It’s an Obama World… Long Term Unemployment at Highest Level Since WWII

When America reelected Barack Obama they voted for higher unemployment, lower incomes, record government spending, and a stagnant under-performing economy. Barack Obama promises to bring even more pain his second term.

In the US today:
12 million Americans remain unemployed.
In December 22.6 million Americans were unemployed or underemployed.
The average unemployed American is out of work for nearly 40 weeks.

To understand just how bad things are, and just what a failure Obama’s first term has been, you have to see it graphically.
This chart was released by the St. Louis Federal Reserve, via BizzyBlog:

It’s the worst unemployment record since World War II.

FOX discussed these numbers this morning.
Via America’s News HQ:

But thanks to the liberal media most Americans are unaware of Barack Obama’s record-setting first term.
And so we can all expect even more pain this second term.

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  • bigL

    hey! a hockey-stick graph!

  • Lim Lynn

    If the thinner shaded bar means the less severe the recession. I don’t think America will last till next 2016 possible Barack Hussein Obama be the President for Life.

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  • Limousine Barry

    This shows that my economic plans are working… to impoverish American’s! Ha-ha!

    I think you should consider my proposal. Yes, the one where you sign a form for your elderly parents committing them to the nearest 0bamaCare Pathway to Death Center!

    Once, you elderly are properly dehydrated to death and put into the oven you will receive a generous increase in your EBT card. Such a deal!

    The Europeans are doing it. Why shouldn’t American’s? Think about the increase in your EBT card!

    My huge limousine is spewing fumes and Davie Axelgrease has a new scam for my younger donors. It involves new talking points: “How to increase your EBT card by decreasing the number of Old People.” You can see the payoff! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • We all know this is the plan. As many people as possible, on government assistance, because they have no other choice to feed their family and live (in their limited knowledge of existence) so that when the government ‘needs’ them, they will be the ‘civilian force’ to do their bidding… and when the government no longer needs them, they will be forgotten. So many who do not know history… *sigh*

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  • SeniorD

    American Jeffersonians (aka Thinking Adults) already know why unemployment is at a continuing record setting pace. It has nothiing to do with businesses not wanting to grow, the Banock Omaba Regime’s bureaucrats are doing everything they can to create a Regulatory State environment.

    It’s time to reTAKE or reMAKE our government.

  • they american people evidently like unemployment they voted for it a second time. besides it stimulates the economy.

  • PowerToThePeople

    I’ve been on unemployment for almost two years now. Believe me, you are getting your money’s worth!

  • Tabby

    Obama’s first term isn’t a failure to him….In fact everything’s going exactly according to plan. “Swimmingly” if you will…. (But you guys already knew that).

    Don’t know if I’ve ever despised a POS more than I despise this POS I’ll tell ya. I’m not a spiteful person by nature & it takes A LOT to get me angry, but King Imam Hussein really knows how to bring out the bitter b*tch in me.

  • Patty

    And the problem will only get worse. This lack of pride and confidence is felt when families have gone through a real crisis when the bread winner has lost their job. The heartbreak is horrible and some how families must hold together and try their best with what they do have.

    Words aren’t going to put food on the table but according to those in Washington Food stamps and welfare are good for the Economy. This has to be another blow for families who just want to work and have pride and not the dependency on Government.

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  • Tabby #10:

    I know just what you mean. Obama enrages me no no one ever has. But I think it is by design. He behaves the way he does because he KNOWS it enrages people, particularly those that oppose him politically. When we act on our outrage he is then able to label us angry, white, homophobic, racist, intolerant etc…… He like a little brat that pokes his brother continually until the brother erupts and whacks him. The big brother is then blamed for being a mean.

  • Patty


    Life in the Time of Low Information Voters

    I used to love American popular culture. I found it rich, diverse and endlessly amusing. These days, I rarely go to the movies or plays and cannot bear to watch television. Even the radio with its repetitive, uninformative news snippets annoys. Our popular culture has moved from family favorites like Your Show of Shows, The Wonder Years, and I Love Lucy to the minute by minute coverage of celebrities not known for their wit, charm, or beauty, They are known for nothing other than the willingness to put their every part of bodies on narcissistic display and to promote the latest chichi leftwing cause.

    Alicia Colon examines the phenomenon of the low information voters such a dross culture produces

    Right now they are clueless. Consequently they have allowed the Democrats to hijack and distort the GOP’s positions on virtually every issue. Republicans, therefore, don’t care about the middle class and only want to reduce the taxes of the rich. They are also racists who want to keep minorities down. These distortions are repeated often by anchors on MSNBC and the alphabet networks. CNN is always on in the social service offices and in airports and the formerly legitimate cable station is so far on the decline that it feels comfortable allowing disgusting antics by amoral hosts on its New Year’s Eve broadcast.

    But it is folly to assume that all the low-info voters are poorly educated or on the dole. College students and graduates of liberal academia have been completely indoctrinated in leftist ideology and loathe all things conservative. Their bibles include the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times which routinely carry and affirm the Democrat lies.[……………….]

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  • bg



    January 12, 2013

    Indicted Businessman Names Harry (snake)
    Reid as Alleged Recipient of Massive Bribe ..

    [A Utah businessman is rocking both state and national politics after
    claiming Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped him broker a deal
    with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make a federal investigation
    into his company quietly disappear, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.]


  • YourMaster

    soon 0bama will set up concentration camps to indoctrinate all into communism… sharia law and gay sex with camels, arabs, socialists, and communists.

  • Unfortunately, even if our economy began to grow at double digits, our problems as a Republic wouldn’t go away. The Left is pushing and agenda that is corroding our society, and a booming economy would only give them more funds to do their dirty work.

    We conservatives are going to have to become much more politically active that we have been if we ever hope to bring back morality, civility and comity to our nation.

  • leah

    Cut him a break. He inherited these problems….oops, I forgot that excuse is no longer
    valid. Oh well, so what. It is Obama’s world anyway.
    My special thanks to those who voted for this fool.

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  • SeniorD

    BG @17 – Don’t call Harry Reid a snake – that’s an insult to snakes.

    Now other titles such as oily, smarmy, glad-handing professional politician with an elevated sense of sellf-worth and lower morality and ethics standards than Benedict Arnold I’d agree in a New York Second.

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  • bg


    SeniorD #23 January 13, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    you’r eright..

    and i did hesitate, but it fit so nicely, besides i’d rather
    insult a snake (think Garden of Eden) than say a dog .. 😀


  • John21

    This is the fault of the propaganda media. They cause the low information voters that reelected the “Incompetent Administration” to think that they had the facts instead of the liberal agenda.

    Someday we get a competent news organization, based on facts not the egos and the political agenda of the media. Unfortunitly it will not be in our lifetimes, but then the country probably won’t last that much longer.

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  • Lim Lynn
    Texas Judge Civil War Barack Hussein Obama.
    George Bush Possibly Running For Governor of Texas.

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