Jay Carney told reporters today that Barack Obama would oppose the annihilation of the Republican Party.
After all, he needs to blame them for his failed policies.

Obama needs Republicans – he needs to blame them.
Yahoo reported:

Um, bipartisanship? President Barack Obama “would object” to the annihilation of the Republican Party, White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Thursday. His comments came two days after Republican House Speaker John Boehner charged that doing away with the GOP would be one of the Democrat’s top second-term priorities.

“I know it’s not his goal. His goal is to work together with Congress, with members of both parties to achieve progress on behalf of the American people,” Carney said.

But Obama would not object if somehow the GOP were destroyed, right?

“I think he would object,” Carney insisted. “He believes that the two-party system is part of the foundation of our democracy and that it is a healthy aspect of our democracy even if it’s contentious.”




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  1. Jay Carney is totally mistaken. Socialist Democrat Commie Traitor in Chief do hate Conservatives. If not why didn’t he be responsible.

  2. Because if he tried, we would shoot back!

  3. There may be some truth to this(hard to believe from an Obamaite.) If the dictator didn’t have the GOP and/or Tea Party to blame for his failures, he would have to find someone because we all know he does nothing wrong. He would have to identify and carve our some section of dems (maybe dems with guns from West Virginia) who would then become the child killing, water poisoning, dirty air group. Sure he could do it, but it would be a challenge for him. Easier just to keep an emasculated GOP in place.

  4. Yeah, he loves John Boehner’s Republicans- perfect non-threatening foil who never really prevent him from getting what he wants

    At least not yet… Mr Speaker?

  5. He may not be out to destroy the Repub party, but he IS out to destroy America as we have known and built it.

  6. Whenever the snake oil salesman is at the podium, I can’t help but think of the great Tony Snow as I wipe away a tear. May Eternal Light shine upon him. He is missed. RIP.

  7. Even Adolph Hitler needed a foil.

    Where would Germany be right now if there weren’t Jews to blame everything on?

  8. Barry has no interest in our present form of government. He wants puppets everywhere doing his bidding with no interference. Blank check at naked power to do vitrually anything. Despots of history have always sought this power.

    He is no lover of the freedoms we have in America; they cramp his style.

  9. President opposite – watch what he says and then look for the opposite. That will be what he does.

  10. Lies, lies and more lies. Obama’s little ventriloquist puppet Carney spouts what the puppet master says. That’s why their lies match so well.

  11. I should have said ventriloquist dummy….

  12. After all, he needs to blame them for his failed policies.

    This is exactly the first thought I had when I saw this on Yahoo earlier this morning.

    A spineless go-along-to-get-along Republican Party has a use after all. It’s just that the use in question is not conservative-friendly.

  13. Time of Great Deception,nothing is what its seems , must just be all our imagination…wouldn’t want anything to tarnish that white-robe of the lefist’s savior……..would we?

  14. his goal is transforming america to a decadent, immoral socialist authoritarian state. not only does he want republicans out of the way, he wants our guns so we can’t come after the lowlifes in government

  15. Bigkahuna…….thanks for the laugh

  16. Hey Barry, it might be a good idea to keep a few Republicans around. You know, to blame things on when your maxist plans ultimately fail.

    Just sayin’.

  17. Well, I’m sure Obummer appreciates all the RINO Republicans…

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