the shooting range using our guns, both semi-automatic and double action, to put holes in targets. In fact, I see dozens of people having fun doing this.

    And I’ve never seen anyone get shot at a shooting range. Where the number of guns often outnumber the people.

    Anyone who claims semi-automatics are only good for shooting people are just ignorant. And, since they are ignorant, should be ignored on all topics. Their comments are only echos of other ignorant people.

  • Ben

    We really should have picked our own cotton…….that ‘free’ labor turned out to be the most expensive mistake in American history……

  • Obama Is God Awful

    Jessie Jackson just hopes to personally profit off the deaths of the Black on Black shooters in the culture he helped sculpt. Jackson will be in the gun manufactureres’ lobbies demanding hush-up money.

  • Danny

    The dynasty is fading so he needed to get back into the headlines.
    Does this mean CAR makers are liable for deaths?
    Does this mean we peons can sue if police don’t arrive on time to save lives?
    Does this mean we can sue the paramedics if the ambulance does not arrive on time.

  • Hate Tyranny

    He definetly needs a speech thearapist.This lazy, shuck n jive, racebaiting criminal (included in this is his sorry a#$ son…bipolar problems are caused by smoking crack) is trying to demonize gun manufactures like they did the tobacco industry. Listen… can you hear the extortion class lawyers salivating.

  • Buzz

    Well Jackson, you stupid old racist POS. Don’t you have body guards? And don’t they carry guns?

  • fred rick


  • Mad Hatter

    Jesse Jackson: Make Gun Manufacturers Responsible for Shootings

    Another member of the Gun Gestapo speaks.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    Most of the gun killings are within the black community and most of them are between gangs, drug related etc. Chicago that broke the record of # murdered last year at over 500 mostly were gang members. Jesse Jackson never and I mean never addresses this aspect of not only his community but the Mexican drug cartel which get their guns from the underground. Disarm the legal citizen in a society over run by violence and murder by ILLEGAL guns own by criminals and we will become easy pickings. Maybe that is what the Obama admins. wants.

  • king C

    The Reverend Jackson. America’s greatest conman, corporate shake down artist.

  • Patty

    In Sandy Hook, the only one who should be held responsible is the Mother. And the estranged father has a part in this. When you are so irresponsible as both were then here is the results.

    Every gang members mother and father, if you can find them, should be responsible too, in Jackson’s theory. And hold Obama responsible for spending, can we do that. For this economy, where there are no jobs. And hold the Education system responsible for not doing their jobs.

    Oh, let’s hold everyone responsible, how would that be, Jackson. Hold the car industry responsible for car accidents, drug companies for overdoses, alcohol companies for drunks, knives for stabbing deaths, oh, Sharpton holds the award for that stupid comment.

    I love it when these liberals come out with what they believe to be a big solution for what is actually parent responsibility. Lanza was mentally and emotional disturbed with guns right there in his reach.

  • matinva

    Jesse Jackson; America’s second biggest scam artist and shakedown king preaches morals. That’s just rich.

  • Patty

    Leading gun rights advocacy groups: Congress unlikely to pass major firearms legislation

    Read more:

  • TrickyDick

    Own this Jesse…then you can talk about guns you WPOS!

  • Denver rep

    I think we should hold beer distributors liable for DUIs….that is it! Let us start with his family’s Bud distribution company!

  • Steve McCrone

    And shakem down jackson and sharpton are guilty for keeping the blacks down and making them the slaves of the democrat party.

    Dam sounds like I am a racist and people may hate me, WELL TOUGH CRAPOLA.

  • LLinLa

    Rev, let’s study some statistics:
    During the 1980s and early 1990s, homicide rates surged in cities across the United States (see graphs at right).[25] Handgun homicides accounted for nearly all of the overall increase in the homicide rate, from 1985 to 1993, while homicide rates involving other weapons declined during that time frame.[26] The rising trend in homicide rates during the 1980s and early 1990s was most pronounced among lower income and especially unemployed males. Youths and Hispanic and African American males in the United States were the most represented, with the injury and death rates tripling for black males aged 13 through 17 and doubling for black males aged 18 through 24.[15][21] The rise in crack cocaine use in cities across the United States is often cited as a factor for increased gun violence among youths during this time period.[27][28][29]”
    ^ a b c d Committee on Law and Justice (2004). “Chapter 3”. Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review. National Academy of Science. ISBN 0-309-09124-1.
    ^ Cork, Daniel (1999). “Examining Time-Space Interaction in City-Level Homicide Data: Crack Markets and the Diffusion of Guns Among Youth”. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 15 (4): 379–406. doi:10.1023/A:1007540007803. NCJ 180974.
    ^ Grogger, Jeff, Mike Willis (1998). “The Introduction of Crack Cocaine and the Rise of Urban Crime Rates”. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 6352. National Bureau of Economic Research.
    ^ Blumstein, Alfred (1995). “Youth Violence, Guns and the Illicit-Drug Industry”. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (1973-), Vol. 86, No. 1) 86 (1): 10–36. doi:10.2307/1143998. JSTOR 1143998. NCJ 162687.

    Case dismissed, Rev! Read the entire article:

  • John

    So, this means CAR manufacturers are responsible for ALL accidents and deaths, Baseball bat manufactures for murders, Aircraft makers, Knife makers. All these and all others where they cause and accident, wound, cut or death. They can be sued to recover on that.

    This logic is being used to put pressure on gun manufacturers to stop manufacturing of any item. We must use the same logic for ANY item we use!

  • Nikki

    So next do we hold spoon manufacturer’s responsible for making people fat?

  • Patty

    It also emerged that Mrs Lanza had spoken of her fears less than a week before the attack that she was “losing” her son. “She said it was getting worse. She was having trouble reaching him,” said a friend of Mrs Lanza who did not want to be named.


    Now, way before this she should have use some common sense and place her son under a professional who could handle him. But her above statement proves she was lax in her responsibility. And now because of this gun owners are worried that this dictator could possibly try desperately to change our rights. Sick

  • Patty

    Responsibility lies squarely with the parents of our children, first. Today their are cities who do.

    Lanza was older but he had emotional problems and guns should never have been in his view nor should he have known about them.

    I truly believe this tragedy would never have happened if his mother had taken quick action not just a week before but actually years before.

  • Mark Aloha

    This is so stupid….guns have nothing to do with the violence. Everyone knows that it is the fault of the bullets.

  • Just one more time he has exhibited the ability to deflect responsibility from the one that actually is committing the act. Like when he was banging an employee of his so called religious organization. It was her fault.

  • Obama Is God Awful

    Make Obama responsible for ObamaCare deaths.

  • Parnell

    One againthe anti-gun crowd shows its’ ignorance. “He could shoot down airplanes”? I would challenge the “Rev” Jackson to find any average marksman who could shoot down a rop-driven Cessna, let alone a jet airliner. But hey, let them rant stupidly.

  • Patty

    And then there is this big flaming liberal:
    Schumer Calls On WalMart & Other Retailers To Suspend Assault Weapons Sales While Debated In Cong…

    U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today called on the nation’s largest gun retailers to participate in a temporary moratorium on selling assault-style rifles until Congress has considered legislation to reduce gun violence.

    A copy of Schumer’s letter can be found below:

    Michael Duke Chief Executive Officer Wal-Mart

    Thomas Millner Chief Executive Officer Cabela’s

    James Hagale Chief Executive Officer Bass Pro Shops

    David Pratt Chief Executive Officer Gander Mountain

    Darrell Webb Chief Executive Officer Sports Authority

    Rodney Faldyn Chief Executive Officer Academy Sports and Outdoors

    Steven G. Miller Chief Executive Officer Big Five Sports

    Dear Mr. Duke, Mr. Millner, Mr. Hagale, Mr. Pratt, Mr. Webb, Mr. Faldyn, and Mr. Miller,

    I write today with a heavy heart; the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, has left an indelible imprint on our national psyche. As a parent, my heart goes out to all of those who lost loved ones in the tragedy as well as the survivors. The people of Newtown —and all our fellow Americans—will have a long journey to try to understand how such a horrific event could occur. On a national level, there is a thoughtful discussion underway about specific legislative approaches to prevent a senseless massacre like this from occurring again. In the meantime, I respectfully request that you temporarily suspend all sales of assault rifles such as the Bushmaster .223 assault rifle and AK-47 rifle. […………………]

    Read on:

  • Jim

    Ya, let’s make everyone responsible except the perpetrator. We’ll start off by holding the democratic party responsible. They’re the ones turning everything upside down.

  • Patty

    Good heavens these liberals are disasters. no president can just rewrite our Constitution.

  • JackRabbet

    Aurora is 20 miles from the Denver Airport.

    A lie is as good of the truth if you can get people to believe it. Dems don’t care about truth just their agenda.

  • Patty

    #238 January 14, 2013 at 1:19 pm
    Mark Aloha commented:

    Guns aren’t the problem. Gun in the wrong hands are.

  • Sam Stone

    no Je$$ie! It is YOUR brothers and sisters who are responsible for 38% of ALL homicides in America. It is your brothers and sisters Je$$ie who make up 50% of all homicide victims. Your brothers and sisters are only 13% of the population Je44ie! We seen to have a major problem with you and yours Je$$ie, not with AR 15’s.

  • Kris

    First off, 1 or 2 firearms is NOT an “arsenal”. Secondly, a store-bought laser can take down an airplane. Thirdly, as has been addressed here and virtually everywhere, gun manufacturers are NOT responsible for the misuse of their LEGAL and HIGHLY REGULATED products. In addition to the Aurora shooting, the “young man” was also much closer to several larger theaters than the one he attacked, yet he bypassed them to shoot up the “gun free” theater. Any comments on THAT Jesse? Get a life. Then get a job. Idiot…

  • RKflorida

    I would be satisfied if they made this Race baiting, black SOB responsible for what garbage comes out of his mouth. Maybe hold him accountable for the protection racket he runs on corporations. Get this clown in an orange jump suit with a number across his chest as soon as possible and finally shut him up. Oh! and toss in the other dip wad, Sharpton along with him.

  • Bill

    You are so correct resin, the person aiming the gun at another person and pulling the trigger could not possibly be responsible for his own actions.

  • HansJurgen

    Why is it that apes like Jesse are so stupid? Is it their genetically inferior brains? Blacks have contributed nothing to any society worldwide other than higher crime. So, Jesse and his kind continue to feed the stereotypes of blacks and confirm Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – some of us just haven’t evolved as much as others and still think, act, and look like apes.

  • alhorvath

    Gun manufacturers are as responsible for these outrages as auto manufacturers are responsible for hit and runs. The only one who is not at all responsible is the Reverend Jackson.

  • Pete

    Is he really this stupid?? That’s like saying that car manufacturers are responsible for all car crashes. Can we send him and lindsay lohan on a one way trip to the sun?

  • Devin

    So, Jesse, does this make YOU responsible for the crimes committed by your son? Ain’t logic a biatch, Jesse?

  • hps

    Here’s one you will NEVER hear JJ say.. hold parents/teachers responsible for NOT teaching the blacks to value human life..

  • Doober this is for you ….look at felony murder …. who has committed 59.3 % of it ….. question were are the hispanics …..under white ….I’m being kind when I suggest 80 %

  • jmolde

    After all these years Jesse, you are still a moron. 8 of 9 of these last mass shooters have been people being treated for mental health issues and we have no records to check to weed them out. Gang bangers are having their girl friends act as straw buyers to acquire their weapons and “sell them” (I’m kidding) via private transfer to their boyfriends. Al Quaeda has sad US schools, especially grade schools are soft, high impact targets and none of the new proposals will take away guns from Gang bangers and jihadists who are making a side business of smuggling guns including fully automatic assault rifles (in other words, real assault rifles) over the Mexican border. Bottom line is dealing with a broken mental health system, mental health reporting systema complete lack of security with respect to crazy people who have not been institutionalized, the inability of families to successfully seek institutionalization of family members who they know are dangerous and shutting down jihadist training sites in the US because they have the same constitutional rights as anyone else in the US. So in all these situations law enforcement can only show up with squeege and and a clip board and try to figure out who did it after the fact.

  • TMAC

    And when a drunk driver hits and seriously hurts/kills someone its the fault of the auto manufacturers.

    What a buffoon.

  • sane surrounded by insane

    If Jesse is right then car manufacturers are responsible for drunk driving.

    Obviously flawed logic but you have to say one thing, Jesse is consistent,
    consistently devoid of logic or reason.

    The sad part is that there are actually people who listen to this guy and take marching orders from him.

    Typically its not the Gun that kills people, it’s the bullets.

  • Dominic

    Jesse is a race baiting bastard.He has made millions playing that game.An irrelevant man.

  • blahmcblah

    If you enjoy the 1st Amendment, you are REALLY going to miss the 2nd!

  • todd

    What an idiotic statement!

    “If a gun is used to kill someone, make the gun manufacturer responsible”.
    If a product is used to kill someone, make the manufacturer responsible.
    The folks that make baseball bats should be trembling, since more baseball bats are used to kill people more than guns. Yes baseball bats are used for sport, just like guns, but we should hold the manufacturer responsible for their misuse.

    Brilliant! (Sarcasm!)

  • Roger

    Jessie Jackson…I was wondering when the media would drag his rear end out. He’s pretty much dead spirtually , and politically. Time for him to go and sit in his rocking chair on the porch. Keep Hope Alive lol lol

  • Udo

    What is it with Blacks and blaming everyone and everything other than themselves for their own behavior? Must be genetic…or all the White Man’s fault!

  • Dave

    If Jerkson is right here, then GM is responsible for how many deaths due to car accidents. Jack Daniels would be responsible for drunk driving deaths and all doctor who have every let a patient die should be in jail.

  • Adrian

    As long as we’re laying blame where it belongs, let’s not forget the mass media. They give Jackson and Sharpton their soapboxes in the first place, and without that artificial credibility, they are nobodies. The media is the machine that amplifies the worst tendencies of society, glorifies them, and instills them in kids from the time they’re crawling on the floor. Yet, they refuse to take any responsibility for their massive part in destroying the nation.

  • Are you effing serious, Jeese? Bring down an airplane? Are you stoned?

  • You just can’t fix stupind can you…..

  • Flyoverman

    The more the anti-gun people talk the dumber they sound. Painful stupidity on full display.

  • Malcom

    maybe blacks should be banned since they are committing most of the gun and drug violence.

  • GT D

    Just when you think you’ve heard the last from the uninformed Jesse Jackson steps to a microphone.

  • American Woman

    Let’s make Jackson responsible (along with Obama) for failing to meet the real needs of the Black community in Chicago, i.e., safe communities, quality education, jobs, and the chance to grow old….

  • GT D

    Libertarian Bob may be on to something. Jesse looks like he is stoned or high.

    This issue never gets resolved because people like Jesse keep making ridiculous comments.

  • libertyfirst

    Disgusting pig! Your armies of fatherless, soulless, parasitic Democrats are to blame! The gang-bangers, the street thugs. The FBI reports that 74% of all gun violence is perpetrated by these wastes of skin. STOP DEFLECTING THE PROBLEM onto law abiding citizens. YOU ARE TO BLAME for the failure of the black community. YOU MAKE EXCUSES for the failure of the black community instead of DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY. F-YOU and G0 T0 H3LL JACKSON!!!!

  • Steve

    Ahhh, when imbiciles speak. It’s scary that this retard actually made a bid for president.

  • Why doesn’t he try to find his son and daughter-in-law. They appear to be missing.

  • WWII

    Why is any legitimate organization wasting ink on this worthless, father of many illegitimates, whose only job he ever worked at, was Spitting in the Food at the Poinsett Hotel, in his Hometown of Greenville, SC. He is a worthless piece of Cr_p.

  • wavygravynet

    Thank you so very much, Jesse, for expressing the origins of the threat of gun violence. Gun manufactures are working feverishly to keep with demand for more weapons fueled by the fears, superstitions, of myths of those who care for themselves than the lives than the lives of innocents. What America is facing is a gun cartel consisting of gun retailers, international/national gun manufactures, and gun lobbyists to protect and strengthen their hold on a very vocal minority determined to protect their culture in much the same way as white supremacists, and others who believe that our laws do not apply to them.

  • Kathleen3

    Jesse Jackson should be at home tending to his son’s and daughter-in-law’s upcoming criminal cases. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are two walking, breathing cartoon characters and any media outlet that gives them an ounce of credibility is obviously not creditable.

  • BluClw

    Jesse, why don’t you focus on keeping the gun in your son’s hand out of his mouth and leave us the fk alone. The last thing we need is advice from a pathetic father such as you.

  • Jack

    First off…shoot down an airliner with a .223 round? Ah, no franking way J Man! Maybe if you get lucky enough to hit the pilot in the face, but then the co-pilot just takes over. Jesse, perhaps you never saw pics of military aircraft that land safely after being shot to hell during battle! Yes correct weapons are a threat to national security, especially when the central government gets tyrannical. More people are killed by automobiles in America, so by your twisted logic they should be responsible for those deaths. You Sir, are an idiot. Thanks for participating.

  • m

    Where is Tarantino when you need him?

  • willwickman

    How long are people going to listening to this professional trouble-maker? Really! If there wasn’t a crisis that included blacks and children, this Joker and Sharpton would invent it if they had the intelligence

  • rich34952

    Then why doesn’t Jackson and Sharpton tell their little brothers to stop shooting each other over drugs and drug turf. The gang bangers are nearly responsible for 50% of gun homicides in the U.S. Come to think of it, if they would just kill each other, there wouldn’t be any out cry from the public. Chicago has tough gun laws, but it just proves that laws do not mean anything to the criminals in Chicago. If there wa a total ban of gun ownership, then only law enforcement personnel and criminals would have guns. Police cannot guarantee protection for each individual. A criminal is not going to murder, rape, rob or hijack when a police officer is in sight. The licensed gun holder is not the problem, it is the criminals in our society, those with certain mental disorders, certain music, violent computer games, bloody horror movies and the liberal agenda that are the problems. Where are the majority of the mass murders occurring? They are happening in so called gun free locations. People cannot defend nthemselves at these gun free locations, all they can do is hide, run or call the police AFTER the shooting starts. The more constitutional rights they we surrender, or is taken from us will mean less liberty and freedom.

  • Yeah!! Car makers are responsible for all the motor vehicle fatalities too Jess—DINGBAT

  • clee

    wait – I thought it was mistah Jahhkson’s fault.

  • Ray Magee

    Jesse Jackson is responsible for all gun deaths in the black community. He has excused violence, indolence, and dependence. Gun deaths are a natural result of his excuses. He is responsible for the deaths of blacks which amount to thousands each year. He might as well have pulled the trigger or plunged the knife himself.

  • Joshua

    This guy is such a moron. For one, good luck shooting down a plane with an “assault weapon” (you will at least need a .50bmg machine gun). For two, the liberals always seem to idolize the shooter, politicize the situation, and blame the object to take away more of our rights. I am so sick of this madness!

  • Mike

    There is a misconception that all black men carry a knife. That is totally untrue; I have been carrying an ice pick for years…

    Redd Foxx

  • jb80538

    No Jesse, gun manufacturers are not responsible. No more so than car manufacturers are for drunk driving.

  • Lipstick

    I thought Chicago had the strictest gun laws of the land? What is wrong with this picture? If the American People have to give up their guns only these criminals will have guns. How safe does that make you feel when a robber knows from the get go there are no guns to worry about in the house to be robbed. This is lunacy pushed by liberal loons. I am beginning to change my mind on abortion if it will save lives down the road when these folks grow up. Jackson does not care about his people. If he did we would hear about the good works he is doing to help his people. Not just pander to them.

  • obama drone strike

    There were over 500 deaths in Chicago with firearms last year, despite a total gun ban on private citizens that Jesse Jackson has endorsed.

    There were a total of 323 deaths under the “rifle” category in the entire US last year, and that includes justifiable homicide by citizens and law enforcement, so the figure is probably in the 200s.

    Case closed on the effectiveness of prohibition on guns, which has worked out about as well as the ones our govt had on alcohol and now “drugs.” Not to mention the same people who pretend to be upset about children being murdered are also cheerleaders for the obama admin and their daily drone strikes on civilians all over the world. One obama drone strike alone took out over sixty kids, and their is absolute silence from the same clowns pretending to be sad over the CT shooting.

  • Jamie

    Jesse Jackson is a fraud. Larry Pickney and KRS 1 are REAL black leaders. EVERYONE KNOWS, the government didn’t have a problem with Malcom X until he started working to unite the races, it wasn’t long before he was DEAD. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached peace between the races, DEAD, JFK stopped Nuclear war in the 60’s and saved us all by telling his advisors that going to a bunker and waiting for the war wasn’t an option, that they were going to stay in the white house and come up with another option, HE saved us from a holocaust doing that, DEAD. Now we have to listen to this mularky from the Rev. Jackson who does nothing but polarize the people. Black on Black violence is out of control, Planned parenthood is aborting 300,000 babies a year, while 52% of ALL black babies are being aborted, folks, your race isn’t even propagating enough to sustain it. What does this sheister come out and talk about, while welfare lines are breaking out in riots? does he blame the enablers, doubling welfare, disarming the people? NO, he blames the manufacturers who only exist because WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND TO BE ARMED TO PROTECT OURSELVES. while celebrities tell you to “demand a plan” while they star in violent shoot-em up movies, while they want you to WAIT for Government to do something, YOU CAN TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW! PETITION YOUR SHERIFF DEPT. TO DEPUTIZE AND ARM TEACHERS, KEEP YOUR KIDS OUT OF VICTIM DISARMAMENT ZONES LIKE CHICAGO, NEW YORK, PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND MALLS UNTIL THEY ALLOW US TO BE ARMED AND PROTECT OURSELVES. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  • Gene Klein

    A drunk runs over someone on the sidewalk: Sue Chevy?


  • Publius Marcus Antonius

    “Don’t Bury Your Guns, Boys ! Bury those Who Come For Them ! Then Hang the Criminals who sent them !”

  • Why Not Obama

    Well at least he didn’t drag out tawana brawley, oh, wait, that was another demagogue..

  • Joanne

    Always blaming the people who aren’t responsible for pulling the trigger than the ones who actually pull the trigger. I guess all those black ‘youth’ who shoot each other dead aren’t responsible either. The family has broken down and so goes society – right down the crapper. Just look to the people whose families are broken and look no further to see why society has produced people who pull the trigger and commit murder.

  • Desu Sedalb

    Saying the gun manufacturers are responsible for the deaths is the same as beating your cat because the dog crapped on the rug.

  • Bull

    Poor jessie a prime example of why partial birth abortion does not always work.

  • The logic and reasoning capacities, not to mention moral perceptions, of this man are that of a cadaver, or someone too jaded to perceive that deeper, multi-faceted issues are in play. Blind liberals, with otjher agendas, particularly refuse to acknowledge that our society has a moral crisis unfolding under their nose. People have been conditioned for years, by liberal educators, pundits, culture-movers and law-makers who empty the public square of moral absolutes, care for human dignity and religious principle regarding neighbor and individual. Ergo, more people are predictably acting out their selfish, reckless, depressed view of life at others’ expense, even children now are at risk. Guns just make it more expedient and efficient for the corrupt heart to act. American citizens have always had private ownership of guns, but its only rather recently that crime rates and brutal killings have escalated, to highlight their existence. Point: What has changed in America is how we collectively view personal responsiblity, community care, and norms of human life (and a reduced fear of God). It has greatly eroded! Law-abiding citizens with licensed fire-arms are not culprits; they never have been. Crimnals will just keep shooting.

  • Makim Ben-Dover

    the Aurora mass murderer didn’t live anywhere near the Denver International Airport. Nobody does. It’s out on the plains far away from residential areas. Where do you get your information, Jessie boy?

  • Tom Eldridge

    I guess that Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler are responsible for car wrecks. MacDonalds should be responsible for my waist line. Crest is responsible for my cavities.

    It amazes me that a preacher doesn’t have the where with all to tell us that we all need Jesus Christ. That we should love the Lord God with all of our heart, Mind, and body, and love our neighbor as our selves. (Would you be surprised that a preacher would say that?)

    We’re all going to find out that each one of us is responsible. (omission, Commission, and disposition)

  • Hold the Taskmasters on the Democrat Plantation like Jackson and Sharpton responsible when those they are place over get out of line. They’ve caused the problem.

  • there is a large radio station in L.A. – kfi 640. About once a week they have a program called – what the hell did jesse jackson say. the guy sounds like a sh#$ salesman with a mouthful of samples- perhaps kfi can get that other idiot– alfred sharpton on too!!

  • PMB

    It looks like Jesse Jackson needs to be buried in a whole somewhere. The only guy who is a multi millionaire and doesn’t work. So where does his money come from?

  • Ed

    This guy wanders around with four armed bodyguards and his own heat packed behind that phony suit.

  • icetrout

    Ban Negroids from America!

  • HaHaHa

    This ni66er can go to hell,white people have finally woken up and he can’t deal with it.

  • PMB

    Jesse Jackson looks like he should be buried in a hole someplace. And he is a multi-millionnaire who who does not work. So where does his money come from other than BO’s pockets.

  • twodogs

    Go back to the Rock that you just crawled from under

  • Akhamahamahama

    What gun manufacturer(s) supply the weapons that protect you Jesse ???

  • J Frank

    From the Aurora Mall where the shooting took place to the Denver International Airport terminal is a straight-line distance of 25 miles. The nearest approach would be to runway 34L and that is 18 miles to the east, at its closest point, would be approximately 6500 ft above ground level.

    Now I fancy myself quite proficient with an AR-15 at ranges out to 4000 yards (2.2 miles). There is no way, while standing within a 5-mile radius of the Aurora Mall, could I possibly hit an airplane on final approach to runway 34L. Yet this is what Jackson is proposing? Jesse Jackson is the biggest liar on the planet.

  • Robin

    Using Jesse’s logic that would mean car manufactures are responsible for all vehicle deaths.

  • VetMike

    I’ve thought for a long time that Jessie was in complete denial. Now he seems to have passed into some sort of dream world. Nobody listens to him anymore so he has to make these outrageous statements to get any attention.

  • Seawolf

    Well, once again JJ proves himself to be the dumbest extortionist in the country. Another professional negro who were he white would actually have to work for a living. If jackasses like he, wright, sharpton and farrakan etal didn’t have “rev” in front of their names, they’d be arrested for sedition. Morons, but dangerous morons, they have this screw whitey thing down pat and we are just OH so PC to put up with them stealing one trillion a year from us. If they still need these programs 50 years out now, somebody was right about them along time ago.

  • Jerome

    No surprise to see Jesse Jetstream blathering on TV again — now about “gun control”. JJ is too stupid to know how many laws controlling guns we already have, and too immoral to poke his fat head out of the Rainbow offices in Chicago to note that over 500 people were killed in Chicago in 2012, most of them black, and most of them by guns — but almost none of them by “assault weapon”.

    What’s the matter, fat boy? Don’t care about the black children in Chicago who were shot by your friends in the gangs while sitting on their front porch, or doing homework at their kitchen table? It’s just the white Connecticut kids that have inspired you to the cameras?

    Remember folks, the only ones calling for the protection of black Chicagoans are NRA supporters who would arm their law-abiding parents against Jackson’s mob supporters.

  • Brian

    Every modern firearm I’ve purchased comes with a manual and is marked with specific warnings that state the disasterous consequences for misusing their product. So, maybe the firearms and ammo manufacturers ought to sue Hollywood, the record industry, and the Video Game industry for advertizing and encouraging misuse of their products?

    Want to make manufacturers more accountable for the end-user’s actions with their product? Hmmm …maybe J.J. would like to sue alcoholic beverage companies for all the drunk driving and liver disease deaths? Maybe he should sue manufacturers of sports cars and all of the associated car customization products for all of the deaths due to excessive speed? Maybe sue fast food manufacturers for deaths due to obesity?

    Or maybe we should just hold people accountable for their own actions based on their independent will and decisions.

  • Julie

    Maybe Jesse I Have a Scheme Jackson will extort gun manufacturers into given his sons jobs…oh, wait…didn’t some rot gut beer company do that already?

  • Wise Old Owl

    Jackson is an ass (actually I thought he was dead) but I agree with the idiot on this one, I don’t want one of these dumbasses shooting at aircraft (unless he’s on board). By the way, Jackson continues to be the black man’s worse enemy, he has caused more turmoil and hatred in the black community than anyone on this earth (dead or alive). Maybe one of these gun nuts will focus on Jackson and Wright and Farrakhan. Now THAT would be an effective use of force.

  • Tawana Baloney

    I’m still waiting for his twin fraud Al “Sharptoon” to apologize for the Tawana Baloney scheme; and the Duke lacrosse players scheme. Massa Jesse and Sharptoon, two laughable frauds if there ever where. By the way, when will the media ask Al and Jesse for their credentials? They claim to be “reverends”…yeah, of the church of fraudulent schemers.

  • The_Saxon

    Translation: Pay me hush money by donating to the Rainbow/Push Coalition that I can launder funds through to me and make me a rich man.

  • Tawana Baloney

    The laughable thing is that Fox News actually posted the fraudulent title of “civil rights activist” under jesse’s name. I’m sure it was all done for laughs.

  • callmeBob

    “Jesse Jackson : There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

    And yes that is a quote.

  • TLC

    “Keyser commented:
    No, it couldn’t be the FACT that Jesses Jackson’s people can’t control themselves, have the mentality of baboons”

    Wow! At least you’re not racist…..

  • rico

    and JJ is responsible for all the stupidity

  • Steve

    I agree with Jesse hole heartedly! As much as I believe the spoon manufacturers made Rosie O’Donnell Obese!

  • Jugears McGhetto Sr.

    I hate this ^od $amn #i66er so freaking much I can’t convey it in words…… ‘id be da faw of da gun manufacta doggg!!! It ain’t be Leroy robbin’ dat licka sto, it ain’t be Clyde hodin up dat o lady ova dare… NAW it be nazazzty whitey fault … dat who fawt it be !!! You go BOOO….

  • Riteaidbob

    I see the race baiter is at it again. Major case of STFU idiot.

  • Mapache

    Jesse Jackson, your fifteen minutes are up and have been for a long time. No go home to your wife or baby mamma (your choice) and leave the rest of us alone. An STFU while you are at it.

  • Dave Riss

    Does he still want to cut Obama’s “nuts off”?

  • John B. Vita

    Phew! Man: He’s proof: You can’t fix stupid.

  • TruthInSpending

    Jesse is a moron, dunce, nitwit, buffoon, twirp, and other similar terms of endearment.

    Eight deaths per day due to texting while driving 36 deaths in traffic accidents involving alcohol. Let’s hold the cell phone manufacturers, and the companies that provide the service responsible, along with the distillers whose booze made the drivers incapable of handling their vehicles in a safe manner.

    Booze and texting kill far more people than guns. Where is the outrage about those deaths?

  • tim

    Jesse,is looking for a hand out,he is black so you know he is going to say something stupid,he never runs out of answers.Maybe Jesse should go back to Africa and blame the spears for killing the black man and take the little jesse with ya.

  • Rlgalutia

    NO the sin and selfishness in the Human heat is responsible for the gun violence ….

    One can supposedly cleanse the land of guns….However till we deal with the selfishness and sin in the human soul…..the mentally disturbed and the criminal will still find guns or other weapons with which to commit these kind of atrocities… What is needed is an old fashion wide revival to sweep the whole country…and re-establish moral boundaries in our society. in our current “anything goes society ” boundaries of right and wrong have been blurred. and we allow recreational drug usage along with video games that glorify violence as solutions to problems….

  • Daniel

    Groids are the cancer of America.

  • Karl

    Well, I’ve met my quota on ignorance for the day. He does a great job at presenting himself as uninformed and silly. He(Jackson) can’t be taken seriously, although he has enough influence in the media and the bottom feeders in the black community that his “thoughts” have to be entertained. Talk about a wrench in the gears of society.

  • Brian Aherne

    This looks like preparation for another Jesse Jackson shakedown scheme.

  • joe

    who let this monkey out of his cage? blacks and liberals are always wanting to put the blame on everything except for the actual person who caused the crime. I feel sad for future generations as this kind of garbage gets worse and worse..

  • LibertyDiesWithYourStupidity

    Society should deal with corrupt individuals and politicians by stop blindly following such stupidity and unbelievable idiocy (I would say ignorance, but these Individuals and politicians know exactly what they are doing).

    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights (The first 10 amendments to the Constitution for those of you who blindly follow such “leaders”), are NOT a bill of needs, but a bill of RIGHTS. They also do NOT “grant” us anything…..they GUARANTEE us these rights that we (all men and women) are born with. Some people say “why do you ‘need’ that type of firearm..”. Again, it’s not a bill of “needs”, it’s a bill of rights.

    Using this same logic: Why do you need to voice your opinion? You shouldn’t have the right to say anything that the government does not agree with. Who do you think you are? You’re just some little person out there who can’t possibly have anything worthy of listening to……..Wait a minute, for now, the FIRST Amendment of the Constitution GUARANTEES you, me and all the Citizens of the United States of America these RIGHTS.

    When you start eroding ANY of these rights, you are enslaving the people. When the people that make up a nation can no longer control or defend themselves from their government and corrupt leaders, then they in fact have become slaves. It may not be the same type of slavery from the days of this country’s past, but now all citizens will be enslaved and forced to the will of the government, and yes, some will be locked away in chains.

    When the Second amendment falls, then the others will not be far behind and then my friends, you WILL be slaves of the government. If you are truly open for a logical and factual discussion on gun control of any fashion, please use facts and proven figures and not knee-jerk, emotional reactions to the evil terroristic deeds carried out by evil individuals such that has recently taken place. A good place to start educating yourself would be Most of the information from this site is compiled by data gathered from multiple law-enforcement agencies over decades.

    If you are a moral person who obeys the law, cherishes your rights given to you by your creator (not the government) and can use logic instead of emotion to reach conclusions, you will be enlightened. If you cannot take the time to educate yourself and have serious discussions of the needs of this country, then you are doomed and will have also doomed future generations of this nation to lives of slavery and a mere existence allowed by the government.

    Amendment 1:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    (A government that no longer fears or respects it’s citizens will eliminate your RIGHT to protest, speak freely, write freely and communicate in a manner that is at difference with the government…..examples: China, North Korea. They can and will, “for security reasons”, terminate Internet, cellphone and other means of mass communication in an instant if they feel they are loosing “control”. They will also start eliminating or ignoring the other RIGHTS that you have as human beings in the United States of America)

    Amendment 2:
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a FREE state, the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT be infringed.
    (Again, the constitution is a document by the people and for the people that guarantees rights of THE PEOPLE and spells out what the government can NOT do. Also note that the second Amendment uses the term “SHALL NOT be infringed”. This does not mean “sometimes it can be infringed or it can be infringed when emotions cloud judgement or it can be infringed when one firearm is painted black or has a certain “look” about it. It means SHALL NOT be infringed, period.)

    Amendment 3:
    No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, or in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
    (People who cannot protect themselves, will be occupied…period)

    Amendment 4:
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and EFFECTS, against unreasonable searches and seizures, SHALL NOT be violated, and NO warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
    (This is your RIGHT not to be searched without a warrant. Loose this one and you will be stopped on the street at will or your house or car will be entered at will by the government whenever or for whatever they want. PS. Mr. and Mrs. American, if they ban guns, the only way to enforce a gun ban is a house to house search. This means you just gave up your 4th Amendment RIGHTS even if you are anti-gun…dumba##)

    If you have only heard about the Constitution and never have read it in it’s entirety, please take the 15 minutes to do so. It is not a complicated document. It was created by citizens, like you and me, to protect and guarantee citizens, like you and me, from governments becoming too large and too powerful. It was not created to allow the government to control or enslave it’s citizens.
    Here are the links:

    The Bill of Rights:

    The Constitution:

    To the pathetic and apathetic sheeple out there: You’re worse than a lobster in a pot….it’s all warm and snugly feeling until its too late. Let your “leaders” get away with this and their new title will become “Master”.

  • Snug Hill

    Wrong again, Jesse. The fault all falls on all the single parent folks out there who brought all these gangsters into the world with absolutely not one scintilla of intenion of ever raising them. As the girl from Philadelphia famously answered when asked why she keeps having babies with no father in sight, her answer was: “because they’s cute.” This is the sole root of the problem in the ghetto.

  • Jon

    Thats brilliant you moron Jackson! While we are at it why don’t we make the spoon manufacturers pay for making Rosie O Fat and the auto makers pay for all the wrecks they cause! What a stinkin maggot!

  • abbey

    Wouldn’t want to place the blame on blacks….the ones who commit the most crimes. Sure, blame inanimate objects and those who make them. What a fool this man is. What a fool blacks are for following him. And look who is running the country. What fools white people are for voting for this racist pig.

  • Jes

    The people responsible for crimes on black people are mostly black people. Blacks commit crimes at a rate several times higher than other races and a re disproportionately represented in prisons.

    I do wish that he would preach to the right people. I wish him luck in helping to solve this problem.

  • Whitey

    I know, it’s old Whitey’s fault again. I is as sorry as I can be.

  • Tom

    Just read comment asking “who is j Jackson “. Good question. I have a better one, who the f**k is Mohamed ????

  • 12% of the population that is responsible for 70% of violent crime and he wants to pass the blame on to manufacturers.
    Bet his boy still has a gun and he is nutty as a Planters factory.
    when he kils himself or others to keep from going to jail for stealing tax monies Jesse will stand up and claim”” That damn Smith and Wesson!”
    What a dope.

  • C Broad Arrow

    Its sad to the mental decline of someone who during the Martin Luther King days at least made a contribution.

  • Californian7

    Mr. Jackson – you are one of the biggest threats to national security…..and responsible for global warming with all that hot air you spew forth….Crimeney

  • Elmer Johnson

    Does Jesse Jackasson and Al Notsosharpton have gun permits????? Answer: Hell Yes!!!!!!

  • MPC

    Evel Knievel couldn’t make that leap…

  • Schlomo

    Predictable. His whole scam has always been to hold up and extort money from businesses using the race card. Always looking for the deepest pockets like a shiester lawyer.

  • Tex

    With all the black on black violence and the high abortion rates in the black community maybe they will just kill themselves off………a new natural selection. Is this a great country or what!

  • Adheeb

    It is remarkable, isn’t it? Mr Jackson looks so Presidential.

  • Karl

    Why does anyone care what Jesse Jackson has to say? He is one of the biggest and most crooked people in Cook County, Ill. That includes his entire family. Chicago is the most corrupt city in North America, perhaps the world. The world would be a lot better off without the Jessie Jackson family, as well as the Obamas. The only way these two families know to make a living is by intimidating others. Real pieces of crap, both he and Obama.

  • David Kachel

    Jesse Jackson: Americans #2 leftist imbecile.

  • chica

    I bet they were responsible for the following too……

    There was a young white couple Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian
    in Knoxville Teen, went out on date,in 2007 she was 21,he was 23,they were carjacked by four 8lacks and taken to one of their homes and they sodomized the guy and whacked off his dick in front of his girlfriend and then shot him and set him on fire,the girl they held for days sodomized her in every hole and poured bleach down her throat to cover the DNA,and then they urinated on her and cut her up in pieces and put her in five different trash bags,but it was never reported because gay illegal alien 0bama was running for your leader of Filth.—–>

    I bet this young couple would like to have been armed…..

  • whtnationalist

    Racism plays a large part of the gun ban push. The black president is waging war on stereotypical white gun owners. NAACP, Black Congressional Caucus, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, other black celebrities all back his gun grab. Yet they do nothing about black on black shootings. Shootings where guns are already banned. They say nothing about black on white rape and murder. Their hypocracy is clear as is their racial hatred of us.

  • JapesMacfarland

    That man has contributed and encouraged more death, suffering and cruelty in the black community than maybe any one person in America. If I were him I’d kill myself.

  • Thomas

    Yes I fear getting shot down by an assault weapon every time I get on a plane.

  • Pete

    If guns are responsible for shootings, then Blacks are responsible for racism, same demented logic…!!

    Guns are machines, they don’t do anything unless they are wielded by someone. You can set a loaded gun on a table and it will remain there for YEARS in an inert state unless someone actually picks it up and does something with it.

    Jesse Jackson is an idiot of the highest order!

  • greg

    LMAO shoot down airplanes.What a d—head

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Who should better know that “people” are responsible for actions?

    Thanks to Jesse Jackson, and his favorite “PUSH Coalition” maneuver (yeah; you heard me), there’s a teenage girl with a moustache wandering around Georgia, wandering why her baby-daddy doesn’t visit.

    You want to ban something, Jesse? Why don’t YOU begin with something more personal? Start with your favorite folks. That might solve a lot of problems, including gun-related homocides.

  • Browns44

    An assault weapon is one that has a selector switch allowing it to fire semi or full automatic. An assault weapon is not defined by the number of rounds it’s clip or magazine can hold. Or by it’s appearance. As defined correctly, America does not have an assault weapon problem. The few held by private persons are fully registered and heavily taxed by the Federal Govt. This law is law that has worked and has fulfilled its mission of controlling the numbers of fully automatic weapons held by private citizens.

    For a history of the first “assault weapon” Google German word Sturmgewehr.
    An assault weapon must:

    It must be an individual weapon with provision to fire from the shoulder (i.e. a buttstock);
    It must be capable of selective fire;
    It must have an intermediate-power cartridge: more power than a pistol but less than a standard rifle or battle rifle
    Its ammunition must be supplied from a detachable magazine rather than a feed-belt.
    And it should at least have a firing range of 300 meters (1000 feet).

    Now, does American have an assault weapon problem?

  • itsdone

    And there we have it…the right and wrong sides have been defined! If you are on this idiot’s side, you have chosen incorrectly. Sorry, but thanks for playing. When is he going to die so that black people may actually have a chance to succeed in life?

  • Mike

    Does Jesse hold knife manufacturers responsible? Baseball bat makers? Poison makers? Car makers. Bow and arrow makers?

  • eeeeefliberals

    eeeeeef this niggggggggger

  • John Poland

    The Logic of this self serving embaressment of a Man,Father, Husband, Baby Moma Supporter ,Race Hustler,Enabler and All around Dispicable Person ..Is Almost as Patheric as the Hypocracy on Every Issue he puts his foot in his mouth trying to support. If gun manufacturing Firms are responsible for crimes committed by their products..Spoon manufacturers make people Obese and Car manufacturers are the Greatest Killers in American History..Saying he is a Moron is giving him Praise for advancing his mental capacity..So I will just call him Evil and Unworthy of God’s Redemtion!!!!Calling him Reverend Is Just Plain WRONG for Sure ..unless it is for the “The Church of the United Rainbow Coalition to feed ,Empower and Enrich By any and all Unethical means ..Of Jessie Jackson”.

  • dragon6actual

    Mr. Jackson,

    According to the FBI crime statistics website, rifles – including the so-called “assualt weapons” account for less than 2% of homicides where a firearm is used (source:

    Given that over 70% of all homicides are drug or gang related, why in God’s good name are you NOT crusading for the elimination of gangs and drug use? These clearly are the threat to national security – not an inanimate object which is rarely misused and is safely owned and operated by millions in this nation. Seven out of ten children in the US today are born out of wedlock – the vast majority by very young teenaged mothers and long gone fathers. THAT my not-so-learned friend is a HUGE threat to national security. “Reverend” (may I call you… “Reverend”?) Jackson, I suggest you stop ho chasing long enough to take on a serious study regarding the reasons the Second Amendment appears in the Bill of Rights. Here’s a clue – it has absolutely freaking NOTHING to do with hunting.

  • Doc Savage

    I thought this race-hustler, scholar and all-around savant was in the looney bin. No, wait a minute, that was his portrait-of-honesty spawn, Jesse Jackass, Jr. What a stand-out family. What a “credit to their race”, as the saying used to go.

  • MJ

    No, Jesse Jackson, it is people who cause the problems. People who can’t control themselves in civil society, those who are mentally ill and not be allowed to walk the streets without their medication, people who are just plain conscienceless and have no regard for any human life — those are the ones responsible.

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  • Whistleblower

    U.S. Attorney’s office protected Rezko friend Dr. Ronald Michael

  • Buzz

    A total shame that we have to put up with the likes of Jackson and Al not-so-Sharpton parasites and their kind in this country.

  • Lim Lynn

    Assault weapon doesn’t shoot down a plane but a anti-aircraft heavy machine guns will shoot it down. How silly for you not to know what kind of guns which is possible to happen.

  • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

    Why is this walking scam-sucking racebaiting hatemonger still breathing?

  • Tom

    Jessie Jackson. Your lying criminal son and his wife are more of a threat to this nation than guns. Corruption has led to the down fall of every great nation starting with Rome, if not earlier. Jessie Jackson is sure to remember his racist words which led to the deaths of several Asian and white store owners during the LA Riots.

  • jgdp

    he should be responsible for all chimpouts!!!

  • Jani

    Some years ago, gang members in South Central and East Los Angeles were asked what would do the most to end gangs and gang violence. To a person, they said to do away with welfare. Ken Hamblin, a black conservative radio host and writer who marched with MLK jr, called Jesse Jackson a poverty pushing race pimp. The biggest factor in the mass shootings of the last twenty years or so has been that EVERY shooter has been on or just gotten off of a psychotropic drug (Prozac, Lexapro, Paxil, etal). These drugs should be outlawed, according to many psychiatrists, who also say that therapists should resume practicing therapy and stop handing out dangerous drugs. The only street drugs more dangerous are crack and meth and not nearly as many people take these as the legal ones.

  • wilson

    I’m uncertain who is the most stupid; the Rev Jesse Jackson, or the “America’s Newsroom” producer who dutifully put him on the air to comment on the topic. The depravity of the liberal media shovelling this cr**p to the low-information voters is more harmful to the country than the corporate blackmailer in chief. He is not a leader to most black Americans. They know he is a professional race baiter who moves among a Chicago-NY-DC-Boston liberal elite just like the rest of the commie political class does, and has done next to nothing to aid actual people individually or in groups in his entire life.

    I wonder if either of them know that more people are killed by baseball bats than guns in the USA every year?

  • Janis

    Oh yes, and Jesse Jackson is lying when he claims that he was with MLK on the day he died. Ken Hamblin is the real deal. He really did march with MKL.

  • Pat

    A semi-automatic that can shoot down an airplane? Seriously? Jesse, a word of advice, its better to be silent have people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  • Proper

    So worried about gun control but not Black on black criminal gangs??? go after the Gun Makers but not the gangs??? I feel like I am living in bizzaro world! Amazing that there are so many fools in this Country! really is stunning the depth of stupidity! WOW!

  • MrApple

    Jackson wants to talk about taking responsibility?

    When is Jackson going to take responsibility for the demise of the African-American family in modern day America? He should stick with what he knows best, creating a stink about the plight of the African-American in America, latching on to completely ineffectual policies which are usually products of the Democrats, and then cashing in in order to live “high on the hog” off of the backs of the lower income people of this country.

  • MelodyOregon

    In that vein no single individual is responsible for ANYTHING they do.

    If I drink and drive then kill a family the following are to blame:
    – manufacturer of the booze I drank
    – the shipping company who transports that booze to the bar
    – the bar for buying then selling that booze to me
    – the auto maker of the brand I drove
    – the fuel supplier who provied the gas for the car I drove
    – the fueling station for buying then selling the fuel I used in my car

    Pretty sure that goes on and on and on and on.

  • dwdude

    i’m loading up for the zimmerman trial here in florida later this year, when jackson and sharpton show up to stir up trouble.

  • And Jesse your responsible for children born out of wedlock, oh, how’s your kid, Oh and let’s not forget the extortion your always involved in.

  • dwdude

    responsibility? wonder how his love child is doing? how long before he buys it?

  • Dan Higgins

    Jessie Jackson ..No ACCOUNTABILITY in the black community… it’s always someone else’s fault… NO it is the BLACK COMMUNITY’S FAULT… what do they do about it?

  • P Walker

    And while we are at it lets hold fork manufacturers more accountable for obesity!

  • Lim Lynn

    @Robert #374
    @Liz True about what you said.
    It’s the motive that drive criminals to be who they are killing innocent victims.
    It was Crisis Actors acting out and Freemasons are in this issue to start Revolution.
    45 Goals Communist taking over America Psychiatric system was started in Nazi Germany WWII.
    Attitude, bad habit putting the blame on others and their have been brought up without educating themselves think before you speak [bad habit can be created in 3 days and it’s hard to break a bad habit for 23 days unless you have a strong willpower]. Thus, when they speak before they think which sound illogical to other people, causing them look idiotic and being ignored by people.

  • Lim Lynn

    America can’t continue with Socialist Democrat Commie Barack Hussein Obama President of United States and politicians who speaks without thinking cause it will doom America similar to decline of Roman Empire. No unity among citizens against corrupt and unlearned leader in the highest political post and politicians.

  • howmchbscnutak

    Typical libtard progressive parasite….blame everyone else except the person responsible for their actions.

  • DVD

    The one thing that I had been enjoying during Obama’s first term and will miss as it comes to an end is this; Jesse JackAss had been told to Sit and Shut Up!!! And not to speak unless given permission. It appears he has now been let off his leash.

  • Huuf Arted

    Jesse Jackass has a crook and psycho drooler for a kid lololololololollllllllllllllllll ! There is a GOD !!!

  • Richie Dubetsky

    Jesse Jackson is a buffoon and anyone who pays a nickels worth of attention to what he says should be beat to death with a shovel to prevent them from from hurting themselves..

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  • jackson is more responsible for gun violence in this country then any other person. his support of the cloward-pivan strategy in the 1960’s did more to destroy the black family than any other factor. the loss of the man in the black home led to the revival of the gangs and all the murders and violence that has followed.

    communism has consequences.

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  • Glenn D.

    This guy is the “problem” NOT the solution. I can’t help but wonder just how many black activists HE has funded in order for THEM to purchase “weapons” of all sizes and shapes. It’s ALWAYS the person pointing the finger that is desperate t o take the heat o ff himslf.

  • SweetOlBob

    Hey Jesse, boy ! How about you, the greasy headed Sharpton, and the racist NAACP taking responsibility for all the black gangs and flash mobs.
    Y’all had a hell of a lot more to do with them than Colt Mfg. had to do with some durgged up nut.
    Y’all start them going, then look the other way while they are attacking whites and finally try to excuse their behavior because “they is jus’ po, black chirrins”.

    Pee Ess: How’s that lady in California you spent a million dollars of Rainbow Push’s tax free money to move there ? The kid OK too ?

  • Doug

    Mr. Jackson is looking for a cause. Mr. Jackson’s point of view doesn’t matter any more. He is a has-been activist searching for a cause. Jackson needs to carry his thought a bit further. 1) Sue the guns guys for guns harming people? 2) Sue the Spoon and Fork manufacturers for making people fat. 3) Sue the automobile manufacturers for DUI/DWI drivers using their cars to kill people while driving drunk. 4) Sue the Oil companies for fueling cars involved in reckless driving deaths. ARE YUOU KIDDING ME? All this is dysfunctional people… you cannot legislate common sense and responsible behavior. Consistant Mental Health reporting, thorough background checks, and gun owners keeping their firearms locked in a safe. Jesse – Have a clue and go crawl back under the rock you came from.

  • Jim Longley

    So by his logic, car manufacturers should be held responsible for drunk driving? Indeed, ALL car wrecks?

    And BTW, I have driven the route from Denver International to Aurora a few times, and we’re talking about 17 to 20 miles here. That’s “right near the airport, right near the runways near the airport in Denver.”?

    You’re a liar, Jesse, I’m calling you out

  • Ken Lane

    If this is successful, I’m going to sue the tableware industry for my eating too much ice cream. We need to control access to spoons!

  • LonnaB

    Who let him out of the “funny farm”? He should be locked up. He is only second to Obama for “attention getting”. Hey! Jesse. Take some meds or something.

  • DarylR

    WHAT AN EFFING IDIOT!!! Why are you not responsible for what exits your mouth Jesse!!! So even if a drunk driver kills someone with their car your idea would be (make auto makers responsible) Sounds stupid doesn’t it. The law doesn’t even hold drunk drivers reasonably accountable for their poor judgement.
    THE RESPONSIBILITY OF GUN OWNERS is what matters here, not the guns or the amount of rounds it can hold. If you own a gun keep it where it is out of reach of any and ALL That should not have it. Oh wait a minute, that’s too easy.

  • USMCSniper

    This clown is a known extortionist but setting that fact aside. Let us consider his statement to mean that all car mfg’s should be held responsible for every crash and the resultant injuries. Plus that all blacks are responsible when one of the black gang bangers shoots someone. Since he wants to come down on MFG’s does he also want to incarcerate all blacks when one commits murder??????? Maybe jail all doctors when one makes an error and the patient dies????? How about jailing the father when his congressman son with the same name commits a crimes and ends up in the nut house??? Sound familiar jesse????

  • Rod

    Yes Mr Jackson, and pencils cause spelling errors and forks cause obesity.

    Can someone tell me what church he is the reverand for?

  • Arnie Tibus

    Da black race must deny this toxic component of theirs. This “Wright” reverend together with another “Wright” revend, Sharpton, is wrong most of the time. In this particular case, blacks should trash-dump this “hollow point.”

  • slickzip

    Jesse is a racist rabble rouser who needs to be run out of town on a rail after being tarred and feathered ship him to KENYA with ODUMBA ,,,,,,,,,,

  • Greg

    The sad thing is that the likes of Jesse Jackson actually matter to some people. It is syrprising that they even have a voice in America. Some of the bizarre things they say are just mindblowing.

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  • Joe

    Please… that’s like saying spoon manufacturers are responsible for obesity.

  • George Layman

    Jesse Jackson is a black leader. The black community suffers from more crime , fatherless children, the list goes on and on , so we should hold Jesse “love child and jailbird daddy”Jackson responsible for failing his people.

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