Rand Paul in his questioning of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused the State Department of blowing $80 million on a consulate in northern Afghanistan that will never open. This was right before he told Hillary he would have fired her for her ineptness.

$80 million down the drain.

Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and his wife Ching, along with a delegation of U.S. Embassy staff took a trip to Mazar-e-Sharif and met with Afghan officials. While there they visited the future site of a new U.S. consulate – 30 Mar 2011.
(Photo from US Embassy Kabul/Flickr)

It’s true. The State Department blew $80 million on a consulate in Mazar-e Sharif that will never open.
The Washington Post reported:

After signing a 10-year lease and spending more than $80 million on a site envisioned as the United States’ diplomatic hub in northern Afghanistan, American officials say they have abandoned their plans, deeming the location for the proposed compound too dangerous.

Eager to raise an American flag and open a consulate in a bustling downtown district of the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e Sharif, officials in 2009 sought waivers to stringent State Department building rules and overlooked significant security problems at the site, documents show. The problems included relying on local building techniques that made the compound vulnerable to a car bombing, according to an assessment by the U.S. Embassy in Kabul that was obtained by The Washington Post.

The decision to give up on the site is the clearest sign to date that, as the U.S.-led military coalition starts to draw down troops amid mounting security concerns, American diplomats are being forced to reassess how to safely keep a viable presence in Afghanistan. The plan for the Mazar-e Sharif consulate, as laid out in a previously undisclosed diplomatic memorandum, is a cautionary tale of wishful thinking, poor planning and the type of stark choices the U.S. government will have to make in coming years as it tries to wind down its role in the war.

During her testimony today Hillary Clinton asked for more funding for the State Department.



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  1. Wasn’t the State dept and other liberals complaining that there just wasn’t enough money for valid security for the Ambassador in Libya? I bet that 80 million bucks could have paid for some.

  2. Omg she is as crazy as the rest. Every time a Democrap has their turn to question, watch as they get the script down and say something, of praise, worship, anything to praise this wolf. She laughs, chuckles, throws head back each time. Scripted no doubt. She is programmed as well as every left senate, congress asking the questions of her. They trying hard to soften the punch, the appearance and distract the damage of her acts. They bring up so much other stuff as they start off their questions. Oh, thank you soo much, your daughter for her help after Sandy, her relief help was unasked for .. Geez.. Hitliry, throws head back, laughs as she does each time when a demo is up for the questioning..How scripted can their side be ? This is no way real on their side, they not trying to find the truth, they do not give a dam what the truth is and that people died, not even people from their side. They will do anything to cover and protect their own regardless who dies, regardless who is at fault and incompetent. This is just plain sinful. In the end some will be destined for hell for the crimes against humanity.

  3. I’m not surprise if Traitor in Chief spending money like river flowing rapidly on Al Qaeda.

  4. Obama: Easy come/easy go

  5. The local warlord says it’ll do. But he asked for a swimming pool. Then he stopped payments to Clinton’s Cayman Islands account.

  6. …of blowing $80 million on a consulate in northern Afghanistan that will never open.

    They don’t care. Helicopter Ben can simply print up more.

  7. They chose this site and were hamstrung by several things forcing them to abandon it out of safety concerns.

  8. More important to marxists to spend millions of dollars on consulate that was never to be used. inorder to hurry up collapse the system, before protecting a few americans.

  9. ++


    January 23, 2013



  10. & besides that Afghanistan screw-up, even NOW, just this week, several anonymous guards from the US Embassy in Afghanistan are desperately trying to get attention of total failure of security there, that it’s a Benghazigate waiting to happen…yes, right now, they are begging for help, but no one seems to be reporting it outside of minor Afghan news sources

  11. Build that Effin consulate and assign it to that pig as her permanent station.

  12. their defense for lack of security is budget constraints but how much does the state department spend on art purchases each year?

  13. Don’t fall for it.

    The Islamists in the State Department built a mosque that they pretended was going to be a consulate.

    Look at the door openings. A consulate protects it’s places of entrances and exits and would never have that many entrances in a country, where the Taliban runs rampant.

  14. http://www.myfoxphilly.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8219044
    Elementary School Girl Threatened With Arrest Over ‘Paper Gun’

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUqTEOwF1t0
    Map Louisiana sinkhole and New Orleans.

  16. # 16 is right.We paid for and built a mosque not a consulate.

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