It’s Official… Barack Obama Is Sworn In for His Second Term (Video)

Barack Obama was sworn into office today by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. After his swearing in he turned to his youngest daughter and said, “I did it.”

Four more years. Let’s pray America can make it.

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  • Yeah, you took in a lot of SUCKERS, your Highness! Gird your loins o voters, and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  • Flintstone F.

    Ok, now impeach and remove from office. Be sue Roberts is on the same bus out of town.


    Well, I guess we only have to put up with another 3 or 4 of his inaugurations once the dems find a way around presidential term limits.

  • Ghost

    He views himself, Godlike, as already accomplishing his goals:
    Pharaoh has spoken, “So let it be written, So let it be done”


    Of course he did it….He is the greatest living or dead human that ever lived “SNARK”

  • paul52

    Oh yeah, the public coronation is tomorrow. (This taxpayer has gotta work tomorrow.) Yeah, Barry, you “did it”… as in “did us in.” Reports that attendance will be low due to fear of the flu. I call BS!

  • Mitchell Gold

    Massive crowd of Birthers in Washington protesting the inauguration:

  • Highlander

    The second coming … according to Newsweek. The whole thing makes me want to puke. Let’s just hope people wake up soon and remove him before he does much more damage…

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  • I’m still a patriot, but, basically am going to ignore O and his minions, and the USA media and Hollywood for the next 4 years… American culture it to blame for letting creeping communism back in… We whinge and moan on blogs or conservative web sites – what good does it do? The low information voters plus voter FRAUD across the country has gotten America is deep doo doo.

    America I thought I knew has died and has been reborn into people who expect handouts, not to work but are entitled to their iPads and love to watch the Kardashians on the tele…

    what utter ROT… The cliché of the rude, ignorant American … was a self fulfilling prophecy I guess.

    I hope NZ’s economy can survive the next 4 years as we’re attached by rope to the roller coaster that is the USA…

    Americans aren’t going to wake up – they allow fraud and apathy to continue

    … Nice knowing ya

  • CT

    Now the count down to liberation from the obdurate arrogant petulant punk POTUS has officially begun.

  • marcus tullius cicero




  • NoResolution

    Now the real Obama will come out.

  • Truth Teller

    Two metals you need to protect your family from moronic Democrats: Gold & Lead.

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  • Highlander

    “Two metals you need to protect your family from moronic Democrats: Gold & Lead….”

    I’d say brass and lead myself …

  • Sasja

    Ooooo. Isn’t that just peachy.

  • saveus

    he did it to us
    and he’ll do it us over and over again

  • Winston Wolfe

    Let’s pray America can make it.


    Let it burn.

    The sooner it burns to the ground, the sooner it can be rebuilt.

  • Joanne

    This is what happens when good men do nothing, and nothing did good men do! Pat yourselves on the back for becoming the land of the oppressed and the do-nothings. Who would have thunk it!

    First the greatest of the Israelite Tribes bites the bullet – Ephraim/Britain and her company of nations, and now his brother, Manasseh/U.S.A., follows suit, Joseph’s sons who received the birthright blessing.

    Is it any wonder Obama has a God-complex just like Hitler did? They both have Satan on their side clearing their paths for them, and just like Hitler, Obama will meet his unvictorious end.

  • Lily

    And when he swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, did he cross his fingers?

  • TXGuitarMan

    One more lie out of the sloppy end of his digestive tract: his second oath of office, just like the first one.

  • I preferred to sleep late rather than watch the imposter empty chair given a second chance. Even the Islamarxist enemy calls it that.

  • Sasja

    Sorry, but I refuse to just sit idly by and watch the country I love “burn to the ground.” It is attitudes like yours that has brought us here and I am getting down right sick and tired of it.

  • Paddy

    I hope the next time either Obama or Biden is subject to questioning by media that someone asks them ho it feels to comity perjury (oath to protect and defend the constitution)?

  • Patty

    Yes, turned American into a bunch of pansies waste. Socialism is now their form of Government.

    I wonder if Roberts actually did his duty right this time. I can type enough words to express my disgust.

  • Patty

    cannot – correction

  • Sparky

    The First Fascist and the First Hag! Another low for America.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    I didn’t know they swore in dictators !!!

  • Did the Bibles catch on fire?

  • JDR-Taq


    I thought it was supposed to be Obama stepping down and some other dude (or Obama AS this other dude) taking the oath and Ron Paul and some other R becoming our president?

    What exactly is your kook site telling you happened and why their prophecy the other day didn’t come true?

    Good God.

  • JDR-Taq

    C’mon, Oliver?

    I thought we were all supposed to be led to enlightenment and taken up by E.T. U.F.Os to bask in some glorious something or other by now?

    Or wait, does that happen tomorrow, during the gala multimiliion-taxpayer-dollar-funded 4-hour parade and revue and spectacle?

    I get so confused. I need to rub my crystal pendant for a while.

  • JDR-Taq

    It must be the chemtrails and HAARP that are confusing me.

    That must be it.

    :goes back to meditatively rubbing crystal pendant:

  • Lim Lynn

    I don’t think Amerika will last this next 4 years since everyone Militia Patriot and peppers already ready for worst case scenario where it crash and burn. Traitor in Chief has more possibility to destroy Amerika policies and international policies where the missile shield in Poland with more flexibility to become reality in the sense.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Lim Luynn, I don’t know how to ask this without potentially offending you, but are you under the misapprehension that your posts are in English? You might be easier to understand if you wrote in your native language.

  • JDR-Taq

    #36 Mondegreen

    It is my personal opinion that our Lim is pretty decent bot.

    I mean a turing-test-capable… almost…. bot.

    Probably designed by someone familiar with Alicebot or Ray Kurzweil’s AI.

    Not quite but almost. Pretty neat, anyway, for a piece of programming. I have stopped interacting with it, but I think it may be learning, like “Hal2000”, another multiuser AI from about 15 years ago.

    Quite interesting, if you know about the more arrogant of mankind’s scientists’ struggle to achieve what they call “singularity”.

    Tower of Babel God-wannabes. But they do make some pretty neat AI bots.

  • JDR-Taq

    Lim Lynn

    Who is your programmer?

  • JDR-Taq

    Lady Mondegreen

    It’s native language is 0 and 1.

  • Lim Lynn
  • JDR-Taq


    Was there a “niner” in there?

    My work here is done.

  • Lim Lynn

    Do I have to answer to every weird question you ask?
    I had mosquito bite in tropical climate in Malaysia and accidentally applied remainder Tiger Balm on my keyboard so the mistake in typing jum

  • Lim Lynn
    Lady Mondegreen
    Watch the whole Amerika TV Series. It has the potential what might happen to America once Traitor in Chief finished his 2nd term as President.

  • backhoe

    Burn, Baby, burn….

  • bobdog

    Not four more years. Two more years. It all hinges on hanging onto the House and taking over the Senate.

    Pray that Obama stays healthy so we don’t have to get used to saying “President Biden”. Obama is bad enough. Biden is a disaster waiting to happen.

    Pray that there are no retirements from the Supreme Court. Once the balance of power in the Court changes, we’re about two years from becoming a third rate country. Gun rights will be the least of our problems.

    Now imagine all three at once: a Democratic Senate, President Biden, and Justice Schumer.

    I think I just threw up a little.

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